Subject: The Awakening of Harry Potter: Chapter 6 NOTE: This work of fiction is set in the universe of Harry Potter. This chapter of the story advances the timeline from between Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix firmly into the events of the Order of the Phoenix. I’ve used the film series rather than the books as my primary inspiration especially from a visual perspective. Sadly I don’t own any of the copyrights or characters used or mentioned in this story and they remain the property of their respective owners. Feedback is always welcomed. Chapter Six: Grimmauld Place Harry slumped down onto the surprisingly comfortable bed that was to be his at 12 Grimmauld Place. This was not where he was supposed to be. There were still weeks of summer left. Weeks before he was supposed to re-enter the wizarding world. Normally an earlier than expected return to the world of magic would be cause for celebration but this summer was different. This summer he’d actually been happy at Privet Drive. Happy with Dudley. And now he was miles away from Dudley and a year away from seeing him again. They hadn’t even had the chance to say goodbye. The day had been a mess. It had started well but that didn’t last. Harry had awoken, as he had every morning that week, with his head resting on Dudley’s chest and their bodies tangled together. Arms wrapped around one another and legs interconnected. It seemed impossible that they’d ever fallen asleep locked together in this way yet Harry would swear it was the best sleep he’d ever had. “Morning you…” It occurred to Harry as he looked up at Dudley that Dudley had been watching him sleep. His hand had been gently stroking Harry’s hair. It was difficult for Harry to truly define what was happening between him and Dudley. For the last week Harry had snuck into Dudley’s room under the cover of darkness and found himself doing things with his cousin that he’d never imagined. During their nights together Dudley was an aggressive and powerful animal of a man. He would overpower Harry, pin him down, spank and whip him, his hands would close around Harry’s throat and Harry would love every second. But after he was done. After that roar of pleasure that signified his climax Dudley would become a different person. Softer, caring. Almost loving. He’d always ask Harry if he were ok and check that he hadn’t hurt him. There would be a kiss. A long increasingly passionate kiss before Dudley would lift him into bed and they’d fall asleep tangled together. Every morning Harry would find himself wondering how Dudley viewed their time together. Not even Harry was quite ready to describe it as a relationship so he had no idea how Dudley was processing it all. Whatever Dudley might tell himself about his time with Harry it was clear that they progressed beyond those awkward first fumbles in darkened hallways and the claim in the living room that this was just about getting Dudley off. “…I have a question.” “Oh…?” Usually these mornings were spent in silence. Dudley would occasionally stroke at Harry’s hair but mostly they’d just lay together in Dudley’s bed until one of Vernon or Petunia called for their son to get up. This morning though Dudley was unexpectedly chatty. “Who’s Cedric?” Harry was stunned by the question. For just the briefest of seconds his heart froze and his blood ran cold. Dudley had questioned Harry about Cedric before although never by name and never with genuine interest. Before it had been tauntingly as a way to get under Harry’s skin but this morning there was a tone of genuine care and concern in Dudley’s voice. In truth Harry enjoyed the separation between Dudley and the wizarding world. To hear Dudley make even this unknowing reference to a wizard, a wizard who had died at the hands of Voldermort, was nothing something he was prepared for. “It’s just that you talk about him in your sleep every night.” Dudley was still stroking Harry’s hair and usually this would be a source of soothing calm but not this morning. This morning every word and movement from Dudley was a source of panic and dread. “Is he your…? I mean are you two…?” Dudley hadn’t quite been able to bring himself to finish either question but Harry had known how they were supposed to end. He couldn’t quite process the disconnect between the reality of his connection to Cedric and what Dudley believed it to be. Regardless Harry wasn’t ready to have this conversation. He wasn’t ready to talk about Cedric and everything that went along with that with anyone let alone Dudley. He needed to get out. “Where are you going?” Harry had shot up and out of the bed. The room felt cold compared to the warmth that had been radiating off of Dudley. He was scrambling out of Dudley’s room. He wasn’t sure what he was wearing, if he was wearing anything at all and Dudley was still talking. Saying