Betty Ch. 01: Bad Day at the Office


It was towards the end of April and I was working late at the office completing an important report. To the best of my knowledge, I was the only person still working, so it was a surprise when I popped into the office to use the photocopier and found Betty still working at her desk.

Betty had been working for us for about six months, but I didn’t know her particularly well. She shared an office with her boss Gill who didn’t like me because she disapproved of my unconventional private life and was not one to keep her opinions to herself. Betty was mid thirties, divorced with teenage children. We didn’t work closely together and had never really done anything more than exchange pleasantries although once or twice she had raised her eyebrows at Gill’s bitchy remarks aimed at me.

“Hi,” I said, “I hadn’t realised anyone else was here.”

“Oh, we’ve had a lot of work dumped on us and I could do with the overtime. Besides it stops Gill moaning,” she laughed.

“If you can stop her moaning you’re doing better than me,” I responded.

“I know,” she said, “What’s her problem with you? You always seem nice enough.”

“She disapproves of my lifestyle. I take it you’ve been warned to keep away from me for your moral well being.”

“Well she said you were a filthy pervert who got up to all sorts of weird things, but she’s such a prude I’m sure she was exaggerating,” said Betty.

“To be fair she wasn’t that far of the mark. My wife Sue and I both have a high sex drive and adventurous nature so we will normally try anything once and usually more than once. But you’ve nothing to worry about. I accept that most people aren’t interested and am happy to keep my distance.”

“So what’s Gill’s problem?” she said. “Have you ever had a fling with her that turned sour?”

“Good god no! She just has this attitude that people who don’t live their lives in a way she approves of are wrong and she can’t seem to just live and let live.”

“Well almanbahis I don’t see the problem. Just because I’m a fat frumpy middle aged woman with no sex life why should I resent you enjoying yourself.” (Betty was a size twenty something dress size.)

“Don’t be hard on yourself. You are a lovely woman who a lot of men find attractive. Carrying a few extra pounds doesn’t stop you being sexy.”

“That’s very nice but you’ve already said you would keep a distance from me.”

“Only on the assumption that you aren’t interested. If you were that would change. “

“So if I did this,” and with no more ado walked over to me and gave me a full on passionate kiss.

I responded in the only way I knew how by thrusting my tongue into her open mouth and taking her in my arms while I caressed the ample flesh of her upper body. We held the kiss for what seemed like an age as neither of us wanted to break the moment. Finally we broke off and gazed into each other’s eyes.

“Wow! That was a very pleasant surprise,” I said.

“So where do we go from here?” she asked, slightly nervously.

“Wherever you want to go. I’ll do whatever you feel comfortable with.”

Her eyes glanced down to the front of my trousers. “I’d like to go there,” she said reaching forward and cupping her hand around the bulge in my pants.

As she did this I pulled her close and resumed kissing her, while moving my hand to the point where her skirt met her nylon clad thighs. I worked my hand up between her thighs, as she continued to massage the growing bulge in my pants. I found to my surprise and delight that she was wearing stockings rather than tights, as my hand made contact with the bare flesh at the top of her nylons.

“Oh yes that feels good!” murmured Betty, as I toyed with her naked flesh and ran my fingers under her stocking tops. She then moved her hands up to the waistband of my trousers and started to unfasten them. She then pulled almanbahis giriş down both my trousers and boxers freeing my rapidly swelling cock.

Meanwhile, as I moved my hand higher I had another surprise when instead of making contact with her panties, my fingers found a warm moist area at the entrance to her vagina. I gently fingered her while she massaged my cock into a full erection.

Betty then took the initiative again by dropping to her knees and running her tongue up the full length of my cock before taking the tip between her luscious lips. She gazed up at me with a lustful look in her eyes and started to unbutton her blouse revealing her enormous tits encased in a white lacy bar.

Still holding the tip of my cock in her mouth, Betty then removed her bar, cupping her pendulous breasts before letting them fall free and turning her attention back to my cock. She slowly took the whole length into her mouth before withdrawing and teasing the tip with her tongue. She gradually speeded up, lubricating the shaft with her saliva, while her enormous breasts swung to and fro. Meanwhile I ran my fingers through her soft brown hair and gently massaged her naked shoulders.

Back and forth she went stimulating my cock with a combination of her lips, tongue and throat. Eventually she pulled away momentarily, looked up at me and said, “I want you to fuck my face and come in my mouth,” before taking my cock back between those lovely lips.

Always willing to accede to such a request, I held her head tighter and began to buck my hips, ramming my cock deep into her willing mouth before pulling most of the way out, then thrusting deep into her throat as she sucked as hard as she could. After a few minutes of this I could hold back no longer and told Betty that I was about to come. She pulled away balancing the end of my cock on the tip of her tongue, while finishing me off with her hands. I shot a large amount of cum into her open mouth. almanbahis yeni giriş

Betty closed her mouth and I assumed she was going to swallow, but instead she crawled across the office to Gill’s chair and spat the fluid onto the seat before rubbing it in with her hand. She looked at me with a mischievous grin and said, “there the stuck up bitch can sit in that in the morning.”

I said, “How about I get you off and make you come all over Gill’s chair.”

“Oh yes, that would be delightful,” she said, hitching up her skirt and squatting over the chair with her legs wide apart.

I knelt behind her, running my tongue all the way from her slit to her arsehole. I carried on with the long slow licking and moved my hand to the front of her pussy in order to rub her clit with my fingers. After a while, I pushed my thumb inside her and stimulated her between thumb and fingers, whilst running my tongue around her arsehole.

Betty sighed and moaned with pleasure as my tongue started to probe the inside of her arsehole. I pushed all of my fingers into her wet slit while licking her arse. Suddenly, I felt her body convulse and a flood of wetness covered my fingers. I got up and moved in front of Betty as she ground her dripping pussy into the seat of the chair.

We kissed and then took turns to lick her sticky juices from my fingers.

“Oh my god! That was so naughty and yet so nice!” she said.

“As long as you enjoyed it, that’s all that matters.”

“So,” she said, “what will you say to your wife about being late home tonight.”

“The truth, that I was working late on an important report,” I said, adding after a pause, “before having wild sex with a hot sexy woman.”

“How would she react to that?” asked Betty.

“No doubt by asking if the woman in question was straight or bi,” I replied.

“And what would you say to that?”

“What would you like me to say?”

“That she’s never been with a woman but might be willing to try,” said Betty.

“I think she’ll be very happy with that,” I said.

We got dressed and kissed before going back to finish off our work, but something told me that Betty and I would be seeing a lot more of each other in future.

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