A Different Kind of Therapy Ch. 12


[My thanks once again to estragon for editing my prose.

I wish it hadn’t been so long between chapters, but alas life is sometimes not in my control. I appreciate all the feedback and love hearing from you. Please write. I love the suggestions, but may or may not incorporate them in the story.


Session XII: April Fools

Thursday was April 1st and the warm spell continued. As I showered, I mentally prepared myself for the pranks and false alarms that always plague the University every April Fools’ Day. Every year I found myself wishing that the professors would schedule tests that day, just to put a damper on the foolishness. And then each year I would realize I was getting old and I would try to enjoy the pranks even as I had to deal with them.

The truth was, however, that these days I was finding other ways of enjoying myself. Lucy and I had exchanged a dozen email messages in the afternoon and evening yesterday and we’d made plans to meet for lunch today. We’d talked about everything: our therapy, our lives, our new-found desires. It was mind-opening and so reassuring to talk to another married mother, my age, who was going through the same things I was.

When I saw how beautiful the day was, I sent a text to Lucy, “How about our own April Foolishness: I declare a no panty day. ;-)”

She responded quickly with, “Your so naughty. I love it. Your on.” My inner nerd winced at the two wrong “you’re”s, but I let it slide.

There was nothing on my schedule to have me running around campus, but normally on April 1st, I’d wear jeans defensively. Most years I wound up making some service call or another. But a no-panty day isn’t as much fun if you’re wearing jeans, so I hoped I wouldn’t get a call and I put on a knee-length jean skirt along with a blue and green blouse. Wanting to look extra nice for my lunch date, I spent a little more time than normal on my hair, clipping it back off my ears. My husband had bought me emerald earrings the year before and I never wore them, so put them on too. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t notice.

Once at work, I managed to avoid having to take any of the morning’s outside service calls; I spent the time debugging problems over the phone and setting up new configurations from my desktop. The morning passed pretty quickly, but Lucy and I did manage to exchange a few texts.

I left the office a little before noon and headed through the back part of campus, by the aggie barns and through the back roads. Lucy worked in the next town over and had less time for lunch, so I was going to her.

On one of the back roads, I passed a police car, but I was driving the limit, so I didn’t worry about it when it pulled out behind me. I was pretty surprised when the cruiser’s flashers went on: I didn’t think I’d done anything wrong. Of course, I pulled over. I was hoping that the cop just needed to get by me, but he pulled over right behind me.

Or rather, I should say, she pulled over right behind me. As I sat nervously looking in my rear view mirror, I watched the cop get out of the cruiser and realized that it was a woman. It was hard to tell much about her at first, because she was wearing aviator sunglasses, but she seemed to be in her middle thirties, trim and fit. The blue uniform fit her tightly, on slightly curving hips and breasts.

I rolled down the window as she got there. “May I see your license please, ma’am?” the officer asked me.

I looked at the name tag on her left breast, “Did I do something wrong, Office Cardones?”

She took off her aviators, staring at me with steel grey eyes. With her sunglasses off, I could easily see she was Hispanic and from this close I was able to pick up other details too. Her light brown hair was done up in a French braid. Her skin was olive-brown, a beautiful hue, I couldn’t help but think. And she had on much redder lipstick than I thought a cop would normally wear.

“Your license, ma’am,” she said again, more firmly.

I nervously reached over to my purse on the passenger’s seat and dug out my wallet. I pulled out my license and handed it to her. “I was pretty sure I was under the speed limit, Officer.”

She peered carefully at my license, then she handed it back to me. She pulled a notebook and pen out of her back pocket and started writing in it. I couldn’t see what she was writing. “Please, Officer, can you tell me what this is about?”

“Please step out of your car, Mrs. Burgin,” she commanded.

“But why? What’ve I done wrong?”

“Listen to me, Mrs. Burgin. Just step out of your car, ma’am. I don’t want to have to repeat myself again.”

There was a flock of butterflies taking flight in my stomach as I pulled the door handle and opened the door. I stepped out and, as soon as I had two feet down, she grabbed my right wrist, holding me tightly. “We need to step around to the other side of the car, ma’am.”

“Please,” I was near tears. “Why won’t you tell me what this is about?”

She didn’t say anything, but the pressure on my arm propelled me around to the uşak escort side of my minivan that faced the woods.

“I need to conduct a search, Mrs. Burgin,” she guided me so I was facing my car. “Put your hands on the top of your car. Spread your feet shoulder width apart.”

