Teacher’s Pet, Chapter 3


Pulling up at Mr. Cramer’s house again, he got out of the car and came around to help Amy out. She smiled as he offered his hand to her and once she was out, he went around to get her bag out of the trunk. They walked up to the front door and Amy, remembering his rule about doors, waited patiently for him to open it. “Come in slut,” he said, as he closed the door behind her. “Follow me upstairs and I’ll show you your room.” “Yes Sir,” she said, following him up the stairs obediently. He took her to the spare guestroom and put her suitcase on the bed. “This will be your room while you are here. But you will be sleeping with me most nights. This will be where you can keep your clothes and where you will go when you are sent to your room. In fact, this corner will be the corner that you will most likely be spending some ‘reflection’ time!” he said. “Yes Sir. I hope I won’t be too much trouble,” she said meekly. “Oh I am sure you will, slut. But that’s ok, I am prepared for it,” he said. Amy didn’t like the connotation of his statement, but she resolved herself to do her best not to get on his bad side. He left her to put her clothes away and get settled in. “Spending a week with Mr. Cramer is going to be interesting!” she thought to herself as she put her clothes in the dresser. She remembered the feeling of his large cock as it plowed her tight young pussy only a couple hours ago. Knowing that was just the start of her adventures this week made her pussy tingle and her heart race. She was indeed a nymphomaniac and from the way things had started off, Mr. Cramer was a nympho’s dream lover! Amy absently rubbed her pussy as she recounted all the sex she’d had lately at the hands of her teacher. Amy had been with several boys in her sexual life thus far, but none of them were anywhere near as big or as good as Mr. Cramer. He had made her feel things she had only read about in some of her little romance novels and fantasized about in her bed at night! She wondered what else he had in mind for her… and the thoughts that came to her mind made her pussy damp and her knees weak! Amy finished putting her things away and then went back downstairs where she found Mr. Cramer sitting in his recliner waiting for her. “I’m all through putting my clothes away, Sir,” Amy said, standing beside his chair. “Very good. Now, today is, escort as you know, Saturday and Monday is a holiday so there is no school. Which means we have the rest of tonight and the next two days together,” he said. “Yes Sir,” Amy said, her pussy beginning to dampen once again as she knew he was leading up to something exciting. “I guess the best way to get started is to lay down some rules,” he said. “Rules, Sir?” she asked quizzically. “That’s right. Even a slut such as yourself has rules she has to go by. And in my house there will be some hard and fast rules you will need to know. You are already familiar with the rule about touching a door knob or handle. When you are with me you will not touch the doorknob or handle. In addition, when you are here in my home you will dress in whatever manner I deem appropriate for that day. I will tell you what I want you to wear and you will dress accordingly. Furthermore, as my slut, you will make yourself available at all times to me for whatever purpose I desire. If I wish you to give me a blowjob, you will instantly drop to your knees and provide it. If I decide that I wish to fuck you, you will make yourself available without hesitation, question, or complaint. Anything I want or desire is your opportunity to please me and show me your worth, understand?” he explained. Amy listened to him and when he finished she looked at him. “Yes, Sir. I will do whatever it takes to please you and to obey your wishes,” she said. And she meant every word too – at first she was leery of this arrangement and was scared of what he might try. But the deeper involved this got, the more she found herself getting more and more excited about the idea of being his slut and his sex slave. She had already had more sex in the past couple days than she’d had in the previous several months! And there promised to be much more to come! “I’m glad to hear you want to be so cooperative. That is going to make this little indenture of yours so much more agreeable. I can assure you that if you continue to be as compliant as you have been, you will find our bargain quite satisfying and pleasurable,” he said. “Yes Sir.” “Now then, I want you to remove your clothes and then get on your hands and knees with your ass facing me,” he directed. The sudden change of topic caught escort bayan Amy off-guard and it took her a moment to comprehend the command. “Well?” he said, “Do you not understand