Three (Big?) Bears


I had gotten into a fight with my husband of five years. I was eighteen when we got married and way too young to know what I really wanted or needed out of life. Of course, he said all the right things and touched all the right places… in my heart, you perverts. Just kidding. He got me pregnant and we got hitched in your classic example of a shotgun wedding. Two months after the wedding, I lost the baby. It was a terrible blow to my self esteem and our marriage. Things had never been the same between us and since we were forced into the marriage in the first place, things weren’t so hot to start out with.

At any rate, I digress. I had just gotten into an all out blow out with my husband and I left without taking the car or any clothes or anything. I didn’t know if I was going to leave him or not, I just wanted to take in some air and clear out the cobwebs in my mind and figure out where I wanted my life to go. Surely, this couldn’t be all there was to life. I was 23 years old, for God’s sake. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but with legs that went all the way to heaven, breasts that were a very nice d-cup, skin lightly tanned to a cream and coffee colour, black silky hair that went down to my ass and was made for pulling and a face that could shame the angels (that last part was my husband’s opinion… well, before we got married and he was trying to get me in the sack), I wasn’t a badly put together package. I knew I was hot stuff and I knew that men wanted me. So why should I be shackled to just the one and one that didn’t appreciate me, at that?

All these thoughts were running through my mind so that I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. Before I knew it, I found myself in a seedy part of town. All the hookers and drug dealers frequented where all the bars and strip joints in town were. I guess that makes sense. After leaving a titty bar where the only rule is “look and be touched, but don’t touch”, it made sense to get a fix and a hit right after you left. I was just walking past my own personal favourite strip joint when three men walked out. I guess they thought I was a street walker in my six-inch heels and short skirt because I was immediately grabbed ahold of.

“Lookie, here boys! This one’s come to us. We don’t even have to hunt!” This came from the one who held me around the waist.

“Let me go!” I yelled. “I ain’t no fuckin’ hooker. Getcher fuckin’ meat hooks offa me!” When I get upset my voice kind of digresses into a weird kind of cockney/southern American accent. I’ve never understood it. I’ve never been to the UK and I got rid of my deep south accent when I was a young girl going through speech therapy classes.

The one holding me just tightened his huge arm around my tiny waist and laughed a great big bear of a laugh. “Feisty one, this. We’ll have some fun with her.” He swung me around and I got a better look at his two companions. They were both huge. They had to be a least a foot taller than my 5’2”… Wait. I was wearing heels that made my diminutive height a solid 5’8”. These brutes stood head and shoulders above me! They were pure muscle and I feared for my life. I’ve learned martial arts and can pretty much take care of myself because of self-defense training, but I got the impression that if I jabbed my heel into this guy’s arch or kicked one of the others in the crotch, it would pretty much do nothing more than piss them off and prolong what they planned to do to me… whatever that might be.

Right, as if I didn’t know I was in for the raping of the century. “Please,” I pleaded, trying to regulate my voice so I didn’t sound completely ignorant and ridiculous with my accent. “I’ve got money, I’ll give it to you and then you can buy all the hookers you want. Just don’t hurt me!”

They started walking, the one man who’d originally grabbed me lifting me like I weighed no more than a feather. I had no idea where we were going, but it couldn’t be pretty for me. Apparently, it wasn’t too far. They rounded the corner of the titty bar and I found myself surrounded by three horny bears in a dark and dank alley.

“Let’s see what you’ve got hidden beneath them skanky clothes.” That got me riled. My clothes weren’t skanky. My heels were skanky, but my skirt went to mid-thigh and my shirt was a perfectly acceptable white business blouse. Of course, the bra underneath was little more than a scrap of black lace, but they couldn’t see that in the dark. It was only meant to entice during the day when the sunlight would shine through the thin material and turn it transparent. My thoughts abruptly halted when the man who had spoken, a dark-haired bear (there was a dark-haired bear, a blond bear, and the still unseen grabber bear) grabbed the lapels of my shirt Escort and ripped it open, buttons flying in every direction. “Mmm. Just what I thought. Nothin’ but black lace for the hottest bit we’ve seen tonight.”

