My Best Friend’s Mother


My Best Friend’s Mother(for the sake of confidentiality, the names given in this story are made up names)This happened six years ago. I had just moved into my own place with my best friend, Mike, as my roommate. Mike and I have been the best of buds since our toddler years… he’s like a brother to me. And his mother, Jean, has always been in my life too, which meant a lot to me, because my mother died when I was three. But when the puberty years started, I began to notice just how fine a specimen Jean really is. And once I got older, around 18-19 years of age, I got hard just being in her presence. I wasn’t a virgin… I lost my virginity when I was f******n, but there was something about the way Jean looked at me, the way she smiled, catching her scent as she would pass by me… something about this woman attracts me to her… and it’s not just her good looks. And the fact that she’s a very affectionate woman who wears tops that often show a lot of cleavage didn’t really help my situation.As time went on and I continued to ogle her, it became obvious that she was aware that I found her attractive. I would often be too late to look away before she caught me checking out her amazing ass or her breasts that always looked like they were going to pop out of her top. She would quickly turn to me, catching me in the act, and she would simply smile. Mike’s parent situation was a lot like mine. I was raised by my father, and his father left the family before I met Mike. So it dawned on me that maybe she likes the attention. I had just turned nineteen, so all is fair game, and she’s been teasing me for some time now. To this day, I have no idea how it is possible that she is still single… she’s an absolute bombshell. She’s forty-five, but she doesn’t look a day over 25. With long wavy blonde hair, big hazel eyes, smooth tan skin, perfect curves, beautiful natural c-cup breasts, and an ass you could crack walnuts on. One day after eating dinner with Mike and Jean, I decided to help Jean do dishes… purely out of the kindness of my heart, I swear. Mike went outside to smoke, so I was in the clear if anything were to happen at the sink. It was obvious that she was teasing me while doing dishes, as she would constantly reach up into the cupboard above us to grab something, brushing her tits into my arm and shoulder. My cock began to thicken, and then she reached up a few more times, this time, swinging her arm back down and smacking my stomach in a playful manner… thing is, instead of removing her hand, she gaziantep rus escort quickly slid her hand toward my hip, hooking her finger into my belt. Acting as if she was just being playful, I lightly smacked her back in the chest, getting a quick feel of her erect nipple. After finishing up with dishes, she said, “Thanks for helping, hun.” and proceeded to give me a hug… problem is, my erection hadn’t gone down, in fact, it was throbbing so much that it hurt. When she wrapped her arms around me, she pulled me in closer for the hug, and I know she felt it because she started to giggle. She let go of me, and for a brief second, I saw her eyes dart right down at my junk just before she smiled at me again. Mike had come back in shortly after that, killing the moment. A few days later, I received a call from Jean, asking me if I could give her a lift to work. Mike took her car to get it worked on due to transmission issues. I got there as soon as I could… purely out of the kindness of my heart, I swear. While on the road, we started out with just small talk. Being the affectionate woman she is, she would pat and grab my arm and leg during conversation as I was driving. The more she did this, the further up my leg she would go, causing my cock to once again wake up. I haven’t fully agreed with myself yet on whether or not it would okay to fuck her brains out like I was dying to do, mainly because I thought of what the consequences might be and what could happen to the brotherhood between Mike and me. Thinking of this, I backed down from her, engaging in the teasing conversation less than I wanted to. When we arrived at her workplace, she began to look through her purse so she could give me gas money for the ride. “No, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it,” I said. She placed her hand firmly on my thigh extremely close to my man goods, and said, ” I’ll find a way to pay you back.” She then smiled, tugged my goatee as she likes to do, and exited the car. The sexual tension that has built between us at this point is a bit ridiculous, and I knew something was going to have to be done about it. Either I was going to have to give in to temptation and give her the best orgasm she’s ever experienced, lol, or I was going to have to try to talk to her and tell her that I don’t want to ruin this family-like thing that we have… sounds a lot like that bullshit excuse that many women use when a guy would ask her out doesn’t it? You know… when she says that she loves you like a brother and doesn’t want to ruin the relationship you already have… yeah, that one.Some more time goes