First Girl


As a tall, semi-attractive man with a crooked smile strode in her direction, Shandy’s heart palpitated. She wanted someone to ask her to dance, just once, and she’d go home satisfied. But it didn’t seem like tonight was going to be her night. She’d failed miserably at attracting anyone, despite her efforts. And as she held out her last hope for the gangly stranger, he stepped right past her and into the arms of a chubby redhead, who giggled so loudly Shandy could hear it over the pulsating music.

With her hopes, fell her shoulders, and she decided it was time to call it a night. Trudging away from the edge of the dance floor and all the multicolored flashing lights, she stopped off at the bar, dropping down onto an empty stool and waiting for the bartender to notice her. She told herself it was probably a fruitless effort; no one else had noticed her tonight. But she’d come out to have a good time.

Shandy could at least enjoy a drink.

It seemed like even the bartender wasn’t going to pay her any attention as she sat on a stool at the end of bar, waiting to order. “You look positively glum.” The voice held a hint of amusement, and Shandy turned to see a tall, thin girl sliding onto the barstool next to her. She was adorable, with a cute little nose that barely turned up at the end and a pixie cut she’d obviously colored to get a mixture of reds, browns, and blonds. She smiled at Shandy, who offered a half-hearted smile back.

“I just expected tonight to be a little more fun than it has been, that’s all.” Even to her own ears, she sounded like Eeyore. Nobody noticed me. I lost my tail again. With a sigh, she sat up a little straighter. “What does it take to get noticed around here?”

The girl laughed, it had the quality of tinkling bells to it. Maybe this girl was a pixie. “I’m not sure, but I definitely noticed you. Were you waiting on a drink?”

Shandy tried not to blush or sound too pathetic. “I was still waiting to order one.”

The girl looked utterly offended and stood, shouting at the bartender. “Hey, Landon, are you gonna take care of my girl over here or what?” The bartender, whose name was apparently Landon, saluted her and started toward them.

He raised an eyebrow at Shandy, who stuttered, “Crown and Diet, please.”

Her new ‘friend’ gave him a shit-eating grin and a wink. “Make that two, on my tab.” He nodded silently and turned to work as the girl sat back down and offered a hand to Shandy. “I’m Trina.”

“My name’s Shandy. Nice to meet you.” She shook Trina’s hand, noticing how thin and birdlike she was. Her fingers were long, and her grip held strength, but she looked almost frail. “I take it you come here a lot.”

Trina shrugged. “From time to time. I used to be here all the time. Landon’s been working here since the Middle Ages, so we go way back. But I haven’t been here in months. Is this your first time out?”

Shandy nodded, thinking longingly of the clubs back home, the tiny little bar down the street with karaoke three nights a week and the retro club a few blocks away. She’d frequented those and felt comfortable, never looking to get noticed and not worrying that she didn’t have any friends. Why she’d moved here, she wasn’t sure, other than to start over and get out of the small town life. “I’ve only lived here about a month. I don’t really even know anyone yet, except a couple of people I work with. And none of them seem to want to go out anywhere, except lunch.”

As Landon sat their drinks in front of them, Trina pulled a cell phone out of her back pocket. “Well, Shandy, let me be your first friend in town. Give me your number, and I’ll text you so you have mine. Then, tomorrow, I’ll give you a call and show you around the city. We can do dinner, and then we’ll go to a couple of clubs I know that are a little more fun than this old dive.”

Not used to the kindness of a stranger, Shandy hesitated for a moment, but Trina seemed so nice, and she was so grateful to finally have someone to talk to that she nodded and recited her number. She waited as Trina sent the text, feeling her phone buzz in her bra as it came through. “Thank you, Trina. I’ve felt Ankara bayan escort so out of place.”

Trina shrugged and gave her that winning smile that made her green eyes twinkle. “We all have. Don’t worry about it. We’ll find your place here together.” They finished their drinks and chatted, and Shandy said goodnight, only half expecting to actually hear from her again. But at least her night hadn’t been a complete failure.

So when her phone rang at noon the next day, she was shocked. She met Trina downtown late afternoon, and they explored the city, with Trina giving a running commentary on the history and neighborhoods. They laughed all afternoon and even talked about their own pasts.

Trina took her to a little hole in the wall Thai restaurant, and Shandy ventured out of her comfort zone to try a new dish, loving every bite of it. By the time they hit a club, Shandy felt like she’d known Trina for years. The little pixie girl really knew how to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, even when you didn’t feel like you belonged.

The club was very different from the one Shandy had been at the night before, and she frowned as she looked around. Trina disappeared, sidling up to the bar and ordering them each a Crown and Diet, and by the time she returned, Shandy needed the alcohol. She wanted to ask about the crowd, but she suddenly had a strange feeling and didn’t want to sound offended — or offensive.

