Bex’s Reward


Bex was super excited today! It was time for her reward!

Bex and her Daddy had a special, intimate relationship. They had been lovers for months now. Bex had told her Daddy how sexy she found him. Daddy had told her he’d fantasized about fucking her too! After her divorce she had moved back home with him and she was so very glad she had!

Daddy was her master now. She loved it when her big strong Daddy tied her up and spanked her bottom until she was almost cumming, her pussy drooling with need.

He would keep her right on the edge of orgasm for hours now until her final climaxes were almost blindingly intense.

Then he had started upping the ante. His former mistress, Misty, had joined them several times now in their games; Bex now was completely comfortable eating pussy or swallowing cock. And Misty ate her out like a champion every time, leaving Bex more and more inspired to return the favor.

And then just last weekend he had blown her mind again! Not only did her Daddy have a secret playroom, with toys and accessories galore, but he had broadcast their sex session online! Bex had discovered the joys of being watched, it made the naughty things they did seem even more wicked somehow!

The next day Daddy had told her all about the shows that his group held. It had been her surprise debut and she had blown everyone away with her raw sensuality. It seems her Daddy and mom had both belonged when she was alive, seeing her with her Daddy had caused a huge sensation!

“So, princess Bex, your Daddy has decided you’ve earned yourself a treat!” Daddy smiled down at his diminutive daughter. five foot nothing to his six one. “I’ve been getting tons of messages, everyone loved you, invitations to parties are pouring in!” Daddy gathered her up in a big bear hug. “What do you say?”

Bex couldn’t believe it! Her Daddy was beaming at her with such pride she just melted! “Oh, Daddy!” she gasped. “Really? What kind of a treat, Daddy?” Her mind raced with what her Daddy might choose for her…

“I want you to pick something, princess” Daddy said. She looked up at him in surprise. “Really”, he continued. “But think about it first, okay? Don’t decide right away. This kind of thing won’t happen every day.” Bex had nodded solemnly at him.

She had thought about it.

And tonight eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar was her reward! Finally! Daddy had asked her what she wanted and her simple answer had floored him, he had agreed instantly!

She wanted Daddy’s cock.

Daddy always teased her. Never gave her all the dick she wanted. She writhed for him, endured pleasurable pain and painful pleasure for hours, all the time her empty cunny crying out for Daddy’s big strong dick.

Now Daddy lay on the bed. His arms cuffed above, legs shackled below. Daddy had even helped, told her cuffs would be too weak on his powerful legs. Showed her how everything worked and helped her adjust it for him. She even used the spreader bar between his ankles, just in case.

Daddy was looking at his princess with a look of such hunger that she gushed juices down her thighs. Daddy was tall, strongly muscled from years working construction. He was deeply tanned except for an area the size of his boxers, that skin was a few shade lighter from occasional tanning naked in the backyard.

His eight inches stood proud above his well muscled abdomen. His crotch was hairless, his balls large and tight to his dick. His thick cock pulsed for he as she looked at it, as if aware of her need.

Daddy gazed at his daughter as she posed naked above him. She was sexy and she knew it, she used it to turn him on like no one else could. Short dark hair, mischievous dark eyes. Perfectly sized titties with pink-eraser nipples just begging to be nibbled, nicely flared hips perfect for grabbing as she rode his tool. And a tight, tiny little pussy that drove him nuts every time.

Bex wanted to tease her Daddy just a little. She bent down and let her hot breath bathe Daddy’s rigid meat. He shifted his tight ass against the bed and moaned.

Next she dragged the flat of her tongue up Daddy’s dick, pausing at the tip and then popping it into her mouth.

Her tongue spun slow circles around the head, she gave it a mighty suck and the popped it back free, now coated and shiny with her spit. She looked up at her Daddy and gave it one last lick before she got up and straddled Daddy’s mighty thighs.

“Daddy,” she teased, “do you want me to fuck you? Do you want your hot sexy little daughter riding your stiff meat? Is sincan escort bayan that what you want Daddy?” She had Daddy’s cock in one hand and was spreading her cunt lips open with the other, looking him in the eyes the whole time.

