A Lovely Time in Valley County: Chapter 1


“I hope you’re not tired of the beautiful weather we’ve been having because there’s going to be another sunny day in Valley County…” The forty-two-year-old Alan Westerman looked out through the window of his radio studio from atop the hill. The glimmers from the sun as it rose over the Valley was quite a thing to behold, a sight that Alan had been fortunate to experience for almost twenty years being the local weatherman and radio host. “And now here’s a song by the Simmons, Let the sunshine shine…” Alan switched over to the song while his producer Kirsten came on over the studio’s intercom.“Alan, your wife is on line two.” “Thanks. Kirsten.” Alan was excited to hear from his wife Kathryn who was visiting their daughter Lindsey at her college.“Hey, hun.” Alan glanced over at the framed photographs he had sitting on his desk. One was a family photo with his sweet nineteen-year-old daughter Lindsey and his wife Kathryn. The other photograph was of his beautiful wife in a stunning and revealing evening gown that hugged her slender body. Though she wasn’t alone in the photograph. Next to her, with his arm around her waist stood Marcus, a very handsome black man that they had met during the award show where Alan had accepted an award for favorite local personality. The loving smile Kathryn had in the photograph always made Alan feel warm inside.“Hi, honey, I hope I’m not calling at a bad time.” Kathryn laid naked in her hotel room bed, her head resting against the soft pillow. She had just woken up a few minutes earlier and tuned into her husband’s morning show, which she loved to listen to each morning. However, since Alan’s show was only broadcasted locally in Valley County, she had listened through their radio app on her phone.“You know you can never call me at a bad time.” Alan was as much in love with his wife now as he was when he met her, over twenty years ago.“Oh, you sweet talker you,” Kathryn smiled at her husband’s compliment.“Well, I am a professional…” Alan chuckled, having been on the radio for almost twenty years.“And of course, it’s not hard when I’m talking to such a beautiful woman.” Alan wished that he could reach across the phone line and give his wife a kiss.Whilst Kathryn enjoyed her husband’s sweet talk, she felt the touch of a strong, masculine hand on her naked skin. From her somewhat flat, yet fleshy tummy, she felt it glide up her body until it reached her soft breasts.“Mhhmm.” Kathryn moaned and glanced up at the sexy black man she had spent the night with. It felt so amazing having his hands all over her breasts, fondling them, caressing her nipples.Oh… Over the phone line, Alan heard his wife moan and smiled to himself. Had he gotten her a bit excited with his sweet talk.“Ohh, Mike…” Kathryn gasped when the man lying next to her ran his hand down her body until he reached her sweet spot between her legs. There, he slid two fingers along her slit and slowly began to rub her clit.Oh… An even bigger smile spread across Alan’s face when he realized that his wife wasn’t alone. Instinctively, he unzipped his pants and stuck his hand down past his underwear, where his soft penis had begun to stiffen. He wondered if it was the same black man Kathryn had spent the night with.The reason he wondered, was because last night whilst he laid in bed watching the news, he had gotten a text message with an included video clip from his wife.The message had read; Enjoy the big splash. Smiley Face.The moment Alan clicked on the video clip, which featured an impressive black cock being jerked above Kathryn’s face, he tossed the bedspread to the side and started stroking his bare penis. “Give me that big load… I want it all over my face.” Alan saw his beautiful wife looking up at the camera.Oh yes, come on her face… Alan furiously stroked his meager penis. He wanted to come at the same time as the black man came over Kathryn.“Uh uhh uhhh uhhhhh!” Alan heard the man grunt while ropes of cum shot out from the tip of his big cock and splashed across Kathryn’s pretty face.“Oh, yesss…” Alan felt his balls twitch and immediately after two slender streams of sperm burst out from his erection and landed on his belly. With a heavy breath and his penis dripping cum, Alan turned his focus back onto the clip where the black man was still erupting over Kathryn’s face.“Oh wow.” Alan panted. His wife looked so exquisite with all that slimy semen on her face. Kathryn looked even more beautiful when the tip of the black man’s cock began to drip instead of shoot cum, and she took him into her mouth and gently sucked his throbbing cock. What Alan wouldn’t have given to have been there with her. The video ended with Kathryn looking up into the camera, smiling, and blowing him a kiss.“What a woman.” Alan had naturally leaned in and tried to kiss his wife’s cum splashed lips.Back in Kathryn’s hotel room, she had turned to face Mike and was kissing him. At the same time, she had reached down and was stroking his ebony cock. A cock, so girthy that her fingers only reached halfway around.In the studio, Alan wondered if he should maybe say goodbye and hang up. He didn’t want to be improper and listen in on the black man without knowing that it was okay.“Is it okay if my husband listens in?” It was as if Kathryn had read her husband’s mind.