Reading For Pleasure


***Thank you so much Annag98 for all your help editing this story***

***Thank you so much Pixiehoff for all your help editing this story***

***This story is dedicated to Annag98 and Pixiehoff***

“Oh fuck yes,” Jodie moaned as her wife, Anna, ground her body against her. Her midsection rose upwards and her legs wrapped around Anna’s waist and then released her orgasm all over Anna’s tummy.

“Jodie, no,” Anna shrieked, feeling Jodie’s juices on her body. “I don’t have time to shower. I have to go to work now, oh no.”

Anna started to get out of the bed and Jodie grabbed her arm pulling her back. “No, more. I want more,” she begged, a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

“I can’t, love. I’m already late,” Anna replied and struggled her arm free from Jodie’s grasp. “Cynthia will be so upset with me.”

“Oh please,” Jodie said, trying to make her voice sound as seductive and sexy as she could, hoping that Anna would come back to bed with her for another orgasm. “Don’t you want this body? You’re always telling me how you can’t get enough of me,” she said and let her sheer white nightgown, which was already partly off her, fall completely onto the bed.

Anna stared at Jodie. She loved her sexy body. She quickly put her hands at the sides of her beautiful face and shook her head trying to get the vision out of her mind.

“I want to, but I can’t,” she said, turning away from Jodie.

She hurried into the bathroom and quickly cleaned herself off under the shower, then sprayed some body spray to mask any odor that may be lingering and hurriedly dressed for work. Anna and Jodie had been married for nearly three years now. Jodie owned a beauty salon but she was taking some well deserved time off and so she didn’t need to go into work. Anna had to.

She quickly dressed while Jodie watched, still trying to tempt her to stay. She pulled on her panties, managed to persuade Jodie to help her with her bra. She pulled on her sheer, dark pantyhose, pulled up her gray pencil skirt, fastened her white blouse and finally pulled her hair back and tied it into a ponytail.

Giving her wife a lingering kiss before hurrying out of the door, Anna said, “I’m sure you’ll find plenty of time for some fun alone, Sparrow. I want you to tell me all about them all when I get home.”

The wind howled and snowflakes swirled around in the air. Two weeks until Christmas. Anna’s boots sloshed in the wet snow on the sidewalk as she walked to the bookstore Bayside Books which she co-owned with her best friend Cynthia. The lampposts that lined the streets were wrapped with garlands and big red bows at the tops. Anna always loved the smell of winter in England. The crispness in the air and the feeling of Christmas just around the corner made her smile even more. She looked at her wrist and moved the sleeve of her coat up a bit to look at her watch and saw it was nearly eight.

“Fuck.” She cursed herself for giving in to Jodie and almost making her late.

Anna knew Cynthia was there and waiting for her. Cynthia always arrived by at least seven thirty.

Anna took out her key and opened the store door. The chimes above the door rang. She let it close and didn’t bother to lock it again since they were opening soon anyway.

“About time,” came a voice from one of the aisles.

“I’m sorry Cynthia but you know I walk to work. There’s a blizzard outside today and the pavement was a little blocked.”

Cynthia came out from the aisle and headed towards Anna who was hanging her jacket in the small closet they had for themselves and putting away her purse behind the front desk of the store. Cynthia was wearing a white turtleneck with a red Christmas themed sweater with white reindeer, snowmen and Christmas trees on it with black slacks. Cynthia was a very short woman standing a couple of inches short of five feet, with dark brown, almost black hair and hazel green eyes complete with black istanbul travesti rimmed glasses. She had a small frame all over, her breasts were almost flat, a triple A cup, so she didn’t need or wear a bra, just an undershirt or other garment so her nipples wouldn’t show through a top. She used to teach English at the local university before Anna convinced her to get into the book business with her. Cynthia was small in stature but had a no nonsense attitude when it came to business.

“It is almost Christmas Anna which means business will pick up. I know you are on time but please try to be here earlier so we can open and set-up properly,” Cynthia reprimanded Anna with a small smile of affection.

Anna looked back at Cynthia with a rueful look knowing she should have been there earlier. She was a foot taller than Cynthia with wavy red hair, hazel eyes and a generous C cup bust. She took off her boots, put them in the closet and put on her black four inch heels which she kept in the closet at the store.

Anna had always been secretly attracted to Cynthia. Something about her small frame and bookish look drove her wild. They never really talked about their personal lives so Anna wasn’t even sure if Cynthia was gay or not. She always wondered if she should just tell her. She never talked about her personal life or mentioned Jodie to Cynthia, other than to tell her how Jodie was doing. Maybe she was interested in it, but if not, would she start to act all weird around her? Was she not into it but just accepting of everyone’s preferences? So many thoughts ran through her head every day, all day, whenever she saw Cynthia.

