NeighborsI made one of those bold mid-life decisions a few months ago when Idecided to leave a company I spent 15 years at to start my own business. The idea of waking up, lounging in my house all day needing only a computer, fax machine and a cell phone to consider it a work day appealed to me. I took my client roster with me and in no time business was a success. One morning, sitting at the breakfast bar in my kitchen, scanning thefinance pages on my laptop. It was a lazy, warm day for me as I sat in an undershirt and boxers. This is one of the perks of a home office. Bored from reading about money and more impending financial doom, Idecided to jump-start my day with a little porn surf. A quick click to one of my favorite sites and my eyes were now scanning endless thumbnails of tits and ass. I read a few hot stories and watched a video clip. My cock begged for some attention and so it received as I fantasized into a delightful daze. Something then suddenly caught my eye from outside the French doors,which I obliviously was sitting right in front of. I live in a two-story townhouse in a condominium complex. The back doors(kitchen, in this case) open to a small deck that overlooks a back alley that is barely the width of two cars. Under the deck, on the first floor, is the garage. Across the alley is another row of condos, back-to-back with the alley in between. And directly across from my window is another deck, with sliding windowdoors (mine had French doors because the previous owner had them installed). When I turned to see what had caught my eye, I noticed a woman in a red robe watering plants on the deck. She was looking directly into my kitchen, through the French door windows. The watering can was in hand, but not watering anything at the moment. It was my neighbor, I guessed, though I had never seen her before. Ididn’t know many of the people in my complex by name and only a few by sight. My hours with the company were too long to have time for neighborly small talk. I’d always wave and smile to those I’d see outside. But this was one woman I didn’t know even by sight because I rarely was home during the day and didn’t spend much time on my deck. I immediately wondered if she had seen me, but figured the distancemight have been far enough to protect my privacy. It was intriguing to think she might have caught me in the act, but also a bit embarrassing. I didn’t want a call from the complex manager, telling me of a complaint of lewd behavior. Of course I could always counter with a peeping-tom complaint. Careful to cover my ass, I grabbed a Sharpie and scribbled a sign on apiece of paper that read: “Get a web cam, it lasts longer!” I figured it would scare her away and out of telling anyone. When I held it to the window with a pissed off expression, she looked startled. She put the can down and went immediately into the house. Crisis averted. But a few minutes later, something caught my eye again from the window.I looked out and there was a sign from her that caught me by surprise: “I have türbanlı iskenderun escort one.” Underneath that was a screen name for a Yahoo account. She gave me a minute to write it down and then pulled the sign away. She then sat at a computer that was positioned to the right of her sliding doors. The blinds were pulled completely back from the doors, so I could see entirely into her house. She sat and her right leg was exposed at the opening of her robe. She was typing away. I went to the laptop and logged into Yahoo. I plugged in her name andsent a message. “Hello.” I then waved. She smiled. “Hello.” She replied. We began small talk of seeing each other and she apologized for catchingme “in the act.” I asked her what act she was talking about and she sent a face with a tongue sticking out. She then asked if I had finished the job. I hesitated. What the fuck. I replied, “no.” She sent me an invite to view her web cam and I clicked. The screen cameup with her face smiling at me. I looked across the alley and saw her looking into the camera. “Don’t you have one?” she asked. “No,” I replied. “But you don’t really need one, now do you?” I then looked out the window again and she looked at the same time. We both laughed. The next message she sent was a telephone number. I grabbed the phone,called the number and watched her as she got up from the desk and picked up a cordless phone in the kitchen. “Hello again,” a woman’s voice said. “Open your door,” she then said. “I can’t see you as well through theFrench doors. Why do you have them anyway? Everyone else has regular sliding doors.” “Came with the place,” I replied. “I guess the privacy excuse is nogood.” We laughed. “I’m sorry,” she said. I watched her wandering her kitchen,putting things away and fondling plants. She would move past the door way here and there, glancing across to me. I opened the French door and felt the warm morning air hit me. “Well,” I said, “it’s fine as long as we’re even.” “What do you mean?” she asked. “You caught me, so maybe you owe me a little something in return.” “Tell you what,” she said, now stopping in front of the sliding door, towhere I could see her in full. “I’ll play along if you finish what you started.” I smiled. “Agreed.” “OK,” she then said, “speaker phone time.” I hit the speaker phone button and put the receiver down. Back to thedoor, where she was already waiting with a smile. I reached for the stool behind me and sat on it. “Don’t face me,” she said. “Act like you don’t even know I’m here.” “What’s my motivation?” I asked. “Look at your computer screen,” she replied. The camera was shooting her from the side as she leaned against hercounter top, looking sideways across the alley at me. The belt of her robe was loosened and she tugged at it slightly to make it open. Her legs were first exposed. I followed them up to her thighs, where luscious curves swooped to her hips. She was not wearing anything underneath the robe and the darkness of her türbanlı iskenderun escort bayan muff was apparent. The robe was now hanging on to her only by her breasts, which remained covered by the material. My hand slid into my boxers and worked my tingling cock