Small Penis Prison Ch. 05


Walking out of Lucille’s room, Ryan couldn’t stop thinking about what Charlie would be like, and he shuddered.

As they made their way down the hall to the next door, Gina began to speak.

“There are girls who decide the quantity and quality of your orgasms based on the size of your cocks. Yours, for example, Ryan, does the same, although she has a slightly different system, you’ll see.” she said while smiling.

“As you have seen, Lucille had a favorite, Walter, and another much more mistreated than the others, Petey.” she said, “All the girls do it, some for a specific reason like Lucille who does it because of the size of their cocks, but it can be for any reason, if you’re lucky you might become someone’s favorite guy!” and she laughed. “From management we encourage all the girls to do it, so the rest of the little ones are in tension thinking that at any moment they can occupy the place of one of the disadvantaged.” she said with a mischievous smile.

“Well now it’s the turn to…” she started to say looking at her notebook, “Leonard, it’s this door.” and they stopped while she opened the door.

As soon as they opened the door they saw a tall girl about 6.2 feet tall standing at the foot of the bed savagely penetrating a chubby man in his 50s with a strapon.

The girl was like a jackhammer, pounding into the man over and over again.

They approached the bed and Ryan could see that the girl must have been in her early thirties, she was muscular but nothing exaggerated, the truth is that she had a very well-proportioned body, incredible legs, an ass that seemed carved in marble and a chest quite big, quite pretty, and had her black hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing tight black pants and a white shirt and was sweating a little.

“Hello Gina!” she said without stopping to penetrate the man with her strapon.

“Hi Kayla, I see you’re a bit busy, aren’t you?” she said with a small smile.

“Yeah, I’m doing a little exercise” she said smiling, “Today Larry got to be my gym partner, right Larry?” she said spanking his ass hard.

“Yes, mistress!” said the man with effort.

The man was sweating a lot and looked like he was suffering.

Ryan looked up and saw that the man was wearing a chastity belt, which made a clicking sound every time Kayla pushed. It was a flat chastity belt, leaving no room for his cock to grow half an inch.

He saw that they İzmit Escort were all wearing that same type of chastity belt, and they all had huge purple balls. They were all on their own except for Larry and another boy who was tied hand and foot to one of the beds with a vibrator attached to his chastity belt at full power while he looked at a screen in front of him without losing detail, he was wearing headphones and a kind of gag with a hole in the middle covered his mouth.

Ryan noticed the man was holding in his hand a rope that was tied to a little bell above the bed.

On the screen there was an interracial couple fucking hard, the girl having one orgasm after another while the man impaled her over and over again with his huge black cock. It was a young blonde girl in her 20s and the man was three times as big as she was, he was very muscular.

She gave a few last strong pushes and pulled the strapon out of Larry’s ass. The strapon was wild, about 12 inches long and 6 or 7 inches wide, he didn’t know how Larry got it all in.

“Okay, who’s my boy?” Kayla asked as she wiped the sweat off her forehead with a towel and removed her strapon.

“Leonard.” Gina said pointing at him.

“Come with me Lenny boy!” Kayla said walking over to her nightstand.

She opened a drawer, and pulled out a chastity belt. Ryan was wrong, it wasn’t flat, it was tucked in 1 or 2 inches.

“This is a negative chastity belt.” she said sitting up on the bed and grabbing his balls.

“As you can see it has this tube that goes through your urethra and then it squishes in about 2 inches, from what I’ve seen in your file your dick is a little over 2 inches so it’s going to be a little tight.” she said without giving it much importance.

She grabbed him hard by the balls and his erect cock began to wobble.

“You’re very hard, so first I’ll have to make the erection go down and then I’ll put the cage on you.” then while with one hand she grabbed his balls tightly, with her other hand she began to slap him hard without stopping in a rhythmic way. Lenny started to scream in pain with each blow but she didn’t seem to care at all as she continued to slap.

After a few minutes like this, his erection had completely disappeared and his balls were red and swollen, with small bruises.

“Okay, now we can put the cage on without problem.” and she began to put the chastity belt on him.