Cynthia was right though. It was a very busy day at the store. Books were flying off the shelf. They were both pleased that they were just as busy as the toy store across the street. They both loved to read but also knew the children loved toys. But still, books being sold meant more people were reading and therefore more money for them.

It was coming to the end of the day and Cynthia was kneeling on the floor of their stockroom sorting through a new delivery of books. Being an avid reader she always liked seeing new titles and genres of books. Her favorites were historical romances and, every time she saw one in her delivery, she made sure to buy a copy for herself. Johanna Lindsay and Bertrice Small were her two favorite authors. Today she came across a book that looked different from the stock they usually carried. The cover showed two women in an embrace wearing very little clothing. They weren’t naked, but they were close. The title was From Her but Cynthia saw no author name anywhere. Her curiosity got the better of her and she opened the book at a random page and began reading.

Paige’s hand moved upwards under Olivia’s top and started caressing her left breast through her bra and running her finger tips over her nipple making it taut. Olivia threw her head back as she moaned in the throws of passion. Paige’s tongue licked up the side of Olivia’s neck then tugged her ear lobe with her teeth. Paige’s other hand slid inside Olivia’s skirt and started stroking her fingers over Olivia’s panties. Olivia’s knees almost buckled.

Cynthia started to sweat and became aroused, totally forgetting Anna was still there. She slid her hand inside her slacks and started rubbing her own pussy through her panties. She then skipped several chapters ahead to see more.

Isla’s hips moved back and forth at a steady pace as her strap-on slid in and out of Lily’s pussy. Her hands reaching underneath caressing Lily’s full breasts…

Cynthia dropped the book, got off her knees and sat on the floor. She licked her lips and continued to read. Her hands ran over her breasts through her sweater. She lost all thought of where she was as she unbuttoned and lowered her slacks, along with her panties. She then discarded her sweater and lifted up her turtleneck over her small breasts. Her mind raced with thoughts and istanbul travestileri pictures of how the book was written as she continued to read. She began to breathe heavily and sharply.

“Oh fuck,” she gasped out.

She was so turned on and was unaware how loud her gasp really was. Anna heard it over at the cash register that she was closing out.

Slowly Anna walked towards the back where she heard the gasp. She knew it wasn’t a customer, they made sure all customers were out of the store before they closed for the day. Her heels clicked on the hard floor but Cynthia was too turned on to even hear them or notice. Anna peered around the corner of a shelf and into the stockroom. What she was presented with was one of the the most erotic sights she could ever have imagined. Cynthia was sitting on the floor with her black slacks and red panties around her knees, her sweater on the floor next to her turtleneck was raised up and revealed her bare breasts. Cynthia’s left hand was rubbing between her legs while her right hand was squeezing her small breasts and pinching her nipples. She continued to read an open book that rested on her thighs.

Anna’s left hand went over her mouth and her breathing quickened. She wondered if she should say something? Should she just watch? Watching in utter awe, Anna’s right hand reached into her pencil skirt and in her tights and panties and started rubbing her pussy as she felt a trickle of sweat run down the right side of her face.

“Mmm oh gosh,” Cynthia cried out as she kept reading.

She was still trying to keep her voice down but to no avail and she began to rub her pussy faster.

Anna knew if she was going to make a move, now was the time. She slowly walked over to Cynthia trying to be as quiet as she could.

“Ahem,” Anna fake coughed.

Cynthia gasped and looked up, startled, as she quickly pulled down her turtleneck and laid her sweater over her stomach and pussy trying to cover up as best she could.

“Anna, what the actual fuck? Don’t you know the meaning of privacy? I mean…”

“Shhhhh,” Anna cut Cynthia off as she knelt in front of her and placed her index finger to her lips. “What do we have here?” Anna asked as she leaned her head next to Cynthia who reacted shyly but didn’t resist. Anna read the page that Cynthia had opened. “Oh my,” Anna cooed and she again stood up.

Anna looked down at Cynthia and she had the look of an innocent little shy girl as she looked up at her. Anna leaned down and removed Cynthias’s glasses – she could still see pretty clearly even without them – then unfastened her pencil skirt and let it fall. Then she delicately slid her tights down, not wanting them to tear, and finally removed her black panties. She leaned over and picked up the sweater that was covering Cynthia’s abdomen and pussy, folded it and neatly placed it on a shelf. Anna saw how Cynthia’s pussy already glistened with arousal. Anna crouched back down and removed Cynthia’s slacks and panties off her legs. She was left just in her turtleneck. Anna started to lift it and almost on impulse Cynthia raised her arms up and let Anna take it completely off her.

