Bob and Angie Add a Third…


“Ting!” The sound of my phone telling me I had a new text. I glanced down to see who it was from. Angie. Perfect.

“Still on for tonight?” it read.

“Wouldn’t miss it!” I replied.

“Me either!” came back.

Angie was a woman I’d met off of Craigslist. My son had gone off on an impromptu sleepover at a friend’s house, leaving me with no plans for the evening. I’d posted a Craigslist ad saying I had suddenly had an evening free and that it would be fun to meet for a drink and perhaps other adult activities. I hadn’t put much hope in it, but figured nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Somewhat to my surprise, I got several emails fairly quickly, and wound up going out with one of the women who emailed. Sure enough, we had a couple of drinks and wound up back at her apartment for the night. As you might guess, it was a terrific night – she was very attractive as well as adventurous.

I got a few more emails the next day as well, and a couple more even after that. One in particular was fun – wondered if the offer was only good the night before or in the future, and saying she appreciated correct grammar and spelling, as well as including a picture. And that she desperately needed a distraction from her suburban, SUV driving, married (‘we can talk about that later’) life.

So of course I wrote back. We emailed back and forth a few times, and wound up meeting at a restaurant/bar we both knew and hit it off, even kissing a bit awkwardly at her car. We kept emailing/texting/talking, waiting on a chance to get together and finally were able to. A couple of mimosas and a foot massage for her later, we wound up stripping each other and had amazing sex. But that’s a story for a different time . . .

We’d stayed in touch and had gotten together when we could – with her still being married and with a couple of kids, and with me having my son half-time, it wasn’t always easy to coordinate. But we managed, and it was worth it every time – she was sexy as hell, she thought I was also, and sex-wise we fit well. And I don’t mean in the anatomical sense, though that was true also. We were equally adventurous, and on the same page. It worked well for both of us.

We had even made it out a few times, to places where no one was likely to recognize her. She’d thought about stepping out for a long time, as her husband was rather lacking, so she’d worked through a lot of the potential issues emotionally beforehand. As she had explained, she still put a lot of effort into taking care of herself and he didn’t, so she wasn’t attracted to him sexually.

Tonight was a night we’d just planned to stay in. She’d said she and her friend Tracie were headed to the mountains for the night, which they’d done somewhat regularly together in the past, so we’d have all night and the luxury of waking up next to each other. Usually we’d talk over a couple of drinks and some snacks, have a movie or music on in the background, and slowly, teasingly, come together. Not always – there’d been times when we just had to have the other, and would start kissing and stripping the other as soon as she walked in the door.

“Ting!” My phone went off again. It was Angie – probably saying she was on the way or something similar. I felt myself stirring at the thought and read over the text.

“OK if Tracie comes along?” I read. Tracie was her best friend, married to a guy who was a complete ass according to Angie. They had also spent an absolutely torrid night together in Vegas on a girls-only trip, and videoed it. Angie had insisted on showing it to me not long after we started sleeping together, and damn it was HOT! They’d both been curious, and attracted to the other (who wouldn’t be?) and after a lot of drinks in Vegas they’d decided it was time to try. Angie had always said it was amazing.

All that went through my brain in a split-second before I texted back. “Of course. What does she like to drink?”

“Same as me.” Good. That meant I didn’t have to visit the liquor store again. Simple tip – when going out with someone, always have what they like to drink on hand when you know they’re coming over.

“Great – about 8?” That was the time Angie had been planning on coming over.

“Yep! C U then . . .”

As I waited and got ready, I pondered what Tracie coming might mean. I knew her husband was an ass and that Angie thought she needed to dump him, but I didn’t quite know why. And, of course, my mind bounced back to the video of their encounter, wondering if that was Angie’s idea or if Tracie just needed a night away also. From what Angie had said, Tracie had never stepped out (unless you count the night with Angie), and hadn’t slept with too many men before getting married.

My mind was still swirling when I heard a knock on the door, followed by it opening and hearing Angie say “Hi there!” I turned the corner from the kitchen toward the front door and Angie and Tracie walked in.

“Hey there!” I pulled Angie in to kiss her, since I knew Tracie knew about us. I felt her put her arm around istanbul travesti me and hold me in, our tongues finding each other and kissing passionately. Angie broke off just as we were really getting going.

“Bob, meet Tracie. And Tracie – this is Bob.” Angie’s eyes glinted as she introduced us. I had the advantage – having seen the video, I had a good idea of what she looked like – both clothed and naked.

