Tropical Tart Takes Three


My wife Sally is a voluptuous blonde, a bit plump but not fat. Her figure is the kind that was in vogue in the 1940s and 1950s. She has large 38C tits and a nice round ass. She is 49 but looks a lot younger and certainly has a youthful outlook on life. Sally has been called a MILF by one of our male friends and other is constantly hitting on her. But as far as they are concerned, Sally is quite conservative and that’s how it stays. Sally only fucks strangers. Sally has been fucking strangers ever since we got married several years ago. I have written a variety of true stories about her adventures. This is a true story about our tropical New Year adventure.

On New Year’s Eve some couples go to a party, drink too much, eat too much, give each other a kiss at midnight and that’s that. My wife Sally prefers to start the new year with a bang, a gang bang that is. This year we planned a tropical vacation over the New Year so we could get away from the cold of winter and so Sally could wear skimpy swimsuits and tiny t-shirts for a week. We also planned a gang bang for New Years Eve. I started nearly a month in advance, posting messages at a variety of sites. Sally had fucked younger men in the past but this time she was looking forward to taking on several men in their forties. By the time we left for our tropical island escape, I had lined up four gentlemen who would join Sally and me on New Years Eve.

We had told the four men that we would meet them in the bar of our hotel at 9:00 pm. The bar was not unlike Rick’s Place in the movie “Casablanca.” All of the windows and doors were open to let in the sea breezes and ceiling fans turned overhead. As Sally and I walked into the bar I did a quick look around the place. It was comparatively empty since many folks were at New Years Eve parties. There was a single man at the bar and another single man at one of the tables. The man at the bar was mostly bald and the man at the table had long hair pulled back in a pony tail. They both looked up as we entered.

Sally was wearing a very low-cut black dress that we had purchased for the occasion. It plunged past her breasts nearly to her navel, revealing most of her chest. If anyone was sitting opposite her, they would be able to see right in to her nipples when she leaned over. She was rather heavily made up, giving her a slutty look. Dangling from her neck and between the globes of her breasts was a small silver phallus on a chain. To even the casual observer she would have looked like a whore. We wanted the men in the bar to know she was going to be their whore.

I walked adıyaman escort up to the bar to order drinks and Sally took a seat at a table. After ordering the drinks I turned around and looked back at Sally. One of the men had already walked up to her, introduced himself, and was seated next to her. As I paid the bartender and took the drinks back to our table I noticed the other man introducing himself. When I got to the table the bald man introduced himself to me as Bill and the pony-tailed man as Bob. For the next thirty minutes the four of us sat at the table chatting. Sally was her usual outgoing self, laughing at the men’s jokes and giving them smiles. I could see both Bill and Bob trying hard not to look down at her tits.

Finally Bob screwed up the courage to make a comment about the great view. “That’s an interesting necklace,” he said.

“I thought it might get your attention,” Sally replied.

“That’s not all that got our attention,” said Bill, “you have beautiful breasts.”

Sally beamed, “Thank you.”

By now I could tell that it was time to move the evening along. “I don’t think the other two are going to show up. Sally, why don’t you go up to the room and get ready for us. We’ll come up in a few minutes.”

As Sally walked away I turned to Bob and Bill, “What do you think? Do you want to do this?”

“Oh yes, ” Bill said, “I’ve had a hard-on all day just thinking about it.”

Bob nodded in agreement. “Those other two guys are going to miss out on a good time,” he said.

“Well, we have found that some guys will say they want to join us but just get turned on by the fantasy. They don’t show up. I guess they just stay at home jacking off and thinking about it,” I replied. The other two nodded agreement.

“Well, let’s head up to the room,” I said.

We walked up to the room and I opened the door. Sally walked toward us from the bed. She had changed into a black lace teddy with a snap crotch. Her nipples were hard and erect, pushing through holes in the lace. First she put her arms around Bob, giving him a long tongue kiss and rubbing her body against his. Then she turned to Bill, doing the same to him. By the time she got to me, Bob was already stripping and Bill was close behind.

Sally had prepared the room as well as herself. The covers on the bed were pulled back and she had put a variety of condoms on the night stand for the men to use. She crawled onto the bed and both men got in bed on either side of her. She gave Bob another long tongue kiss adıyaman escort bayan while jerking on their cocks with each hand. Bob rubbed her crotch while Bill caressed her breasts. As I took off my clothes I watched my slut wife writhing between these two strangers.

“Someone fuck me,” Sally moaned.