“Sure, put it on speaker,” Mike told Kathryn who lit up knowing that her husband could listen in. After that, she https://escortium.org put her phone on speaker and laid it on the pillow next to them.With that, she got on top of him, kissed him longingly, and slowly sunk down onto his majestic manhood. “Oh godddddd! It’s so bigg, and soo gooood!” Kathryn slowly moved her hips sliding his thickness deeper and deeper inside her pussy.“Yeah… Ride that big dick.” Mike had his hands on her waist and enjoyed the tightness of her pussy, while looking up at the beautiful woman and the blissful look she had on her face. “Uh uhhhh…” A soft grunt was heard through the speakerphone. It was Alan soaking his underwear with cum.In the producers’ booth at the radio station, Kirsten had overheard some of the conversations through Alan’s speakerphone.“Hehe.” She giggled when she saw and heard him groan. There was no doubt in her mind that he had just come in his pants. Immediately her thoughts drifted to her boyfriend Scott and the cute look he would always get while watching her make out with a sexy black man.“Oh, darn.” Kirsten realized that the song had ended.Tapping the glass window between her and the studio that Alan was in, she managed to get his attention.“Uh, I… uhh… I have to get back on the air… uh…Thank… Thank you for letting me listen, Mr. Mike. I apologize if I got your name wrong.” Alan breathed heavily while he both thanked and apologized to the black man, who he remembered hearing his wife call Mike. He wanted to be proper so he added the Mr. part.“You’re… ahh…. Welcome.” Mike had a firm grip of Kathryn’s waist and started pounding her hard even from underneath her. “By…e… hon… oh, goddddd!” Kathryn couldn’t even finish her sentence, her pussy was absolutely stuffed to the brink with Mike’s thick manhood.“Bye…” Alan reluctantly hung up and switched on his studio mic.“Hey… folks.” Alan still breathed somewhat heavily.“You can probably tell that I’m a bit out of breath. The reason, other than being out of shape…” Alan laughed.“Is that my lovely wife just called me up from her hotel, where she was enjoying the company of a handsome black man… So if you would all just bear with me, I’ll run another song so I can catch my breath.” Alan chuckled and turned on another song.It, of course, wasn’t the first time something like that had happened on live air. Afterward, Alan would often get flooded with supportive messages and calls from both male and female listeners telling him that they loved his show and that they had all been in similar spots.Miles away from the Radio station, on 14 Crest Road, inside the lovely home of Fadi and Jamilah Najjar, Fadi reached up with both arms in the air and yawned. “Ahhhh-haaaa.” He woke up in the downstairs guest bedroom with a smile on his face. He had just had the most amazing dream, evident by his slender penis standing straight up.In the dream, he had picked up the latest issue of Molly Magazine for Jamilah, on which she was featured topless on the cover, standing next to two big and muscular black men. The two men had their eyes on her huge naked breasts, while Jamilah smiled lovingly at Fadi. Proudly he had told the cashier at the store that the woman on the cover was his wife. Suddenly, he was no longer in the store. Instead, he stood in front of his wife and the two black men. Not only did one of the men have his big cock in Jamilah’s mouth, but he was coming as well. When he pulled his thick manhood out, cum flowed from the tip, and that’s when Jamilah turned.“Kiss me Fadi.” She looked at him lovingly with a mouth full of cum.“Oh yes, my love…” Unfortunately, this was when Fadi woke up from his dream. Which had been absolutely wondrous, though a bit incoherent, like most dreams, were.As Fadi sat up on the edge of the bed, he raised his arms above his head and stretched once more. After another yawn, he glanced over at the alarm clock which he suspected would go off at any moment now. “Oh no.” He had forgotten to set the alarm. It was already a few minutes past eight. Fadi had wanted to get up a bit earlier so that he could make breakfast for Jamilah and Marc.I hope they haven’t gotten up yet… Fadi flew out of bed and hurried into the guest bathroom, where he peed, he had to lean over quite a bit since his penis was still standing straight up from his dream. Having thrown some water on his face, and brushed his teeth, he rushed back into the bedroom and found himself a pair of underwear. He didn’t bother with any other clothes since he was already late.On his way to the kitchen, he passed the living room where he saw his wife’s dress on the sofa chair, along with Marc’s pants and shirt. Seeing their clothes, his mind flashed with images from last night where Jamilah had been on top of Marc, riding his big black cock hard, while her amazing tits had been in his face. Fadi felt a nice twitch in his underwear when he thought of the wonderful evening.Phew… Fadi breathed a sigh of relief when he got to the kitchen and neither his wife nor Marc was there. Hopefully, he could still make them breakfast.On his way over to the fridge, he glanced over at the digital photo frame that hung on the wall next to the fridge. Each day a new romantic photograph of himself and Jamilah would rotate in. Though if he had to be completely honest, most of the photographs he had copied into the frame were off Jamilah, and today was no exception. The picture that was on display Fadi had taken during a vacation, where Jamilah, in a skimpy