I held my arms out and stepped towards Tracie. “Nice to meet you!” I gave Tracie a brief hug, and felt her arms on my back as she hugged back briefly, giving me a quick impression of her breasts.

“And nice to meet you! I’ve heard a lot.” Tracie gave a kind of smirk as she said it, and looked around just a touch nervously.

“Well, come on in! What can I get you to drink?” I motioned them in, seeing that Angie was headed to the kitchen. “I can make mimosas, mixed drinks, a couple types of beer, water, whatever . . . ” I’d led with mimosas since that was what Angie and I had had the first time we’d had sex.

Tracie either didn’t know that or didn’t catch it. “Can you make a gin and tonic?”

I nodded. “Sure, I’ll join you. Have a seat – make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back.”

As I moved to the kitchen, I saw Tracie take a seat on the couch next to Angie. As I made a pair of gin and tonics, and opened a beer for Angie, I felt Angie walk in. She took my head and leaned in to kiss me, full of passion. Our tongues again met and danced, and this time she didn’t break off too soon. We kissed for a minute and then she broke away.

“Mmmm . . . I didn’t want to stop earlier, but . . .”

I nodded. “Yep, company!”

“Her plans fell through, and since we’re supposed to be together up in the mountains I didn’t want her to miss a chance to be away from her house.”

“Oh, no problem. Glad to meet her!”

“See why I couldn’t resist her in Vegas?” Angie smiled as she said it, knowing I’d agree.

“Oh, hell yeah! We better get back out there, though, or I’m going to have to bend you over and take you right now.”

Angie laughed. “Promises, promises . . . ” She picked up her beer and started out to the living room. I followed with the pair of gin and tonics.

Tracie was kicked back on the couch in the middle seat, Angie on one side of her. I handed her the drink and sat down on the open seat, next to Tracie. I took a second to add up my impressions.

Tracie was tall – like 5’9″, a couple of inches taller than Angie. She was also blonde, compared to Angie’s curly dark auburn hair. Pretty face – lean, but not too thin. Looked like a terrific figure – a bit thinner than Angie, with a bust that looked to be similarly sized. Of course, I had the advantage of having seen their video, so I had an idea of what she looked like naked, and subconsciously filling in anything missing. And she was well-proportioned, her legs and torso just right relative to each other. All in all, I could see why Angie would be so attracted to her, and vice-versa. Hell, I was hoping we’d all get naked – and that didn’t even seem like too big a stretch.

We engaged in some small talk, and as we did Tracie drained her drink. “Like another one?” I asked.

She nodded. “That’d be great. Could you make something like a 7&7?”

“Yep, as long as you don’t mind Crown instead. Lime with it?”

“That sounds great. And yeah, with lime,” she said.

I went in to the kitchen and made a couple of Crown and 7s, opening another beer for Angie. I walked back out and handed them their drinks, just grazing Tracie’s fingers as I handed it to her and then watching Tracie take a long pull.

“Mmmmmm. That’s terrific. Thanks!”

“You’re welcome. Glad you like it – one of my favorites.”

Angie seemed to come to a decision. “OK. Bob, we’ve been going out for a while, right? But I don’t know a whole lot about you. And you and Tracie don’t know anything about the other that hasn’t come from me.”

Tracie and I nodded, and Tracie said, “True.”

Angie said, “Right. How about a fun way to fix that? Are you alld up for some truth or dare?”

I laughed. “Sure. This could be entertaining!”

Tracie laughed also, with just a hint of nervousness. I got the impression Angie was trying to nudge her along. “Sure, why not?”

I reached out and patted Tracie on the leg. “There you go! Life is short, and we’re dead a long time.”

Tracie actually laughed. “That’s very true. Probably be good for me to remember that.” The two drinks were starting to take effect, and she was starting to relax. I wondered what Angie had suggested to her before coming over.

Angie piped up. “Anyone need a drink before we start?” Somehow, all of us did, so I went and retrieved drinks for everyone. We settled back down on the couch, everyone slightly more relaxed. Angie’s eyes were gleaming.

“OK, Bob. Truth or dare?”

“Hmmm . . . well, you said you still don’t know much about me. Truth.”

“OK. Did you have sex the night you posted the craigslist istanbul travestileri ad?”

I had to chuckle – I didn’t know she was curious. “Yep.” Angie smiled, as if to say that was the right answer. Tracie looked interested also – maybe Angie hadn’t told her the whole story?

“OK, Bob, your turn.”

Time to start feeling out how the night was going to go, which meant picking Tracie. “Hmmmm . . . OK. Tracie – truth or dare?”

