Under The Mistletoe


The lights on the tree glistened and flashed on and off making it look so beautiful, I was here under protest, my friend had decided I needed a night out and the yearly office Christmas party where she worked was just the perfect occasion, plus she had no one to take and she did not want to turn up alone.

I was wearing my favourite black dress a tight fitting backless dress with a row of pearls to set it off, a nice pair of black shoes and my little pearl droplet earrings, my red hair now cut shorter with tinsel in it for the finishing touches, it sparkled as did my eyes as the tree lights flickered on and off, I looked around the room, I could see my friend having a ball with a good looking fella and every one else seemed to also be having fun, I put my glass to my lips and sipped at the wine, it was a sweet tasting wine, I noticed as I brought the glass back down I was being watched, I smiled and he smiled back, he was a tall man standing around 6ft with dark hair and the bluest eyes I had ever seen, I could feel my knees buckling beneath me as he seemed to look straight into my soul as if he knew me? Did he know me? For a split second I thought I recognised him, but no, it went as quick as it came, I did not know him.

The sound of breaking glass startled me as I looked down and noticed I had dropped my glass, I bent down to pick up the broken pieces of glass and as I did I noticed a pair of black shoes stood in front of me, I looked up an into those blue eyes, he smiles and bent down starting to pick up the shards of glass that had splintered all over the floor,


I put my finger in my mouth and started to suck it, I had caught a piece of glass in it and it was painful, he took my hand and looked at it, took some tissue from his pocket and wrapped it around my finger, I looked up into his eyes and smiled and he lent forward and kissed my cheek, I blushed redder than the colour of the blood that was seeping through the tissue, I stood up and placed the broken glass onto the table and brushed down my dress, I had spilt wine down the front of it, could things get any worse? I thought to my self as I found my self being led off into the back office to where he produced a towel and proceeded to wipe my dress down.

I looked around the office, it was all dark and full of shadows just the light from the wash room lit up the one corner of the room, he disappeared into the wash room and came back with a first aid box, he placed it on the desk and opened it, he then placed a plaster on my anal yapan gaziantep escort cut finger, I smiled as he put pride into tending to my needs.

“Its only a small cut,” I told him,

He looked up and told me you can never be to careful, followed by a wonderful smile.

I walked around the office as he put away the first aid box and the towel that he had used to wipe down my dress, I stopped at a picture on the wall, it was of an eagle, wings spread wide as it soared in the sky, as I stood looking I felt his hands on my arms as he stepped up to me from behind, he asked if I liked it and I told him I loved it, I looked over my shoulder at him as he turned me around, taking me into his arms and placing a kiss on my lips.

“I have waited a long time for this,” he said,

I stepped back and looked at him, trying to fathom if I knew him, he surely seemed to know me, it was as if he recognised me right from the first time I saw him.

“Under the mistletoe,” he said,

“Don’t you remember,”

Under the mistletoe? I thought for a while as a smile formed on my face,

“Yes, I do remember, how could I have forgotten?” I smiled,

“How long had it been?” I asked,

He looked into my eyes a cheeky grin on his face,

“Two years, to the date,” Was his reply,

Wow it had only been two years and I had done so much in that short time, no wonder I had forgotten, but now it was all flooding back, the night of passion, me, him, my best friend and her boyfriend at the time, the smile grew on my face as I started to remember.

We talked for a while, catching up on all the events from the past two years, he had handed in his notice at the job he used to do and took up with the company who’s party I was attending and I had worked away from my home town for the first 18 months and only just returned back home, that was why I was here to join back in with the community, well that was what my friend had told me, I needed to mix again, she was a case, all she wanted me for was a lift and company going as she did not want to drive and had lost her date, but after all I was pleased she had managed to drag me here, I had met back up with the man who had opened my eyes to the world.

