The Adventures of Georgina part 2 – Missing &

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The Adventures of Georgina part 2 – Missing &I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my story, in which my female alter ego, Georgina sucked her first cock.If you read through to the end, you will remember that Jeff had left me, used on the floor of my house, having well and truly fucked my sissy face.In bed that night, wearing my satin nightie, my hand rubbed my little sissy clit as I recalled the events of the last few hours. Wearing a nightie is so much more feminine than pyjamas. I love the way it rides up your thighs and gets twisted about as you move in your sleep. It’s far more sensual than being naked. It reminds you how feminine you are, knowing a man lying next to you can just run his hand up the inside of your leg and feel your parts without obstruction. In a spoon position with his strong arms wrapped around you, his cock can move up beneath the hem and press against your sissy cunt. I had lovely dreams that night!!The next morning I dressed for work. It was back to reality as I put on my business suit. I had recently taken to wearing panties under my male clothes, so at least I could retain some of my femininity. I had really struggled in the bathroom to remove the last traces of my makeup. However hard I tried, there was still the faintest trace of eyeliner that I couldn’t get off. I would just have to hope my work colleagues wouldn’t notice.I quickly logged on to my PC and checked out the sissy website. I was thrilled to see that Jeff had left a comment on my profile. “lovely girl, gives great head. Look forward to the next time!” There never was a next time for Jeff, but thanks to his testimonial, the level of interest I received increased dramatically.I had really got the taste for cock now and I wanted more of it. I wanted to feel that lovely spunk in my mouth and next time I wanted to savour it, instead of gulping it straight down!From that point on I would spend almost every evening dressed up and in the chat rooms. Now my duck had been broken, I was more confident and active in looking for my next encounter.It didn’t take long, and a few nights later it looked like there was the possibility of a threesome.I was in private chats with two others. One was another sissy girl, who lived about 40 minutes away and the other was a young male admirer, who was staying in a nearby hotel while he was working in the area.They were both keen on meeting up that night, so I invited them both over, but things don’t always go smoothly.I had dressed earlier in the evening and was wearing a black bra, black waist clincher and matching skirted panty suspenders. I love skirted panties. For those that are unfamiliar with these, they are like normal thongs or mesh-back panties that have a short frilled skirt attached to the waistband. Sometimes, like the ones I was wearing on this occasion, they have detachable balıkesir rus escort suspender straps. The frilly skirt has the effect of emphasising the hips, which for us slim bottomed sissies can be very flattering. Tonight I had the suspender straps holding up my fishnet stockings.To retain a bit of modesty for when my guests arrived, I wore a short satin robe.Things started to go wrong, when the other girl texted to say she had been held up and to start without her. She hoped to join us later. I let the young guy know, but he was still keen to come over and play, so I went out onto the patio for a smoke while I waited.Not being local, the poor young lad got lost and finally turned up an hour later. When I opened the door for him my heart skipped a beat, because he was gorgeous! I quickly ushered him in and he took a seat on my recliner. He was an electrician or engineer I think and had turned up in his work trousers. He was tall with a lean muscular frame and had short fair hair.He spoke quietly and seemed very shy, so I told him to make himself comfortable, while I poured him a beer,I like a man who takes charge and is dominant, but I could see I was going to have to take the lead here.Sitting down on the sofa opposite from him, I said “Don’t be nervous. Come sit beside me and I will help you relax.” I patted the vacant seat beside me, indicating where I wanted him and he obediently came over and joined me.He was sitting bolt upright, so I cuddled up beside him and started stroking his leg. He was a big guy and smelled of nice aftershave. I was so looking forward to getting to know him better.I started telling him how handsome he was and how much fun we were going to have, when he looked at me apologetically and said something to the effect of “sorry, I can’t do this!”With that, he got up and bolted for the door, leaving me high and dry (well rather sticky in my panties actually!)”Fuck, fuck, fuck” I thought to myself.I never found out why he got cold feet. Maybe he was expecting a perfectly formed chick with a dick, rather than an ageing sissy slut in a dodgy blonde fancy dress wig. The other sissy never turned up either, which to be honest I wasn’t too unhappy about. I was still new to all this and discovering my sissy sexuality, but I was definitely of the opinion that it was men I wanted and not men dressed as girls. In fact I couldn’t quite understand what men saw in sissies and shemales, but we seemed to have plenty of admirers so I wasn’t complaining.It was also important to me that whenever I met a guy, I would already be dressed and in my female persona. I wanted to be female and seen as female, at least as far as this was possible.So it was that when my next potential man date appeared on my doorstep a few days later, I was dressed and ready balıkesir rus escort bayan to play. This time I had a very pretty cami-suspender outfit on. This was in