bikini, had just been picked up off of her feet by Ramone, a handsome black man they had met on the beach. At the time, Ramone had been naked, and his thick and lengthy cock hung down between his thighs while he held Jamilah in his strong arms.Fadi sighed at the beautiful and joyful smile that Jamilah sported when she looked up at Ramone. He also fondly remembered after the photograph was taken, when Jamilah asked Ramone if she could worship his ebony manhood. What a vacation… Fadi smiled to himself, and with another twitch in his underwear, his mind wandered to the photo he had taken of Ramone erupting, shooting cum all over Jamilah’s oversized breasts.After another tender sigh, admiring the photograph, Fadi remembered breakfast and snapped to it. Though before seeing what he had in the fridge, he went over and turned on the kitchen television. His favorite morning show, “Nothing but Sunshine with Sunny and Nolan” had already been on for an hour.“Our next guest is the star of the new hit television show Action Jaxson, the talented and handsome Apollo Ababwe.” Nolan and Sunny stood up and applauded the broad-shouldered black man.Sunny, the youthful blonde co-host of the morning show, had become well known for her fashion sense, and in her high rise mom jeans, and her loose pink top that halted just below her bare breasts, she had almost single-handedly reignited a flame for 80’s fashion. “Thank you for having me.” Apollo sat down on the angular sofa next to Sunny and Nolan. His tailored shirt and pants drew everyone’s attention to his almost sculpted physique. Including Sunny, who almost looked lost in desire.“It’s our pleasure.” With a hint of a smile, Nolan began the interview while his co-host seemed a bit preoccupied. “And I must confess, my wife and I have been huge fans of yours since Black Commando.” Fadi fondly nodded when Nolan mentioned Black Commando. He had seen the action movie plenty of times, where Apollo played Jericho, a highly decorated commando who sets out to rescue his friend Bill’s wife who had been kidnapped.Such a great movie… Fadi felt his penis stiffen when he thought of the scene where Jericho beds Bill’s wife after freeing her from the villain’s evil clutches. What had made the scene so wonderful in Fadi’s opinion, was the fact that Bill had been helping Jericho over the radio, and now, with the radio on, he got to listen in on his wife having sex with Jericho.The joyful scene brought back such lovely memories for Fadi of Jamilah calling him up so that he could listen in on her in bed with a handsome black man. Those were certainly calls he loved to get while at work.With a smile on his face, Fadi went over to the fridge.“Hmm…” He looked through the fridge, and grabbed some eggs, milk, and strawberry, along with some bread from the cupboard. He had decided to make an omelet with toast. Not the most original breakfast, but he wasn’t sure if he had time for anything else.Amongst the Najjar men, the tradition of making breakfast for the black man who had graced their home with his presence and spent the night in bed with their wife, was a proud one, one that had been passed down from father to son. Fadi remembered many wonderful mornings helping his father Nadir prepare breakfast for the handsome black man who had spent the night in bed with Halima, Fadi’s mother.Though he wasn’t a chef by any means, Fadi liked to think of himself as a pretty good cook. At least someone who could turn an average breakfast omelet into something special. In fact, it occurred to him that Marc’s last name was Leroux, and with the accent that he had, Fadi decided to whip up a french omelet.So, with a frying pan on medium heat, he dropped in a knob of butter. Whilst the butter began to melt, Fadi cracked a few eggs into a bowl and wisked them gently with a fork. After seasoning the eggs with parmesan and some salt and pepper, he poured the mixture into the sizzling pan. With his wooden fork, he drew the mixture from side to side a few times then left it for a few seconds.At that time, Fadi heard some footsteps upstairs. He could tell that they came from the bedroom.Maybe they just got up… Fadi felt a bit relieved and wanted to glance over at the stairs, but since he certainly didn’t want to ruin the breakfast, he couldn’t take his eyes off of the omelet.For a moment, Fadi expected to hear Jamilah and Marc’s footsteps on their way down, but when he didn’t, he took the time to finish the omelet, splitting it into two pieces onto separate plates. After which he garnished them with chives and parsley, put some french toast on the side, and finished off with a few strawberries.Frankly, looking at the delicious plates, Fadi felt that he might have outdone himself. However, Jamilah and Marc had yet to come down.Hmm, perhaps I should serve them upstairs… Fadi walked over and glanced up the stairs. Still, there was no sign of either Jamilah or Marc.Well, I should probably ask them, they might want to have breakfast downstairs… Fadi headed upstairs, and midway he heard not only the shower from the bedroom’s adjoining bathroom but also soft moans.Oh… For a moment he thought about waiting, and not going upstairs. He didn’t want to be improper and barge in since they were most likely both in the shower. At the same time, having made such an amazing omelet, he also wanted to let them know that breakfast was prepared for them.Fadi thought to himself that if he decided to