But the more she saw, the more suspicious she became. Most of the couples were same-sex, and when Trina began greeting several of the other people and introducing her to these friends, there was no more question in her mind. Apparently, Trina had considered this a date.

“What’s wrong?” Trina asked over the din of the music. Shandy shook her head, but Trina took her elbow and pulled her aside. “Come on, Shandy, you’ve been laughing and relaxed all day. Now, all of a sudden, you’re tense and look like you’re afraid you’re going to catch Anthrax or something. What are you going through right now?”

Suddenly miserable and afraid she’d lose the only friend she had, Shandy didn’t want to say anything, but she also didn’t want to lead Trina on and make her think…

“Trina, this is a gay bar.”

Trina laughed. “You think? They tend to be a little more comfortable and welcoming than most other bars. It’s a cultural thing.”

Shandy shook her head, feeling bile rise in her throat. “But I’m not a lesbian, Trina.”

The beautiful smile she wore faded but not the sparkle in her eyes. “I didn’t figure you were. But most girls are hetero-flexible. I mean, tell me you didn’t feel something spark last night between us.” As she spoke, Trina stepped so close to her that their bodies nearly touched, and she could feel Trina’s breath light across her cheek. Shandy’s heart thundered in her chest, speeding and making her breath come in pants.

It wasn’t that Trina wasn’t attractive. In fact, that was one of the first thoughts she’d had when the pixie girl had come around last night. But she couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be with another girl. Hell, she had limited experience with men, and none of those relationships had gone anywhere.

She would have protested, but Trina cupped the back of her neck with one hand and brushed her lips over Shandy’s, ever so lightly, making them tingle and sending butterflies swimming through her stomach. The softness was so very different than kissing a man, and something about it resonated with her.

Maybe at least kissing a girl wasn’t so bad at all.

When Trina pulled back, she kept her hand on Shandy’s neck, searching her face for a response. Shandy knew she was wide-eyed and taken aback, and she couldn’t form words, couldn’t really give Trina anything to work with. But apparently, her expression spoke volumes because the smile came back full force, lighting up Trina’s entire face, and she nodded toward the gyrating crowd. “Come on, let’s dance.”

That Shandy had done before. She’d danced in the past with other girls, when they’d gone out as a group, but this was different, and she could feel a tension building between them Escort bayan Ankara as they moved closer and closer together on the dance floor. It reminded her of the time she’d actually gone dancing with a guy back home, and they’d spent hours moving together. Shandy had built up a ton of excitement, only to be disappointed at the end of the night when he turned out to be gay.

Somehow, though, having kissed Trina and knowing her new friend was attracted to her, made the feeling even more intense. And it only increased as Trina’s hands roamed her body, alternating between gentle caresses and forceful tugs that pressed their bodies together. Shandy didn’t know how long they’d been dancing when Trina leaned in from behind her and breathed in her ear, “You want to get out of here?”

For just a moment, Shandy froze, not sure what was going to happen next. But with Trina’s mouth pressed to her ear and her hands resting on Shandy’s hips, a shiver of delight coursed down Shandy’s spine, and she heard herself answering, “I’m ready if you are.”

There was no discussion, no talking at all as they left and climbed in Trina’s little red car. In fact, Shandy was one big ball of nerves and said nothing at all the entire ride, realizing instantly they weren’t headed to her place. That could only mean they were going to Trina’s.

A few blocks away, Trina spoke, sounding a bit nervous herself. “So, my roommate, Brooke, is out of town for the next three days. It’s pretty quiet around my place when it’s just me, but it’s kind of nice, you know?”

Shandy nodded, not trusting her voice just yet. Her hands shook, and her stomach churned as she followed Trina up two flights of stairs to a third floor apartment. Inside, Trina motioned vaguely around her. “So, this is it. Very small, very humble.”

“It’s a nice place,” Shandy told her, wishing she had décor and comfortable, used furniture for her own place. She was still using a bean bag chair and had bare walls. She stood, wringing her hands, until Trina reached and gently took one of them in her own. “My room is this way.” Slowly, she led Shandy down a short hall into a small, dark room, decorated in blues and greens. As she looked around, Trina moved behind her and brushed her hair off her neck, pressing lips to her shoulder, then running her tongue up to just below her ear.

Shandy couldn’t stop the moan that escaped her mouth. The light touch and the sensual caress of Trina’s mouth ignited a fire like she’d never felt before inside, and Shandy tilted her head to the side to give Trina better access. But that didn’t seem to be what Trina wanted, and she spun Shandy around, taking her mouth with desperate force, their tongues tangling and dancing together with the same perfectly synced rhythm they’d found together at the club. Hesitantly, Shandy placed her hands on either side of Trina’s face, wanting to pull her in deeper, and she gasped into Trina’s mouth as one of Trina’s hands snaked to pet the juncture between her thighs. Moisture pooled instantly, perhaps simply at the thought that a girl would know so much better how to please her than any man could have ever thought to.

