The Cinema

Public Sex

The CinemaYoung woman finally gets what she’s always been dreaming of. I was fuming, I wanted a man on me, in me and all over me so badly but I didn’t want to listen to any of the usual male chat-up type of crap they come up with. My boyfriend had recently broken things off between us, he really screwed me over big time. While I understand he suffers with his own demons of bi-polar and alcoholism, it doesn’t give him the right to just stop talking to me without any explanation, no nothing. I felt so fucking hurt again, why do I continue letting this happen to me. I didn’t know if he just stoped caring about me or if he cared too much and was just pushing me away. I constantly thought about fucking him, sometimes we would fuck all day and all night long. When he was inside me he could make me cum in 5 minutes and I would feel the best I’ve ever been. Now it was all over and I never ever saw him again.Since that day, eight months ago, I hadn’t cum from sex or even from touching myself, the sexual tension building up in me from not masturbating or being touched by a guy had me to the point where I just started picturing fucking every single guy I came into contact with, every single time I went out, including places like the supermarket, or at work, even when I went to the cinema with my girlfriend Sara Jane. I would give a guy a sexy look, while thinking this in my mind “you can do what ever you want to my body right now” type of look, I was attempting to communicate my message like ESP, without speaking a word. When ever I ran into a hot guy and heard his voice, I would picture in my mind, what kind of cock he might have, its length and I’d imagine it, in my hand and my fingers wrapping around his stiff shaft, through touch giving my cunt a sense of how well he might fit and feel inside me by.Unfortunately or fortunately, thinking that, and me running into guys everywhere I went, would instantly get me so wet and horny, it made my life a constant living sexual torture. When I finally decided, I couldn’t take it any more, it was time to just take a break, and stop this personal torture. Time to türbanlı karabük escort just get away on my own, to that quiet little cinema nearby.It was Tuesday mid afternoon, the cinema would probably not have many people in, if any other people at all inside. I still felt quite horny, but at least for a couple of hours I could let the story and characters of a movie, just take me away and distract me for a while. I collected my ticket at the box office and made my way into the theatre. As I entered, I noticed a guy sitting by himself, and caught him staring at me. He seemed slightly older than me, but rather attractive in a way that really appealed to me.Then a new thought, oh “shit” I my little cunt shot it’s own thought like a bullet train straight to my brain again, straight into my mind. It instantly made me think of fucking him, but I thought that would be way too crazy, it was never going to happen. But then later, I caught him again checking me out, this time giving me the same “I want you right here” kind of look and smile that I’ve practiced myself and know so very well.I decided to sit in the back row anyway, just a few seats away from him in the middle, still thinking nothing was really going to happen, but still so excited in my mind at the possibility that it could, got me feeling quite squirmy and very fidgety. I was only 3 seats away from him, he turned to me, smiled and asked me if I’d like some of his popcorn. I nodded and said thanks, then when he offered me the seat next to him, I, or maybe it was, by now, my little throbbing cunt, but I just couldn’t refuse his offer.Thank goodness I had decided to wear a decent dress to the cinema that afternoon, at least my appearance matched the way I felt, which was very sexy. The movie began and it was less than a minute into it, when I felt the warm touch of his hand on my leg. I must say it scared me a little in a way, because he was a total stranger, but the feeling also excited me all at the same time.He leaned in and we kissed softly, his hand lightly slid along my inner thigh türbanlı karabük escort bayan and to his complete surprise and delight, he discovered I wasn’t wearing any panties. Our breathing began to get hotter and heavier. I couldn’t believe I was actually considering doing this right here and now, but my womanly urges kicked in and it all just seemed to take over. The fear of us being caught inside the cinema while a movie was playing just melted away. By now, I was now craving him, like a ravenous wolf in the wilderness eyeing off the little sheep for dinner. A wave of lust that had built up inside me from deep down below was now moving up into my chest and still rising. I wanted this stranger, this man, to be deep inside me.I turned and softly said to him, I want to take out your cock, he quickly nodded and mumbled something in agreement in the direction to where I was planning for us to go. His muscle was big and thick. I was so ready for him, it took him by surprise, thank god, I thought when I changed from jeans into my skirt, earlier that day what kind of naughty mischief I’d finally be getting myself into later. After some more kissing and tugging on his now stiffened cock, I whispered to him, “I want to get on top of you”. Again he quickly nodded like one of those head-nodding toys seen in the back of a car window sometimes.I stood up in front of him, both of us facing toward the movie screen. I carefully lifted up my skirt, while trying not to attract any unnecessary attention from the hand full of other people seated lower down in the rows who were watching the movie in the theatre. I positioned my butt right over his cock, and reached between my legs and fumbled around for his cock, my legs began to shake. My left hand quickly reached out and grabbed hold of the seat back in front of us to steady me, while my right hand found him, stiff and a little wet on his tip, with pre-cum.I wanted his manhood in my mouth, oh I shuddered. My cunt tightened, I could barely get my hand around the base of his cock. My cunt demanded that türbanlı escort karabük I spread my legs even wider and open myself up for what it needed, and what it demanded. I placed the head of his cock at the base of my pussy, I moved it in tight little circles, round and around teasing him for a few moments, parting my lips.For a brief moment I could just see a couple, still seated, a bit further away down in front of us turn their heads and briefly looked back, “shit”, I instantly thought “we’ve been caught” they might have seen what we were doing, but the pleasure inside me was now so intense, I didn’t care, it all just felt so fucking good.Now with both my arms resting on the seat back in front of us, I kept my shoulders as still as I could and I began just moving my butt, just my butt, nice and slowly, going up and then down on his stiff cock, I turned to him and quietly whispered that I’ve always secretly wanted to fuck inside a dark cinema for a very long time.The speed of my butt movement up and down quickens. His cock felt huge and my greedy little cunt craved him. I was so wet and ready for him that it took him by surprise. I made him feel every inch of me as I slid up and down onto his hard muscle, it just felt so fucking fantastic. The cock entered me like a rocket, the walls of my tight pussy were being stretched wider and welcomed his enlarged thumping penis like a long lost lover.Undaunted, my tight little cunt tightened even harder, ravenous like a mad starving dingo with a bone. It didn’t take me long for my cunt’s eruption to turn into the hottest orgasm I’ve ever had in a very long time. My moist cum coating every part of his hard tool and dripping down onto his balls, the squelching sounds this made, as I humped encouraged me to keep fucking him even harder.I let out a slightly quieter muffled moan than normal due to our public location, my body was shaking all over. With my tightening pussy and its orgasm grip, I soon felt him explode together with me, like a tsunami, crashing waves, squeezing every last drop of his stickiness deep inside of me.Our breathing slowly subsiding, both of us now very spent, I slid off him and over into the seat beside him.I noticed a little of his cum juice trickling down the left side of my leg.With a cheeky grin, I quickly closed my legs together, and then make an innocent face like nothing at all had just happened.Secretly though, the smile on our faces, let us know, just how very satisfied we are.

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