She pulled away and got up on her hands and knees. Bob knelt behind her and unsnapped the crotch of her teddy. He took his 8 inch cock in his hand and rubbed it against the outside of her pussy.

“Fuck me,” Sally said again, “fuck me hard.”

Bob slid a condom over his cock and slowly eased it into my slut wife. Sally moaned and pushed back against him, plunging his hard cock to the hilt in her wet pussy. Bob pulled back and then pushed in again, gradually increasing his speed and intensity until the impact of his thighs against her made a loud slapping sound.

As I watched I couldn’t help but think that they looked like a couple of animals with the male animal mounting the female from behind. That was my wife, on her hands and knees like a female dog, getting fucked by a stranger. Her teddy was rolled up around her waist, her round ass was in the air, her creamy thighs were spread and a hard cock was plunging in and out of her.

“Tell these men what you are,” I demanded.

“I’m a whore,” Sally replied.

“I don’t think they heard you, say it louder.”

“I’m a whore. I’m your whore wife,” she repeated.

“Are you ready for my whore wife to suck your cock?” I asked Bill.

“Why don’t you go first, I’m enjoying watching,” said Bill.

He was sitting in a chair, stroking his cock. I got on the bed and knelt in front of my wife. I pulled the teddy from her waist, over her head and off. The I shoved my cock in her mouth. What a sight! My wife’s naked body bouncing back and forth, her pussy full of Bob’s cock and her mouth full of my cock.

After a few minutes Sally pulled away from my cock and gasped, “Cum inside me, shoot your seed into me.”

That was all that Bob needed. His plunging got even faster and I could see his face screw up with concentration. Then he sighed.

“I feel you cumming, fill me up,” my slut wife gasped. She leaned back against Bob, taking his cock deep in her pussy as it pumped out its semen. For a few moments, Bob just knelt, his cock buried in Sally. Then he pulled back and out. I could see that the tip of the condom was full of his sperm, sperm that he had shot into my wife’s pussy. Sally slid the condom off and rolled escort adıyaman over on her back. She held the condom and squeezed the cum out onto her belly. Some of Bob’s sperm puddled in her navel and the rest slowly dribbled on her stomach. Sally rubbed the semen into the skin of her stomach, writhing as she did it, while Bob knelt above her.

Bill had never taken part in a gang bang so was a bit self-conscious and had trouble maintaining his hard-on. I suggested that Sally could suck on his dick while I fucked her. Sally stayed on her back, spread her legs, and I shoved it to her. The whole experience was really turning her on so she was quite wet and I slid in with ease. Bill knelt on the bed beside her head, which she turned, opening her mouth and taking his cock. He began to fuck his cock in and out of her mouth. Sally reached up and played with his balls. Slowly his half-hard cock stiffened. I knew why; Sally gives such great head that few men can stay limp once she gets started. As he pulled back, I could see her tongue licking the tip of his dick. As he plunged back in, I could see her mouth and throat opening to allow him to go as deep as possible. I looked at Bill, he was obviously having a great time.

“I think I can cum this way,” he said.

“Would you like to cum on my wife’s face?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” he replied.

Sally grabbed his cock and started pumping it as it plunged into her mouth. All this time I was maintaining a steady rhythm, pushing my own cock in and out of my wife’s wet pussy.

“Shoot it,” I told Bill, “shoot your cum all over my slut wife’s face. Give it to her. She wants you to cum. Cum all over my whore wife’s face.”

These words, combined with Sally’s expert pumping and sucking were all he needed.

“I’m cumming,” he said, and just as my wife pulled his cock out of her mouth, a stream of semen shot from the head of his cock across her lips. His cock continued to spurt, depositing semen on her chin, cheeks, and dribbling down her neck.

The sight of my wife with a stranger’s cum on her lips and face was all I needed to start my own cock pumping. As it started to spasm, I pulled it out of her pussy and let it shoot over her belly. The whole experience had been such a turn-on to me that I came harder than usual. My first shot went all the way to her right breast, my second went almost as far. As she lay on her back, with a stranger’s cum on her face, I continued to pump my own cum on her chest and belly.

I leaned back and looked at my wife. Sally had cum from Bill on on her lips, face and throat, my cum on one of her tits, in between her tits, and on her belly. And there was still a little puddle of cum from Bob still in her navel. She looked up at the three of us with a small smile on her face.

“Since the other two never showed up, I guess you three will have to take their place and do it again.”

And we did.

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