She was holding the tip of his cock so it was just grazing her moist little cunny, he could feel the heat coming off of his lusty daughter. He was throbbing in her hand as she squeezed his manhood tight, producing another moan.

“Yes!” Daddy cried, “yes my little princess, fuck your Daddy!” She was driving him crazy, giving him a taste of his own medicine and he was digging it! “Daddy wants your hot little cunny all over his big Daddy dick.” His naughty words were driving them both wild.

“Mmm, I want to fuck my Daddy, I want his big, thick, hot cock in my little widdle pussy” Bex said. “But first…”

She pushed Daddy’s prick up against his stomach and lowered her split and juicy cunny onto his shaft, then started sliding slowly back and forth, sawing her hips against him. Her inner lips glided right along the main vein and he throbbed under her again and again.

“Do you like it, Daddy, when I tease you?” she asked? She stared into her handsome Daddy’s eyes as she ground back and forth. She would go all the way to the tip and hesitate as if to impale him, then slowly grind her way back to the base, covering his balls with her creamy cunt juice.

Daddy moaned as his lovely daughter rode his shaft. God she was sexy! He had never told her, never told anyone but her mother, that sometimes he too liked being tied and tortured. And she had answered his secret lust as if out of nowhere!

Now she was bending down, shoving those lovely tits in his face. He sucked on the first nipple he could reach ad heard his daughter give a groan of pleasure.

Bex started mashing her wet crotch around in figure eights on top of Daddy’s thick shaft, kissing him passionately. He was trying to thrust his hips upwards but the bindings were frustratingly tight. She finally broke their clinch and leaned back.

Grabbing his cock she held it up to her entrance, held his gaze.

“Oh, Daddy,” Bex breathed, and sank her tightness onto his cock.

She began cumming as soon as she felt his shaft filling her, she just couldn’t help it. She fell forwards gölbaşı sınırsız escort onto her hands sobbing “Oh Daddy, oh Daddy it’s so good, you’re so big it fills me so much oh God DADDY!” Her lithe hips ground into Daddy’s, he was throbbing stronger than ever inside her. Her tight tummy rolled her hips like a machine as she pleasured herself on Daddy’s rod.

Daddy was losing his mind. Seeing his Bex cumming so hard over and over on his cock as her cunny milked him and rippled around his hardness was heavenly.

He was a master at self control, he could maintain an erection longer than most men would think possible without chemical aid. But this, this was impossibly erotic! Bound by his own daughter for her own lustful purposes, being used like he was just a cock, seeing her orgasm over and over atop him, it was almost too much!

Bex had become just a ball of need, of desire, her body rhythmically pumping her Daddy’s cock over and over, thighs trembling like plucked strings, nipples achingly tight and craving a hot mouth. She was breathing like a steam engine, propped up on none-too-steady arms over her Daddy’s bucking form as she rode him like a bronco buster.

Daddy had finally hit the wall. “Oh, Bex baby! Daddy’s cumming for you!” he said as his own orgasm hit him like a brick wall. His massive dong was throbbing nonstop, pumping his baby-batter into his own daughter’s spasming cunny.

“Daddy, yes Daddy, cum inside me, my pussy needs your hot cum,” Bex panted. “Fill me up Daddy, shoot it all in me, give me every drop of your delicious cum in me, I want your cum, give me your CUM!” Bex shouted this last word as a firecracker string of orgasms overtook her and she collapsed on her Daddy’s bound and naked form, twitching and gasping.

Daddy felt Bex’s pussy gab him like a vise as he shot load after load into her hungry snatch. She was flopping gently on top of him; Daddy wanted to help but she’d just have to ride it out, his bonds were too secure. Her hard nipples dug into his chest, her hairless cunny finally slowing, stopping on his still turgid member.

Her pussy was still gently throbbing and squeezing his now softening cock as his copious load began leaking from their erotic coupling.

“Oh, Daddy!” Bex breathed as his now flaccid cock slipped from her twat. She reached up and released Daddy’s right wrist, he then began freeing himself as Bex cuddled next to him.

“I think I might have gotten enough of your cock for once Daddy” she said mischievously, tracing one of his nipples with a finger, “Just maybe.”

And looked up at him with shining eyes.

To Be Continued

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