something. Maybe asking him to come back? Maybe not. It didn’t matter. Harry couldn’t process any of it and was stumbling back to his own room. He’d stayed there most of the day. Hidden under the covers of his own bed. He was sure there’d been a knock at his door at some point during the day. The faint whispering of Dudley on the other side but he’d ignored it. For the entire summer Harry had been avoiding the wizarding world. Avoiding what had happened with Cedric and Voldermort. Dudley had emerged as the perfect distraction. More than that really. He recognised that his heart leapt just a little every time he saw Dudley and how fantastic their nights together were. He wasn’t ready to put words to it but he had developed feelings for Dudley over the course of the summer and their time together and he was sure Dudley had done the same with him. And now here he was hiding from Dudley and the rest of the world under his covers. More than anything now Harry wished that he’d stayed under those covers. If he’d stayed there he could have fixed whatever he’d broken that morning with Dudley but now there would be no way to fix it. He’d gone out. He hadn’t been seeking Dudley. At least that was what Harry had told bursa yabancı escort himself but of course he’d been seeking Dudley. He’d gone to all of his usual haunts and eventually he’d found him and his gang laughing and joking in the park. Usually Harry would have done his best to stay out of sight and to avoid any interaction with Dudley but not this time. This time he’d just sat there swinging on that stupid swing. He knew that Dudley would find him eventually and he had. And they had exchanged words. Harry didn’t really remember what had been said but he remembered the pain and anger of it. And more than that he remembered drawing his wand and pointing it at Dudley. He remembered the shock and fear in Dudley’s eyes. He remembered ruining everything. And then, impossibly, things had gotten worse. The Dementor attack had forced Harry to use magic. He’d protected himself and Dudley but is that how Dudley saw it? That certainly wasn’t how his Aunt and Uncle had seen it when he’d eventually carried Dudley back home. They’d blamed Harry. Would Dudley blame him too? Harry hadn’t had the chance to explain. His Aunt and Uncle had ignored his advice on how to treat Dudley and they’d bundled him off to hospital. And then they’d come. His so-called rescuers. They’d taken him from Privet Drive, from Dudley, and brought him here to Grimmauld Place. Harry let out a frustrated moan. More sound than words. He knew that his mind should be firmly back in the wizarding world. That he should be focused on the pursuit of Voldermort and concerned about his near expulsion from Hogwarts and the upcoming Ministry hearing on that subject. And yet he could not focus on any of that for more than a few seconds at a time without Dudley barging his way back into his thoughts. He’d even spent time scratching and scribbling on parchment. Trying to find the right words to write to Dudley but knowing that it was useless. Even if he could find those words he had no way of delivering the message to Dudley. No stamp for muggle mail and he’d been strictly forbidden from letting Hedwig leave the confines of Grimmauld place. The hideout could not draw attention to itself and risk being discovered. “Are you ok mate?” Ron was rather nervously standing in the doorway of their shared bedroom. “Are you still angry with Hermonie and I? Because we did want to write I promise it’s just that-” “No! No! I’m fine.” Harry had cut Ron off before he could go through the story of being forbidden to contact Harry again. “Are you sure mate?” “Yeah. It’s not that. It’s…” Harry didn’t really know how to finish that sentence. How could he possibly explain to Ron that he wanted to be back at Privet Drive and back with Dudley? “…everything.” “Oh yeah…” Seemingly reassured that he wasn’t the reason for Harry’s temper and was therefore safe from it, Ron entered the room, closing the door behind him, and plonked himself down on his own bed. “…must be mental for you. What with, well, everything!” The two best friends sat in a comfortable silence for a moment seemingly both contemplating `everything’ whatever that might mean. “You know Ron I think I could do with a distraction…” “A distraction?” Ron seemed genuinely confused although Harry couldn’t quite understand why. Distraction had become something of a codeword for the pair of them during their time at Hogwarts. It had started innocently enough. Late night conversations in their shared dorm room where they’d exchange thoughts and observations about the various girls of the school. Hormones and excitement had led to these shared observations exciting them and in the privacy of their own beds they had worked themselves to orgasm. As the stresses of study and the