The Extended Family Ch. 06


Chapter 6 — A Daughter Joins The Threesome

Living with two smart and beautiful women that you love and that love you deeply can be a challenge, yet Karen, Lynn, and I fit together like peas in a pod; we all loved and there wasn’t a jealous bone in our bodies. I had been worried as a recent widower that at my age — mid-fifties — I would never love again yet alone enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, and then the Universe delivered to me not one but two beautiful women. I must have had a terrible time in some other life because the women were making my life heaven in this one.

The three of us had a very active and creative sex life. We liked trying new things and experimenting with one another. We were all so new to each other that it seemed like one endless honeymoon.

We’d curtailed the spontaneity of our daily lovemaking sessions when Lynn’s gorgeous nineteen-year-old daughter Mel arrived for the summer after her freshman year at Ohio State. I was well behaved around this beauty and tried to be a perfect host and older role model for her.

One night shortly after Mel arrived, she, Karen and Lynn had been in the living room talking in hushed tones and frequently breaking into girlish laughter that I was so glad to have in my home. Karen, dressed to seduce, had then come and pulled me away from my computer and into the bedroom. Lynn joined us, and soon the three of us were naked on the bed and starting to get into the high point of my day — making love to the two of them.

What happened next knocked my socks off. Lynn rubbed herself against me and then asked in her I-want-something voice that I couldn’t resist: “Jimmmmmm,” I nodded, “We need you to do something for us,” she said in a half whisper as she bit at my lower lip in a very sensuous way that sent signals straight to my inflating dick.

“I’m all yours, darling,” I replied, running a hand up her side and caressing a breast.

“We want you to make love to Mel,” Lynn said in her husky whisper as she licked my ear.

“WHAT?!!” I blurted out in a loud voice as soon as the idea penetrated my feeble brain. I’m sure Mel heard my retort on the other side of the house because it was so loud. “You can’t be serious? You want me to … to make love to your daughter?”

“Exactly,” Lynn said, surprised at my response. Lynn started to stroke my thigh as she knelt next to me and looked up into my eyes with the bluest eyes in the state. She really wanted this.

“Are you two sure this is a good idea? I mean … Lynn … that’s sort of incest, well it’s not I guess, but it’s close. And I don’t want to do anything that would screw up our relationship … I mean the three of us are in careful balance, if I start bonking Mel that’d throw things out of balance, wouldn’t it?” I looked to Karen for support, but it was clear she was in on this. She started stroking my other thigh, her dark eyes looking deep into my soul.

I drew a breath to continue objecting, but Lynn leaned in and gave me a kiss with a lot of her tongue that was quite distracting. “You’re a wonderful lover and the kind of man we hope she meets and marries. Meanwhile, she’s a virgin and has spent the last four years fighting off guys who don’t know shit from shinola about making love or how to treat a woman. You do, and we want you to show her.”

“But … but … she’s a virgin. Shouldn’t someone else …” I gasped.

“No, we want you. She wants you. Sure some guys have copped a feel and maybe brought her off, and she admits to giving a few hand jobs and trying to give a blowjob or two, but she’s waited for the right man to come along. That’s you. Surprisingly, for a nineteen-year old, she’s not too experienced.”

“But she probably wants someone her own age. I’m old enough to be …” I started.

Karen cut me off, “There you go again with that senseless age thing. We’ve spent hours talking with Mel, and she’s actually quite taken with you. You might call it ‘puppy love,’ but she has a real crush on you and thinks you are JUST the person to introduce her to love making and to how women should be treated. By the way, you must have had some walk on the beach today. She said she was so wet she had to wear her clothes into the Gulf just to wash her juices away so she wouldn’t smell like raw sex on the way home.”

I was speechless and fully distracted. My mind was going in a thousand directions simultaneously. I kept looking from Karen to Lynn and back seeking some further advice.

“Let’s say I agree to this, how am I supposed to do this?” I asked. Karen was now stroking my cock back to an inflated state.

Lynn rose and said, “Wait here. I’ll get her.” I started to protest, but Karen came and gave me a kiss that would melt the sun. Lynn left the room and came back in only seconds with Mel in tow. Mel was wearing a nearly transparent cami with a matching thong. She looked beautiful, and her tentativeness and innocence were obvious.