His hands grabbed my breasts and caressed them, surprisingly gentle. He ran his hands down my sides, his callouses causing chill bumps. His hands gently formed my rounded hips and found the hem to my skirt. Amazingly, I felt wetness dampen my thighs, which reminded me that I wasn’t wearing any panties. Shit! I had forgotten. Shit shit shit. His right hand went back to rest on my hip while the other came up to find the inside of my thighs. Instinctively, I clamped them shut.

Grabber bear came back up behind me and grabbed my thighs from behind, spreading them for the exploration of dark-haired bear. Unfortunately for me, this action was unmaneuverable without me coming into contact with the hard ridge of grabber bear’s erection against my lower back. As soon as my thighs were opened, dark-haired bear delved two huge fingers into my wet pussy. “Shit, she’s fuckin’ soaked for us. You want this real bad, don’t you baby doll?”

Actually, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted less at that particular moment. Did I mention that his fingers were fucking HUGE?! My pussy had never been so stretched. I couldn’t contain my whimper of pain. Apparently, dark haired bear took that as assent to his question because he started working those monstrous digits in and out of my cunt. Eventually, my muscles relaxed and I hate to admit that I started to enjoy what he was doing and even started humping against him. “Please,” I pleaded, no longer even knowing what I was pleading for. Did I still want them to let me go? Or did I need to come so bad that I wanted it harder, deeper, faster, more?

Brunet bear must have taken my moaned “please” to mean the latter because he started to go faster and harder. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck.” I whimpered. “Don’t stop. Fuck! Please.” I guess I had made my decision when Brunet added a third huge finger to the first two. It was too much. I came all over his fingers, soaking both him and myself with my multiple squirts. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I screamed in ecstacy. Or tried to anyway. Grabber bear had let one of my legs drop and covered my mouth with his hairy paw to muffle my cries. I was still twitching with mini tremors when I felt something else pushing aside my pussy lips. Something much larger than three fingers. I opened my eyes and gaped down at the salami this guy called a prick. The thing must have been a full five inches around and eleven inches long. “Oh, no,” I whispered. Then much louder, “That’s not going to fit. Please… one of you has to be smaller. I’ll suck you off if you let one of your friends fuck me instead. I won’t even fight you. You’re going to rip me open.”

Brunet bear just laughed a hearty and kind of pleasant laugh. Absolutely not the laugh of a ruthless rapist. “It’ll fit baby. You gave papa Bear just enough lubrication and you’re relaxed enough after that beautiful come you just gave me.” He pushed his cock another inch into me. Oh, was it stretching me like never before! “And besides,” he continued, “my friends plan to have turns too… and I’m the smallest of our bunch. You’d never make it with their monsters boring you out first.”

With that, I guess he was through talking because he shoved another 3 inches into me. “FUCK!” I yelled at him. “That hurts!” I guess either he was wrong or I had tensed up with the idea of two more dicks even larger than the one distending my pussy right now. He started rubbing my clit in slow gentle circles as he worked his meat in my cunt. He would push his dick in an inch or two and withdraw until just the head remained inside, all the while making those sweet circles on my tiny clitty. “Fuck,” I groaned, this tone much different from my first exclamation. By this time, I was fully leaned against grabber bear and thrusting towards Papa bear. “Oh, God. I need it. Fuck me. Fuck me papa bear.” I looked down at the place where I bodies were joined. There was still half of his meat that he’d yet to put inside of me. I groaned again. I felt like I was already full to the max, but I needed even more. I was shaking all over and just beginning to feel the tremors in my pussy again. “Oh, God, Papa Bear, I’m going to come again,” I panted. I frantically pushed my pussy onto his meat, while all the while he continued making those tiny circles on my clit. I was panting and puffing, moaning and whining.

I wrapped my arms around grabber bear’s neck and lifted my other leg around Papa bear so I fully straddled his hips. I used grabber bear as leverage for my own frantic thrusts. I heard him laugh at my actions, Escort Bayan but I was too far past caring. I was covered in sweat, needing him to go faster. I told him so and was ignored. Grabber bear slid his hands back up my sides, over my ribs and roughly grabbed my tits. “OH, YES! Come on you hot fucking dick. Squeeze my tits. Come on! Fuck me harder!”