As we talked he kept touching my arms and hands, sending shivers up and down my spin, making all the hairs on my body stand up, as I looking into his eyes I could feel my self wanting him, remembering his anal yapan gaziantep escort bayan touch and the touch of his body against mine, a smile formed on my face and he stopped talking, looked at me and smiled also, I turned around and walked over towards the desk, I had not noticed how large the desk was when I had first entered the room, it was massive, a large green leather topped desk with a sprig of mistletoe on it, I looked at the mistletoe and picked it up,

“You need to hang this,” I said,

I handed him the mistletoe, He replied with a yes and pulled out a chair from under the desk,

“Well go on then, hang it,” He said,

He was gesturing that I climbed onto the desk and hung it from the hanging light fitting, I smiled, kicked off my shoes and climbed onto the chair then up onto the desk, I looked down from on top of the table, he was still smiling, ohh he had a wicked smile and more memories came flooding back, memories of his smile looking up at me from between my legs, hmmmm a grin came over me as I hung the mistletoe from the light, I took a slight step back and looked up at it, it looked just perfect, hanging over the middle of the table, I started to climb down and as I did he stopped me and slowly pushed me back onto the table, climbing onto it himself.

As he slowly crawled up over the top of my body as I started to lay down, looking up into those great big bright blue eyes of his, I slid my hands up over his chest, I could feel the heat from beneath his grey shirt, a smile spread across my face as I started to unbutton the buttons on his shirt, his hands now pulling my dress up and then sliding up and down my thighs, here we go again I thought to my self as I arched up my back and felt his lips slide down my neck.

The door opening took me by surprise, I looked up from the table to see my friend standing there looking flustered,

“Hmmm, I think I’ll come back in a little while,” She said with a smile on her face,

“No, come in,” he said, with a smirk on his face which left nothing to the imagination,

One thing I can remember about him was that he spoke with his eyes and right now they were saying things that made my body tingle all over!

She closed the door behind her without hesitation and walked over towards the desk kicking her shoes off as she did, the smile on her face was spread from ear to ear and as he slowly slipped off his shirt she started to remove her escort gaziantep anal yapan dress, hell I was getting hot and as the last little bit of her clothing hit the floor she climbed up onto the big leather topped desk to join us.

As my clothing hit the floor followed by his, all three of us sat and looked at each other, smiles like Cheshire cats spread across our faces and a harden on him as large as can be, hmmmmm I licked my lips as did my friend and both of us went to work, as he lay back onto the table I slowly slid my hand up the inside of his leg and my tongue slowly followed, my hair trailing behind all the way up the inside of his thigh, she was already busy sucking and licking on his long hard cock, I could see it throb as she slowly slid it into her mouth, her jaw as wide as she could get it, felt kind of funny watching her suck on him while I just touched, I wanted to join in, my tongue found the base of his cock and licked up the shaft till I met her lips, she pulled back a little allowing me to take him into my mouth, ohh god he tasted so good and as I slid him in and out of my mouth she started to touch my body, her hands starting to run up and down my back.

Before we knew it we had all moved around and found a good position that suited all, I was on my back with his hard cock still inside my mouth, sucking on it with her in the 69 position over my body and him behind my head and his tongue licking at her wet, hot pussy, in return for the pleasure he was giving her she was giving to me, my legs spread wide and her tongue like velvet licking up and down my clit, sucking and nibbling and oh god finger fucking me, the juices flowing as I got wetter and wetter, her pussy dripping on my face as his cock slid in and out of my mouth, faster and faster all three of us went till I could feel her body shaking as his tongue flickered at her clit and her cum squirting and landing on my face and as she was cumming he also cum the mixture of cum from them both landing in my mouth and over my face made me so horny that I came also, my body shaking and arching, wanting so much for this night never to stop.

His still hard cock slid out of my mouth and he learned up, arched his back cracking the back bones as he did, then took his dripping cock and slid it into her soaking wet pussy, she let out a moan and bit down on my clit making me cum that little bit harder, I leaned up and started to lick at them both, as his cock slipped out my tongue slipped in, in and out we all went and as he entered her deeply I seeked out her clit.

After a frenzy of fucking and cumming we all lay on our backs on the table, the soft leather beneath out bodies all hot and sweaty from the activities of the night, I turned my head and looked at my friend,

“Bet your glad you came now hey?” She said with a smile on her face,

“Hell yes, I sure am glad I came and came and came!”

Hehehehehehehehehe ……………………….

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