My Wife on the beach


My Wife on the beachWe had booked an early summer holiday in Greece to catch some sun. Susan my wife was looking forward to relaxing on one of the many sandy beaches on the Island. We both liked to sunbathe and swim naked and soon found one of the many naturist beaches.Susan was quite happy to show of her fabulous figure. She is 5feet 8inches tall and has long toned legs, a flat stomach and lovely 36B breast that are full and have nipples that sit up and just ask to be sucked. At 28 years of age she was in her prime and constantly turned the head of many males where ever we went.On the fourth day of our holiday we were on the beach at the end of the afternoon and gradually everyone else left until we were alone (or so we thought). We were both stretched out on our towels when a voice suddenly disturbed the tranquility. “Good afternoon, I haven’t seen you here before.” Opening my eyes I saw a wiry very dark skinned man standing next to us. We both sat up and the man introduced himself as Theo. He explained that he was a local and that this was his favorite time of day for coming to the beach. This explained why we hadn’t seen him previously.As he talked I noticed Susan staring at his midsection, something that as naturists one never does. I found myself joining her gaze however and was stunned to see that he possessed an enormous penis and huge pair of testicles. These seemed out of place on a man who looked to be around 50 years old, and had a bald head. As I looked at him however I noticed that he was very fit and lean with muscles all over his athletic body. Susan seemed to be entranced by him as he spoke with a heavily accented voice.Theo suddenly said to Susan, “You look as though you could do with a massage, you look very tense.” Before she could answer he added, “You see, I’m a trained masseur.” I expected Susan to say no, especially as she was naked, and we were on a public beach. I knew she liked massages and pampered herself with one at home every other month. This was very different however and I was shocked when she said, “Alright, I could use a massage to get the knots out of my shoulders.” Smiling, he replied, “OK then, lie down and I’ll make a start.”Susan lay face down on her towel and Theo produced a bottle of baby oil form his bag. He knelt down next her and after giving me a reassuring smile proceeded to pour some oil onto Susan’s back. He started by massaging her shoulders and upper back and I could see that he was good at what he did. Soon Susan was becoming totally relaxed and I could see the stress flowing out of her. Slowly Theo worked lower down her back and massaged her lower back. Without pausing he then started on her feet and calves before moving up to her thighs. As he probed and kneaded I noticed that every now and again he would allow one of his hands to plunge down into the gap between Susan’s legs. This had the effect of making Susan relax her legs and eventually she moved them slightly further apart. Form where I sat I realized that you could now see part of Susan’s hairs around her labia.This relaxing of Susan’s thighs was not lost on Theo and he allowed his hands to drift down and onto Susan’s sex. This produced a slight gasp of shock form Susan, but she did nothing to stop him and so emboldened he slipped a couple of fingers down türbanlı sakarya escort into her labia and then judging by the sigh from Susan right into her cunt.I should have stopped Theo at this point as this was not a massage any more but a slow seduction of my wife by a 50 year old man. Just then however Theo said “turn over and I’ll do you front.” As if in a trance Susan rolled over onto her back bearing all to Theo. He started massaging her shoulders but then quickly allowed his hands to move onto Susan’s breasts. This produced another sigh from Susan but no rebuttal and so Theo kneaded and pinched her nipples which had by now become fully erect. This was not the only thing becoming erect as I noticed Theo’s cock starting to swell and I’m ashamed so say so was mine.Theo moved his massaging down to Susan’s legs but by now all pretense of needing massage oil had gone He was sucking her toes and soles of her feet and then was licking and kissing his was up her legs until he was kneeling over her facing her cunt which was now spread open and obviously very wet and aroused. Theo glanced and me and smiled and then lowered his head and started to eat Susan out. She had never let me do this saying that it was too dirty. Now however she was allowing a complete strange to give the tonguing that I had always wanted to give her. I watched as he darted his tongue in and out of her pussy and allowed his nose to nudge against her clit was standing proud from its protective hood. All the while she had her hands on his bald head keeping him in the right place. I could see her wedding bands sparkling in the sunlight and it looked very erotic.After a few minutes of this onslaught during which I could hear Susan’s breathing become more ragged, she suddenly let out a huge sob and then shrieked as a massive climax swept through her. I glanced round to make sure no one else was around because she was so noisy in her climax. I couldn’t remember her having such a powerful climax before and I felt a bit jealous.I thought things would end here but I should have known better. Theo gradually crawled up over Susan’s trembling body and gave her a deep kiss which she returned with vigor. As I watched them I noticed that Theo’s cock was now fully erect and looked to be a least 9 inches in length which was nearly twice my size. I was kneeling behind Susan’s head and Theo looked up to me and then down toward his cock which he was now rubbing along Susan’s wet slit. I realized that he was silently asking me to let him fuck wife!Of course he couldn’t my brain was screaming! She’s your wife; she’s never made love to another man. He has no condom, she has no protection (Susan is a strict Catholic and has never used contraception). She had never had a bare cock in her before! We were waiting another year or two have c***dren and so I always used condoms.I couldn’t let another man have my wife bareback could I. Unfortunately my little brain was in charge of this situation and said go on let him have her. It will so sexy and besides you always wanted to see her taken by another man with a big cock, now’s your chance. She will tell him to be careful and you can tell him to pull out before he comes. Look at her she wants it, let this dark skinned Greek türbanlı sakarya escort bayan pleasure her.I found myself nodding to Theo and he smiled at me and started to push his huge cock into my darling wife. I watched in awe