Moms Secret Chapter ONE


Moms Secret Chapter ONE*Ch. 01 does not have i****tChapter 1: The Unveiling of My MomBefore the one ‘special’ spring morning, right before I was going to work, I had been living an uninspiring, boring and monotonous life. I wasn’t doing anything too different from everyone else. I was 23 years old, trying to balance school with work. It was when I discovered a series of videos of my mom that shocked me and changed me. I discovered the reasons behind it, but I’d need to provide some context, otherwise it would be unfair to my mom.Prior to any of this, I saw my mom — named Angela — as self-sufficient, dignified and smart. To top it off, she had always been a very pretty woman. Despite being 46 years old, she often received compliments that she did not look that age. She was an average height woman with long hair who had always tried to take care of herself and her body. She ate moderately and she went out on jogs frequently. It was clear that she took pride in how she looked.My dad, on the other hand, who was named Daniel, was originally thought by mom to be a nice humble person. In reality, he was an arrogant and insecure asshole. He required my mom to worship him and though she was initially okay with doing that, he was never really satisfied. He even began cheating on her!When my mom found out about it, she was very upset, of course, but she felt that she was partially at fault for not being a better wife. And while she was angry at him, he kept cheating, like she didn’t matter. As my mom came from a broken family, she never really considered separation and divorce as viable options. On top of that, we were a young family; my sister was just under the age of five and I was only a year old. For those reasons, she felt like she was out of options so she decided to put up with the cheating. She even kept lying to herself that he would eventually stop on his own.But this played right into my dad’s hands because he was also not interested in breaking up the family, for his own selfish reasons. One reason was that he didn’t want to look bad in front of his friends. His friends were mostly people that he had grown up with and it just so happened that they were generally more financially affluent than most people. Possibly because of the wealth, everyone seemed to have a ‘perfect’ stereotypical family. That being said, some of the men were cheating as well and he wanted to be just like them. Another reason was that my mom was already doing all the house chores. Why would anyone want to leave a life like that? He always claimed to be too busy, but he always had enough time to go out and socialize. They were formally together for 25 years until my mom finally decided to move out, a couple of years ago. She had, in fact, wisely saved up and found herself a place to live. However, being a former real estate agent (she had retired), she pitched the idea to him that the small house would be an investment that the family could benefit and she would need to live there, at least temporarily, in order to maintain it.Since my dad enjoyed the status quo, he was really against this idea or the idea that he was going to move too. Instead, he suggested that the new place could be rented out, which would have provided additional income. But my mom said that she wanted to take a ‘short break’ from home. With the prospect that the property could go up in value and the promise that she would still make frequent visits to see him, he gave her the green light.As a couple, they weren’t bad together. They had a few common interests and mutual friends. They would have gotten along if they were just friends. On some days of the week, they could go out together and nobody would’ve suspected that they were having problems. Both of them had hoped that others thought they were a good, strong family. Image was very important.She had admitted to me rather recently that she had always been trying to please him in any way that she could, but it still wasn’t enough. I could remember a few times, when I was 7 or 8, when she borrowed my computer late at night to look at some adult websites to see, in her words, ‘what it was all about’. Obviously, I wasn’t allowed to be in the room, but that didn’t matter to me. I was a carefree and naïve soul. I thought nothing about what she was doing until much later. I was only focussed on going out to play with my friends. I was innocent like that.It was a gradual process for me to realize that she was probably trying to improve her relations with my dad, using sex as a tool! But their relations didn’t seem to improve very much. They still got into arguments and he still cheated. Still, my mom refused to give up, even during the time when he got laid off. She saw it as an opportunity for her to make good as a mother and wife by maintaining the family house and balancing the finances. For her, she felt that she needed to work harder and things would turn around. She was stubborn like that. I discovered some time ago that my mom had originally married my dad for ‘stability reasons’. She wanted an immigration status to stay in the country – and time was running out for her. She knew him the longest, out of the guys that she met during her short stay. At the same time, she wasn’t looking to take advantage of anyone. She genuinely wanted a family too and was willing to work for it. Despite his imperfections as a person, including his tendency to be late, she made numerous compromises with regards to her ‘standards’ for the sake of settling down. As mentioned before, she didn’t have a whole lot of time, or so she thought.Time revealed the rest of his negative traits that had been latent. He had an inferiority complex, for example. He knew that she wouldn’t have married him if she didn’t need that immigration status. She was beyond him. So, he turned into this bully. He knew he could pick on her and she wouldn’t put up much of a fight. He knew what her character was like.From my mom’s point of view, she insisted that he had several good traits: he seemed like a nice man and he came from a decent close-knit family; he had a decent job and he was very vocal about his ambition to go further than where he was at; and he was generous when it came to dates and dinners. But again, she stressed that she was pressed on time and the other men that she had met weren’t substantially better. Sometimes I wonder what life would’ve been like with a different father, but I probably wouldn’t have existed.Flash forward to that spring morning, I was arriving to visit my mom’s place before travelling by bus to work at a neighboring city. I had found work as a regional scout for high school athletes, specifically for the game of baseball.When I saw my mom, she seemed really happy to see me — she gave me a long hug and kiss on the cheek. That was when I noticed that her breasts were significantly pronounced. I knew immediately that she had gotten a boob job, but I didn’t know when. I surmised that it was during the two years when I was away. I remembered that they used to be modest in size, but not small. But I didn’t dare to make any comment whatsoever.Anyhow, shortly afterward, she