My Wife Got Pregnant for her sister


My Wife Got Pregnant for her sisterWell, to start, this isn’t really the most exciting story, but this is the way it happened. My name is Sam, and my wife’s name is Joni.  We are in our early 40’s and have been together for about 19 years.  Joni’s younger sister Beth had been trying to have a baby with her husband Jeff for about 3 years with no success.  They went and got checked out, and she was barren, unable to have a baby.  Beth asked Joni if she would have a baby for them.  Me and Joni talked about it; she said that she loved her sister, and would do this for her.Beth wanted Joni to do it because the baby would be resemble her more, rather than asking or trying to hire a stranger to do it.  Jeff started going to the fertility doctor “donating”.  When they had collected enough semen, Joni went in and was inseminated.  It didn’t take; she didn’t get pregnant.  They tried this three other times, and it still didn’t take.  This procedure is pretty expensive and Beth and Jeff had exhausted their resources, so they were not able to keep doing this.  Beth and Jeff were very upset, in debt, and still Joni was not pregnant. A couple of weeks after the last attempt. Joni came to me and told me that Beth was getting very depressed.  Joni said that Beth had asked her if Jeff could try it the “old fashioned way”.  Joni was very shocked by this, but Beth loved Jeff so much, she had told Joni she could not imagine him being with anyone else.  Joni told me that she knew her sister was very desperate, and told her no, and that she was not thinking clearly.I was relieved, it ankara escort made me feel a little sick at first.  Joni then told me that she was giving it some consideration, because she knew how badly they wanted a k**.  I really didn’t know what to say.  I was her husband, and I was very opposed, but at the same time, I understood this was her sister, and if the other way would have worked, then we would not be having this conversation.  I asked her not to think about it for right now. Let’s go to sleep, and we can think about it tomorrow.  I don’t think either one of us went to sleep that night, but we didn’t speak either.The next day, I told Joni that it was up to her; I knew that this was not some sort of romantic fling, and that it had a specific purpose.  I put the decision into her hands.  Joni was a little unhappy about me leaving the decision to her, she told me that it made her feel guilty on both accounts.  She wanted to do this for her sister, but didn’t want to be with another man. To make her sister happy it may make me unhappy, and vice versa.  However, the next time she spoke with her sister, it convinced her to go through with it.Beth told Joni she would talk to Jeff about it, then we would all get together and talk about it openly, and if anyone thought it was going to effect our long term relationship with one another, then this was a no go.  We talked about it.  Everybody was a little funny about the situation, but in the end, it was decided to do it.  Joni waited until she was most fertile and then we went over to their house.  Jeff ankara escort bayan and Joni went into the guest bedroom upstairs while Beth and I stayed in the living room.  I felt sick, sick as hell. Beth and I tried to chat a little, but couldn’t really.Things were very quiet for a good while. We could hear footsteps and a little rustling every now and then.  The bed would creek from time to time. They were up there for like 30 minutes before anything really got started, then the bed began to make that creaking noise that it makes when someone is going up and down on it. Well, then it started getting pretty intense, the headboard was hitting the wall hard. We could hear Joni moaning and screaming and it sounded like he was pounding the hell out of her. I had to fight myself from going up there. Then there was a pretty loud scream, then silence. He fucked her for about 5 minutes, but it felt like to me more like an hour.I was very ready for her to come down the stairs any moment. It had been silent for about 10 to 15 minutes; I figured they were getting cleaned up or something. But then the bed started creaking again. This time though it went on for about 20 minutes! 20 minutes of constant pounding and screaming and moaning, and noises. Those fucking noises, that damn headboard…After this time though, they really had finished, and they were down the stairs. Joni came over and hugged me, and then sat down next to me on the couch holding me. Jeff sat next to Beth.We chatted a bit, except for Joni who was quiet, then we left.  On the way home Joni was still escort ankara quiet. She asked me if I hated her. I told her no. When we got in the house, she went in and took a shower. A long shower.  I was sitting in bed watching TV when she got out, she got into bed with me, and started crying a little, but stopped. She started telling me that Jeff was gentle at first, but then started fucking her pretty hard, then really hard before he came. He told her that Beth never let him fuck her that hard and that it felt really really good, and right before he came he shoved his dick as hard and as deep as he could then filled her with his seed. That was when she yelped out: he came a lot, and dove back in a few times.Joni told me that afterwards he stayed on top of her for a bit, letting his sperm “soak in”. While inside of her, he got hard again and just started fucking her again. She said that he turned her over and fucked her doggystyle, then started thumbing her ass. She pulled away from him when he did that, and went down to her stomach, he followed her down, and he almost seemed mad that Joni pulled away. He started fucking her while she was on her stomach, he was pumping her pretty hard. When he got up, he wanted her to suck him off, but she said no. He rolled her onto her back and pushed himself back in, then just pounded her until he came again.He told her that he hoped that she didn’t get pregnant right away so they could do that again.However, she did. From that one night, she got pregnant.As I write this, she is now 4 months along, but I’m not so sure that I’m happy it worked so easily. Joni says that Jeff and Beth are having problems. I am not sure what is going to happen, but if Jeff and Beth break up, and get a divorce, I don’t want Beth to tell us that she is not wanting his c***d…FUCK!!!!!! 

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