life threatening peril of their time at Hogwarts had increased so too had the risk involved in their distractions. They would slip out under the cover of Harry’s invisibility cloak to abandoned classrooms, bathrooms or supply closets and find their own private little corners to play in. They never touched or looked at one another though. There was just something about the other boy’s presence that made the whole thing more exciting for both of them. “Yeah like at school…” This statement hung in the air for a moment as Harry watched Ron process it and finally understand what Harry was saying. “Oh!” Ron’s face lit up as the pieces of the puzzle all came together. “Actually I found something I wanted to show you…” Ron shot up from his bed and was digging around in a clutter of papers and books that he’d seemingly piled beneath it. And as he was digging around Ron was chatting away. “Mums been making us help clean this place up. It’s a right mess, no one’s lived here for years. Anyway I was helping clean some room the other day and I found this…” Ron finally emerged from beneath the bed proudly brandishing a magazine. “Actually I’ve been terrified she was gonna come in here and find it. So maybe after we can hide in your chest or something. She probably won’t snoop through your stuff!” Ron had placed the magazine gently at the foot of Harry’s bed and the young wizard was taking it in. He’d seen something like this before. He’d watched this summer as Dudley and his pals had passed one around amongst themselves although it wasn’t clear to him who it had belonged to or where it had come through. This was not a muggle magazine though, it was unmistakingly of the wizarding world. The half naked woman on the cover was seductively moving her limbs and gesturing for Harry to open the magazine. He supposed he must have always assumed that there would be magical pornography, it couldn’t purely be a muggle creation, and yet he had never even considered it until now. This was quite the discovery and judging from the beaming grin on his face Ron was extremely proud of himself for salvaging it. “You think there’s more?” Harry’s interest was piqued by the magazine but as he looked at the woman on its cover he realised she was doing nothing for him. Her expression looked more desperate than arousing bursa sınırsız escort and the way she twirled and moved didn’t excite him in the way it might once have done. But maybe there was more stashed away somewhere in the house. Something that might appeal to him a little more. “I don’t know. Maybe. I’ve been looking but haven’t found any yet. Open it” Harry glanced up at Ron and for the first time since he’d unceremoniously been ripped away from Privet Drive and Dudley he fully took in his best friend. The summer, Harry decided, had been kind to Ron. He seemed broader than the last time Harry had seen him. His shoulders were just a little wider and he seemed to fill the t-shirt he was wearing rather than being drowned by it as he was in previous years. And the decision to cut his hair shorter certainly helped. Long hair was not a great look for Ron! Sensing the increasing impatience of his friend Harry flipped open the magazine to a random page. More moving images flooded the pages. This time the woman who had posed up a storm on the cover in rather skimpy underwear was posing up a storm without the underwear. Her oversized breasts exposed as she rubbed and squeezed them in one image. “She’s so fucking hot!” Ron had moved closer now. He was crouched down next to Harry’s bed, his eyes glued to the magazine. “And look at those tits!” “Yeah… they’re huge” Although he was trying Harry couldn’t get excited about this woman or her tits. Ron, however, did not seem to have this issue. One of his hands was already groping and grabbing at the front of his pyjama bottoms. Hoping to find a more appealing image Harry flipped through some more pages of the magazine. Each one was filled with various women stripping off underwear and gleefully showing off their bodies. “Stop!” Ron seemed particularly excited by the page Harry had landed on this time. “This one is amazing. Look…” “What is she… Oh!” Harry, confused at first, watched as the naked woman on the page waved her wand around. He had assumed she was about to cast some spell or another but he was wrong. Instead the wand had run down her body and then she had slid it inside of herself. Ron seemed beside himself at this particular sight. “I think she’s my favourite!” He flashed Harry a decidedly dirty grin at this admission. “I can see why…” The witch was now gently fucking herself with the wand. Harry had never imagined a wand could be used in such a way but here it was right in front of him. “Do you think any of the girls at school… you know…” Ron’s head nodded in the direction of the magazine and the woman currently filling