“Mel meet Jim. Jim, meet Mel,” Lynn said softly and nudged her daughter to the bed. I’d escort gaziantep pulled a sheet over my hips and very erect dick. I held a hand out. Karen slipped off the bed and sat in one of the big oversize chairs we have in our bedroom. Lynn slipped into Karen’s lap as Mel came to my bed.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked holding Mel’s hand and looking deep into her eyes.

“More than anything I’ve ever wanted,” she said.

I pulled her to me and gently kissed each eyelid and then laid my own sensuous kiss on her lips. She kissed back in kind.

I pulled the cami up over her head, leaving her clad only her thong. I gently pushed her down to the bed, indicating she should lie on her stomach. She looked questioningly at me, and then did as I asked. I reached into the bedside table drawer to get a bottle of lotion.

I poured a generous amount of lotion into my hands and warmed it by rubbing my hands together before I ran my hands up Mel’s back from her thong to her shoulders. She was tense. I massaged Mel’s back, kneading into her shoulder and neck muscles. She moaned occasionally and squirmed when I hit a sensitive spot. I could feel the tenseness release slowly. I also worked my way down her legs at one point pulling her thong down and discarding it to the floor.

I worked lotion in Mel’s perky cheeks too allowing my hand to dip between her legs slightly. I asked her to roll onto her back, but to keep her eyes closed. I explained that I would continue the massage for a while before we did anything further.

I cast a glance at Karen and Lynn. Karen was sucking on Lynn’s breasts and had several fingers in her cunt. Lynn was moaning into the action. I made a note to myself to watch the two of them make love more often; it was a real turn on.

I worked my way up Mel’s legs applying lotion and massaging it into her slim body. I carefully avoided her pussy area but did allow a finger to glance through her pubic hair several times.

I was slow and deliberate when I reached Mel’s tummy; I didn’t want to tickle her and break the mood we were creating. I did her arms and her neck, and then focused on her face, touching her hairline, massaging her scalp, and running my fingers through her blond locks. Then, I slid my hands down to her breasts that I hadn’t touched yet. The nipples were rock hard before I got there. I applied lotion to first one breast and then the other; the nipples hardened to state where they could have cut glass. They were magnificent and such a pleasure to grasp, fondle, and massage.

Only then did I whisper to her, “Now you’ll feel something other than my hands. Just enjoy. If I do something you don’t like just let me know.”

I leaned in a kissed her on the lips again and then started to kiss and tongue my way down her neck to her breasts. I let my hands fondle and smooth the rest of her body carefully avoiding her pussy just for now. Mel moaned and groaned frequently now.

After I’d paid homage to her beautiful taut breasts sucking each nipple into my mouth and making love to each one, I ran my tongue down her body to her pussy. I gently pulled her legs apart and put them over my shoulders. At first, she didn’t understand what I would do, then she cooperated.

I lay across the bed so I could tongue Mel’s pussy. I gently circled the area, teasing with where my tongue might land in the area. She was twitching wildly and often leaned to pull my head into her, particularly as I tongued her clitoris and labia.

I gently inserted a finger then two into her passage. I could feel the resistance and tightness. Mel was sopping wet, and moist beyond anything I could add with artificial means. She also seemed relaxed enough with my efforts.

“Mel,” I whispered, “I’m going to come over you now. This might hurt, but it’ll stop soon enough. The good part comes in a little while.”

“Love me,” she whispered as she blinked her eyes open and looked tenderly at me. She raised her legs and bent them slightly, affording me maximum availability to her love nest.

I positioned my cockhead at the opening to her vagina. I reached down and moved it around, allowing her juices to cover the head. Once I felt I was lubed up enough, I gently pushed into her. The first couple of inches I slid in without obstruction then I hit the resistance and paused. I pushed forward, surging slightly with each push until I felt a slight release and finally sank all the way into her.

I didn’t move for a minute, allowing her to get used to the fullness and pressure in the area as well as to let any pain I’d caused to pass. During this whole time, our eyes had never left one another’s. We stared into each other’s faces, reading the looks, and expressions. We could actually see all the way into each other’s souls. There was a rare unity, and here I was enjoying this with the daughter of my lover — with not only her blessing but with her insistence.