“A search?” I was shocked, I tried to turn my body to look at her, but her hand on my wrist wouldn’t let me. “What for?” Then I remembered what I wasn’t wearing. I got even more nervous about how extensive this search might be. And then I realized that I was beginning to cream myself. Oh God, this could be seriously embarrassing. “Please tell me what I did.”

“Listen to me, Mrs. Burgin. I will not repeat myself again. Just do what you’re told.” She released my hand and I put both compliantly on the top of the minivan. I shifted my feet apart.

Officer Cardones’ hands started along my back, sliding down from neck to waist, not missing anywhere. She ran her fingers along the lines of my bra, apparently feeling for something underneath it. She paused briefly in the middle, expecting I guess to find the lump of the clasp, but I was wearing my only front-opening bra today. Then she ran her hands over my bottom and along the sides of my hips. I felt her squat down a little as she ran her hand up on leg, from ankle, to, oh my god, her hand went all the way up my leg to my crotch. I felt her side of her hand briefly touch the dampness between my legs. Then her hand went back to my other ankle and all the way back up again.

At this point, I was still completely freaked out and afraid, but I was also really starting to get turned on by this powerful woman who was handling me without compunction or limits.

I felt and heard her stand up behind me. “Turn around, Mrs. Burgin.” I took my weight off my hands and stood, then turned around and faced her. She pushed me roughly back so I was leaning against the car. Her foot reached out and firmly shifted my legs wide again.

“I need to know if you have anything in your bra, Mrs. Burgin. I can reach in and check myself, or you can open your blouse and bra for me. Your choice.”

I began to wonder once again just what was going on. I’d never heard of the cops doing this to anyone before. But I paused and she didn’t like it. She reached up to undo the top button on my blouse. I blurted, “No, I’ll do it.” Her hands moved back to her hips and I unbuttoned my blouse from top to bottom, pulling it out from the top of my skirt. I reached up and unclasped my bra, and pulled it to the sides away from my breasts. My traitorous nipples, already hard, grew even harder as they were freed.

She reached up immediately and cupped my breasts in her hands, her thumbs against my nubs. She flicked them. “Are you aroused, Mrs. Burgin? I find that quite suspicious. An innocent woman wouldn’t be aroused by having her tits fondled by a cop. Are you innocent, Mrs. Burgin?” Her thumbs continued to roll around the tips of my breasts.

“I, um, yes, I haven’t done anything, oh.” She was having an effect on me, for sure. The feel of her holding my breasts and teasing my nipples were sending jolts of energy down to my crotch. I felt my temperature rising.

“Really? Well, I’ll be the judge of that. I think we need a cavity search.” I knew I should protest but couldn’t get it out. Her left hand remained against my breast. Her right hand plucked a latex glove from her front pants pocket. She brought the edge of it up to her mouth and slid her hand into it, pulling it on with her teeth.

“Please don’t…,” I managed, as both her hands lowered and started to lift my skirt. But that was all I managed. I soon felt her latex-covered fingers slide into my slippery pussy.

“I’d say you are aroused, Mrs. Burgin,” Officer Cardones said with a wicked smile. “Very, very aroused.” Her fingers started slowly sliding in and out of me. I wasn’t protesting any longer. Her fingers felt so good in my sex.

“You asked what this was about, Mrs. Burgin,” she said as she continued to pump her fingers, continuing to send shots of pleasure along my nerves. “I have a message for you.”

“A message,” I said, confused. It is hard to think straight when someone is fingering you. “What?”

“From Jennifer Edelman.” Her fingers slid suddenly out of my opening and quickly around my clit. But not enough to make me come, damn it.

“Jennifer? Huh?”

Her fingers slid into me again. “Jennifer wants you to know that she’s reading your text messages. And she hopes you have a good lunch with your new friend, Lucy. And,” her pace suddenly quickened, bringing me closer, closer to the orgasm I desperately wanted. Then just as suddenly, just as I could feel my release approaching, Officer Cardones pulled her fingers out of me. “And April Fool, Mrs. Burgin. Aprils Fool!”

She looked at her hand, covered in latex and that covered with my slippery juices, then she rubbed it onto my neck and between my breasts. Then she pulled off the glove and shoved it back into her pocket.

“Wait,” I said suddenly uşak escort bayan desperate. “Why did you stop? Please, don’t leave me like this.”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Burgin, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I suggest that you cover yourself up, before I have to arrest you for indecent exposure.”

