My young Mother and the seasoned Backdoor man

My young Mother and the seasoned Backdoor man
It’s not easy to start a story like this, but I will give it a try.
This particularised story really happened many years ago, it’s not made-up.

A little introduction for a better understanding of the situation:

My mother worked during the pregnancy and was not the typical housewife, she really liked her work and was good at it.
She was promoted and her career started to kickoff, but then she got pregnant with me.
My mother earned more money as my father and most of circle of friends and acquaintances.
It was big deal for a young woman climbing up the career ladder so fast in such a young age.
During the pregnancy my father convinced my mother that she should stay at home and raise their first c***d.
When I was 2 or 3 years old, my mother was 27-28 years old and wanted to start working again, but my father denied it and my mother got very upset about this decision.
I guess my mother felt unchallenged, lonely and deserted at this time.
She was not happy, but she stayed at home and raised me.
In the spring of 1980 or 81, I recognized that an unfamiliar man was visiting our home on a regular basis when my father was at work.

Personal remark:

She is a good mother and never let me down, she is always there for me.
In hindsight I was proud of my mothers looks, as a young boy I thought that my mother was the prettiest woman in our town and much better looking as all of my friends moms.
She had an athletically body with long legs and female curves, as a teenager I recognized that many men in various ages were wolf-whistle at her.

The visits:

Before it was midday my mother put me to the c***d’s room and said to me that I should stay there and play until she would enter the room and pick me up.
Maybe this sounds weird, but I was an obedient c***d and did what my parents told me.
I stayed in the room until my mother picked me up.
Now back to the man who visited my mother, if my memory serves me well I guess he visited our home twice a week.
Normally I was playing in my c***d’s room when I heard the bell door ringing, my mother was opening our front door as usual.
I heard an older sounding male voice talking to my mother, it sounded like a friendly and warm conversation between my mother and him.
I heard my mother softly laughing at times.
Then I heard the man entering my parents apartment and the front door got shut.
Sometimes I saw his and my mothers silhouette when they were passing by my c***d’s room.
My room had a yellow frosted glass door and I was able to spot the silhouettes.
They had to pass through the lounge and the c***d’s room to get to the living room.
As soon as they left the lounge area and were past my room I don’t heard much noise anymore.
Everytime before the man visited us, my mother put me in my room and said to me that I need stay there and play with my toys until she would enter my room and pick me up.

The defining incident:

One day, when the virile guest was in our apartment, I got thirsty, normally I had water/food prepared by my mother, but this time I consumed everything and was very thirsty at this day.
I opened my door and went to the kitchen, halfway to the kitchen I heard strange noises and stopped walking.
I got curious and turned back and walked into the direction of the unfamiliar noises.
Today I know what I have heard back then, a soft clapping sound and heavy breathing.
I stopped at the living room door, it was three quarters closed, I took a peek through the ajar door.
To be honest I really did not understand what was going on in that room back then.
I saw my mother on our couch on all fours facing the living room door, her eyes were closed and she was biting her lips.
She was wearing a white blouse with floral pattern, it was slightly opened and I could see her wearing a white bra.
I saw creme-white hold-up stockings on her and a black skirt was shoved over her bottom, white female knickers lay on the floor.
Then I saw a well-dressed man in his fifties, he was shaved and had dark grey hair.
He was standing and pushing behind my mother with a strained look on his face.
My mother was heavy breathing and I wanted to check her and walked deeper into the room and involuntary changed my angle.
They don’t recognized me at first, I guess they were too busy, but finally the man saw me.
He slowly bent over my mother’s back and spoke something quietly into her ear, she opened her eyes and looked horrified in my direction.
The man raised his upper body and placed his hands on my mother’s bottom and was caressing it.
My mother spoke to me that I should leave the room immediately, but I don’t moved and stood just frozen and baffled in the middle of the room.
The man was still slowly pushing behind her, then she moved her head to him and whispered something.
They had an intense eye contact and both gently smiled at each other for a short period of time.
Then he started to move his body backwards and I saw a long chubby glistening stiff thing behind my mom’s bottom.
For a brief moment I looked in disbelief at this mind-boggling huge cylinder-shaped thing sticking out of his trouser in plain view.
He reached down and tried to squeeze the cylinder-shaped thing in his trousers and it looked like he had trouble with this task.
My mother got up and pushed the skirt below her pubic red hair and rearranged her blouse and grasped my arm, then she pulled me out of the living room.
She was upset and told me, that I was a bad boy and that I should have stayed in my room until she picked me up as always.
I told her that I was thirsty, then we went to the kitchen and she gave me some fresh water.
Afterwars we walked together to my room and she said, that I must promise to stay in my c***d’s room until she picks me up.
She told me that if I obey, we will go to a nearby playground later.
She explained to me that it’s important to stay in the room and behave like a good boy until the uncle leaves our house.
I nodded yes, she kissed my forehead, then she left me and closed the door, this time I stayed in my room.
Minutes later I heard steps and a male voice talking to my mother.
I heard the front door closing, then I heard the shower turning on, shortly afterwards my mother entered my room in a yellow bath robe.
She dressed me and my mother changed her clothes too, afterwards we went to a nearby playground.
At the way to the playground my mother explained to me that the uncle helps mommy.
She said when she feels ill she calls him, then he arrives and rings at our door.
When he leaves our home she feels much better and not longer ill, because of his help.
At the playground she was relaxed and funny, we played together and it seemed that she had a never ending power that afternoon.
In hindsight I profited from the uncle visits, I never saw my mom in a brighter mood as in the summer of 1980 or 81.
As the summer went by he visited our home many times, but in the beginning of autumn his visits abruptly stopped.