as his huge mushroom headed cock pushed into the split of her womanhood. A couple of inches disappeared into her juicing cunt and I heard her gasp as she felt his size. Theo continued to work his big cock into Susan and gradually he worked back and forward until to my amazement he had buried all 9 or 10 inches to the hilt. I moved round to take a closer look and saw that his huge sperm filled balls were tightly pressed against Susan’s pert bum.Theo rested for a minute allowing Susan to adjust to the huge cock that was invading her tight cunt. When he felt she was ready he started to slide his big cock in and out of her all the while looking down at her face. Susan grabbed his muscular arms and stared back at him in disbelief at the feeling of being totally full of cock. “Oh god you’re so big!” she groaned half in discomfort but half in pleasure. After a few minutes of gentle fucking Susan moved her legs round so that they rested on the back of Theo’s calves. As their coupling continued Susan started to moan louder and louder and her breathing became ragged. I knew that this was the precursor to her having an orgasm and it wasn’t long before it was full upon her. Susan suddenly screamed out and arched her back so that she was pressed up against Theo as he continued to plough into her willing white cunt. As she came down from her orgasm she smiled up and Theo and I heard her moaning to him, “…so good, so good… Please don’t stop!”I of course knew that they would have to stop soon as I suspected that Theo must be nearing his own climax and I knew that there was no way I could allow him to keep his huge baby maker in my wife, not with the huge pair of sperm filled balls he had. Just then Susan moved her legs up and clasped them behind his thrusting muscular bum. I decided to have another look at his mighty cock as it worked its magic in my wife and moved down beside them. With Susan’s legs on his back I could see his big meaty cock slicing in and out of her cheating cunt. I also suddenly notice that his cock had a thick white sticky substance around its base and for a minute I thought he’d already come. I knew he hadn’t however and was mystified by this until I remembered reading that when a woman is ovulating she can produce a white discharge. This revelation confirmed to me where Susan was in her cycle, she was at peak fertility today and she had a big bare cock in her that was not her husbands!They continued moving toward a mighty climax and I just watched spellbound as the coupling continued. I suddenly realized that the pair of them was in a primitive mating ritual in which a muscular more dominant male takes the wife of another man and seeds her in front of a submissive husband. This act had gone on for centuries and now it was happening to me.I was snapped out of my trance by the frantic moaning of both of them. Sweat was rolling down Theo’s back as he strove to reach his own release. His thrusting was getting really savage and Susan was making continual mewling sounds as Theo türbanlı escort sakarya pounded into her. Suddenly I noticed Theo was staring at me again with big questioning eyes. I immediately knew what he wanted. He wanted my permission to come in my wife. Time seemed to stand still while my brain wrestled with the silent question he was posing. Did I want this stranger to spray his potent Greek sperm into the fertile and unprotected womb of my wife? Did I really want him to mate with my wife and be the cause of her sweet belly growing large with c***d? Of course I didn’t my brain said and yet, and yet I found myself listening to my painfully erect cock. Let him have his way, let him finish what he started. He deserves it after the fuck he’s thrown your wife, you can’t stop it now, and she wouldn’t forgive you.And so I found myself slowly nodding to this stranger who was fucking my wife on a beach. Nodding to say yes please fill her with your potent seed. I was furiously pulling on my cock as I nodded to him and he briefly looked at my prick before smiling and nodding back to me.Theo turned his gaze back toward my delirious wife and started to really pound into her. In her semiconscious state it was so erotic to see her heels digging into his bronzed ass as if trying to get him even deeper into her cunt. Susan and Theo stared directly into each other’s eyes as he pushed himself toward the climax that would make Susan a mother and me the ultimate cuckold. Suddenly Susan seemed to snap out of her trance and she must have realized where she was and what she was doing. She quickly looked at me, then at my throbbing cock and then moaned.I was stunned that she had come back to reality and would actually let another man to cum in her, but with one last mighty thrust he buried his huge baby maker and started to moan and shake. I could tell by the clenching of his muscular ass that it was now too late to stop nature’s course as he was now firing his potent seed deep into Susan’s unprotected pussy. I knew that his sperm would be looking for her egg to impregnate and I knew he would succeed. They held their mutual climaxes for what seemed like minutes. Theo kept lunging into Susan and she kept whimpering. Gradually their mating ceased and Theo lay on top of Susan while they both recovered. He kept his cock in her pussy and I then realized he was plugging her and making sure that none of his seed could spill out until it had done its job.After a while Theo pulled out of Susan and I noticed that very little of his seed was running out of her. What there was seemed to very thick and white and I suspected that this was a sign of highly potent sperm. Theo knelt down gave me a wink and Susan a parting kiss and then walked off. I knelt there stunned by what had transpired. Eventually Susan looked me in the face and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I couldn’t seem to help myself, it just happened.” “He took you bareback Susan, you were unprotected.” “I know she said, but once he was in me I couldn’t stop. He just filled me up.” “Well, I hope you don’t get pregnant,” I said.”So do I, but I suspect I will since I’m at peak fertility today.” I groaned and looked at her toned belly and wondered whether I would be watching it swell with a love c***d over the coming months.Having been home for two months and there being no sign of a period, Susan today took a pregnancy test. The result: positive of course and since she will not have an abortion, we are going to have a baby with a dark complexion delivered in the hospital. Hopefully we can pass it off as mine because otherwise our families will disown us! So much for going naked in Greece!

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