Red Light District Experience: Antwerp, Belgium

3D Comix

Red Light District Experience: Antwerp, BelgiumThe Porn Chronicles continues following the adventures of Tyler Thomas and his sexcapades. There will be a video to come along this story, but the footage I got wasn’t great so I wanted to write about it. My travels had brought me to Antwerp, Belgium where I had found out has legal prostitution as well as a recommended Red Light District. The nice thing about it is that it’s not as touristy and not near the main train station of the city, so you don’t have the rowdiness that a place like Amsterdam offers. I was on a mission to find a hooker that would let me film our encounter. I made it to the area and started having a look around. Much like any other red light district I’ve been to, there were doors with large windows with a red light above them, and women standing in the windows. Some smiling and waving, some on the phone or listening to music, some smoking and some not even caring. It was around 19:00 and still light out so it wasn’t very busy and there wasn’t a ton of selection, but there was maybe 20% of the windows with a pro, just waiting to suck and fuck for a quick buck. I did about three laps of the entire area, scouting out the selection and seeing which girl tickles my fancy before I got the courage to approach one of the windows. There was pretty much everything you could want: blondes, brunettes, Asians, black, trannies, big tits, small tits, tight bodies, voluptuous, you name it, you could find it. As I slowly walked by this attractive brunette in pink bra and panties, she motioned for me to come over and slowly opened her door. “Hi. How are you gorgeous?” I said.”Pretty good, would you like to come in?” she replied. “I’m looking for a good time, how much is that going to cost me?” I inquired.”It’s 50 Euros for 20 minutes and that includes sucking and fucking. How does that sound?””Pretty good. I have a question for you though. For a little more money, can I film it and make a porn video?” The moment of truth. The question that if the answer çankaya escort was yes, the deal was sealed, if the answer was no, I had to move on, no matter how much I wanted to bang this chick out. “No, I’m very sorry. It’s not allowed. We need to protect our identities and all have families so we need to have our privacy.” she replied, immediately losing my business but also crushing my hope that I was going to get some footage out of this trip. “Ok, well thanks for your time. You are very beautiful. What’s your name and maybe I’ll see you later.” I told her so she didn’t feel like talking to me was a totally waste of time”Nicole””Well nice to meet you” and with that I was on to the next one with little hope. Next little piece of eye candy was a blonde bombshell with some sort of black vinyl one piece outfit. It zigzagged across her perky tits and came to a bikini type bottom leaving here tanned stomach exposed. A similar conversation ensued and she wasn’t into it either, however she did say “For 10,000 Euros you can make a video of me!” which at least showed me there was a price for some of these girls, and I had to find the one that was in my budget which was 1/100 less than that quote. I moved along and didn’t see anything that really jumped out at me until I met Jennifer. I liked her big tits and she was wearing a leathery corset with stockings. She wasn’t a drop dead 10 like the other two before her, but she had some good features that I liked. She was curvy and black, had two handfuls upstairs and also a nice round ass. We went through the motion and by the end of the negotiation she was ok with me filming as long as it didn’t show her face. I agreed but in retrospect this is always awkward to film and you know the person is going to be concerned the whole time. Anyways, after bartering like someone at a fruit market, I got her down to 90 Euros. Again in retrospect that’s almost the price of two fucks! Anyways I was getting impatient and I had finally got my yes. cebeci escort She led me in behind the door, which opened up into a kitchen area, took be down a hallway to a door where it opened up into a bigger room. There was a raised up “stage” area with a mattress and towel on top of it. Also a bathroom, 3 chairs facing the sex stage that looked like movie theatre chairs and some hooks to hang clothes. She asked me for the money and I got it out and tried to make sure she didn’t see that I had more than what we had settled on. She went into the bathroom and opened a safe with her keys and put the cash in there. She then asked me to wash my hands and she sat on a bidet and cleaned herself. We were ready to make a porn, and I started directing her to show off her body. She pulled out her tits which were great. A little sag to them but had nice nipples to go with them and as far as I could tell they were the real deal. I then got her to spin around and show me her ass. She bent over and pulled her panties to the side, exposing her fat pussy. She then stood up and turned around and pulled the elastic waistband of my boxer’s down and had a look at my semi-hard cock. She seemed to like what she saw and she began playing with it. She was trying to negotiate with me for more money and to stay longer which is always a turn off, but I get that these woman do this for a living and this is how they make the real bucks. I told her no and that I wanted to just do what we had talked about. I took off my boxers and went over to the bed and lied down there. She got me where she wanted, put a condom on my cock and started sucking. I had stopped filming at this point because she asked for no face and there was no way to capture this blowjob without her face. She got me nice and hard and started really sucking nicely. She was taking almost all of my fat 6 inch cock and doing it like a champ. She’d occasionally stop throating to lick up the shaft and play with the head. She sucked it for a good demetevler escort 5 minutes and then asked if I wanted to fuck her. She rolled onto her back, lubed up her pussy and spread it. I got the camera back out and started filming just the penetration, however it was pretty dark and it wasn’t coming through clearly. We were fucking missionary for a minute then she decided to turn over for doggie. She pointed her big ass in the air and I slipped it in her puffy cunt. It felt really good, too good and I was already getting close. I kept the camera rolling and in a couple pumps I felt like I was almost there. I pulled my cock out and asked her if I could cum on her ass. I tried to clarify myself and she seemed to say it was ok. I ripped off the condom and started stroking hard, getting ready for my white seed to spill all over her black asscheek. As I was just climaxing, she turned around and said “What are you doing?!?””I thought you said this was alright?” I tried to stop it from happening but I was already past the point of no return. I started spurting cum on the towel she had in the middle of the bed as she watched in horror. It was a pretty undesirable climax but also a pretty funny miscommunication. I’ll chalk it up to the language barrier as she didn’t speak great English. I got up and walked over to the bathroom to rinse my dick off in the sink. I was kind of pissed but also, I can’t blame the girl for not wanting to get my jizz all over her ass. I figured they would have to deal with that a lot but maybe guys just finish in the rubber and that’s that. After I got dressed, she asked if she could see the videos which on a Go Pro is a pain in the ass, but I guess she just wanted to see that it didn’t have her face. Once I got it going, we watched it back, and as her tits came out she was Ohhh-ing and Ahhh-ing at her body. I guess it’s nice to see what you actually look like on camera. She seemed to like the video and wanted to make sure it was clean. So we stood there for 10 minutes watching all the footage before she let me go. When she approved, she walked me out and I gave her a hug and thanked her. Though it was the experience I was looking for, you got to treat the ladies well for doing what she did for me. I will post a link to the video when it’s edited. Hope you enjoyed.

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