Furthermore I remember some other occurrences, like short movie clips, but they are not so prominent.
I surpressed this memories until my adulthood, then I started to remember about these incidents.
As an adult I found out, that the man who visited us was an early-retired man and lived not far away from us.
His wife was not able to have sex anymore, because of her medical condition.
The man was known to meet widows and lonely married women.
An old family friend told me about this, after my parents got divorced some years ago.
I guess my father was in the know at the beginning and don’t interfered, maybe he felt guilty, because he convinced my mother to stay at home and raise me.
Obviously something happened this summer and my father willingly approved it.


Nonetheless it was a weird defining experience in my young age, I developed some dirty fantasies about sharing my wife.
It seems that I can’t turn them off anymore, I guess I like the thoughts when a loved one is sexual shared.
In one of these fantasies, I relive the scenario, but with my wife instead of my mother.
My wife has a completely different build, a little shorter, but she has much larger breasts and a bigger bottom, I guess her built would be considered as pawg.
In my fantasy I see her on all fours with eyes closed, her skirt is pushed above her butt.
Her see-through red lace panties lay on the floor next to her and the old guy is leaning over her bottom with lowered trousers.
I directly face them from the front, he is excruciatingly moving slowly behind my wifes body.
At the moment, where I suppose that he inserts his member, my wife opens her eyes and looks at me in desbelief and starts to sigh.
Then she asks me why I let it happen(she moans after the sentence), she quietly says that I should interfere and stop it. (she moans again)
I replied to her I can’t.
She closes her eyes and starts to moan.
Moments later she says please go deeper, go deeper, oh yes, oh yes.
She moans louder and says it’s so hard and it feels so gooowwd ahhh.
He seems to be very confident and looks at me, he starts talking first your mother then your wife.
Don’t be mad at me, be grateful, because I give them what they rightfully deserve.
Since my youth I know how to handle married women, I have years of experience and I own the talent and a tool that all women crave for.
He said all women like to get treated like whores in bed, they want theirs cunt to get hammered and filled properly.
Just look at me, I pull your wifes hair and smack her big ass cheeks while I thrust my old cock hard into her cunt and call her a slut.
Listen to her moans, your wife is enjoying it, ask her if she likes what I’m doing to her.
But I remained silent, well he said, then I will ask your wife for you instead, my dear tell your husband that you like what I’m doing to you.
My wife opened her eyes and looked directly into my eyes, she was biting her upper lip and quietly moaning.
C’mon don’t be shy you unfaithful whore tell your hubby that you love my big cock inside your sopping wet cunt.
My wife blushed red immediately and said, I love his cock inside my married pussy.
He smacked her ass cheeks again and said good girl to my wife.
Then he looked at me and said you don’t need to be ashamed of being inadequate, I’m able to fill the gap for you.
Right now I’m filling the gap very good, I guess your wife will agree.
Your wife will become a formidable three hole mare, I will ruin her with my big cock and possibly impregnate her.
It took me a whole summer to ruin your mothers cunt but I succeeded finally.
I will own your wife too, she will be my whore like many married women before her.
Most of the husbands willingly cleared the space for me, because they knew immediately that I was superior.
Your wife’s lower abdomen starts to spasm, I guess she will orgasm very soon.
By the way you could have stopped me to take yor wife, but you let it happen.
I suppose you are unable intervene, because you are insecure and secretly wanted your wife getting fucked like a whore.
My friend today is your lucky day, because I’m in a good mood to fulfill your wish.
Your wife is a slut and will oblige also.
Take a seat and watch me fuck her unfaithful cunt as hard as possible.

Thinking about this scenario makes me propmtly feel jealous and horny at the same time.


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