I gradually started to pump into Mel, slowly first. She initially escort gaziantep bayan was passive but then started to reciprocate with small thrusts and motions that met mine. She smiled at me and reached up and ran her finger nails down my chest. She put her hands on my hips and started to pull me into her.

Our passion built. I relaxed into her a little so that I could kiss her face and neck. She was kissing me back with more intensity than I initially expected.

Our pace increased and after a couple of minutes I asked whether she thought she could orgasm. She said she could. I put a hand between us and rubbed her clitoris as I continued to pump into her. Now, I had her attention. Her moaning increased in intensity with little yelps occasionally punctuating our session.

She said, “I’m near. I think I’m … Oooooooh, I’m cuming. I’m cuming.” She rose and met my thrusts. As she climaxed I made a final thrust into her and just held position, kissing her constantly.

As she completed her high, I pulled out, still erect for I had yet to orgasm. I grabbed a towelette from the bedside table and cleaned us both us.

“When you are ready we can do it again if you want,” I said to her.

“Oh, Jim, I’m ready,” she panted. “That was wonderful. Do me again. Oh, you didn’t cum,” she said, realizing what had and hadn’t happened. “How could you make me cum and not cum yourself?”

I leaned in and kissed her by way of an answer.

I suggested that she come over me instead of my putting all my weight on her. I explained to her that it would put her more in control of how she felt, particularly if she were a little tender in her nether region.

I lay down, and Mel came over me dragging her erect nipples across my chest as she did. The effect of her move made was electric – my cock was pointing skyward at its hardest. She held it and rubbed it along her slit, reapplying some of lubrication. She then slithered down my cock with her wet vagina; the act emphasized her tightness.

She was an eager lover and I was surprised by how energetic she wanted to be after losing her virginity only moments before. Mel allowed me to caress and fondle her breasts and smiled encouragingly as I pinched and bit on her nubs. I frequently pulled her to me and kissed her, often with our tongues deep within each other.

Mel picked up the pace several times, finally kicking things into high gear from which she did not slow. I was rising to meet her on each thrust, and then I felt the same sensation I’d encountered with her mother — the rapid and spasmodic contractions of the muscles inside her cunt, milking the liquid my cock would deliver and pulling it deep in her body. That was all it took, I exploded into her after a brief warning that I was at my peak.

Mel’s orgasm arrived at the same instant I started to jet my cum into her warm darkness. She shrieked, moaned and groaned all in one telling sound, then collapsed onto my chest just as my last spurt of juice left my iron rifle and shot into her body. I was moaning too. That wonderful heavenly feeling finished washing over each of us in our own way. I nuzzled into Mel’s neck, holding her tightly against me.

“Oh, God, why didn’t I discover this years ago. I could have fucked my whole way through high school. This is sooooo great,” she exclaimed finally.

A voice from across the room sounded, “Because I didn’t want you fucking your way through high school.” Lynn spoke in a stern voice that made us all laugh.

Mel and I looked over at the naked bodies of Karen and Lynn in the big leathery chair in the corner of the room. Karen was nestled in Lynn’s lap, her breasts right where Lynn could suckle them and provide electric stimuli to her lover. Both of them were smiling at us.

“You guys were wonderful,” Karen said. “I’m so glad you weren’t self-conscious that we were here. We actually got a little side tracked and didn’t see the whole show.”

Both women got up and came to surround our naked bodies with theirs on the king-size bed. Mel and I rolled to our sides, and I remained hard deep within her. Lynn came behind me and spooned into my back, her erect nipples grazing my back. Karen snuggled behind Mel, pulling her back; Mel seemed to welcome the contact and even turned to allow Karen to kiss her. My hands remained ever busy with Mel’s generous tits.

Lynn said softly to me, “Thank you.”

Mel turned and kissed me, “No, I should be the one to say that. Thank you Jim. I shall never forget tonight.” She snickered a little and added, “And I hope that won’t be the last time we get to do that. I have a feeling you have a lot to teach me.”

I just grinned, turning to kiss Lynn and then I turned back to Mel with sudden thought, “I didn’t ask but are you on birth control?”

Mel faked a look of horror that caught my attention for second before she gave a big grin, “Yes, I’ve been on the pill for years. This is the first time I’ve really needed its primary escort gaziantep kızlar benefit, however.”

Lynn rolled me over and ran her tongue down my face, kissing me deeply. She reached down and pulled my cock from Mel’s pussy, then lowered her head to my groin and ran her tongue up one side and down the other of my partially inflated rod.