As she took out her notebook again, I quickly did up my bra and began to button up my blouse. She tore a page out of the book, then reached toward me and slid the paper into my bra before I closed up the top of my blouse. “My number’s there. Call me sometime. I’d love to see you in cuffs.”

Then she turned and, without another word, went back to her still running cruiser. She pulled away immediately.

I was so horny I thought about sinking to the ground right there and pleasuring myself. But I realized I was late for lunch and I couldn’t wait to tell Lucy about this.


About five minutes from the restaurant where I was supposed to meet Lucy, I got a text from her on my phone. She had beaten me there and gotten a table. I pushed the button to call her. “Pam!” she said when she answered the phone. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’ll be there in a minute. Order me a margarita, okay?”

She sounded amused as she said, “Will do. I think I’ll get one myself.”

“See you in a second. Can’t wait. Bye.”

“Bye,” she said. “Can’t wait either.”

The restaurant was an out-of-the-way Mexican place. It did a good business in the evenings and on weekends and on Fridays they had a lunch special that my department mates and I sometimes took advantage of. But Thursdays were never busy. There were only a couple of cars in the parking lot.

Lucy got up from the booth when she saw me come into the main dining room. While I was dressed fairly casually, her job as a legal assistant required her to dress in a more business-oriented outfit. She had a blue, A-line, knitted skirt that came to her knees and a white cotton blouse, with a blue blazer on top. She had glasses on today; I guess she had been wearing contacts yesterday. She looked good. We kissed each other’s cheeks and greeted each other like old friends. After all we’d shared yesterday, we were like sisters.

Lucy slipped off her blazer before she sat down; I slid quickly into the booth. A margarita was already sitting on the table in front of me when I sat down, matching one in front of Lucy. I gratefully took a sip, then a bigger gulp. I felt it flow through my veins, teasing my already excited nervous system. I shivered with the cold of it.

“Wait until you hear what happened on my way over,” I said, excitedly. I slipped my left foot out of my shoe and touched Lucy’s calf. I was so horny.

“Oooh,” Lucy said with only a little surprise. “That feels nice. Tell me.”

“First,” I said, “are you…did you…like we agreed?”

“Uh huh,” she said with a smile. “I’ve been trying to find a good phrase for it all morning. I don’t like ‘commando’, that sounds too military.” She lowered her voice to a whisper, “So, how about ‘free range pussy’?”

We both laughed and I said, “I love it. Me too, of course.” My voice lowered, “Are these stockings then?”

“Of course,” she said with mock shock. “It wouldn’t be free range without.” Then she grinned, “Why, are you planning an inspection?”

“I might,” I said. “I more or less had one on the way here.”

“What? Tell me….”

“Can I tell you ladies the specials?” The waitress suddenly appeared by the booth. She was in her late twenties, with wispy dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore the usual tacky uniform of the restaurant: a short, black, tight skirt and a flouncy red blouse. Her hair was pulled back and tucked under a bandana.

“Um,” I said. “Can we just have a plate of your nachos? Is that okay with you, Lucy?”

“Sounds good to me,” Lucy replied. “I’m not that hungry anyway.”

“Do you want the regular or the super?” our waitress asked.

“Just the regular,” I replied.

“I’ll put that right in,” she replied and headed off to the kitchen. I watched her walk away, enjoying the swing of her hips in the tight skirt and her cute ass.

Lucy interrupted my reverie, “Are you usually that brazen?”


“Watching women’s asses like that?”

“No,” I said, giving her my attention again. “It’s just…well, she left me on edge.”

“On edge?”

“Right on the edge of,” I looked around and lowered my voice, “orgasm.”

Lucy leaned back with a smile. “All right,” she said, and now I felt her stockinged foot on my shin, running lightly up and down. “Now you have to tell me.”

“You’re not going to believe this,” I said and we leaned together as I started to tell about my encounter with Officer Cardones in a whisper, anxious not to have anyone else hear me. “Driving over here….” I began the story and related how she had pulled me over and gotten me out of the car and around to the back. I told Lucy about how she’d “searched” me from behind and then turned me around and made me open escort uşak my blouse and how she’d put her hands on my breasts. Lucy’s foot never stopped rubbing me. I swear I wanted to lift my foot to her crotch and feel her sex with my toes.

I kept up the story. “And then I felt her flick my nipples,” I was saying as the plate of nachos appeared between us.

“There you go, ladies,” our waitress said, with one eyebrow up. “Anything else I can get you today?”

