The Tale of Two Julys


The Tale of Two JulysI hadn’t seen him at all in nearly 20 years and it has been 23 since we first met. We had a hot night of sex when I was 19 years old on a hot July night. Twenty one years is a long time, he had found me on social media just two weeks ago. We had been emailing and texting almost non stop and here was the day I would see him again. The past 2 weeks we have flirted online with each other talking about what an incredible night we shared on a late night 4th of July after he had seen me earlier in my black string bikini working in the dunk tank at the small town festival. I had noticed him watching in the distance, standing just across the walkway from where the long line of little leaguers had formed to dunk the girl in the dunk tank. He was so sexy, dark hair great smile and he had that bad boy thing going on. Staring at me in what little I had on while I was perched up in the dunk tank. I could tell he was looking right at my breast, they were big for a young woman my age, and only being covered by two triangles. Who was that man I had thought..As I get into the shower I have memories from back then playing like a movie in my mind, before the fireworks I had passed him in the walkway and he was with a mural friend. He said not a word to me but, our mutual friend had invited us to a party after the fireworks. Of course I said that we would go, I wanted to know who this guy was. As the hot shower is spraying over my body I close my eyes and remember the party. He was standing out in the yard, tight jeans tank top throwing some kind of ninja stars. Our eyes met a few times but again he didn’t say a word to me. I remember thinking oh well I’m at least going to sit on this porch drink a beer and look at him. I snap back to the current day and remember my shower. I start to wash my body and think we’ll this isn’t not the same body he remembers, I was barely 120 pounds and a full C cup 21 years ago. Years and c***dbirth have changed some things. As I begin to shave my legs reality hitting me and I am becoming very nervous, I need a beer I thought. I went over my legs and pussy 3 times with my razor, rinsed off oiled up my body and dried off.I went to the fridge to get a beer, man it is hot out I can’t remember the last time it was over 100 degrees in Ohio. Then I get a text, it’s him asking me how much longer, I text back that I was just out of the shower. His reply was OMG you’re killing me! I couldn’t tell him I just opened a beer because I was nervous. I sit down in front of the mirror with my beer to get ready. I see myself and the years in the mirror and think once again to the past almost exactly 21 years to the date, it was July 6th. When the party was dying felahiye escort down our same mutual friend asked me and the girls I was with to go to the home of the sexy guys house, I must have looked suprised because Aaron looked at me and said, ” he asked me to ask you” without hesitation I said sure we will go. As I’m drying my hair, I think about being at his house and I can’t fully remember how we got to his bedroom I just remember being in there, the moonlight coming in the window. Kissing on his bed, undressing… Another text message shit. It’s him asking if I’m on my way, I had to reply back that I wasn’t ready yet. Again he replies back with ” you’re killin me” I finish getting ready finish my second beer, take one last look in the mirror and think ok this is just how it’s going to be.I stop and get beer and ice for my cooler as I make the 40 minute drive, the 2 beers I drank have done nothing so I decided to drink another to calm me down and help with the heat it’s still over 100 degrees. As I’m driving I have so many things going on in my head, I just decided I’m not going to do anything with him. Just talk, just visit that’s all. I’m going to be a good girl and see if I’d want to see him again, see if he wants to see me again. Just be a good girl a good girl. Nothing more.I ended up drinking 3 more beers on my way and now I’m caught by a train at the edge of his little town, dammit. I get a text it’s him, I explain I’m stopped by train. He text back to pick him up that he’s walking he had walked to the post office. Shit damn fuck I think, I wanted the moment I was going to have in my car before knocking on his door. The train gates are going up… Breathe… Breathe… Just breathe.I see him walking I pull over and he gets in the car, I say hello and I can see he’s looking at me head to toe, stopping a long second at my breasts, which I had the tops piercing out from my shirt. He points down the street towards the direction of his house. I however knew right where it was because I drove past the prior night, he just didn’t know. We get out of the car and just like he had said he would do he grabbed my ass as he hugged me. I laughed but pulled back a little as I had come to terms on the drive over that I was just visiting maybe have 2 beers then leave, I was going to be a good girl. Also in case he was no longer attracted to me, I wouldn’t be let down, self protection, I had this….Oh my, it was even hotter inside his house. He apologized to me and said that we could play some pool if I wanted, but he said while grinning that the only air he had was in his bedroom and we could play cards there if I wanted. I opted for cards it was too hot. He still had that sexy grin and laugh. It was really good to see him, we sat at the small table and