asked me to look at her laptop to see why it was always so slow. Sometimes it would even freeze, which always forced her to restart. She knew that I was quite capable with using a computer, so I could help her fix it. Also, she wanted me to set up a webcam for her because she wanted to talk to her international friends. Finally, she wanted me to help her set-up her account for some popular social media websites. I was really surprised at how internet savvy she had become since I left. The webcam was not a problem as I had a spare one that she could use. Therefore, it was only the computer fixing that I needed to focus on.I only had a short amount of time that day as I had to go on a two-day trip for work to watch a tournament game. She suggested that fixing her computer could wait until afterward. But, I insisted that I could do everything in one sitting on the train. It would save me time and give me something to do. She seemed okay with that. After leaving her house, I found my designated spot on the train — window seat and at the very back — and I began playing around with my laptop. During the time when I was fidgeting around with it, the train was departing and I was in luck; nobody claimed the spots beside me. I wanted it this way because I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I liked to be alone.About a half hour into the train ride, I opened up her laptop and began inspecting it. One of the first things that I did on her laptop was open up Task Manager, a program which could list all the applications and services currently running at the time. It seemed that my mom had a lot of programs running on her computer which she would never need. Some were really strange programs which I had never come across before and they seemed like malware to me, which are programs installed on a computer with a malicious intent. After further investigation, there were some programs that ran whenever the operating system loaded and I had to prevent that from happening. This was, in fact, evidence of malicious activity. After about ten minutes of tinkering, which involved uninstalling some programs, the laptop became noticeably more responsive. It seemed easy enough. But I still needed to go through her browser’s add-ons because some of which were likely to cause annoyance to her — sometimes they could produce pop up ads, for example. So, I opened up a browser and went into the add-ons menu, where I found a couple of add-ons that definitely needed to be removed. After that, I went back to the main screen. Next, I checked her dropdown URL list but not because I wanted to invade her privacy. I wanted to see if there were any websites that she had visited that were causing these problems. What I found was beyond what anyone could have expected. Although she had visited numerous ‘normal’ websites, it seemed that she had been recently visiting a couple of well-known porn sites! It brought me back to the memories of her visiting porn sites. But the funny thing was that my mom had always been the type to be offended about hearing or seeing anything related to sex, especially if the concept of it was mentioned nonchalantly on a TV show or in a movie. Even for love scenes, she had always looked uncomfortable watching them, which made movie-watching with her awkward. One time, before I was hired at work, I wanted to watch a movie with her at a theatre and I tried booking the tickets online. But, I made a slight typo and it unexpectedly led us to a porn site, which featured a woman gladly showing off the insides of her pink pussy. In disgust, she yelled at me and thought that I was showing that to her on purpose! After I delicately explained what had happened, she calmed down. She then apologized for blowing up at me. It was a funny story, especially given her reaction.As I dug deeper into her browsing history, it appeared that she had been viewing pornographic websites for quite some time, not just these past few days! The Downloads list of the web browser showed a history of files downloaded. Not all of them seemed to be pornographic but there were a few that really stood out.For instance, there was a video, near the very bottom of that list, titled “Angie — Training Session I.avi”. When I followed the file path, I discovered that it was tucked away in one of her personal folders. Without even worrying that the file might be harmful or that I was invading her privacy, I clicked on that video. Little did I know at the time, the ride was about to start.The video began with the camera looking at the ground. The video was quiet and I heard some murmuring. There was also some R&B music playing very quietly in the background. I slightly increased the sound on the volume control.A man’s voice said, “…Come sit on my lap over here — this is how a man should tease you.”The camera gradually lifted up to see the lower body of a well-built Caucasian man sitting in a chair, to the left of the screen, wearing shorts. A woman sat on his lap with her back facing the camera. It looked like they were at a hotel or motel room. The woman wore beige shorts and a white tank top. Her legs and thighs were slender. The man was groping on her boobs. This looked like porn!I was caught completely by surprise. I peered around frantically to see if anyone might have caught sight of what I was watching, but fortunately, no one was around. Luckily, there were no line-ups leading to the bathroom. I made sure that my professional-grade earphones were plugged in to ensure that nobody was going to hear what I was going to be watching. The next thing that came into my mind was that I thought it was very bizarre for this kind of video to be here. My mom, in my mind, had normally been very quiet about her sexual life and even the smallest questions about sex discomforted her. Why would there be a porn video on here?But that was not the only surprise. As the camera gained height, the long haired woman looked very familiar to me, to the point that I was praying that it wasn’t who I thought it was. Unfortunately, when the camera caught a side glimpse of the woman, it was indeed my mom! She was letting him cup his hands around her breasts and letting him tug on her nipples! The worst part was that the man was clearly not my dad; he was never this buff.I felt my heart skip a beat from this revelation. I could not believe it! My mom, a sexually conservative woman, was apparently engaging in adultery on camera!My mind came back to reality when I heard her laughter. At this point, she still hadn’t realized that she was being filmed. Yet when she turned and saw the camera on her, she instinctively tried pushing it away, out of embarrassment.”Hey! No cameras!”But the camera stubbornly returned to its original position. I saw her facial features: she wore light mascara and she had a slight glow on her face. Her lips were shiny from the lip gloss that she had put on. Hidden underneath her long hair wore a pair of medium-sized hoop earrings. Overall, she looked incredibly pretty! There was no doubt that she had dressed to impress.The muscular man said, “Don’t worry – this camera is for instructional purposes. Don’t tomarza escort you want