“I just had to see what she tasted like,” she said. “Kinky, I know. You guys taste good together — like Karen and you do; different, but good.” She grinned. I had hardened again to her manipulations and the thought of what her sexy act had implied.

“Now, I want some of that too,” Lynn said. She came over me just the way her daughter had a moment earlier, positioned me at her entrance, and then dropped like a rock onto my cock. A shockwave went through my body. I opened my eyes and saw Mel looking at me tenderly with Karen peering over her nude body at Lynn and me.

Lynn was not to be denied either. She started bucking almost immediately. I could feel her urgency and so rose to meet her. It wasn’t long for either of us. The effect on me of three eager nude women was all it took. I blasted into Lynn, and she responded with her own orgasm a split second later.

As we came I heard a groan from Mel and looked to see that Karen had her hand in Mel’s cunt, bringing her off with the stimulation of fingers on her clit and through fingers deep in her vagina.

We collapsed in front of the other two, feeling their hands and touches all over us. Eventually, Karen pulled a sheet over our ménage and we all slept in each other’s arms.


I slipped out of bed the next morning to do my early morning meditation routine at the beach. I listened carefully to the messages and there were many: “Help someone other than yourself,” “Love unconditionally,” “Be a friend,” “Teach,” and “Love.” I remembered these from the stream of consciousness that washed over me several times during my forty-five-minute meditation at the shore.

When I got home Lynn and Karen were up getting ready for work. Both came and pressed their naked bodies to mine with morning kisses and hugs.

“Lynn,” I asked, “what about Mel? How should I … err, ah … what should I do?”

She rescued me; “Do whatever feels right and comfortable for her and you. If you want to fuck all day long that’s fine with me.” She kissed me again with a smile, “Just save some of yourself for Karen and me tonight.”

“You’re sure?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” she reassured me. “Make Mel happy and we’re all happy. This is a new experience for her. We’re about to give her a summer she’ll remember and treasure the rest of her life.” She gave me a big grin.

Karen and Lynn left for work a little while later. I peeked into the bedroom; Mel was very asleep sprawled out on her stomach, a twist of sheet across her shapely thighs and buttocks. I went back to the kitchen and got myself a cup of coffee then went to my office and started writing.

Mel appeared about an hour later with the sheet wrapped around her body. She peered in at me with some hesitancy. I held my arms out to her and she came and snuggled into my lap. I just held her for a long time lightly stroking her exposed arm and shoulder. We didn’t talk.

Eventually, I started to kiss her hair. Finally, she turned so we could kiss and that started a trend. We kissed and that escalated rapidly to French kissing. Then, I was feeling her body through the sheet and then the sheet fell away.

We went back to the bedroom and made love. I started to teach her some of the facets of lovemaking I like and that I thought she’d like. I taught her about Tantric sex whereby a couple can enjoy sex a long time, maybe an hour or more, without full orgasms that might end the encounter; however, we opted for quantity not quality and skipped the full-length demonstration.

We spent a long time learning about oral sex and how to please each other. I taught her many things about how to please herself and how to have herself pleased by others. When we took a break for lunch, I think Mel had about a dozen orgasms. She had a glow about her that she would carry around for quite a while.

We showered dressed and went downtown to a little eatery that had tables on the sidewalk. I’d been there with Lynn and Karen individually and together several times. The waitress recognized me and gave me a nod, wink and highly arched eyebrows after she’d assessed Mel and her tender age. I shrugged and smiled back. Mel was in a very touchy-feely mood and couldn’t keep her hands off me, a point that was not overlooked. When our sandwiches were served, the waitress put mine in front of me and said in a reverent tone, “And for a VERY special man.” I caught another wink. Flirt!

We walked and talked along the beach again that afternoon, but not before stopping at home and putting on bathing suits. Mel attracted much attention since her bright yellow bathing suit consisted of little more than two band-aid sized pieces of cloth and a thin thong that turned out to vanish once it got wet and reappear as it dried. The guys around us when Mel got wet really appreciated that fact. I caught more raised eyebrows with that lurking question, “What’s a man like you doing with a dish like her?” I just smiled back pleasantly as we walked along with our arms around each other in a way that betrayed our new intimacy.

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