The Sexy Wife


The Sexy WifeSue was getting dressed as her husband came in their room. He held her close then at arms length and told her “You have such huge tits. I just love them. When I took your naked pictures I have them on my phone and laptop where I can see them any time I want to. They always make my cock rock hard.” He then ran his hands over her large jugs then began to suck on them. Many nights when he got home from work he would remove her top and play with her tits and then keep her naked from the waist up just to be able to touch and suck her monster tits. She had huge globes and nice big cherry sized nipples. She had been a size D from the ninth grade and just grew bigger each year. When she was willing to let the boys look and touch them and also suck them she was never without a date. She loved feeling the young guys sucking and kissing on her big melons. She dated twins once and they would both suck and lick on her tits and she was very turned on by that. As much as her husband loved her big tits she also loved showing them off too. She seldom wore a bra under her tight stretch tops. Her huge tits were firm with no sag and looked great without a bra. Her husband kept sucking and licking her nipples till he began to kiss down the sides and taking small bites of the big globes. He loved to pinch the nipples as he bit each tit all over. He would leave them covered with either teeth marks or large hickeys. Tonight he was playful and he cuffed her hands behind her back and pulled her shoulders back making her tits push out for his rough playing. He then began to slap each tit till he had them quite red. He kadıköy escort looked at her and said “You like that rough play don’t you baby? You love me to slap and hurt those big jugs. Then you can look in the mirror at the bruises and bite marks and remember how much I love those big titties. He then stripped the rest of her clothes off and removed his clothes so they were both naked. He pinched a nipple till it was hard then rubbed it across the tip of his hard cock. “You make my cock leak that precum so bad. That nipple feels so good across my cock.” He then began to push her onto the bed and spread her legs and shove his cock deep in her wet cunt. “You always feel so good. I am so blessed to have you. You love to fuck and I love playing with your big tits.” He them began to fuck her hard and deep. He pounded her tight cunt as his hands ran over her nipples and the harder he would fuck her the more he pinched the nipples. She loved that her husband was hung and could fuck like a crazy man. She loved to feel the long thick cock ram into her warm hole. He also could last a long time and she always got a good long fuck from him. Some nights he would fuck her three times and she loved that. She also gave him great tit fucks. She would let his cock slide between her big tits till he sprayed cum all over her face. Then he would take a finger and scoop the cum into her mouth. He would finish off by sucking each tit a long long time till his cock was hard again and ready for more pussy. Her pussy was always ready for his hard cock.After a good long fuck and filling her with cum they stayed naked and went ümraniye escort to watch TV. She laid on her back with her head in his lap and he played with her tits pulling and squeezing each nipple and cupping the heavy melons. She loved to feel him rubbing and pulling on her tits and even liked the rough abuse. She usually stayed naked all evening and as she cooked dinner he would come behind her and grab a tit with one hand and finger fuck her cunt with the other. Some times he would fuck her ass as she cooked and he squeezed on her tits. He had a big sexual appetite. She also loved to fuck and be used any way he wanted her. She loved to grab his face and rub her tits all over his mouth and lips then let him suck them or bite them. She would also rub his cock and balls and ass with her tits and watch his cock ooze cum. She would spread his ass cheeks and rub her nipple against his asshole. This really turned him on and he would fuck her hard after she ass played with him. She turned over and began to suck on his cock and lick his balls as he shoved three fingers into her cunt and fucked her harder as she sucked him deeper. He moaned “Yes, baby, suck that cock. Take it down your throat. Suck me like you know how. Feel my fingers deep in that cunt as you suck on that cock. I am going to make you cum fast and lots before I am through with you.” He then moved his fingers to her ass and shoved two deep into her asshole and began to fuck it hard as she sucked his cock harder with each thrust of his fingers. Then as she sucked she rammed two fingers in his ass and pushed them deep and sucked him hard ataşehir escort as he let out a scream loving his sexy horny wife. He shoved a third finger in her ass and told her “You like that ass fucking don’t you. You love to finger my ass as I finger yours as you suck on that big hard cock. Take that cock deep baby. Suck it hard. Make me cum and fill your throat with my warm juice. Show me what a good cock sucker you can be. Suck me. Harder. Deeper.” They were fingering each other as she sucked on his cock and he then filled her throat with his cum. She swallowed every drop then began to suck his balls as she kept three fingers in his ass and listened to him moan for her.He then pulled her to him and told her “Give me one of those big tits to suck. I want to suck a nipple deep into my throat. You are so fucking sexy with your sweet ass and big jugs.” He then sucked and bit on her tits as he finger fucked either her ass or cunt. They played for another two hours and then went to bed. In bed he sucked on her tits as they both drifted off to sleep. Tomorrow they were going out to dinner and he had bought her a fabulous dress that really showed off her big tits. He loved her to dress sexy and loved seeing the other guys stare at his sexy wife. He loved her the sexier she dressed and showed off her huge tits. He loved to unbutton a few buttons on her shirts and let the tits show to just above the nipples. At the movies he would slip his hand up under her shirt and play with her tits wishing he could suck them. In France they went to a nude beach and she was a big hit. The guys could not take their eyes off her big tits. Her ass was fantastic too. He had found a website where he could post nude pictures of her and she had over a million hits on it. It was called “Look At My wife”. He loved putting sexy nudes of her there. Her tits were a big hit.

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