talked a bit, then started playing some poker while continuing our chatter. We were just a foot or so from his bed so of course my mind would pop up pictures in my mind to 21 years prior. We had fucked for about 5 hours that night, perfect strangers yet our bodies connected like old friends. I was only 19 and had never had sex in a waterbed before, I could hear the water sloshing as he hammered away at me with his big hard cock. Back in reality I said, ” no more waterbed?” He grinned and said “nope” I noticed our toes were touching, I had slipped off my sandals and so did he, we continued to talk and play poker, at one point he asked me if I wanted sex and I told him no. It wasn’t long before I needed the restroom, so when I went he would hug me and lightly breathe his warm breath on my neck. We continued to converse and play poker which I had lost my chips several times already and he loaned me more to keep playing. Then he asked if I was playing footsie with him as my feet were now resting on top of his, I giggled and blamed it on him. Then I asked if it was ok if I propped them in his bed, he gave me permission and I did. Another hand of cards and another beer. He got up and sat by my feet on his bed. He began to rub my toes lightly, then my foot. Looking at me with puppy eyes and another snapshot of the past entered my head. I was leaned back on top of him riding his cock and just enough moonlight coming thru the window that I could see his eyes they were fucking me every bit as hard as we were, sweat rolling off our bodies, he was 24 and muscular I was only 19. We fucked and we came over and over that night, both not really knowing how amazing it was, we were to young. Just then I realizing he was licking on my toes, damn him I thought he’s going to make this hard. I went to use the restroom again, this time when he hugged me he kissed at my neck and purposesly forcing his warm breath on my neck and ear, and he whispers to allow him to lick my pussy for ten minutes and if I don’t like it he will stop, nothing more. I hug him back and giggle but say no. He doesn’t say a word but is pleading with his eyes. I get another beer and we talk some more and joke around, he’s still pleading with me with his eyes. I stand up again and again he hugs me, kisses my neck and I can’t hold back anymore, too many memories…. I let my lips meet his and we kiss so passionately. I can feel everything inside me so awake, I’m so excited by that kiss. I pull back and let him know that I cannot promise anything, he shakes his head and turns me as he sits me back on the edge of the bed. He gets on his knees and runs his hands up my legs, I do believe I was trembling. He slid off my shorts then my panties placed his hands on my knees and parted my legs and lowered his his head and placed his lips on my pussy.. Gently kissing then parting my pussy lips with his tongue, gently nibbling my clit then lightly fucking me with his tongue, hands roaming. I could feel myself becoming extremly wet, his hands roaming my body after sometime he stood up, dropped his pants and ordered me to remove my top, I practically rip it off myself and he pulls me up the bed and lowers his body onto mine. He starts to suck at my left nipple as his cock enters me once again after 21 years, it feels amazing he holds my arms up over my head and begins to get a rythym going as he’s fucking me, I move my hips as he allows and can not believe how incredible his cock feels and that damn good. He stops kissing me and lifts up enough to look at me in the eyes, I am totally exposed the lights are still on I am completely naked and he is looking at me with locked eyes. I try to get get him to flip over so I can ride him but he says no and denies me, and begins to fuck me harder, my legs wrapped around his. It hurts and he can tell but he simply says, ” take that cock” and continues to thrust his cock into me deeper and deeper, I can only take about 20 minutes of this and no longer can I hold back he sends my body into spasms and I voice it loudly as I dig my nails into his back. With moments he cums and I am in awe, it has been a long time since I have been fucked like that. We move to the other end of bed to where pillows got tossed and I noticed he was still rock hard, he only allowed my breathing to get back for a moment and started kissing me again, touching my breasts and then lowering his body onto mine again. I was thinking, who is this guy….Again he quickly found a rythym and my body responded to his in perfect sync just like 21 years prior there was no awkwardness, our bodies connected together knowing eachother like old friends. The past with him was merging with the present we were fucking again non stop that night I was taking every inch of his hard cock that he would give me and I could tell in his eyes and smile that he was enjoying my pussy as he once had so many years ago. Then he works away from kissing my lips back to my breasts nipples and back to my neck, fucking me a little slower now he whispers in my ear ” how sexy do you feel now?” All I could do was dig nails deep in his backnwhile my entire body went into spasm I could feel the wetness just pour out of me. No One had ever fucked me like this, well not for 21 years anyways. He then to cam hard holding my shoulders so tightly I thought they were going to brake.What an incredible life, my true story of Two Julys….

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