The Package

Big Dicks

The Package(This is a story written by a women whom I have domed. While it is true, I am not necessarily the dominate in the story. If you enjoy it comment or message me.)The Package“I’m sending you some goodies.” He said.I could hear his bright evil eyes and smirk-like grin through his voice. The word “goodies” makes someone think of pink sweets, and chocolate covered somethings, maybe something soft and pretty…. But I knew he was talking about was muuuch more fun.He was a Dom I used to see; until I moved for work. We kept in touch, talked and exchanged photos 😉 But this was the first time he had sent me actual. “Stuff”. “You are going to call me as soon as you open the package, little one.”“Yessir, of course sir.” He was always someone who could illicit my most submissive thoughts, voice and words.Finally the day it arrived came. I knew I was in for a surprise. I greedily and excitedly grabbed the shoe box wrapped in duct tape and brown paper and ran to my room. Ripping open the tape and paper, tearing at the flesh of the package I freed the lid of the box! I stared into the depths nearly drooling at what a saw.First I saw a light blue anal plug. About five inches long 1 ½” in diameter at the base and flaring up to 2” wide at the biggest point. It had been months since anyone had used my ass! I was nervous and oh soooo excited as I looked at its smooth blue soft curves. Next I saw a box, it took up nearly half the package! “The bigger the better” read the label on the front. It was a thick inflatable black dildo meant for anal use. This one was 6 ½” long and 2” in diameter before inflation! I stared at my new toy and with wide eyes took in the size of the thing. Quickly I rummaged through the remaining karabük rus escort paper in the box. Finally I found a long; about 9” in length, very realistic dildo. The skin was pale and it even had blue tinted veins running up the shaft!! There was a suction cup on the end and a wire coming out of the base… I found a small silver rectangle the toy plugged into. Upon pressing buttons and switches on the silver box the toy started vibrating!!! Three different settings!!!I could feel an ache coming from deep between my hips as I looked at the bounty! After I admired my new toys and tested the pump up toy I called me benefactor.“Thank you for the gifts Daddy!” I cooed “You always take such good care of me!”“You’re welcome my pet. Now you know you have to do something for me, right?”“Yessir…” I said with notable apprehension in my voice.“Don’t worry babygirl I won’t make you do anything right now. But I am going to give you a few instructions. You are going to cum little girl. First; I want you to suck on your new anal plug, make sure you get it nice and wet. After fingering your tight ass you are going to insert the plug, go slowly baby I don’t want to cause you pain.Not yet at least. After you have it in all the way… all the way baby… you are going to start fucking your ass with it, in and out slowly, letting your muscles get used to the movement. Now you are going to leave the plug deep in you, and put on that pair of cute panties I bought you. I know you never wear panties but you are going to for me ok kitten?”“Yessir, of course sir.” I said with fear, admiration, and lust running through my mind and body.“That’s right baby. Then you are going to karabük rus escort bayan put on a tight pair of jeans, go casually walk to the kitchen, make coffee for yourself and anyone else you encounter. Do any chores you see that need attention, play with the dog a little. Then go to the clothes line and get three clothes pins before returning to your room.You might want to write all this down baby girl.”“Yes Daddy.”“When you return with the clothes pins you will strip naked again, but leave your curtains open. Curious eyes might have a nice surprise today my pet. You are going to lie on your bed, with your head tipping off the edge of the mattress. You are going to take your new vibrating dildo and kiss it, suck it, make love to it with your whore lips. Show it how much you appreciate me, treat it like you would my cock. And I want photos of this you slut.”“Yessir,” I say as I sneak a hand between my legs to press against my jeans as I listen to his deep domly voice.“You will then push the cock down your throat as far as you can whore, make yourself gag I want tears in your eyes. After you are covered in drool and tears with make up running down your cheeks I want more photos. Clear whore?”“Yessir” I breath as I rub my hand against my jeans harder.“Good slut, next you are going to take that fat cock dildo and lick the base, get the suction cup nice and wet. Then stick it to the seat of a chair. Stand over the dildo and slowly lower yourself onto the dildo as if you were doing a squat. Sit down right on it, let it press against you inside, it will hurt babygirl but I want you to feel it. I want it deep inside you. As you sit with the cock deep inside rus escort karabük you I want you to put a clothes pin on your tongue. Pull your tongue out and put the pin on as far back as you can. I want you drooling like the little slut you know you are. Then put a pin on each nipple. Twist each clothes pin around to torture your tits, pull it up and without loosening its grip pull it right off each nipple. Do this three times then leave them on your nipples. I want them raw.”“ Yessir” I say… he has no idea I am nearly at orgasm just from rubbing myself through my jeans and hearing my instructions for the night.“Good Pet, you are going to bounce on that cock, up and down working your legs, letting your titties bounce around feeling the pins on your nipples pull and sting. Bounce up and down on that cock until you almost cum. Go hard and fast baby girl, and make sure you set the vibration to high.”“ Yes Daddy”“Good slut, now, after you are shaking and soaking wet ready to cum you are going to take that blue plug out of your loose ass, you are going to take that big black dildo and press the tip into your asshole. You are going to work it into your ass until it fills you entirely. Then you are going to lay back and rub your clit baby girl. Get right to the edge of orgasm… and then stop. Do Not Cum whore. You are then going to inflate the dildo in your ass. Only as much as you can before it gets uncomfortable. You are going to count how many times you can pump it before it becomes too intense. Then you are going to pump it twice more. Now baby girl with your ass stretched and you pussy aching you are going to cum, rub your clit until you cum baby.And I expect you to sleep with that anal plug kept in your ass so you can dream of me.”“Yessir” I breathed unable to fathom speaking anything intelligent and feeling incredibly subby and wet.He then hung up without another word and left me to my devices. Sometime later I lay out on my bed lightheaded and throbbing, throat sore, nipples red, ass stretched, and pussy still dripping.

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