Trouble in Paradise_(1)


Spring break had finally arrived, after months of papers, sleepless nights, and countless bowls of ramen. I had always wanted to take a tropical cruise, but as a student, I never was able to afford it. Fortunately, an opportunity presented itself; a small boat was traveling to some spot in the Caribbean. The cost was only three hundred dollars…how could I resist.

It was the night before the trip and I packed my belongings: several pair of underwear, a few socks, and a drawer-full of condoms. I picked up several porn mags, fingered through a few pages, and tossed them aside. I was confident that I wouldn’t need them on this trip. I was restless as I lay in my bed, fantasizing about bikini-clad women and crazy liquor-filled adventures.

The next morning I had arrived at the dock a few minutes early. Not many people were around as I searched for the “S.S. Minnow.” As I walked I noticed two girls dressed in revealing Hawaiian outfits. My cock began to grow in my shorts as I approached them. As inconspicuous as possible, I walked towards the ship.

“Hello. Welcome to the new economic tourist program” commented one of the girls.

I presented my ticket, trying to cover the bulge in my pants with one hand. It was particularly brisk, and I could see that the girls’ nipples were standing on end. The girl to my right was a cute brunette with a professional air. Her tits were small and perky…her figure was relatively small. She was the one that had welcomed me. The girl to my left was voluptuous with bronze skin, large breasts, and long legs. She reached out to me, placing one of those colorful necklaces around my head. Apparently, she had glanced at my pants and gave a quick smirk. I smiled in return and boarded the tiny boat.

The S.S. Minnow was far from a regular cruise…three floors, bedrooms that were more like closets, and food that was undoubtedly from a can. There were about 20 people on board. One couple appeared to be on their honeymoon. I chuckled to myself as I saw the look of disappointment on the wife’s face.

There were a few attractive women around, but most of them came with partners. I walked along the side of the boat, ogling as I went. Turning the corner, I saw a gorgeous blonde. She was wearing a tight tank top that did justice to her round, full tits. Her tight cargo pants hugged her perfectly round ass. I was about to make my move when she was approached by another man. Were there any single women on this ship?

Feeling depressed, I decided to go look for the bathroom. During my search, I heard some activity in the kitchen. My stomach convinced me to take a peek. The Hawaiian model from before was washing dishes. She had quickly thrown an apron over her bikini, leaving her backside exposed. I watched her for a minute or two and decided to ask her about the bathroom. I then tapped her lightly on the shoulder.

“Ahhhhh” she cried, dropping the plate in her hands. She recognized me, and hesitated before answering.

“You shouldn’t sneak up to people like that…you don’t even belong here”, she said with an angry tone.

“Well…I couldn’t find the bathroom. Besides, I felt like having a quick snack” I remarked. “Let me at least help you clean up this mess.”

“That is the least you could do”, she replied smartly.

She bent down to pick up shards of broken porcelain. Her small bikini squeezed against her pussy lips. I was fighting my erection with difficulty, and I quickly moved towards the sink. I began to wash dishes Escort and the woman soon joined me. We were working as I admired her form. Apparently she had noticed the bulge in my pants and failed to say anything. Thinking quickly, I intentionally threw water on myself.

“How did you manage that” she asked.

I took off my shirt as the woman stared at me. There was an awkward silence as I stood there. My pants were wet too…she began to take them off. My cock was fully erect at this point and she slowly began to suck it. Her tongue flicked and swirled, making me shudder and squirm. She soon worked up to a furious pace, playing with my balls as she sucked and sucked. I was near orgasm, but I wasn’t ready to finish.

I cleared a nearby table and laid her on it. She let out a yelp as her back touched the cold steel. I played with her, rubbing my cock around the outside of her pussy. She had a look of frustration and yelled “Give it to me!” I began pumping slowly as she writhed with pleasure. With her legs on my shoulders and her breasts firmly in my hands, I rammed her pussy as hard as I could. Her contractions were deep and rhythmic; the sensations I felt was indescribable.

She screamed out in pleasure “Fuck Meeee….Oh God YESSS!”