a very sheer and pale, baby pink, mesh fabric, with ruched bust, which rather flattered my little titties. Matching g-string, the obligatory fishnets and heels completed the look. My long black cardigan, would keep me warm until the action started.My date was called Matt and he was a cocky type and came across as a bit of a jack the lad. From his profile I guessed he had been around the block a bit, so expectations were high.I would have guessed he was in his early thirties, around ten years younger than me, but I think I have good skin and look younger than my age. He was wearing trousers rather than jeans and a casual leather jacket. Not bad looking I guess.Right from the beginning this was far more of a girlfriend and boyfriend type experience. A more romantic liaison than my first time with Jeff.Matt watched me in the kitchen as I poured him a drink and then we moved into the living room. He placed his beer on the coffee table, then turned to face me. His arms reached out and drew me into his embrace.”Oh my! I wasn’t expecting this” I thought, as I felt one big hand on my ass and the other on my shoulder and he pulled me in for a kiss. His lips were very rough and forceful against mine and he had five o’clock shadow, so his stubbly whiskers scratched into my face. My mind was a blur as his tongue forced its way in my mouth. For me, kissing like this was even more intimate than taking his cock in my mouth.I had never in my life imagined kissing a man and I suppose I had not realised how different it felt to kissing a woman.With this in mind, I tried to kiss Matt as a woman would. I tried to make my lips soft and hoped my face would feel smoother and less scratchy than his did. I let my tongue interact with his as it invaded my mouth and I knew he would be enjoying the taste of my pink lipstick. His hands felt strong against my slender body and I placed mine more gently on his shoulders.This was one of the most erotic experiences of my life and as he stepped back, I slipped my cardy from my shoulders and let it slip to the floor. My little clit was tucked between my legs, but straining to get free as Matt pulled me onto the sofa for more foreplay!As he continued to snog my face off, I felt his hand on my inner thigh, that little gap between stocking top and panties. His hand felt big, firm and strong. He gave my little sissy clit a squeeze through my panties. I was so turned on and I needed to have his cock.My hands reached for his flies and I could feel his hardness through the fabric of his trousers. Quickly undoing the waist button and zip, I reached inside his briefs and pulled rus escort balıkesir his cock free. Just like my previous playmate Jeff, Matt was endowed with a very fine specimen! “What is it with these tranny lovers?” I thought to myself as I wrapped my small hand around the shaft. I should add at this point, that my hands are one of my most feminine features. They are very small and soft as I have never really done much manual work. My nails grow very quickly and are very hard to break, making several previous girlfriends quite envious. I had let them grow to a length that wouldn’t cause too many eyebrow to be raised in my normal life. This evening they had been filed and painted deep red.My fingers would just about circle his cock at the head, but as I wanked his shaft, the base was too thick and forced a gap between my thumb and finger tips.I gripped his cock very firmly as I continued to move my hand up and down, his pre-cum lubricating his helmet and foreskin. I could feel his hot breath as he nuzzled into my neck.Very few words were exchanged between us and I felt myself wishing he would be more verbal. “Let me suck this big cock” I breathed “I want to take it all in my mouth and be used like the slut I am.” He still said nothing, but I could tell he was excited as he pushed me down to my knees on the floor and stood in front of me with his trousers and briefs slipping to his ankles.Eagerly my tongue licked the pre-cum from his head and a long strand of his clear slippery juice dripped down my chin as I moved down his shaft and kissed his balls. He smelled good. His balls had been shaved and I paid them plenty of attention with my tongue, leaving traces of lipstick behind.Moving back along the shaft, I now took him into my mouth and my hand resumed wanking him hard and fast as my lips fastened tightly around him. This technique, helped me control the depth he could enter me, but I still gagged from time to time as he began thrusting his hips in rhythm. I have quite a small mouth really and my lips were fairly stretched to accommodate him.It wasn’t long before I sensed his impending orgasm and I was determined to savour every bit of his seed this time.His pace quickened and he started moaning as his cock, jerking, spat the contents of his balls into my mouth. I held every drop of his gunk in my mouth as he continued to empty himself into me.I closed my lips as I pulled myself back from him, letting his meat exit my mouth.I sloshed the slimy goo around between my cheeks, savouring the saltiness with my tongue and enjoying the consistency.Then I looked up into Matt’s eyes and opened by lips to show him the big pool of his jism, before tilting my head back further and letting it slide down my throat.I licked the last remnants of come from his cock, and with my finger, collected a dribble that had escaped down my chin.We tidied ourselves up and shared an after-sex cigarette on the patio, before he departed into the night!Again my own satisfaction had been neglected, but this was soon remedied as I rubbed my little clitty to completion in the pink panties, while I imagined what Matt’s tongue and stubbly chin would have felt like down there.

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