The Glance


I caught a glimpse of her through my cracked front door. Her wavy brown hair with wide blonde stripes and those eyes. I couldn’t recall her shape, just those piercing green eyes glowing through a little too much eye makeup, but beguiling nevertheless.That split-second look aroused me almost immediately, causing me to miss her other half completely. They were walking down the hall away from my office to the attorney next door. Through the shared uninsulated wall with the attorney, I heard her voice numerous times throughout their thirty-minute meeting. With every note, my cock pulsed.I listened for the tell-tale sound of the bell on his front door and made a point of looking up to see her leering my way. Pausing at the elevator as the doors opened, her eyes never left mine before moving briskly in my direction with her significant other in tow. She was a full-figured gal with everything in the taksim escort right place but more of it.Sitting on the front of my desk facing away from me, she beckoned, “Come eat me,” as her panties slid down her calves. Believe it or not, I did hesitate for a split second as her partner glared in my direction. But in that second, I caught a whiff of the most delectable female sex I have ever smelled. It drew me like a calf to its momma. The next thing I remember was being on my knees with my face stuffed into her abundant vaginal flesh.This woman had the plumpest and juiciest pussy I have ever had the pleasure of dining on. It was like a fine wine with hints of sweetness and zesty quality. As my tongue whirled about her tasty cunt, I felt hands grip my waist and pull me off my knees. When I began to pull away to see what was going on, she whispered sultrily, “Don’t worry beşiktaş escort about him. He just wants to stick his tiny pecker in your ass a few times before he cums all too quickly. Let him have his quicky so that you can have me,” as her hands held my face firmly in place.It really wasn’t even a decision. I couldn’t stop eating her yummy puss and was no stranger to bisexuality either. I felt his hands pull my pants and underwear down my legs before they spread my firm buttocks. Honestly, I was so taken by the overall perfection of her twat that that’s all I paid attention to during his pump and dump.Once she peaked from my oral ministrations, she pushed my face away and dictated, “Fuck me now, stud.”While I stood to move into position, I noticed the feeling of his cum running down the inside of my thigh. It didn’t say much for him or me that I didn’t even feel his cock penetrating my back door during my oral efforts; however, I did love that sensation.With my cockhead poised at the entrance of her corpulent gash, I reached out to tweak her visible nipples. While I played, her legs curled behind me, forcing me into her damp slit. Upon impact, there was a sudden splash of her juices with a simultaneous groan accompaniment. I’d never shagged another quim quite like hers, especially one so sodden at the first dip. It wasn’t just that either. While wet as all get out, she was still quite restrictive internally.Apparently, I enjoyed her clutching walls for a second too long, as she ordered, “Fuck me!”I eased out, feeling her grip on my cock like she never wanted it to leave. I had the same feeling, stopping before the head escaped her warmth. The second plunge brought about the same result as the first. This splash reached my exposed neck and chin. It wasn’t just the feeling but also the sound. The only thing I could equate it to was stomping in a mud puddle as a kid. It was less of a splash and more of a splat but a delightful one indeed.

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