My ideal BBC fantasy – continued


My ideal BBC fantasy – continuedFor the next several weeks I would be called about twice a week, mostly just blowjobs since he was a busy man. I would arrive, drop to my knees, suck to completion, swallow and leave…that was the typical weekday evening/afternoon. I always left aching for more, wanting to be fucked but knowing it was not my call.. and knew I would get the fucking I needed on the weekend.Several weeks into this arrangement I got a text on Friday morning – ‘…be at my place at 7pm, prepared to stay the weekend’. I had never spent the night, let alone more than one day. I was both a little scared and excited. The day flew by, and I went home early to shave, douche, and get dressed in one of my very androgynous outfits. I arrived outside his place at 6:45 and waited outside in my car until promptly at 7pm. I had a small over night bag with me, he led me in and had me put that into the guest bedroom. We had established a relationship of sorts, and we sat on the couch, watching TV, him telling me about his day.. typical banter, his hand rubbing my thigh. He eventually put his hand on the back of my head, gently pushing me to his lap… I opened his pants and started sucking his hardening cock. He eventually pushed me off and led me to his bedroom, where he laid down and had me resume sucking. While I sucked he told me how the weekend would play out. I was to sleep in his bed, naked, and was to start his day by waking him at 8am by sucking his cock. I would then cook his breakfast, and serve him breakfast in bed, while he ate I was to clean the apartment from top to bottom… in the nude of course. I was to remain nude for the weekend, regardless of the circumstance. He eventually fucked me and filled my ass with his cum.I slept fitfully, my ass open and wet from the fucking I took. I slid out of bed at 7:00 and quietly went to the bathroom in the guest room… I quickly showered,douched, etc. I quietly crept back to his bedroom, he was laying on his side now… his cock against the bed. I pulled back the covers slowly and could see his cock but could not suck it. I decided to take matters into my own hands and improvise… I started slowly licking his ass cheeks, and then slowly his asshole… he moaned a little, waking a bit … and I took that as approval and kept licking… I licked for quite some time before he rolled over and presented me with his hard cock. I greedily started sucking him, for some reason rimming his ass made me SO horny. He eventually came in my mouth, and I eagerly swallowed his morning load. I got up and hurried to the kitchen to start his breakfast. The reality of the situation made me realize how thoroughly this man controlled me, I did whatever he ordered, whenever he ordered and now it applied to more than just sex. I put the eggs, bacon, and toast on the tray and went back to the bedroom, placing the tray on the bed. I asked if it was ok, and he smiled, called me a “good white bitch” and told me to go about my household duties. I spent the next few hours working, mopping, sweeping, dusting, cleaning. It was odd to do these things in the nude, but he seemed to enjoy it.. he went about his morning, sometimes slapping my ass, pinching my “clit”… it was humiliating and exciting all at the same time.By late morning I was finished. He said he had some places to go, people to see but that I was to stay at his place since he was expecting a furniture delivery, and I needed to let them in…he saw my look of fear and smiled – “yes, you will remain nude… I got free delivery based on your blowjob skills”, he beckoned me to follow him to the bedroom. He opened a drawer and took out a device… it was a chastity device of a sort, my “clit” was put into it, and a plug was inserted gaziantep rus escort into my ass and the whole device locked into place. He said that he did not want to take the chance of them fucking me, and he did not know them well enough to be sure. He said I should be fine for a few hours in the device, the men should be here in an hour and he would be back in about three… I was thankful I had given myself an enema in the morning.I sat on the couch, kind of sideways since the device was uncomfortable. I tried to watch tv, and just hung out for a while until I heard the doorbell ring. I looked out the peephole and there were two men waiting, in coveralls…I opened the door a crack and asked if they were delivering furniture…they were so I quickly let them in. They were both white men, one much older …probably mid 40s, and the other was in his early 20s. They smiled at each other as they saw my state, one made a comment “he said he had a white slave”. They said that they were to put the furniture in the spare bedroom, I showed them where that was…and they nodded…returning to the truck. They brought in the first piece, it was a piece of bondage furniture, a large cross with anklet/bracelets attached, and then a second piece that was a set of stocks and finally a bench with a set of handcuffs integrated into it. I entered the room just as they were finishing up, the older man grabbed my ass and said “time to pay up” with a big grin on his face… pushing me to my knees. I opened his pants and pulled down his underwear, a small white cock appeared… rapidly hardening. I quickly started a vigorous deep throat, it was much smaller than I was accustomed to… making that easy. I worked swiftly, hoping to get done …and it worked… he lasted less than 5 minutes before I felt my throat fill. I swallowed and pulled it out. I turned to find the younger man stroking his cock… it was a little larger but still an easy deep throat… he came even faster than his partner. I was relieved … they looked satisfied and just a little guilty and they left quickly.He arrived home a couple of hours later, with some liquor and some groceries. I did not need to be told, and started putting away the groceries and alcohol. He told me he was having a few friends over tonight, and that they were all active in the BDSM community. He said I was also to remain nude, and to do as I was told. I spent the remainder of the afternoon watching tv, answering any small needs he had… a drink, a snack, etc. The doorbell rang a little after 7:00 and the first guests arrived. The first to arrive were a middle aged couple… they did not even skip a beat when I showed them in and took their drink orders; I guess having a slave was not out of the ordinary for them. The guest all arrived within the hour, a mix of men and women… mostly in their 30s and 40s…although one couple had to be in their 60s. The music played, drinks flowed, I busied myself with being a host(ess) and was largely ignored. After a couple of hours Deshawn pulled me aside, and led me to the spare bedroom… he placed me kneeling on the bench that arrived this afternoon… my wrists secured to the front. He worked quickly and pushed some lube into my ass and then promptly left the room. I was in the room for about 10 minutes before he came back in… he had several of the guests with him, he was giving them a tour of his new furniture, and toys. They all admired the craftsmanship, talking among themselves. The women broke off and left the room, he turned to the remaining 4 men and said “you are free to use any of my toys this evening”. One of men raised an eyebrow and repeated “any of your toys”, with a glance in my direction. Deshawn smiled, nodded, and then looked into my face and said “yes, you may use this toy as well” and left the room.

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