At the last moment I pulled out, spraying jets of cum all over her tits. Her bronze skin glistened as she smiled, breathing intensely. We kissed, just as I heard someone coming.

The woman, whose name I hadn’t managed to get, pointed to a closet full of worker’s uniforms. I threw on a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of pants, hoping that no one would discover us. I picked up all of the clothes on the floor and stuck them into the oven for the time being. Just as I had finished cleaning up, the brunette, who welcomed me earlier, had walked in. She was surprised to find me instead of the woman I had just slept with.

“Where is Natalie? When I see her I’ll give her the third degree…” she said pensively. I wondered what the “third degree” entailed. Natalie had slipped into the closet, managing to escape any sort of punishment. The woman turned her attention to me, saying “Sir, this area is off limits. I’ll have to ask you to leave promptly.” Her dress shirt and long skirt was a far cry from the bikini she was wearing earlier. Her name tag read “Elizabeth”. I went towards the deck of the ship, not waiting for her to start interrogating me. Outside, a large storm cloud loomed overhead…a violent storm was in our path.

The ship went out of control in the giant waves. The ocean whipped us off course, according to an announcement the captain had made. Suddenly, the boat jerked forward, knocking me off my feet. I hit my head against a wall; it seemed like people standing near me also fell. The event is hard to recall…I was unconscious for what seemed liked hours.

I woke up to find my face buried in a woman’s crotch. That blonde woman from before was standing near me when the boat crashed. She must have fallen on top of me after I hit my head. The warmth of her thighs was arousing, and her skin had a soft, pleasant scent. I tried to wriggle free, waking her up in the process. She let out a light moan, responding to grogginess and the tingle between her legs. When she realized that she was smothering me she lifted herself up clumsily.

“I’m so sorry…are you all right?” she said with empathy. “Was I dreaming or was I wedged between your…” I said weakly. “Oh, I’m sorry. My head is still sore, but I’ll be fine.” The woman Escort Bayan blushed, nodded, and went looking around for that man she was with earlier.

The boat had landed upon some unknown island in the middle of nowhere. Its hull was shattered by the rocks…there was no chance of using the ship again. Some people began to walk towards the beach and I decided to follow. When I wished for some crazy tropical adventure, this isn’t what I had in mind.

The captain and crew remained onboard to salvage whatever they could. Plus, they could avoid criticism and hostility; a number of passengers were pissed. The rest of us were lounging around. The storm had cleared and the weather was perfect. Women were sunbathing and the men sat around, looking concerned. In the corner of my eye I saw that prim and proper brunette, Elizabeth, sneaking off to another part of the island. Interested, I followed her at a distance.

I hid behind a bush, realizing that Natalie was talking to Elizabeth. It was hard to believe that this woman could be concerned about work in the middle of an emergency. I was pleasantly surprised when she kissed Natalie. She slowly removed Natalie’s bra with one hand, kissing her at the same time. Their tongues darted in each other’s mouths; they twirled with intensity and heat. Elizabeth playfully sucked on her nipples and flicked them with the tip of her tongue. This part of the island was grassy; Natalie laid down, red with anticipation.

Elizabeth mounted Natalie, still clothed, kissing her stomach gently. She progressed downward, kissing and licking her inner thighs. She moved aside her panties, and began to lick her sopping wet pussy. Natalie was arching her back, smashing her pussy against Elizabeth’s face. Liz was now probing Natalie fiercely with her tongue, while she slid a finger in and out of her own ass.

“OHHhhh, I’m coming, I’m coming” screamed Natalie. She left forth an eruption of clear cum, drenching Liz’s face. Liz was taken aback, but continued by sucking on Natalie’s swollen clit.

They rolled over, as Natalie began to service Elizabeth. She lifted Liz’s skirt to discover she wasn’t wearing any panties. Lustfully, Natalie buried her face in Liz’s pussy, moving her head back and forth rapidly. Natalie was fucking herself with two fingers as they both approached orgasm.