to be close with your husband again?”My mom pouted impatiently, “Yes, but…””I know that you’re a little nervous with the camera on you, but it’s been proven to help for learning. When you look over the footage later on, you’ll be glad that you have it!”My mom nodded sheepishly, “Okay, if you say so.”The man continued, “You’re an incredibly good wife! How many years again have you been with your husband?”She responded, “25 years now, more or less.””Not bad! But if you do exactly as I tell you, you’re going to make that number even higher and you’ll have a ton of fun that you’ve never even discovered before, so let’s get started!”The muscular man gave her a tap on the back and she stood up on her own. Then she turned to face the man. He ordered, “Start by taking off your clothes.”As I watched this, I thought to myself, “Oh my god. What the fuck?”She inefficiently stripped each piece of clothing off one by one — first removing her tank top and then her shorts till she was in her lingerie. It confirmed the fact that her breasts were enhanced for sure!”I like your choice of lingerie, but you’ll need to take those off too.”She begrudgingly took her beige coloured bra and matching panties off, which dropped with a ‘thud’ sound near her feet. She was looking very uncomfortable in the nude. She tried to cover her private parts with her hands. Her wedding ring stood out.She muttered, “It’s been a long while since I’ve shown myself to anyone but him…”His response was: “Don’t be shy! Part of enjoying sex requires you to be comfortable with your body. Put your hands behind your back so that I can see it!”She hid her hands behind her, as instructed. Now, her figure was in full view, but she remained looking uncomfortable on camera. Similarly, I struggled to accept the situation with each passing moment.”You have a really nice fit body and your breasts are amazingly beautiful. I want you to come on over!”She looked troubled with the fact that another man was complimenting her nude body. Though she approached him, she had kept her distance. Obviously, she wasn’t comfortable with being so physically close to another man, especially when she was naked!In response, the unknown male yanked her forward so that she was up close and personal with him. She yelped a little in surprise.He reassured her and said, “Try and relax a little, okay? This will feel good.”He slid his right hand down to her vagina, causing her to squeal out of surprise.”Hey!””Come on now, relax. I’m just showing you some foreplay that you can teach your husband!”As he gently massaged and fingered her, she gradually softened up. “Oooh… it feels strange with you doing this.””Just relax… you should be enjoying this.”Using his other hand, he fondled her breasts briefly before he sucked on them in a perverted manner. She groaned quietly. He took his time appreciating them.”Mm…yeah, these tits are really nice. These aren’t natural though, are they?” Mom shook her head. “You got them for your husband or something?”She nodded, “They were partially for him, yes, but they were mostly for me.”In surprise, he asked, “Wow – and he still cheated on you?”She responded sternly, “Yes.””Do you think it’s your fault that he is out with other women?”My mom nodded, “If I were to be honest with myself, I probably could have been a better wife.”He shook his head in disbelief.”I think you deserve a little better than that. Let me help you feel better!”He pushed the chair back so that he could crouch down in front of her and lick her clit from below. This made her gasp and moan! In addition, he started rubbing her vaginal lips with his fingers once more. She was frozen in pleasure, it seemed.This mysterious man was in sight for the very first time. His face had a little bit of meat and he had a large nose. His hair was blonde in color and was spiked. I had never seen him before. She exclaimed, “Ah… Daniel has never done this to me before!”The man laughed hysterically as he rubbed her clit.”In that case, go sit down on that chair behind me, okay? I’m going to loosen you up even more! This will help!”My mom nervously replied, “Okay.”After she sat down, he pushed my mom’s legs apart then licked her vagina up and down. She gasped again! He licked the insides too, which further paralyzed her with pleasure. He used his fingers too to help out.”Mm…you taste very sweet down there and the smell is excellent. That means that you’re a very pleasant person to be with, but I bet you knew that already, didn’t you?”Mom blushed even more.”Oh please… don’t say that!”He got up and started kissing her passionately and romantically for a solid ten seconds. During that time, he hadn’t failed to rub her clitoris over and over. But her lack of a push-back was evident — could she have been swept away by the moment? I felt my own heart race at the sight of all this. It felt as if I was actually there. After the man stopped kissing her, he took his shorts and underwear off in front of her. She avoided making eye contact with him as if she knew what he was doing. Next, he took off his shirt, revealing that he was well-toned and muscular. In contrast to him, my dad’s body tone was a total joke — he was out of shape and had a bit of a belly! “Sit yourself up!”I felt sick after hearing a stranger call my mom by her nickname!The camera zoomed in slightly when she sat up straight on the plush chair. He softly spoke, “I need you to look here.”When she did, she gave an intense stare at his wide-girthed, but flaccid white cock that was pointing to the ground. He then rudely walked in front of my mom’s face.”Please show me how you’d make your husband hard!”She looked up at the man in disbelief about what he was making her do! “Wait! You know that I’m a married woman! I can’t do this!”The man said, “Angie, your marriage is at risk. You can easily save it by knowing how to please your husband. I promise that I’ll be giving you pointers on how to improve, if necessary.”She looked at his cock very cautiously, but refused to touch it. Then, she looked at him again.”Are you sure this is okay? I’m not a cheater!””Yes. It’s not cheating. You’re here to learn, so it’s completely fine — I promise. Now, go on!”As a result, she nervously cupped the girth of his limp cock with her right hand. She was examining it thoroughly, like she was studying the features of it. I looked around again to see if anyone was hovering nearby. This was a risky place to be watching this video but something within me pushed me to keep watching! When my eyes went back to the video, she was jerking him very slowly.He shouted, “Speed it up — you don’t want your man waiting!”Right away, she sped up her hand-job. She watched as he got bigger and bigger in her hand! The look on her face indicated that she was intimidated, perhaps even amazed by his cock! “Your hand feels amazing, but I’d like you to put it into your mouth now!”She stopped her hand at the base and then gloomily looked up, indicating that she knew that this was all wrong.”But I don’t know if I can do this!””Yes you can. Just imagine that this is your man’s cock and it’ll be easy! Let it come naturally to you.”She scooted forward and sluggishly directed his penis