I quickly glanced at her nametag. “No, Melissa, we’re good.”

“Yes, you seem to be,” she smirked. “Let me know if you need anything.” And she walked away while Lucy and I blushed furiously.

We looked around us, but no one else seemed to have noticed our conversation. I was glad for the slowness of the restaurant’s business because I wasn’t sure if I’d have been able to contain myself even if it was packed with people.

“Go on,” Lucy said, “this is getting good.”

Lucy’s eyes got big as I told her how the cop’s hands hand pushed my skirt up and how it felt to have her fingers on my cunt. Her breathing slowed down. “Oh God,” she squirmed in her seat, “this has got me going. And she didn’t finish you?” She took a big gulp of her drink. I noticed that both hers and mine were getting close to being finished. “You must be going crazy. Why’d she stop?”

“Jennifer told her she had to. Said it was an ‘April Fool’s””

“Wait, who’s Jennifer?”

“You don’t know?”

“No of course, not. Tell me.”

Melissa made another appearance then. “Can I get you ladies another drink?”

“Um, water for me. I’ve got to drive,” I said.

“Me too,” Lucy added.

“Still working on the nachos?” We’d hardly touched them.

“Yes, thank you.”

I kept my eye out for Melissa as I started to tell Lucy about Jennifer. I quickly went over how she used to babysit my kids and then how I found out she was involved with the Therapy and about my first session with her. “No, she didn’t spank me, much as I wanted her to,” I’d just said as two glasses of water appeared on the table. Melissa was looking at us curiously and I knew she’d heard me. But I didn’t know what to say to cover it. “Um, thank you, Melissa,” I stammered and she moved off.

I picked up the drink and took a big gulp. I noticed that Lucy’s hands were pressed into her lap. She mimicked me and took a big sip of water through the straw. “How much do you think she heard?” Lucy asked.

“I don’t know. I hope not much.”

“So, was that your only session with this Jennifer?”

“No.” I took another sip of the water and suddenly felt the cold and the margarita I’d drank and the coffee from this morning all ganging up in my bladder. “I’ll tell you about it in a minute. But I need to go to the little girls’ room.” I slipped my heels back on and started to slide out of the booth.

“Let me go with you,” Lucy said, sliding out of her side.


The Ladies’ Room had two stalls and a sink. It looked like the door locked, but there was no way to turn the lock. Fortunately, it was empty. Lucy and I were kissing as soon as we got the door closed. It was a heedless, hungry kiss. Both of us were in overdrive from the events of yesterday. And I was still turned on by my encounter this morning and then relating it. Lucy, well, she must have liked my story. After we’d been kissing for a couple of minutes, I felt her hand slide down and start to pull up my skirt.

“Wait,” I said, grabbing her hand. “I want this too, but I have to pee first.”

“I have an idea,” she said with a spark in her eyes. “I saw it on ‘The L Word’ ages ago. After I watched you pee yesterday….” She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the handicapped accessible stall. “Lock it,” she said. She quickly grabbed some toilet paper and wiped the seat. Then she sat, pushing her skirt all the way up to her waist. Her dark haired pubic hair was beautifully framed by the white garter belt holding up her stockings. “Come here,” she said in a husky voice. I moved in front of her. She slid my skirt up to my waist. “Sit on me,” she said. “Facing me.”

I started to get the idea and not-too-gracefully maneuvered so I was sitting on top of her lap, facing her, my legs spread wide and hips to either side of her. Her legs were wide as well, I could feel nothing immediately beneath me. She began to kiss me again and I kissed back fervently, but only for a moment.

“I really have to go,” I said plaintively.

“I know,” Lucy said back with a sly smile. “Go ahead, my legs are far enough apart. I’ll go too.”

I pulled back a little bit and looked at her, “Really?”

“Yeah, try it. Like I said, I saw it once on that show and its stuck in my mind.”

It was a relief to relax and let it out. I guess I trembled as the pressure on my bladder eased. I heard my pee hitting the water and another stream as well as Lucy relaxed and let go as well. “This is kind of fun in a perverse kind of way,” I said. Lucy just giggled. “Am I getting any on you?”

“A little, but its okay. God, Pam, I want to taste you again.” We began to kiss again.

Then we heard the door to the restroom open and close. Both of us went wide-eyed; I pulled back from her in horror. We could see each other’s thoughts in our eyes: by all means, don’t move and be quiet. Maybe whoever it was wouldn’t notice.

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