Papa bear continued to ignore me and do his slow methodolical thrusting and rubbing, just barely keeping me on the edge of a second huge come. Grabber bear took my advice fully, however. He squeezed my whole tit orb painfully, making me cry out in pain/ecstasy. He then centered his attention on my pert nipples, pinching and pulling one and then the other until they were both hot and distended. He released my left nipple and ran his hand down my side, smoothly caressing me, and causing chill bumps in his wake. With his right hand, he continued to switch back and forth, making sure my dark nipples continued to stand at attention. His left hand snuck down my side and moved around to the front of my belly, slowly, so slowly inching toward the place where Papa Bear’s body joined with mine. Finally, Grabber’s fingers found my soft pubic hair and pushed Papa Bears fingers out of the way. Grabber circled my clit once or twice, causing me to flinch and stiffen with too much pleasure. Then, without warning, his stuck his huge index finger in my pussy right alongside Papa Bears too-big dick. Papa Bear continued thrusting into me, pulling out more and more with every withdrawal so that Grabber could get more of his finger in me.

This extra little bit should have pushed me over the edge of that precipice I’d been waiting for, but for some reason, it just continued to hurt and stretch and be too much and not enough all at the same time. My pussy kept getting wetter and wetter, allowing both of them easier access. Finally I looked up from my pussy to Papa Bear and saw that he wasn’t looking at me but at Grabber. All of a sudden, Papa Bear nodded and at the exact second Grabber extracted his finger, Papa Bear rammed the full length of his monstrous cock into me.

Grabber quickly removed his right hand from my tit and stifled my mouth once again. It was not a moment too soon, because those last two or three inches that had previously not been brought into play immediately bumped my cervix and caused me to come so hard I started screaming again. I felt like I couldn’t stop coming. My pussy was milking Papa Bear’s dick for all it was worth and I clawed at Grabber Bear’s back.

All of a sudden, Grabber threw me forward into Papa’s arms and shoved his lubricated finger into my ass. God, it hurt so good! I grabbed Papa Bears shoulders and continued to ride his fuck stick like I knew it would be my last go round before I died. I bit down on his shoulder to keep myself quiet while Grabber shoved his finger in and out of my asshole. My coming caused all three of us to become soaked again with my girl juices and Grabber quickly used that to lubricate a second finger to shove in my ass.

“Oh, no!” I cried. I knew I could take a finger or two, but I knew that wouldn’t be all; Grabber Bear was trying to prepare me for his dick. “Please, if your dick is bigger than Papa Bear’s, it won’t fit in my butt! I’ve never even had more than a finger in there!”

I had frozen in fear, but Papa Bear resumed fucking me anyway. He rubbed my back and whispered in my ear that I could do it. I was such a good little slut to take so much already. “And besides, I lied; his dick is normal sized.” He kissed me on the cheek, and I was so grateful for his reassurance that I wrapped my arms around his neck more tightly and kissed him for all I was worth.

His breath was surprisingly pleasant, like beer and spearmint gum. Having expected a slightly less pleasant taste upon kissing him, I was so grateful, I threw myself into the experience. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and wrestled with his for a few minutes, trying to ignore Grabber Bear’s fingers continuing to piston in and out of my butt. Papa Bear let his hands drift from my back down to my butt. His beefy paws covered the whole of my ass. He rocked me back and forth on his cock and I felt him pull my buttcheeks apart. I thought nothing of it because his hands felt so good where they were and the way he was rocking me on his dick was rubbing diligently across my G-spot.

I was quickly approaching another come when Grabber Bear withdrew his fingers from my ass. I felt my ass gaping open after his intrusion, but it was nothing so odd as feeling Papa withdraw from my pussy momentarily. I quickly realized that Grabber Bear had run his hand along Papa Bear’s dick, getting my pussy juices all over his hand. Then Bayan Escort Papa was right back where he belonged and my ass was being invaded by a fucking submarine! I cried out and Papa Bear shoved my head back into his shoulder to muffle the sound. I never thought I would be so stretched.