into her mouth. She shyly looked up at him as her luscious lips wrapped around the tip of his cock. Then she started to suck him quietly and at a slow rhythmic pace.”Come on, you can do better than that, can’t you?”Daringly, she gobbled the first two or three inches of his cock with more force and more speed. The man ran his fingers through her hair.”Aww yeah — that’s better!She seemed encouraged because her blow-jobs were much more purposeful. Occasionally, she’d blankly stare at him, possibly to see how she was doing.He carelessly said, “You look so fucking pretty with my cock in your mouth!”She reacted with a look of shame. She slowed to a crawl and pulled away from him with a soft smack. She kept her distance now.He sharply asked, “You were doing so well! Why’d you stop?””I feel like a slut when you say that!””Look, Angie, you need to know a couple of things. There is no shame in looking pretty while sucking cock. In fact, the sluttier that you are when doing it, the better! You should just feel proud that you’ve made me so hard!”She retorted, “Really? Because I feel like I’m some kind of sex toy to you.”He sighed at first, but responded eventually.”Is that such a bad thing? As a woman, you’re supposed to ‘be’ the sex toy for the man. If you’ve pleased him, he will please you too! It’s about mutual respect.”She looked away.”Look, I understand that you’re not used to these practical lessons yet. I know that you’re just nervous and that is perfectly acceptable. I can tell you that a lot of wives that we’ve coached have felt like you have. But after a few lessons and some practice sessions, they’ve become our success stories. You’re going to do that too. I’m sure of it.”Her eyes glowed, “Okay. I guess if they can do it, I can too.””Right, but before you can be our next success story, you’re going to need to make me hard again. Just look at how limp I am now! You’ll need to fix this!””Oh, I’m so sorry!”To my surprise, she desperately jerked him to restore his hardness right away.”Don’t be sorry, Angie! I want you to learn from it. Never leave your man disappointed – again!”She nodded, “Okay.””Put this into your mouth and suck it as loudly as you can, do you think you can do that?”Without question, she directed his cock into her mouth. This time, she was focussed on resonantly plucking him with her lips as she composed a steady rhythm. Jimmy groaned.”Ah yes, just like that! Be that proud cock-sucking slut that your husband wants you to be!”It didn’t seem to bother her that she had to be a ‘cock-sucking slut’. She sped up her blow-jobs and her hand-strokes. Her medium-sized hoop earrings dangled from side to side, in the meantime.”Don’t forget to lick the whole thing!”She dutifully took the cock out of her mouth with a pop and licked the entire shaft, including the head. She looked at him for approval again as she did this.”Excellent! Put it back into your mouth and suck with a twist! It’s going to feel good for the man!”She put him back into her mouth and tried to do as he had requested. He gently guided her head and had her sucking in a twisting motion. Once she caught on, she was doing it faster and faster.”Ooh yeah. You’re so fuckin’ talented!”Though she was doing this, he gently pushed her head towards him to encourage her to go deeper.”Come on, deeper!”She went about half an inch deeper but she was struggling. This was probably beyond anything she had done before!”You’re doing great! Just a little more!”As a result, she tried pushing herself further, only to pull out immediately to cough. Despite that, he urged her to continue. “That’s okay, baby, try again!”He flailed his cock in front of her face, prompting her to open up. He unexpectedly thrust his hips and pushed her head down, causing her to gag at the half-way point! Selfishly, he held her in place for a few seconds before he allowed her to pull away. She panted, “Your penis is too big! You’re gonna choke me with it!””I’m going to teach you how to properly deep-throat later, but okay, I’ll give you a break. I just want you to stroke me for now!”She proceeded to wank on his tool with her right hand.”Tell me, Angie – what is the craziest thing you’ve done with your husband sexually?”She looked at him dumbly as she stopped stroking him. She hadn’t expected the question.”Well…one time, we were in the mall together and he made me suck him off in the men’s washroom!””Wow! Did you enjoy that experience?””She said, “No, but…””See — there’s a problem there. You have to make the man feel special and you didn’t do that. That right there gives your husband an easy excuse to cheat.”She frowned, “No, that can’t be it!””Another reason for why your husband is cheating on you is that you are not satisfying him sexually. Look no further than the fact that you’ve stopped stroking me, even though I didn’t tell you to stop!”Right away, she resumed her hand-jobs, apologizing again profusely, “I’m so sorry!” “Look, I know I’m being a bit hard on you, but what I’m telling you is for your own good.”She sadly nodded, “I know.””Don’t look so sad. Let me feel your precious titties.”He fondled on her round g****fruit-sized breasts together with both of his hands.”You should really use these to your advantage! Tell me, what do you think you could do with these to please your man? Remember, always make the man feel special — be wild! Be creative!”Mom took a moment to think.”Errm…maybe… you can fuck them?”The man was very pleased and said, “Now you’re showing some initiative!”She blushed heavily as he placed his cock into her cleavage. When she pushed her breasts together, her beautifully manicured nails were once again displayed. He started to fuck her tits, though she just looked at him blankly. “Come on! Put your body into it! Have some fun! Let yourself go!”She cracked a smile and decided to hop up and down his rod. She peered at the action below briefly before returning eye contact with him. While tit-fucking her, he started tugging at her nipples! In reaction, she closed her eyes momentarily. She was possibly enjoying that sensation.”Let it go into your mouth as we do this!”Though looking nervous at first, she tilted her head to her chest and sucked his cock as it shuttled between her breasts! He caressed her hair.”Thatta girl! Keep it up!”She glanced at him uncomfortably but she didn’t stop. He started teasing her nipples, which caused her to hum and sigh. He knew just the right amount of force to use. Soon, they were interrupted by the man behind the camera.”Let’s see the rest of your body, Angie. Jimmy, can you take her to the middle of the room?”I now learned that the name of the blonde muscular man was Jimmy!Jimmy stopped tit-fucking her and extended his hand to her. In return, she did the same. Both of them walked together to the middle of the room, like a very cute couple. Then the blonde man got into position in front of her. The camera man directed, “Bend your body over and continue sucking him, Angie!”She looked at the camera briefly before bending over, allowing Jimmy’s cock to slip into her mouth. She placed her hands on his thighs for support. She popped her head up and down hurriedly, as if she knew better than to let him to go