its pages. His implication clear. “I don’t know… I guess… ” Harry couldn’t help but watch as Ron’s hand slipped down the front of his trousers. He could tell by the movement of Ron’s arm that he had started to stroke. “I mean we do. Not like that obviously. But…” “Yeah I bet they do. The real dirty ones you know. Just sliding their wand in wishing it was cock!” The speed of Ron’s stroking had clearly picked up now and Harry had begun to grope at his own hardening cock although he knew it wasn’t the magazine that was arousing him. He hated to admit it but it was his best friend that was getting him hard. “Maybe I should…” Ron looked back toward his own bed. While the two of them had wanked off together they’d never been quite this close when doing it. There was a strict unspoken rule of no looking or touching and neither of them had broken it. “You can keep that for now!” Ron climbed back to his feet and for the briefest of moments Harry was able to glimpse the erection pressing against his pyjamas. He wondered if Ron had grown since they’d shared the measurements of their cocks with one another. It was hard for Harry to tell the only frame of reference he really had was his own babydick, as Dudley was so fond of calling it, and Dudley’s rather monstrous cock. Ron’s was definitely somewhere between those two and as he watched Ron head silently back to his bed he wanted to stop him. He wanted to slide over and make space for Ron next to him. He resisted though. He needed to control himself. It had been one thing to risk exploring these desires with Dudley but another entirely to do it with Ron. He couldn’t risk losing his best friend. “Fuck I just wanna get laid so badly!” Ron was laying back on his own bed now. Harry knew that he’d have pulled his cock out and would be stroking it. He could try and look over and see it. Ron probably wouldn’t even notice. But he resisted. Instead he planted his eyes firmly on the magazine and slipped his hand into his own pyjamas. His fingers grasping his cock he started to stroke. “This year Harry, this is gonna be the year we do it.” “Yeah…” Harry didn’t have the heart to tell Ron that he had technically lost his virginity over the summer. Besides if he did he’d have to make-up a story. There was no way he could share with Ron the details of Dudley’s rough and aggressive fucking. He couldn’t explain how he loved the way Dudley had smacked and whipped his bare bum. Or the way he’d felt complete when his cousin’s giant cock had exploded inside him filling him with warm cum. “Fred says getting a blowjob is the best feeling…” “He’s…?” “Yeah. George too.” It made sense that Ron’s older twin brothers would be further into their sexual journey than Ron. And in some ways Harry too. While he had spent weeks worshipping Dudley’s cock his own had been completely ignored by Dudley. He’d never really touched it let alone put it in his mouth. “I bet it’s amazing. Warm and wet.” Harry was trying to imagine how it would feel to have Dudley’s lips wrapped around his cock. What it would feel like for his dick to be in Dudley’s mouth. He could hear Ron moan in appreciative agreement although his thoughts were obviously somewhere else with someone else’s lips. “You should make it wet…” “What?” “Yeah someone told me it feels so much better when you make it wet…” Harry hadn’t planned to say it but the words were out görükle escort there now. And it was true Dudley had made clear how much better it felt when his cock was wet and lubed up. Harry had never felt the need to really try it with his own cock at least not to the spitting extent of Dudley. He’d found the pre-cum that leaked from cock was more than enough to get the job done. “How?” “You just… let me show you…” It felt like an outer body experience as Harry climbed out of the bed. If Ron were aware of what was happening he didn’t have time to process it because Harry was almost immediately at the foot of Ron’s foot looking down at him. For the first time ever Harry was looking at Ron’s exposed cock. It was not as long or thick as Dudley’s but Harry was now sure that Ron had grown since they’d share their measurements with one another. It seemed longer than the 6.5 inches Ron had proudly claimed but Harry couldn’t be sure. More interesting to Harry was Ron’s pubic hair. Dudley, like Harry, had had a light dusting of thin dark hairs on his balls and around the base of his cock. Ron’s was the same fiery red of his hair. It seemed longer and a little out of control in a way that Dudley’s wasn’t. “Harry!” Ron seemed panicked as he finally registered Harry’s presence but he made no move to cover himself. Instead he just lay on the bed his hand wrapped around the base of his cock but not moving. Harry resolved to ignore Ron’s panic and confusion and press on with what he was here to do. “You’ve just got to spit on it. Like