what you are to do?” “Sorry, Sir, you just caught me off guard and surprised me is all,” she said, as she began to undress quickly. “That’s all right this time, but you will have to start paying closer attention and be ready to obey no matter what I ask of you,” he said, with a small smile. Undressed now, Amy got down on all fours and pointed her ass at Mr. Cramer. “Now put your head down and stretch your back out,” he directed. Amy did as she was told and lowered her head and chest to the floor, which raised her ass higher and more openly available to him. “Good now open your legs, I want to see that pretty little pussy and ass of yours, slut.” Amy arched her back a bit pushing her ass back at him. Mr. Cramer looked at Amy in such a compromising and vulnerable position and smiled. She was quite attractive and there was no question that she had the sex drive to make a fun slut. He had gotten lucky with this one and he planned on taking full advantage of her talents! He scooted forward on his chair a bit and reached down to grab the girl by her spread thighs and pull her back towards him sharply. Amy gasped at the sudden tug, but she immediately understood what he wanted. She scooted back towards him a bit more so he could more easily reach her. He reached out and began caressing the young girl’s soft, creamy ass. He marveled at the way her skin felt and how his rough hands contrasts to her silky smooth flesh. Amy mewled as she felt his hands on her and wriggled her naked ass to show him just how much she was enjoying it. But he was far from done and he had other things to show this young slut. He moved his hand slowly around her ass and up and down her tender thighs – barely avoiding her pussy and clit, but coming tantalizingly close. As he passed her hungry pussy, Amy would sigh or moan her frustration and he silently grinned. He knew that teasing her like this would only make it sweeter when he gave in. He wanted her to cum and would eventually allow her orgasm but when he did, he wanted it to be earth-shattering. He wanted her to cum so hard and so many times that she would be his – she wouldn’t bayan escort want anyone else. He had plans for this girl… things he wanted to show her and things he wanted to do to her. And he needed her to have her complete devotion and dedication in order to do it. He knew that, as a nymphomaniac, her body was her worst enemy. All he had to do was turn her own desires and her lustful nature to his will, and she would not be able to resist. Amy’s willpower was already crumbling. His touch was leaving a fiery trail as it moved around her upturned ass and spread thighs. She could feel her ravenous pussy dripping and yearning to be filled with fingers, cock, or whatever he chose to fill her with. Amy raised her ass higher to allow him better access to her. It was as if her slick, neglected pussy was begging for his touch of its own volition. “Oh please, Sir… please…” Amy moaned in a childlike voice. She could feel her need burning in her belly as he stoked her fires with his teasing. He was an artist and she was his canvas. He was creating a picture of total passion and lustful craving. “You like the way I touch you then? You like to feel my hands on your body?” he asked. He knew the answer, he just wanted her to admit it – to him, and to herself. “Oh yes… god yes, Sir! Please Sir, please fuck me… please, I need you so badly!” she whimpered. Mr. Cramer rose from his seat and reached his right hand over the girls back to grab a huge fistful of her hair, sitting back down on the edge of his chair and at the same time dragging her up to her knees in the process. Amy instinctively grabbed at his hands but he slapped them away with his other hand before grabbing her by the throat. He held her firmly, but not tightly, by the neck as he released her hair to reach around and sink his fingers into her right tit. “What are you?” he hissed into her ear. “I’m a slut, sir,” she moaned. “Yes, you are a slut. You are my little cock-loving nympho slut, aren’t you?” he growled deep in his throat as he mauled her tit with his hand. “Yes Sirrr,” she moaned as her need rose ever higher. Hearing him use those words was like throwing gasoline on a fire. “Say it.” “I am your slut, Sir,” she said. Admitting she was a slut and that she was his slut made her pussy ache with need. His hand left her tit and moved down to finger her throbbing, soaked pussy and she went mad with lust. “Oh God, Sir! Yes, I am your slut, your dirty fucking slut! Please, please shove your cock deep in my pussy! I need to feel you inside me!” she cried, practically in tears by now. “Not just yet slut,” he said in a flat authoritative tone.

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