limp again. The blonde man placed his broad hands around the back of her head, adding more force to her blow-jobs! She wasn’t choking anymore as she kept taking in a mouthful of cock!”Much much better! But I want you to take it deeper, babe!”He thrust his hips forward and forced her head down, causing her to gag near the base! “Gugh! Gugh! Gugh!””Awwwww, yeah! That’s fucking good!”He held her there for a few seconds and then released her from his grip, which allowed her to cough. However, he fiercely whipped his cock in front of her.”Let’s see you take it in without my help!”She sank deeply into his cock without thinking! On her own, she was able to take in more than half his cock, but she wasn’t able to reach the base yet. Still, she made a series of determined efforts to go deeper and Jimmy patiently supervised. Through her obvious persistence and hard work, she eventually was able to go fairly close to the base with relatively little gagging or choking! Then she pulled away and repeated the process, despite coughing a couple of times or so. Jimmy took control of her head again and drove himself into the depths of her throat. This time, he was fucking her throat with his entire shaft! She was making nasty sounds but she was definitely adapting to this! At this point, the man took his hands off her head and she kept going as normal!The camera moved away from the action and circled around her to examine her naked fit body. Once it made its stop behind, it revealed that her legs were not spread apart. Then it zoomed in on her very tight-looking vagina and anus! I saw that the areas had retained some hair, though it was very well-managed.The cameraman attempted to probe her vagina using his fingers, but she squirmed in reaction.”Mmm…No… don’t!”The blonde Jimmy said, “Hey, I didn’t tell you to stop sucking!”I heard her sucking sounds start up again! She probably knew that she had no choice on the matter.When the cameraman partially spread apart her vagina with his hand, a glimpse of her most intimate parts was revealed to the camera! He then decided to put two of his fingers inside, causing her to mumble! The fingers invaded her vagina briefly before they were taken out, revealing that they were very moist. It turned out that mom was actually horny! “Damn — you’re wet! You’ve been secretly enjoying this, haven’t ya?Mom giggled nervously with the cock in her mouth.He re-inserted his fingers gently, causing her to purr quietly. When he turned his palm up, he rubbed the upper portions of her vagina — possibly where her G-spot was – and mom started to mumble louder and faster! The scene was instantly intensified!The camera zoomed out again slowly. The back of her head was seen popping up and down in the distance. The cameraman restarted his finger-fucking and she was backing into it now by herself! They were going at a good pace until till he pulled out of her again, revealing that his fingers were soaked!”Wow, honey! You’re really getting into this! Could you do me a favor? Could you show us how wet you really are? I would like to see it!That signalled for Jimmy to pull out. He rubbed her head to acknowledge her good work.She asked, “Why do I have to do this?””You need to show us so that you can practice feeling proud of what you can offer to a man. A wet pussy is something you should show off!” She must have accepted his reasoning because she made her way over to the bed, clumsily crawling to the middle. She reached back and nervously spread her butt-cheeks apart. Her radiant-looking fingernails once more complemented the shot, allowing the camera to scrutinize her most private regions! Both her holes were very tight! What a pose it was!She whined, “This is so embarrassing! I can’t believe that I’m doing this!”I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Under bated breath, I uttered, “You’re fucking k**ding me!””That’s normal. We’re just going to walk you through this and you’ll feel comfortable at the end of it, I promise. Okay, for the next step, go on your back and show your pussy, using just two fingers.”She turned herself around. After lying on her back, she lifted her legs and then cautiously spread them open. She opened her pussy lips in a ‘V’ shape using her index and middle fingers, as they had instructed. “That’s one beautiful pussy! Now, please show me how you’d play with yourself.”She gradually rubbed her clitoris and slit. At first, she started out very slowly and worked her way up to a faster speed. As she massaged it more intensely, her hips swayed in accompaniment with her hums of pleasure. She even slid a finger in there too! She was now masturbating by herself. Jimmy, who was nude at this point, approached her and said, “You look like you’re ready for the next lesson!”Though he straddled on top of her, she stopped him from proceeding further!She asked in an elevated voice, “Wait! What are you doing?””This next lesson will show you what good sex is all about. It’s going to turn you on so much that you’ll be begging for your hubby to fuck you at least once a day – everyday. I guarantee that he wouldn’t be seeing any other woman after that!”He continued with his actions, only for her to interrupt him again.”This feels so wrong though. Can’t we do something else?””Nope! I need to jump-start your sex-life and this is the only way we can do this.”She begged, “Well…if we’re really going to do this, could you put a condom on then? Please?””Why? Are you worried that you could get knocked up?””No, my tubes are tied. It’s just that…””Well, what are you worried about then? I’m clean and if we’re going to make these lessons as realistic as possible, you’re gonna have to accept this cock without a rubber. After all, it’s not like you’d make your husband wear one, right?””Well…okay fine…let’s just get this over with.” “Are you sure you’re wet enough there?””Yes, I’m ready to start.”He must have had an established history of being able to manipulate women. But still, I couldn’t believe that my mom was actually going to let him go bareback! She watched as he tried jamming his prick into her, but he couldn’t push past the outside of her pussy lips. She was very tight! As a result, he attempted to nudge his fat prick over and over, which caused her to moan at the sensations, but it kept slipping out.She nervously whispered, “Sorry!”He chuckled wickedly, “That’s okay, just relax a little more. Once I’m inside, I’m gonna loosen you up and you’re gonna love it. Trust me!”Immediately afterward, her pussy gave way as he squeezed through the entrance and buried himself deeply. She gasped loudly.”Oh gosh!”While gently sliding through her vaginal canal, he remarked, “Aw! Your pussy’s so fuckin’ wet and tight. You wanted this cock, didn’t you?”He didn’t give her a chance to reply. He placed his hands on her legs for leverage and initiated a series of rhythmic thrusts, causing her to breathe heavier and heavier. He was at a steady medium pace now and the loud slapping sounds of their skin contact were heard!”OH… oh… ohhhhhhhhh….gosh…ohhhh…Mmm” Her face had a flush of red. Her eyes revealed that she was immersed in pleasure. Her hair and earrings waved around with each movement. Her glossed lips opened as she inhaled and exhaled. She was making varying sounds of pleasure.”Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!””Come on! Here’s the first tip that I’ll give you: tell the man how much you want to be fucked!”She replied happily, “Yes! I want to be fucked harder!””Ha! Here it goes!”He leaned in and thumped her with full impact! The camera captured it from different angles. Pound after pound after pound, the camera made sure to focus on the fact that her pussy was being brutally drilled by the man’s cock. His balls slapped on her backside each time mercilessly. In the background, she was moaning over and over.”Oooh…gosh… yes…. yes… yes…yes! Oh gosh!” The camera circled around the entire scene. Her breasts swung up and down. The bed bounced up and down violently. I took notice of her gaze at the man that was fucking her. She was really into this. The lust in her eyes was completely undeniable!She panted over and over, like she was hungry for more!The camera circled around them, still recording the action at all angles. But it paid very close attention to mom’s vagina being repetitively smashed. His thrusts went to the furthest depths that probably hadn’t been reached by anyone!They started making out with each other as they continued. They kissed wildly. The man spread his kisses to my mom’s neck regions while groping her enlarged boobs, causing her to swoon!”Ohhhh Mmmmmm!””Your tits are so sensitive! You’re becoming one hell of a slut!”She did not respond back. Instead, she kept on screaming. Oh oh oh yes yes yes more more more!”The pace was kept up for the next couple of minutes. Occasionally, he’d pay attention to her tits again, which drove her crazy. Then, the man slowed himself and withdrew, leaving her panting for air.”Okay, get on your hands and knees! I want you to stick your ass out and impress us!”She did exactly as she was told. She eagerly spread her butt-cheeks apart, revealing her shiny wet pussy. She looked back at Jimmy in anticipation and once he was inside, she turned her face forward.”Ohhhhhhhhhhh!”Jimmy used her hips to pump her.”Oohhhhh god! Yes! Yes! Yes!”Jimmy groaned, “Oh, your pussy is really tightening on me! Do you really love my cock that much?”In between her gasps, she said, “Yes! You feel so good inside me! I’ve never felt this good before!”The camera was placed down on the bed and though there was nothing on the screen, it sounded like some clothes were being taken off and thrown around. Not long after, the camera was picked back up by the operator. It was a side view of her in action. While she was getting impaled by the man behind her, she was gently biting on her lips as the skin-on-skin contact fluttered in the background. Her hands were resting comfortably on the bed for support. The zoom was adjusted outward and the cameraman faced my mom. Next, he stepped onto the middle of the bed. Her passionate face became the focus of the video! Below, her breasts were swinging briskly in a pendulum-like motion. Then, the cameraman started waving his semi-erect penis in front of her lips!Jimmy commented, “Looks like you have a customer waiting, Angie! Go suck him off!”Though Jimmy was fucking her silly, she still had the audacity to protest his orders!”…Oh…but I thought my lesson was only going to involve you!”He stopped his thrusts immediately. “Sweetie, remember how I said that you’ll have to do exactly as I tell you? Right now, you’re being taught to be submissive. If you’re obedient here, you won’t ever be questioning your man’s commands later on. Now, I want you to suck Cyrus — are you gonna disappoint me?”She hurriedly opened her mouth to let him inside! Her lips clamped down on him and she started sucking loudly.Jimmy said, “Very good! That’s the way to do it! Here’s your reward, honey.”He restarted his thrusts and pumped her as hard as he could. She reacted by mumbling passionately! The skin-on-skin contact was especially noticeable. In the meantime, she continued her oral training with Cyrus. She was making lecherous suctioning noises that resonated throughout the room! Then, without warning, the man pushed his hips forward into her, causing her to choke! Out of reaction, my mom desperately latched onto his thighs. Despite that, he relentlessly continued to tug her head back and forth.”Gugh gugh gugh!”Jimmy heartily laughed, “Ha-ha, wow! Her pussy’s tightening up so much!”Cyrus sneered, “Is that true? You love choking on cock?”Her yelps were muffled because the man kept fucking her throat. Mom clearly was struggling to keep up but he didn’t care.”Mmmmmffffffhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmmfffffhhhhhh!”Then the man took his cock out of her mouth, which briefly allowed her to gasp for air. Afterward, he slapped his dick across her face a few times.”You’re doin’ real good, so far. Come on, stick out your tongue!”She hung her tongue out like a dog, looking up with an empty gaze. Cyrus flailed his cock repeatedly on there, which she allowed.”Take it in, slut!”She gobbled him up without any delay, despite being formally called a slut. He pulled her head inward while he pushed his hips forward, which caused her to gag at the half-way point of his cock. Her lips were snugly wrapped around his shaft.”Awww yeah!”All she could really do, at this point, was to pathetically push back at his thighs. She was at his mercy, especially with Cyrus holding her head.She uttered, “Gugh! Gugh! Gugh!” She only regained control when he released her from his tyrannical grip. At the same time, I could see in the background that Jimmy was in the midst of slowing down. “Whew I’m exhausted — you give her pussy a try, big guy!”Jimmy withdrew and Cyrus passed the camera over to him. Mom panted as both men switched spots rather hurriedly. Strangely enough, my mom stayed in place. When Jimmy waved his cock in front of her face, she willingly took him in! She was quietly murmuring when there was a sudden yelp from the fact that Cyrus was slapping her ass. A snicker had formed on his face. Next, in one motion, he launched himself into the depths of her pussy! She reacted loudly! Cyrus teased, “Ooh…you’re one cock-starved wife, aren’t ya?”That’s when he fucked the shit out of her and she was incessantly humming in pleasure! Her whole body backed into him! With each quick but predictable thump, she panted faster and faster. The slapping sounds coincided with the action. If there was any doubt before that she didn’t want this, it would have been removed after watching her enthusiasm!Jimmy took his cock out and flashed his balls. She mindlessly licked on them and his shaft! She looked up at the camera, looking like she was waiting for him to insert himself inside again. The two men snickered together, likely because they had sexually corrupted this housewife. They had broken her in and they likely had plans with her. She definitely seemed like she wouldn’t mind! After all, during the good few minutes that Cyrus had with her, she seemed to love it when he continued to slap her ass! She yelped playfully as she comfortably took down Jimmy’s cock! When Cyrus withdrew from her cunt, she even gave a subtle grunt of displeasure! Fortunately