Anna parted her legs a little and Cynthia saw her pussy for the first time. She was in a trance, it was so pretty and red like the hair on her head and neatly trimmed. Anna then gently cradled Cynthia’s head and slowly pulled her mouth over her pussy. Cynthia could smell Anna’s exotic scent flowing from her pussy. She licked her lips then extended her tongue till it made contact with Anna’s sex. Cynthia opened her mouth as wide as she could and placed it over Anna. She sucked hard and her tongue moved between Anna’s pussy lips and slurped up her juices.

“Oh yessssss,” Anna moaned out as her hand braced herself against a shelf as her knees nearly buckled before she regained her balance.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm,” Cynthia moaned on Anna’s pussy.

Cynthia felt Anna’s juices enter her mouth travesti istanbul at a trickle. It was cool in the store but beads of sweat formed on Cynthia’s forehead from pleasure and arousal. Anna’s hand grabbed Cynthia’s head tighter, her fingers entwined through her hair and she lightly grinded her pussy on Cynthia’s mouth. Cynthia immediately felt the pressure and both her hands moved around grabbed Anna’s butt pulling herself deeper in her pussy. Cynthia then gave Anna a few sharp, hard spanks on each butt cheek.

Anna unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall open then pulled the cups of her tight bra down and let her breasts hang over it, her nipples got hard from the cool air. She closed her eyes and her hands caressed and squeezed her breasts as she enjoyed Cynthia’s mouth.

“Come here,” Anna said softly and she gently pulled up Cynthia by her hair.

Being so short Cythia was eye level with Anna’s breasts. Cynthia’s mouth immediately enveloped her right nipple, then her left. She moved back and forth licking, sucking and nipping each nipple with her teeth. She continued to suck Anna’s nipples and with her hands she reached to Anna’s shoulders and removed her blouse, letting it fall to the floor. Then she reached around Anna’s back and unfastened her bra and pulled it down and off her arms. They were now both fully naked.

“Oh fuck yes,” Anna cried out as Cynthia doubled her efforts on her breasts. “I knew you wanted this, that’s a good girl.”

Anna always had a little dominant side to her. Her hands ran down Cynthia’s back and grabbed and squeezed her butt cheeks hard. She then pulled Cynthia’s head off her breasts and leaned down and gave Cynthia an open mouthed kiss. Their tongues intertwined and explored each other’s mouths. Cynthia pushed and grinded her small body against Anna.

“Get down my pet,” Anna demanded of Cynthia.

Cynthia blushed at being called a pet. Every relationship she had ever been in she was always equal with her partner. But she trusted Anna and got on her hands and knees on the cool tile floor. Anna got on her knees to her side, sucked her thumb, index finger and middle finger to get them wet with her saliva then slowly slid them in Cynthia’s tight pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” Cynthia cried out at the penetration. “Oh gosh Anna.”

“Oh you like that don’t you? I knew that underneath that bookish, straight laced look you were one horny bitch.”

Cynthia moaned in reply and closed her eyes as her submissive nature took over her body. She started to gyrate her hips back and forth over Anna’s pulsing fingers. Anna’s thumb ran over the opening to Cynthia’s butt and teased her hole before she slowly pushed the tip of her thumb in.

“Holy shit,” Cynthia cried out and eyes wide open at the slight pain but also from her pleasure that was building inside of her. She had never had anything in there before.

With her free hand Anna spanked Cynthia’s butt and made it turn pink to a light red color. Cynthia really got into it and moved her hips at a quicker rhythm over Anna’s fingers that were now coated in Cynthia’s juices. Anna leaned over Cynthia’s body, her breasts pressed into Cynthia’s back and sucked hard on her neck. Cynthia moved her head aside to give Anna easier access. Anna then licked up her cheek.

“Oh gosh Anna it’s going to happen, don’t stop please, oh my gosh it’s… it’s…” Cynthia’s voice trailed off.

Anna finger fucked Cynthia as fast and hard as she could her fingers almost a blur. Her thumb pressed deeper in Cynthia’s butt.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh,” Cynthia cried out, which sounded more like a primal scream.

Anna felt Cynthia’s pussy tighten around her fingers as they were being coated by Cynthia’s thick juices. Remnants seeped out of her pussy and onto the floor. Anna smiled and slowly removed her fingers and licked and sucked them clean. Cynthia turned around and smiled at Anna, sweat all over her body which made her shine in the lights of the store. She leaned close and kissed Anna deeply on the lips getting a slight taste of herself on Anna’s lips.

Anna held Cynthia’s body close to her, both her arms wrapped around Cynthia’s small frame. Both of them breathed heavily, Cynthia coming down from her orgasm and Anna calming down from her arousal.

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