by, and now we’re caught up to where this story began. I’ve got my own place, and Mike moved in as my roommate. A part of me felt kind of relieved that maybe I won’t have to choose anymore. Now that Mike and I are living in our own place, I may not see Jean as much, and the sexual tension might die down…. WRONG.A week goes by after living in our new home, I’m home alone after just getting off work, and Mike won’t be off work for another four hours. The doorbell rings not long after I got out of the shower. I go to answer it lo and behold, it’s Jean. I invited her in… only to show her around, I swear, lol. And we then sat down and chatted for a while to catch up. No teasing this time… just a nice civil conversation between man and woman. She then began to tell me about her washing machine, saying that it wasn’t working properly, and she asked me if i could come and take a look… I’m used to random pleas for help like this, I quite handy if I say so myself. So, not even thinking about it, I said yes, and we both left in her car to her house. I walk in a fiddled with the washing machine… turned out it wasn’t broken at all. I was on my knees emptying out the dishes and handing them to Jean. With each hand over, I began to feel more and more aroused. She would slowly stroke my hand and fingers when she reached for each dish, getting closer and closer to me until I could feel the heat coming off of her body. With the fourth or fifth dish, I lost control. I let her take the dish, and before she could walk too far from me, I grabbed her by the back of her belt strap and slowly pulled her towards me. She turned to me, bit her bottom lip, and smiled at me. Staying on my knees, I unbuckled her belt and unbuttoned her jeans. I started kissing her stomach, slowly moving up to her breasts, then her neck, then her lips. We kissed as if the world would end tomorrow. Not a word was spoken. Not a thought in mind. We both just rolled with it. Kissing me she started unbuttoning my shirt and pants. Before she could finish, I blurted out, “Fuck your washing machine…” and threw her over my shoulder and carried her to her bedroom. Once on the bed, she took off her shirt, exposing the most beautiful pair of breasts I’ve ever seen. Almost like a caveman who’s never seen a woman, I stood her up, turned her back to me, and massaged her breasts while slowly kissing her neck. She turned to me, kissing my chest and moving lower and lower, down to my partially zipped pants. Once the pants were off, I laid down on the bed and she started to lick my stomach, down around my belly button, and up the shaft of my rock hard cock. To this day, it is still the best blowjob I’ve ever had. I’m not the type who prematurely cums, but there were a few times where I had to tell her to stop or slow down. After I noticed she still had her pants on, I reached for her arms and turned her over on the bed. At first, I thought I was too rough with her when doing this, but she seemed to be enjoying it. I removed her pants… no underwear. I always took her for the completely shaved type, but to my surprise, she had a decent amount of fur. But I don’t mind a bit of hair. As long as it’s not on her face or her armpits, I don’t care. I then proceeded passionately kiss her, nibbling on her ears, moving down to lick on her neck to her breasts, down around her belly button, then slowly teasing her by licking just around the clit. Barely touching it with my tongue, I moved from side to side, between the thighs, up and down, then back to licking her pussy moving my tongue in and out, and sucking on her clit. Her giggles went from sighs to grunts and grunts to screams. And I continued to make her scream until I lost count how many times she came. I let her take a breather, then took a condom out of my wallet. Before I could unwrap it, she grabbed my hand and said, “No condoms… just put it in.” A part of me feared the biggest fear most men my age had at moment…what if I get her pregnant? But another part of me said, “Whatever. Just do it!” I held up her legs and slowly pushed my cock in. I started at a small wave-like motion, going out until it was just my mushroom tip inside, then slowly going in. With each pump came a quicker motion, then slow again. I like to trick women into thinking the wave will turn to a ripple… just before I deliver a hurricane. I turned her over and fucked her doggystyle through not one, but two orgasms, until it was finally my turn to share the load…hehe.When all was fucked and done, we took a break, and went in for round two. Six years later, we are not together, but more like fuckbuddies. There was a part of me that I gave into that couldn’t keep this a secret from my best friend for long. I ended up telling Mike. I told him that I was sorry, and that it just kind of happened. What I didn’t expect was his reaction… he was cool with it. All he said was, “As long as I don’t have to call you dad, we’re cool. I’m 25 now, our friendship is till as strong as it always has been.Now that is what friendship is all about.THE END

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