up and down. Herhands moved up her thighs to her stomach and as they slid over her breasts, the robe finally gave way. She rolled the robe around her shoulders and put her hands on her hips in a seductive pose. The image had my balls swelling with adrenaline and cum. “Let me seethat cock,” she then said, leaning forward to get a better look through the window. “I want to see you spray that hot cum.” I lifted my shirt off and tossed it to the floor. I stood then, steppingout of the boxers with my cock now extended into the air. While she gasped and giggled and cooed at the sight, my mind was thinking: Where the fuck was I gonna shoot this thing? The sudden concern broke my concentration. I looked at the cam and realized she had moved out of view because she was entranced in the window. I looked across at her and then felt myself standing here naked in an open doorway. “Come over here,” I then said. “No, no,” she said. “Just come for me.” “I’d rather come on you,” I replied, looking straight at her across thealley. “But someone might see . . .” “Go through the garage. I’ll meet you there.” “But . . . !” she pleaded. I hung up the phone and closed the door,hoping she’d obey. I looked up to check and she was wrapping the robe back around her body. I pounced down the stairs with my cock slapping against my stomach andheaded for the garage. I heard a garage door open and hit the switch for mine. She was scurrying across the alley, with her slippers scratching the asphalt. As she dipped her head under the slowly raising door, she giggled. “Down! Down!” I hit the button again and the door went down. I stood for a moment in front of my car, looking at her standing in her robe, with her cheeks flush red and her eyes dancing with excitement. Her nipples poked through the robe and the smell of sex mingled with the gasoline and oil scent of the garage. I opened the door into the house and said, “Follow me.” Two steps into a room that serves as an unused den area, I turned to herand slipped my hands into her robe. I felt soft, warm skin that had traces of perspiration. She smelled sweet, like shampoo or body lotion, and she never once looked up. My hands explored her body under the robe and she did the same to me. She wasted little time finding my cock, which was pressed against her stomach, and rubbed it gently. Precum painted her belly and she rubbed it around. Her hands when to her sides to signal me to remove her robe, which I did. Her eyes remained downward. Mine scanned her body, her lovely, hungry body that I had seen only a few minutes before from across the alley. She pushed me toward a futon I had against a wall and she knelt betweenmy knees. She kissed around my stomach and türbanlı escort iskenderun stroked my cock some more. My thighs trembled with anticipation. I felt her hanging breasts graze over my skin and I pushed them tight around my cock. She dipped her head and began to suck my head. Adrenaline gushed again to my balls. She licked and sucked my cock into a wild frenzy, and her naked ass pumped up and down in the air behind her. If I ever could have been in two places at one time, this was it. I’d be here getting a blow job while also behind her pounding her begging pussy. When the eruption was imminent, she pulled away and rubbed my cockfuriously between her mounds. I bucked and fired several shots of hot cum into her neck and chest and cleavage. She seemed to love every shot she took, gasping with each and rubbing the liquid into her skin. Her nipples turned a fiery red and her tits gleamed. She then licked my cock clean to the point that I shuddered to the touch. Kissing me more up my belly and to my chest, she pushed me back acrossthe futon and straddled me without warning. She mounted my sensitive cock, which was morning-wood hard at this point, and slowly began her gyrating dance to orgasm. She liked it rubbing against the inner wall and therefore fell forward, practically smothering me with her tits, and grinded on me. She gasps became moans and then groans. She whispered nasty things that might not have been directed at me, but at whatever fantasy she was having. She wanted to be fucked. She liked to be fucked. She liked to be fucked hard. She’s such a good girl all day she deserved to be fucked hard. So fuck her hard. Good and hard. I did. I turned her over, found that full, round ass that had been teasing theair earlier, and slid my pussy-juice drenched cock into it. She wailed at the pain, but grunted with delight. Taking it on like a challenge she wanted. Our skins slapped with force and I practically put her through the wall on one hard thrust. No doubt I was going to cum again. She was so hot and so horny. And so fucking tight. Her legs and arms exhausted, she rolled to her back and lifted her legsover my shoulders. Her pussy opened up like one of her blossoming flowers on her deck. I buried my face into it, licking her steaming, slippery folds with abandon. She squirmed and squealed, grabbing anything she could to hold on. That includes my hair. I found her hard button and flicked it with my tongue and she immediately pulled at my shoulders. I rose up from her crotch and admired the blooming flower her pussyappeared to be at that moment, as if it had morning dew glistening on its petals and a fresh, intoxicating scent. She pulled me over her and forcefully positioned my cock into her pussy. We humped missionary style for about five minutes when her orgasm was hitting the high notes. My arms were tiring, but I kept the push-up hold over her, watching her as she came for me with her eyes closed and her teeth gritted. Her hands fondled her breasts under me. “Oh, that’s it. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. That’s so . . . that’s sofucking IT. Oh, oh, OH!” She held her breath a moment, as if toking on a blunt. Then, release. I collapsed next to her in a panting heap and our sweaty, exhaustedbodies finally were motionless. She ran her finger over my chest and curled sideways next to me. She closed her eyes for a quick nap. “By the way,” she then whispered. “What’s your name?”

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