continue upstairs, he wouldn’t actually barge in per se. He would knock timidly, make himself known, and apologize. A gesture he, and many other men had picked up from the actor Martin, who plays Clumsy Martin. In a famous article in Cuck Magazine, Martin had confessed that in the beginning, when the show started, he had been a bit uneasy about the fact that he had to barge in and try to catch the black men who were having sex with his wife Jessica. Even though it was the premise of the show, Martin told the Magazine that he always made sure to apologize to the black actors he had to barge in on, both before and after the scene was shot.Martin also revealed in the article that he liked to invite the actors back to his home, where they and Jessica could take their time and finish what they had started on the set of the show.After a brief moment of contemplation, most of which was spent imagining Jamilah in Marc’s arms, Fadi decided to go upstairs. And with those wonderful thoughts in mind, his underwear now sported the outline of his erection.On the last step of the stairs, Fadi glanced over at the open door to the master bedroom. His ears filled up with Jamilah’s joyous moans, which cut through the sound of the shower like butter. With his heart pumping faster, Fadi carefully made his way over to the bedroom. Oh wow… He had meant to knock on the door, but before he had a chance to do so, he caught a glimpse of Jamilah and Marc through the bathroom’s open door, and the shower’s clear glass.Jamilah was slightly bent over, her arms and face tenderly resting against the glass. The huge natural pillows that were her breasts were also pressed and somewhat flattened against the glass. Behind her, with his hands on her hips, Marc rhythmically plunged his sizable black cock through the tight canal of Jamilah’s pussy. So beautiful… Fadi was so taken. Jamilah looked so amazing in the shower with Marc. The sheer bliss that radiated off of her was something out of a dream or a painting. Fadi could simply watch Jamilah like that forever.“Ohh oh oh!” Jamilah just couldn’t have asked for a better morning. She had woken up to Marc gently holding her tits together and moving his lips between her nipples, sucking them passionately. After a few more kisses he had moved down between her thighs and had eaten her pussy to such an amazing orgasm. Jamilah had so wanted to worship his tremendous cock in return, to feel it in her mouth, but instead, Marc had ushered her into the shower. There, after an intense makeout session, he had eased into her wetness and had brought her to another orgasm. On the verge of another climax, Jamilah opened her eyes, and through the clear but steamy shower glass, she saw her loving husband in the doorway. She could tell that he had his hand inside his underwear and was stroking his erection. “Ohh, my… husband… is watching.” Jamilah moaned. She wanted Marc to know that her sweet husband was out there.“Mmm.” Marc could see Fadi through the steam. Though he had only met him yesterday, he really liked him. Jamilah’s husband was truly polite, almost overly so, but that was something Marc had always appreciated.“Well… mm… let’s give him something to watch.” Marc picked up his pace and slammed his manliness into Jamilah hard.And just in that wonderful moment, Marc nudged against the right spot which sent Jamilah over the edge.“Ohhhh Marccc!” Jamilah’s womanly cry filled the misty room with euphoria. Her orgasm, which already sent ripples of pleasure throughout her body, became even more heavenly since she knew that her sweet husband was watching. Oh, Jamilah yes… Fadi stroked his meager erection inside his white underpants. The soft fabric of his underpant’s crotch had become so damp with precum that his penis could almost be seen through it. Fadi simply loved the feel of the slippery mess.“Uh uhhh uhhh!” Marc reached around and grabbed Jamilah’s huge breasts and pummeled her even harder. His huge black balls absolutely slapped against her sweet pussy. He could feel his thick cock being squeezed by her convulsions. He just knew that he was going to fill her pussy to the brink.“Ohh, Jamilah.” Fadi softly exclaimed his love for his wife and spurted into his underwear. With how damp his underpants already were, his cum dribbled through the now transparent cloth and dripped down onto the floor.“Uh Uhhhhhhh!” Marc groaned hard and shoved the full length of his fat black cock into Jamilah. “Uhh! Hhh! uhhh!” One manly groan after the other left the strong black man as he pumped her full of cum.“Oh yessss! Come inside mee!” Jamilah felt the wonderful warmth of sperm fill her up inside. She loved it. The sheer thought of a sexy black man coming inside of her made her orgasm bloom into another orgasm.Though a bit delirious from his climax, Fadi attempted to keep his eyes focused on his wife and Marc. He just didn’t want to miss a second of such an exhilarating moment. “Oh uh uhh uhh!” Marc kept emptying his big balls into Jamilah, and with his manly hands still cupping her big tits, he pulled her in closer. When he did, he let go of her huge soft breasts for a moment allowing them to bounce freely to his passionate thrusts.“Uhh! Uh! Uhh!” Marc groaned. His big egg-shaped balls had been so full of cum that much of it had begun to leak out of her, even with his thick black cock completely stuffed inside her pussy. 

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