Suddenly İzmit Escort Bayan the bell began to ring, Ryan saw that the man tied to the bed moved the rope frantically while he did not stop shaking, she took a device from her pocket and brought it to her mouth.

“Bobby, don’t even think about cumming yet, if you cum you can’t even imagine how I’m going to leave those balls of yours!” she said and hit a button that made the vibrator go a little slower.

She kept putting Lenny in the cage, when she finished, the man had a face of unbearable pain.

“You’ll get used to it.” she said calmly as she stood up, “Now wait for me here, I’ll be with you right away.” she approached the man tied to the bed and removed his headphones.

“Good boy, Bobby” she said without flinching.

“Now I’m going to let you cum, when you’re ready let me know and I’ll give you a countdown” she said looking into his eyes.

On the screen now the girl was sucking the black man’s cock, she looked like she was in heaven. His cock was huge, about 8 or 9 inches and as thick as an arm. She choked several times, trying to deepthroat his cock. The man also seemed about to come from the sounds he was making and she increased the pace.

Now the video could be heard throughout the room since she had disconnected the headphones.

She picked up the vibrator and squeezed it tightly into its cage, turning it to full power. He started to ring the bell again and she put the vibrator away.

“Calm down little beast!” and she pressed the vibrator against his cage again but now she lowered the power.

The man kept shaking and after a while he rang the bell again. This time she didn’t stop but lowered the intensity of the vibrator to the minimum.

“10” Kayla started counting.


“I’m about to cum, baby!” said the man in the video, the girl kept sucking up and down.





“Cum for me, daddy!” said the girl in the video with a very cute face.



“Oh shit, here it comes!” the man said, the girl now had the tip of his cock in her mouth and was sensually rubbing his cock up and down with both hands as she looked at the camera with her beautiful green eyes.


“1” then Kayla put the vibrator away and stared at his cock, which was throbbing non-stop despite being all squashed and shrunken in its cage.

“Watch Escort İzmit a real man cum while I ruin your orgasm, little boy!” she said smiling.

The man on the screen was cumming while moaning, and the girl kept rubbing his cock sensually up and down with his tip in her mouth.

The man tied to the bed continued to shake desperately as he let out muffled screams through the gag. After a while the tied man stopped shaking.

On the screen the girl took the huge cock out of her mouth and opened her mouth full of cum to the brim showing it to the camera and then she closed it and swallowed it all in one go, smiling.

“Thank you, daddy” the girl said and continued to suck his dick gently.

Then Kayla unbuttoned 2 buttons of her shirt, exposing a large cleavage, and took out a necklace from between her tits that had several keys, also had a black capital Q hanging from it.

She opened the front of the cage freeing the tube that was stuck in his urethra but leaving his penis locked and flat anyway. When the tube came out, it revealed a small hole in the center of the flat part that crushed his cock.

On the screen the blonde girl kept sucking his cock slowly.

“Okay, are those cummies coming out or do I have to knock on the door?” Kayla asked half annoyed. She took him by the balls and began to slap them repeatedly.

The man began to scream unintelligibly covered with the gag. Then a very thick semen began to slowly come out of the hole in her cage and she stopped.

“Very good boy, let it all out.” she said, picking up a syringe.

The semen did not stop coming out of the hole, slowly sliding down his balls.

“Daddy, that nut was huge, but I swallowed it all like a good girl, didn’t I?” the girl on the screen said as she licked his cock from top to bottom.

“Yes, baby, you’ve blown me dry, good girl!” said the man on the screen.

“Thank you, daddy!” replied the girl giving him a little kiss on the tip of his cock while looking at the camera.

The tied man continued with his gaze fixed on the screen, without blinking for a second.

“I’ve left you dry too, haven’t I, little one?” Kayla said with a small giggle as she collected all the semen that came out of the hole with the syringe.

After a few seconds the semen stopped coming out, but that amount was insane, that man must have gone a long time without cumming.

When all the semen had been collected, the syringe was practically full. Kayla took the syringe and poured it down the hole on his gag, until it was completely empty.

“If good girls have to eat all the cummies, good boys like you, too,” she said with a wicked smile as Gina laughed.

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