this.” With that Harry spat onto the head of Ron’s cock. “Harry!” This had done nothing to calm Ron’s panic if anything it was pushing him closer to hysteria. Harry watched for a moment as his spit slowly started running down the shaft of Ron’s cock as Ron’s hand stayed uselessly frozen at the base of his cock. “You’ve got to rub it in.” Harry took a breath. He knew what he was about to do and he knew that he shouldn’t but he was past the point of no return and he couldn’t stop himself. “Like this.” Harry knelt down as he reached out. Ron went completely slacked jawed and frozen somewhere between fear and panic. He too knew what was coming but couldn’t quite process it fast enough to do anything to stop it. Harry’s fingers wrapped themselves around the head of Ron’s cock and slowly they slid down. “Harry!” Ron seemed stuck and unable to say anything else but as Harry’s hand reached the base of his cock Ron’s own hand fell away and down to his side. He made no move to stop Harry as he gripped Ron’s cock just a little tighter and began to stroke it. Moving up and down in a slow steady rhythm. It felt completely different to Dudley’s cock. There wasn’t as much weight and girth to it but Harry didn’t mind that. He felt surprisingly good having his best friends cock in his hand. “Harry…” Ron’s tone was different this time. Less stern panicked. “…Oh… that does feel good…” “See it feels good wet…” “Yeah it does…” Harry tightened his grip a little more as the speed of his movements up and down Ron’s cock increased. He could tell that Ron’s body was still tense and unsure about what was happening but his friend had clearly decided that whatever was happening felt good and he didn’t want it to stop. He was even letting out a low moan as Harry continued to jerk his cock. “We should make it wetter…” Harry leaned forward and again spat onto Ron’s cock. His hand was instantly rubbing the spit up and down the shaft making it slick and wet and easy for his fingers to glide over Ron’s cock. Ron seemed to appreciate this as his moans became louder. Harry leaned further forward with every intention of was again spitting down onto Ron’s cock but as his mouth hovered above Ron’s cock he was struck with an inescapable urge. “Harry!” Harry’s lips had wrapped themselves around the head of Ron’s cock and the panic had returned but it was almost instantly replaced by something else. “Oh God! I’m gonna… Harry I’m gonna…” Ron was cumming. Hard. His cum shooting down Harry’s throat and filling his mouth. Harry was swallowing as fast as he could as Ron’s cock continued to shoot. He held his mouth in place for as long as he could but as it filled with cum he was forced to withdraw from Ron’s cock. The last few spurts of cum wastefully dribbling from the head of Ron’s cock and down his shaft. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m….” Ron didn’t seem to know what to say. Neither did Harry. He was sat on the floor at the end of Ron’s bed savouring the taste of his cum. It was much sweeter than Dudley’s but he enjoyed it. He licked his lips to make sure he’d not missed any stray drops. He wanted to do the same with Ron’s cock but he knew he’d already taken things too far he couldn’t push it further. “I… I didn’t mean to Harry… I just could stop it… and I wasn’t… why did you… ” Ron was panicked and rambling. It was clear that he’d not been ready for Harry’s lips to wrap around his cock and that the sensation of it had forced him to lose control. To shoot what Harry knew to be an enormous load. “Do you want me to… should I… you know…” It took Harry a moment to understand what Ron was trying to say as he uselessly gesticulated in his direction. And then it dawned on Harry that Ron was asking if he should return the favour. For the briefest of seconds Harry contemplated taking advantage of this moment and letting Ron bring him to orgasm. The thought didn’t last longer than that though. He didn’t want Ron to see his cock let alone touch it. He didn’t want Ron to know how small he was. “No!” Harry was concerned that this was too harsh. “I mean… you don’t have to…” There was an awkward silence. Ron wasn’t even able to look at Harry. He just lay on his bed making no sound the only movement coming from his cock slowly softening. Harry desperately wanted to say something but he didn’t know what. He had no sense of what he could say that would make this less awkward or undo the damage he’d done to their friendship. So with no idea what to say he said nothing. He just scrambled back to his feet and to his own bed. The awkward silence just hung in the air as the two of them lay in their own beds. Harry couldn’t tell if Ron eventually fell asleep or not but after what felt like hours of lying in silent darkness Harry felt his eyelids getting heavy and sleep finally coming.

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