Tracie laughed. “OK, truth.”

Should I start fast? Or go slow? Or try to raise everyone’s temperature? Yep – I was horny as hell, and wanted to get laid – and even better if with both Angie and Tracie.

“OK. What kind of panties are you wearing?”

Tracie cocked her head at me and thought for a second.

“A thong.” She chuckled, and Angie grinned, giving me a quick wink as if to say that was the right gambit.

“OK, Tracie, you’re up.”

Tracie didn’t hesitate. “Angie. Truth or dare?”

Angie licked her lips and smiled. “Dare. You already know everything about me.”

That got a chuckle from Tracie. “OK. I dare you to kiss Bob like when we got here.”

Angie didn’t hesitate. She reached over Tracie and grabbed my head, pulling me to her and crushing my lips with hers. I felt her tongue on my lips and opened my mouth, our tongues dancing as our eyes locked together and then closed. We kissed passionately, my loins stirring quickly, and I opened my eyes to see Angie’s open. She flicked them over to Tracie, who was watching from inches away. Tracie’s mouth was slightly open, and you could see she was getting turned on watching us. Angie slowly released me and I could feel how charged she was.

Angie turned to Tracie. “Come on, that’s not much of a dare! My turn?”

Tracie and I both nodded. “OK. Tracie. Truth or dare?”

“Dare.” Tracie’s eyes were wide open, and she was breathing just a bit heavily.

“I dare you to kiss Bob the way I just did.”

Tracie started just a bit, and looked back at Angie, who smiled at her and motioned with her head. Tracie turned to me with a slightly unsure look. Like she wanted to but wasn’t completely sure, which made perfect sense from what Angie had told me about her. Hell, it might be the first time she’d kissed another guy since getting married.

“Come on! You’ll love it!” Angie urged her.

Somewhat hesitantly, Tracie reached a hand out for my head, and started pulling me towards her. I smiled, hopefully encouragingly, and she moved towards me, our lips finally meeting. Tracie let our lips linger together for a moment, and I felt her tongue slowly move to touch my lips. She moved her hand to hold my head more firmly, and let her tongue move more confidently. I opened my lips and let her find my tongue, slowly exploring hers, feeling her warming up and kissing me harder. Right about when we really got into it I felt her pull away.

Angie looked positively disappointed. “That can’t count! You have to kiss him like you mean it!”

Tracie gave a little laugh. “That’s the first time I’ve kissed anyone beside my husband since we got married.”

“Oh, OK, fine . . . I guess we can let that go for now.” Angie sighed. “OK, Tracie’s up.”

Tracie took a breath. “OK, Bob. Truth or dare?”

I was surprised – I thought she’d have dared Angie. “Dare,” I said, earning a smile.

“OK, I dare you to take Angie’s blouse off.”

I had to chuckle. “Oh, well, fine – if you insist!” Angie was laughing too, the gleam in her eye unmistakable. I leaned over across Tracie, grazing her breasts with my arm, and reached to Angie. She was wearing a snug pullover type of blouse, and I slowly raised it over Angie’s head, dropping it on the back of the couch. Angie sat up, revealing a skimpy black bra that was far too small to contain her generous breasts – you could almost see her aureoles, and you could definitely tell that she was aroused. I let my fingers graze the thin material in front of her nipples and saw her stiffen.

“My turn? OK, Tracie, truth or dare?”

Tracie was getting into the spirit of things, and smiled. “Dare.”

“OK, I dare you to kiss Angie like she and I kissed.”

Tracie laughed. “Well, that’s easy . . . ” and leaned over to Angie. She lowered her mouth to Angie’s and they kissed passionately, almost starting to touch each other elsewhere. Tracie broke off and looked at me. “There. Does that count?”

Damn. “I’d say so . . . ” That had been really hot, and it looked like being dared to kiss both me and Angie was winding her up. I wondered how wet she was, and if she was as tight as Angie.

“OK, Tracie, you’re up.”

She didn’t hesitate, and looked right at me. “Bob – truth or dare?”

“Dare.” I was going to take dares from her all night – and give them back. She surprised me a little bit, upping the ante.

“OK, I dare you to take your shorts off.”

“OK.” I slowly undid the first button, then the second. Tracie was watching intently, and I saw Angie’s hand move to Tracie’s back. I slowly travesti istanbul undid the rest of the buttons, and started to stand to let them fall off. Tracie watched intently, and reached out to help push the one side down. My shorts fell to the floor, and I sat back down, just wearing a pair of black boxer briefs and my t-shirt, my fully erect cock’s bulge all too easy to see. Tracie’s eyes flared briefly.