I heard Papa Bear whispering encouragement; I didn’t know if it was for me or for Grabber, and I didn’t care.

I was strung up on a pit, ready to be roasted. If I thought I was in pain upon Papa Bear first entering me, I didn’t know the meaning of the word. Pain, real pain, will blind you to all but darkness and make your stomach lurch with the need to vomit. My eyes watered, my ears rang and my stomach revolted. Papa and Grabber were apparently professionals at what they were doing to me because they already had a tempo worked out. It was hard and fast but they were in perfect synchronization with each other; one entering my body while the other pulled out.

I suppose it was a good thing they had it all worked out because surely, had they attempted to put both of their freakishly large cocks in my body at the same time, they would have ripped me asunder. That thought was too much to stand and through all the pain, I felt my pussy spasm again.

I’ve never been big on pain and I’ve never been big on the idea of anal sex, so why the thought of being killed just by being impaled on two horse cocks made me so hot, I have no idea. All that aside, I felt my pussy twitch and spasm. “Not again,” I whispered to myself, choking on the words. My whole body was consumed with heat and I felt myself lock up. For a moment, I felt myself leave my body. I looked down at myself looking up at myself and felt my spirit come and the vision I made, hugged between two bears of men while a third looked on.

I came back to myself still in the throws of the biggest orgasm of my life. Between the pressure of Grabber Bear’s dick in my asshole and my tight pussy squeezing down on his cock, I guess it was just too much for Papa because all of a sudden, he threw back his head and let out the most frightening roar. He pulled my hips down on his cock at the same time that it was Grabber’s turn to come into my asshole. My fear had been realized!

And I just kept coming. I didn’t feel pain anymore, just the greatest pleasure of my life. I felt Papa Bear spew his load all over the walls of my pussy.

“Oh GOD!” he yelled out and I just kept milking him. I was completely helpless and I think so was he. Both of us had frozen while Grabber continued to fuck in and out of my asshole. Finally I was able to move again and I grabbed Papa’s head and pulled it down to my own. I sucked on his tongue and bit his lips and he did the same for me, while still holding my legs around his waist so Grabber could keep fucking my asshole.

Papa Bear’s dick was still semi-hard in my pussy and continued to add pressure to Grabber’s dick in my asshole. Grabber quickly sped up his thrust and withdraw, while Papa started a slow, circular grind in my pussy. He was still fully inside of me, not letting our juices escape me, and his semi-hard state let me feel all the pleasure of the twin dicks in me with hardly any of the pain. Papa spread my asscheeks again at the same time that Grabber placed one of his huge paws on my shoulder and the other around my waist to give himself more leverage. With every thrust into my ass, he pushed down on my shoulder and back on my stomach.

Hoping to get my ordeal with over sooner, rather than later, I started to ride those two cocks again, tightening my orifices, trying to get Grabber to come and get on my way. I had no idea if I could walk, and had no idea if I wanted to even try at this point, but I really wasn’t sure if I could take any more mind-blowing orgasms without dying. Or passing out. And if I passed out, would they just leave me naked in an alley with no defenses? I didn’t want to find out, so I tried to keep myself from going over that edge again. Since my husband was of an average size with a “life”span of about two minutes, I had no idea what my limit was.

Unfortunately, what I did to them, I also did to myself. Whereas my previous orgasms had come with some warning, this one was just there. From one breath to the next, my pussy and ass just exploded in sensation. I had no idea women could have anal orgasms, but that’s what happened. My ears started ringing and I bit down on Papa’s neck because it was there and looked just delectable, but through the ringing, I dimly heard two shouts. One I supposed to be Grabber’s shout as I felt him spurt his hot load into my bowels and the other had to have been Papa’s because I felt his throat move under my teeth. The last thought I had before passing out was that I didn’t know men could come from half-mast… and I really hoped they didn’t leave me in this alley without calling someone to get me…

To Be Continued…

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