for her, he wasn’t done with her. Cyrus pulled out and lay on the floor that was in the middle of the room. “Come ride this cock!”She released Jimmy from her mouth and peeked behind. She giggled when she found Cyrus on the floor, before looking upward at the camera curiously.Jimmy said, “Go on, dear!”Satisfied that she had received ‘permission’ from him, she started lowering herself while expertly guiding Cyrus’ cock into her waiting pussy. She purred until she reached the base. Then she impatiently shuffled up and down to fuck him. He helped out by holding on her hips.She uttered, “Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!”Jimmy walked to the front and she blew him energetically. Despite the pounding sounds and the groaning from the men, she was by far the noisiest. “Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!”It really was a wonder how the men could maintain such endurance despite being in the presence of a woman who was blatantly as hungry for sex as they were! It was truly a fact that these men had turned my mom into their slut! These men weren’t amateurs.With no rhyme or reason, she let the cock slide out of her mouth. She jerked it furiously.”Oh God! Oh god! Oh god!”Jimmy asked, “A hot slut-wife like you deserves to get fucked every day, right?”Ungh! Ungh! Yeah! I want a cock every day!””Does that mean that you’ll do anything for one then?””…Yes, I’ll do anything!””So, how about letting one in the ass then?”She stopped her hand-job right away, “Wait… what?””Didn’t you say that you’d do anything for a cock?””Yeah…but…not that!””Let me be clear with you then — you must be willing to do anything for a cock and this will include anal sex because there’s going to be women out there that will do it, if you don’t. Do you want him to go out looking for them and cheat on you some more?””No! It’s just that I haven’t even done it there before! It seems so wrong!””I understand, Angie. However, remember, we’ve worked with a lot of women who haven’t done anal before, yet at the end of their training, they could offer their ass to anyone. As a result, their relationships with their lovers were closer than ever before. You could have that happen to you too — you don’t want to spoil that opportunity, do you?”She thought for a moment, “Well, okay. I guess I’ll do it, but how do I start? I know this is gonna hurt.””Just lie on your side and spread those butt-cheeks apart! This’ll make the first entrance easier. Don’t worry, we have some lubricants too. This will be a cinch.”She got into position and, ungraciously, she revealed her seemingly impermeable anal hole. Adjacent to it, her pussy lips were significantly loosened; it was no longer the tight hole that it was before. After all, two men had pulverized it!Cyrus was in the process of pouring out some lubricant into his hand. When he stuffed the contents into her ass-hole, she grunted but appeared to wait patiently. After that, Cyrus applied lube to himself.Jimmy parked his cock by her mouth and said, “While he gets going, make sure that you keep me hard and wet for my turn too!”At first, she gave a reluctant look to him, but she started giving him head anyway. The tension seemed to grow higher and higher as Cyrus lay right beside her, in a spooning position. He kept her legs lifted while he attempted to nudge himself in, causing her to make murmurs of discomfort. However, without warning, she spat out Jimmy’s cock!”Oh god! You’re inside!”Cyrus replied, “That was only the head, darling! There’s more to come so you’re gonna need to relax!”Her anal virginity had just been taken from her, but there was no sympathy from Cyrus! He powered through her recklessly, causing her to utter under her breath in pain. Though Jimmy tried to put himself back into her mouth, she kept squirming away.”Ow! Wait! No! You’re stretching me out!””Come on, you can do it! Remember to relax, baby!”Although she tried her best to keep quiet, she could no longer hold it in when he kept on pushing through!”Owwww! How much more do you have to go?””Almost there, honey! Don’t clench up!”It took much effort and time but Cyrus eventually made it to the end, judging from the smile on his face.He laughed, “You see? My cock does fit!”She groaned, “Ugh! It’s so deep in me!”He began making several, fairly laborious thrusts, which probably indicated how tight her anus really was. “Your cute little ass is making me feel so good!””Oooooh…. Oooohhhh….ow!”Jimmy held her head in place to thrust in and out her mouth. “Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!”It wasn’t long after that Cyrus was able to increase his intensity. The slapping sounds were mercilessly sharp, firm and consistent.Jimmy teased, “You’re so talented! You’re taking these cocks like a pro!”She only mumbled in response. Though she must have been feeling pain, she didn’t really show it. In fact, she looked like she was adapting to all this. Maybe she had given in!The camera panned up and down occasionally during the next few minutes. Cyrus was having a blast of a time. Mom, on the other hand, had a more blank expression, but she didn’t seem to mind that the camera was on her anymore.Cyrus then gently pulled out and declared, “Oh man! You’ve really gotta try her ass! It’s fucking glorious!”She begged, “Mmm…Wait! I’m really sore. I don’t know if I can take another cock!”Jimmy replied, “Of course it’s sore – it’s only your first time, darling. The more you do it, the less sore you’ll be! Now, let’s try it with you doggy-style!”She sighed and got up. Once she was on her hands and knees, she had resigned to her fate.The camera was handed back to Cyrus. Once Jimmy had arrived behind her, he pushed her ass-cheeks apart and the camera zoomed in, observing that her anus was stretched out and very red now. Regardless, Jimmy shoved some more lube into it before applying it on his cock too. “Please! Can you fuck my pussy instead? My ass is really really sore!””No, we’ve gotta break you in more. Why don’t you try rubbing your pussy as we do this? It’s gonna feel a lot better! I promise you!”Then he slid through her ass-hole rather easily, even without her consent!”Ow!”Desperately, she reached for her clit and started rubbing it. At this point, Jimmy’s thrusts were slow and gentle. “Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!”While that was going on, Cyrus moved to the front and waved his cock around her lips. Despite the fact that it had just been in her ass, she allowed him to pass through! She mumbled audibly as it went in and out of her. After a few repetitions of that, he used his strength to force her down to the base. However, she didn’t fight back.”Aw yeah! Your throat feels so fucking good!”Then he flung her away, as if he was done with her. Initially, she gave the man a dirty look, but she stayed in position! Moreover, on top of the heavy panting from her, it sounded like she was uttering in pleasure, although she was whispering it.”Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!”Cyrus fleered, “Hmm…sounds like you’re enjoying this! You love how it feels, doesn’t it?”She tried to deny this but it wasn’t convincing, “That’s… not true… it just feels different…”It was hardly convincing. As she kept getting fucked, she continually played with herself. Even when Jimmy slapped on her ass-cheeks a few times, she squealed but didn’t say no.Cyrus laughed, “Why don’t you just tell us that you’re feeling good? We know that you’re enjoying it!”She laughed guiltily, “I like the feeling of rubbing myself while his cock rubs the insides of my ass. It feels good, I guess. I just can’t believe that I’m actually enjoying this!”The men heartily laughed. For the next couple of minutes, she was fucked hard while deep-throating Cyrus. Then, in an almost anticlimactic fashion, they pulled out of her, leaving her practically breathless. Fortunately for her, they jerked off at a moderate pace around her so that she could have time torecover.Jimmy declared, “Congratulations, Angie! You’re one hell of a slut! Now, we would like to see how good you are at accepting a man’s cum!””But… but…””Open your mouth!”She scrambled to do it, giving the men a target to shoot at. The inevitable was coming.Jimmy grunted, “Ugh… yeah. You got me so fucking hard. These loads are just for you! Ugh!”Then he inaccurately but violently blasted a volley of cum-shots onto her pretty face!The first wave was watery and it splattered near her eyes, forcing her to tightly shut them! The following burst went into her open mouth, which must have caught her by surprise because she reflexively pushed out the load with her tongue, causing her lips and chin to be creamy. She clenched up her face and turned away as cum kept bombarding her. “Aw! Turn your fucking face back! I’m still cumming!”She nervously turned her face back, allowing him to splatter two more cum-shots, which resulted in her cracking a smirk! When the fireworks had ended, he nudged his cock around her lips and she surprisingly sucked him cleanly. After he pulled out, the camera was zoomed in on her cum-drenched face. She carefully started wiping away the dripping cum that was threatening to go into her eyes.She laughed, “Oh my god – that was a lot!”Jimmy stated, “Not bad at all! But next time, don’t reject the cum if it gets into your mouth. It’s much better that you swallow it instead! You’ve got that? How about you take Cyrus’s load this time?”Submissively, she cleared her hair away from her face and then leaned towards him. She opened her mouth ambitiously.”Aww yeah, get closer! I want you to hold it all in your mouth!”She got closer and stuck her tongue out. Instantly, he shot his loads accurately, but she wasn’t able to hide the look and sounds of disgust. It probably was in reaction to the pervading musky smell and taste! Cyrus kept grunting over and over and I saw his spurts enter her! Finally, when he had finished, he squeezed the last remaining droplet out.”Show that fuckin’ load!”She extended her tongue out to showcase the loads of white, syrupy cum that had pooled near the middle. With cum still visible on her face, she looked upward pleadingly, as if she was anxious for her next instructions to come quickly. “Yeahhhh… that’s it! Swallow it down, girl!”Her tongue went back inside and she gulped the mouthful! She frowned; she obviously wasn’t appreciating the taste!”Learn to enjoy eating cum, sweetie, because you can’t afford to be frowning like that in front of your man! Also, one more reminder: always clean him up — make sure that you never waste a drop!”So she did. She took him inside and sucked him briefly, while looking at him happily. Not long after, she released him with a pop.”Good, now wipe the cum off your face and eat all that!”She proceeded to scoop some of the cum up to eat it. Though she did not give off the same look of disgust as before, I wasn’t convinced that she liked the taste of it any better than before. “That’s an improvement but you can do better. You must show the man that you really appreciate that he came for you! If you take cum in your mouth, then you’ll need to tell him how good his cum tastes! If he shoots it all over your face or body, you must love how it feels. Try it again!”She dumbly nodded. After swiping some more cum, she ate it off her fingers and then said, “It tastes good!”She certainly did as she was told, except the look on her face was totally unconvincing. “You might not like the taste of cum now, but you’ll need to keep doing it till you do. I want to hear you say that you enjoy it! You can practice now since there’s still plenty of cum on your face, so get right to it!”Obediently, she wiped her face and ate a finger-load. Though she remarked again that “it tastes good”, I still had doubts whether or not that she was sincere. Though she looked to the men, they were silent, which ostensibly led her to continue. After eating the next blob of cum, Each of the three times that she ate a blob of cum, she gave a positive feedback to the taste.”…Mm… the cum tastes so good.””…It’s so yummy!””…I love your cum!”The attempts seemed to be enough to satisfy the men, judging from the fact that they didn’t request for her to do anything else.Presumably, everything was done. She was sitting on her knees, with a glaze on her face that wasn’t going to go away without soap and water. I still couldn’t believe that I was looking at the same mom that I had kissed prior to my trip!Jimmy approached her and said, “Well, Angie, you did a great job but this marks the end of lesson one. How do you feel right now?”She scoffed sheepishly, “…Sore…very sore!””I bet you are. Do us a favor and show us your holes!”She cautiously rolled backwards and lifted her legs. Jimmy used his index finger to sweep at her flappy, loosened pussy lips. Then, using that same finger, he measured her gaped ass-hole, which had expanded by at least an inch or so. The entire region was fiery red!He teased, “You probably didn’t meet up today thinking that you’d be getting fucked and not just by one man, huh?””No. This was crazy!””Could you have known that you’d enjoy sex this much?”She smiled, “No, it was a lot of fun! I learned a lot today!””The learning doesn’t stop here. I bet after a few more lessons, you’ll only be thinking about sex!”She frowned, “You think I’d still need a few more?””Yes you do – but don’t worry – the other wives had to do it as well. The next time we meet, you’ll be tested to see if you’ve improved at all from today. That way, we’ll be ensuring that your techniques are up to standard.””Okay, I understand.””Good. Now, I do require that, until the lessons are done, you can’t have sex with your hubby. And by no sex, I mean, nothing at all! So, it might just be easier for you not to see him for a while, just to avoid temptation.””I guess I can do that. When are the next lessons coming and how long is it going to take?””You’ll be done before you know it! Our next lesson is in the next couple of days, just to give you some time to rest and recover. But before I forget, this is your prize for today.”She was handed a small purple vibrator, which she examined momentarily.”Wow! I’ve never used one of these before.””Well, now you’ll be able to, wouldn’t you? It’s going to come in handy later, I suspect.”She nodded. And then the movie ended with a black screen.

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