“OK, my turn. Angie, truth or dare?”

“Dare.” Like we should bother even asking . . .

“I dare you to take Tracie’s skirt off.” Tracie actually looked startled for a second, and then smiled, probably figuring that turnabout was fair play. She was getting a little flushed, and her breathing was heavier, and I’d have bet she was soaking her thong by now. I knew Angie was already wet and ready for action.

Angie motioned for Tracie to stand up, her hand on Tracie as she did. Tracie stood up facing me, with a look on her face that said she’d be getting even.

I heard a zipper as Angie undid Tracie’s skirt, and then it was falling to the floor, revealing that Tracie had been telling the truth about wearing a thong. It was bright white – and tiny. As she stood before me, I could smell her scent and see that she shaved – apparently completely. Tracie sat back down as Angie ran her hands up her legs, a soft “mmmmmm” escaping from her lips.

“OK, Tracie, you’re up.”

She immediately turned to Angie. “Angie, truth or dare?”


“I dare you to touch his cock.” Apparently Tracie was going to have Angie lead the way, but was both turned on and curious – a good combination!

Angie laughed again, and leaned forward. Her hand reached for me, pushed aside my underwear, and found my fully erect cock. Slowly, our eyes locked together, she encircled it and started to squeeze – hard then soft, hard then soft. Tracie was watching intently, and I heard her breathe in sharply when Angie’s handling of me let my tip come out of my underwear. After a minute or so Angie withdrew, leaving me achingly hard.

Angie’s turn. “Bob, truth or dare?”

“Dare.” Duh!

“I dare you to kiss Tracie for real – like you did me.”

Ha. That’d be easy. Tracie was a lot more relaxed and sexually charged than she had been before. I locked my eyes on her and took her head with one of my hands, slowly guiding her to me, her lips just slightly parted. Her eyes were now gleaming with excitement as our lips touched and my tongue came out to slowly explore her lips and mouth. I felt her shudder just a bit and then felt her tongue and her whole body respond, kissing me back with more and more passion as our tongues danced together. I pulled her towards me and felt her breasts on my chest and a hand on the back of my head clutching me to her. After a while, I gently disengaged, her eyes shining and her whole body just radiating sex.

“Mmmmmm . . . ” we both heard Tracie say.

Tracie’s turn. “My turn, right? OK, Bob – I dare you to suck on my tits. I mean Angie’s tits . . . oh fuck.” Angie and I both laughed. Apparently Tracie was REALLY turned on and didn’t need Angie to lead much farther.

“Nothing in the rules that says it can’t be both!” Angie pointed out.

Tracie thought about that for a second. “I guess not. Ok, I dare you to suck on both our tits.”

I wondered where to start, and because Tracie was next to me I pulled up her blouse. She was wearing a thin, bright white bra that matched her thong, and like Angie her bra was far too small to hold her breasts comfortably. I leaned down and moved her bra out of the way, allowing myself to enjoy the view of Tracies gorgeous breast before lowering my tongue to her nipple. I felt her groan and arch her back to push more of her breast into her mouth, and then felt her reach down and lift her blouse over her head.

Her breasts were amazing – all-natural, not quite as large as Angie’s enhanced ones but firmer, and her nipple was apparently amazingly sensitive. I sucked on one for a minute, and then switched to the other, reaching around to stop her from undoing her bra. “Not yet – you didn’t dare me to take your bra off,” I murmured in between sucking her. She was loving every second, and after a minute on the other breast I slowly broke away to move to Angie. I pulled one of Angie’s breasts out of her bra – easy to do since her bra was way too small to hold her, and started to suck her aggressively – which I knew she liked. I swapped sides after a minute, almost having to lie across Tracie to do it, and sucked Angie’s other glorious boob for a minute.

My turn. “OK, Tracie, I dare you to suck on Angie’s tits,” I said after we’d all caught our breath. Angie smiled at me approvingly.

Tracie didn’t hesitate and took one of Angie’s boobs in her mouth, swirling it around and sucking it hard. Angie lolled back as her friend sucked on her first one breast and then the other. It was an amazing sight, and Tracie’s back was to me, letting me see her thong disappearing between her cheeks, her beautifully muscled butt, the thin white straps of her bra, and her hair bouncing as she sucked Angie’s tits.

After a couple of minutes, Tracie pulled herself off Angie. “OK, my turn?” We both nodded. Tracie thought for a second. “OK, Angie, I dare you to suck Bob’s cock.”

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