Step by step, Trina moved her backward across the floor until the back of her knees hit the bed, and she sat down before Trina crawled onto her, taking her down to her back. The soft feel of Trina’s thin body above hers only fueled her desire, a foreign sensation as she let her hands move up and down Trina’s back, over her arms, and finally, under her shirt to find her small, perky breasts. Shandy had never felt anyone’s breasts before, but these were perfect in her hands, and Trina moaned as she sat up and tore off her shirt.

Shandy’s clothes were only moments behind as Trina tugged at the hem of her shirt and sat her up enough to tear it over her head before unclasping her bra. She had only a brief second to be embarrassed before Trina laid her back down and took one taut nipple into her mouth, circling it with her tongue over and over as Shandy arched her back before nibbling at it and moving to offer the same treatment to the other.

Trina kissed a trail down her stomach that had Shandy Bayan escort Ankara gasping for air, the raw sexuality of it making her so hot she wanted to scream. And as Trina reached the fly of her jeans and began to unzip it, Shandy felt pools of liquid fill her panties. With infinite care, Trina pulled down both jeans and panties, leaving Shandy fully exposed, and Trina’s hand cupped her sex, her fingers finding the moist, hot folds and teasing at them until Shandy came with a blinding force.

Trina’s remarkable mischievous grin grew larger, even as her green eyes darkened to a jade color with passion before she pushed thighs apart and took Shandy’s cleft into her mouth. This time, Shandy couldn’t hold back the cry of delight as waves of ecstasy rolled through her over and over. Trina’s tongue worked wonders, separating her lips and rolling her clit around in her mouth, stimulating her to the point of near pain, just before darting her tongue inside, flicking over and over until Shandy felt herself squirting into Trina’s mouth.

Trina lapped at her, moaning as she licked, and she continued the sweet torture, drawing out every last drop from Shandy, until every inch of Shandy’s body felt loose and languid. Still, she wasn’t done. With the pleasure she’d received, she wanted to return the favor, and she now wondered just what another girl would taste like. Pushing up on her elbows, she pulled Trina up her body so the two of them were skin to skin, and she kissed Trina’s glossy lips, tasting her own juices, which surprisingly made her drip some more.

Smoothly, she rolled over, putting Trina beneath her, and she drew Trina’s pants down to find a perfectly formed, completely shaven pussy. She hesitantly touched it, finding it just as wet and promising as her own had been, and as she curiously drew her fingers along Trina’s folds, Trina arched her back and moaned, fisting her hands in the sheets.

Encouraged by the reaction, Shandy lowered her body between Trina’s legs so her face was inches from the beautiful mound between her thighs, and tentatively, she dipped two fingers inside Trina’s center, causing Trina to explode, crying out as cum poured down Shandy’s fingers. The feel of it was incredible, and she drove her fingers in over and over until Trina could barely breathe and her whole hand was coated in sweet, salty juices.

Pulling her fingers out, she drew them over Trina’s clit before lowering her mouth to it and sucking it in between her lips. Trina gasped, and Shandy continued to suckle her, flicking the cleft with her tongue over and over again as she toyed at Trina’s opening with her fingers. She ran circles around the sweet nub as Trina had done for her, and she could feel Trina trying to crawl away as the pleasure overwhelmed her, cum pouring out of her like a faucet and running down Shandy’s chin.

Finally, Trina’s body seemed to settle, and Shandy pulled back, teasing with her fingers once, twice, three more times before sliding back up the beautiful, thin, birdlike body until she lay almost fully on top of Trina, whose eyes were dark with heavy lids.

Her grin looked like the cat who got the canary. “Either you’ve done that before or you’re a natural.”

Shandy chuckled, her whole body sizzling with aftershocks of what had to be the most amazing sex she’d ever had. “I just tried to imitate what you did, and tried to do the things I thought I liked.”

Trina nodded as she raised her head to kiss the tip of Shandy’s nose. “That was incredible.” She rolled Shandy to her side and cradled her in the crook of her shoulder, one hand toying in Shandy’s long hair. “So, am I taking you home, or are you spending the night with me?”

Still feeling a bit awkward about the whole situation, Shandy wasn’t sure how to answer. She felt she should sleep in her own bed, but she was hesitant to leave. Trina yawned and said, “If you stay, there will definitely be more of this.”

That went a long way in making the decision for Shandy as her body reacted on those words. She ran a circle with one finger around Trina’s left nipple, watching it grow hard and pointed as she said, “You know, I’m still not a lesbian.”

Trina’s laugh was deep and amused as she rolled over on top of Shandy, straddling her so her moisture coated Shandy’s stomach. “Maybe not, but don’t tell me you don’t like it.”

Oh, Shandy liked it. She liked it very much indeed.

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