“UHHhhhhh, OH YEAHhhhh” they screamed in unison. They both collapsed from exhaustion, lying next to each other with big grins on their faces. Liz was disheveled with female cum in her hair and all over her face. I never would have guessed that she had such a wild side.

Half-satisfied, I walked back to the area where the ship had crashed. What I saw was a disaster: people with broken limbs, cuts, and tears in their eyes. I asked a bystander, who was hiding behind a rock, what had happened. Apparently a group of savages had attacked the group, even taking a person hostage.

I was horrified to discover that the person taken was the beautiful blonde that I bumped into. It was also interesting to note that the bystander in front of me was her brother. At that moment I realized that the blonde, whose name was Naomi, wasn’t in a relationship. The fact that she was available was insignificant at this point; she was in the hands of some primitive tribe.

Against my better judgment, I ventured into the tropical forest in pursuit of this girl. I didn’t have any weapons, or any means in general, by which to defeat a group of violent natives. Still, I Bayan Escort pressed on, following a path of footprints and broken tree limbs. As I ran I began to hear a faint drumming. A screaming woman could be heard in the background.

I was hidden as I watched the gruesome scene. Naomi was bound to a stone table, hands and legs spread far apart. She had been stripped naked: her perky pink nipples stood up in the breeze atop her large breasts.

She pleaded and yelled “Someone help…This can’t be happening.” I was powerless to stop the group of men. There were five men standing around the table. They had large wooden masks with twisted expressions and they wore animal skin loin cloths. In the background the rest of the tribe was hooting and chanting.

An elder, I assumed, came out carrying a cup of dark purple liquid. He forcefully poured it into Naomi’s throat, before passing it round to his fellow tribesmen. Naomi demeanor changed completely…she appeared sedated one minute, and then full of energy the next. Her eyes reflected a deep lust as she began to gyrate and moan. That liquid must have been a powerful aphrodisiac.

One of the savages approached Naomi, revealing a monstrous cock. It was at least nine inches in length, and almost too wide to fit into Naomi’s tiny slit. Naomi grinned, her eyes glazed over in her drugged state. Suddenly, the savage rammed his cock into Naomi’s pussy, which was met by a sharp scream. I could only imagine that it was painful. However, pain soon turned to pleasure.

The savage pounded away at Naomi’s tight pussy; one could see that its tight walls were trying to accommodate such a large member. Naomi was breathing very heavily and made lustful grunting sounds. Her moans rose with the beating of the drum, getting louder and more excited. She had an earth-shattering orgasm that left her weak and trembling. The native, at the same time, released a huge load deep within Naomi’s pussy. He withdrew, as cum begin to trickle out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass.

Naomi’s ordeal was not over yet…two men approached her. One tribesman stuck his cock down her throat, causing her to gag violently. She recovered, sucking and deepthroating the huge dick. He proceeded to throat fuck her as the other man focused on Naomi’s ass. The savage, in one impulsive motion, lifted Naomi’s ass into the air, breaking the ropes that were restraining her legs. He spat on her tiny asshole and inserted his cock recklessly. Naomi yelled out from the initial pain, her scream being muffled by the cock in her mouth. The native continued to pump her ass, burying his dick deep within her loins. She was moaning and yelling out obscene things, lost in the euphoric effects of the purple drug.

“HARDER…Unnh, Fuck YESSS, DOON’T Stop.” She muttered, screaming with ecstasy when she wasn’t sucking cock.

The three came at the same time: Naomi swallowed as much cum as she could, the rest being shot onto her lips and up her nose. Simultaneously, the cock in her ass exploded, releasing streams of hot cum. She had been left totally spent, cum dripping out of her ass and pussy. The remaining natives finished the ceremony by cumming all over her tits and stomach; the effects of the aphrodisiac had begun to wear off, as everyone began to fall asleep.

I seized the chance: I ran up to Naomi, untied her arms, and carried her off into the woods. My head was clouded by fear and I had no idea where I was going. The trees became less dense as I found a small clearing. It was truly paradise…a cascading waterfall, a placid lagoon, and a beautiful woman in my arms. I covered her with my shirt and waited for her to come to…


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