Camping Trip Pt. 01


I woke up to the sound of my alarm ringing. I peered out from underneath my sheet and slapped at the alarm for the snooze button. The daylight danced on my face as it was 6am. I threw the pillow over my head. “Five more minutes.” I mumbled. I didn’t want to get up this early. For some reason my parents had it in their minds that for the weekend after I turned 18, I wanted to go camping at Lake Kinkad.

Yes, it was beautiful out there, and we usually went each Summer, but school just got over a couple of days ago, and I graduated from Highschool. I didn’t want to continue to have to get up at the crack of dawn, or have to have the responsibility of being around my parents for the next 4 days nonstop.

Now don’t get me wrong, my Dad was great to be around. I think he understood me more than my Mom did. If I needed to talk to someone, I went to my Dad for advice. My Mom was the type that made everything out to be a big deal. I remember the first time I got my period. I had no idea what it was, I was only 12. My Mom freaked out and was accusing me of sleeping with someone. I was in tears until my Dad made her leave the bathroom and he had to explain to me about what that all meant.

Another time, my Mom caught me kissing a boy and she flipped. She wanted me to go to the doctor and be put on birth control. She made me the appointment and was about to take me there, when my Dad stepped in and said I didn’t need to go if I didn’t want to. I was and still am a virgin. I had no intention on sleeping with that boy, just a slight peck on the mouth was all we ever did. And after my Mother throwing that tantrum in front of him, that was the last time we ever did it.

The alarm went off again. I hit the snooze button again. I heard a knock at the door. “Honey it’s me.” My Dad said as he opened the door. ” If you don’t come on we are going to be late.” I stretched my arms over my head. I was wearing a dark blue tank top and panties. I had the blanket at waist level at this point. As I stretched the fabric of my tank top rose to my belly. I didn’t mind, and I was never embarrassed in front of my Dad. The few times he saw me in my pajamas, he never judged me or made me feel insecure. It’s part of what made me love him.

Not that I felt like I had something to be insecure about. I am 5 foot 7, 140lbs. I have long blonde hair that went down to my chest. I have creamy white skin, and hazel eyes. My Dad always told me my eyes could melt any guy’s heart. I was never for sure what he meant by that.

“Just 5 more minutes,” I pleaded with him.

He was also still in his pajamas, a pair of light grey sweat pants, no shirt. He sighed a big sigh or resignation and laid in bed next to me. I felt his arm go around my waist, like it usually would when we would cuddle and I felt his chest against my back. “Five more minutes then we are getting up,” He said.

I put my hand over his and closed my eyes. I loved when we would cuddle. It is something we did all the time. I felt close to him when we did it. We don’t do it as much as we used to, because Mom said it was time we cut down on it. She thought it was strange that a Father would still want to cuddle his 18 year old daughter. Sure there were a few awkward moments with accidental touches, and I swear I felt a hard on one time, but other than that it was completely innocent.

And it’s not like my Dad was a bad looking guy either. He had dark hair, the same hazel eyes I have. He stood taller at 6 foot 4 inches, and he weighed about 230lbs. His skin was a tad darker, and he always had a goatee. The goatee though was dark but also had the starting of grey patches in it. The same went with the hair on his chest. He wasn’t overly hairy, but he did have a dusting of chest hair. I sometimes liked to run my hand through when we cuddled. His hands were large and strong. On days like today when we cuddled in a spoon position his hand splayed across my waist to where one finger touched my bellybutton and the other the underneath of my breasts.

The alarm went off again and he reached over me with his body and turned it off. He sighed big and rolled my body onto my back with him still on his side. His hazel eyes met my gaze. “Morning beautiful.” He said stroking the hair from my face. He kissed my forehead. I smiled wide at him. “It is time to get up.” I stretched again still with him turned on his side facing me. I arched my back as I looked down at my tiny little mounds poking through my tank top. I rarely wore a bra, even out of bed. My C cup breasts were firm enough to not need one. I wore one around my Mother only because she would throw a fit if I didn’t. I felt him steal a glance at my breasts as I stretched.

“Sorry,” I said. I quit stretching and went to reach for the blanket. His hand met mine as he shook his head.

“It’s a perfectly natural response babygirl. Nothing to be ashamed of. The air or your shirt rubbing there probably did it, no big deal.” He removed his hand from my waist. “Now it really is time to get up.” He said as he kissed my forehead again.

I bursa escort turned and hugged him, and I felt a slight bulge in his sweats. I smirked out the corner of my mouth. “Just like that is a perfectly natural response,” I asked sheepishly. He shrugged and pushed me out of bed.

“Get dressed so we can get going,” he said as he left the room.

I pulled the tank top over my head and looked in the mirror. My nipples were still rock hard. The slightly darker areolas against my light skin were about the size of quarters. I could get by easily wearing white with no bra and no one notice. I did that on occasion but not very often. My Mother would have a cow. I threw on a tee shirt and pair of cut off jeans.

I grabbed my duffle bag from the closet and started going through my closet to pack. There was a knock at the door, it was my Dad. “Hey babygirl, Mom isn’t going to get to go with us. She had an emergency with work, and will be working all weekend. It looks like it will just be the two of us. I hope that is ok.”

I nodded. “Sounds ok Dad.”

“I’m going to go shower and will be ready to go in about 30 minutes.” He said as he shut the door.

I was super excited my Mom wasn’t going. I would be able to wear what I wanted and maybe I’ll be able to meet a guy there. Dad wouldn’t say anything to her, I know I wouldn’t. I began to fumble through dresser drawers for stuff. I decided since she wouldn’t be there, I would just bring a few white and pink tank tops, my yellow swim suit she hated because it did little to cover anything as she would put it, some panties, and shorts. I opted for a pair of sandals and tennis shoes. I went in the bathroom did a 10 minute freshen up and grabbed my toiletries for the trip.

I finished getting ready and headed towards the kitchen. Dad was already out of the shower, standing there wearing a teeshirt and shorts himself. He was pouring himself a cup of coffee for the road. I opened up the fridge and grabbed a soda. We got the car packed and decided since Mom wasn’t going to just take the one tent. I didn’t mind sharing since we were so close anyways. We each still had our own sleeping bag and a big blanket.

As we drove towards the lake, it was about 4 hours away, I decided I would take that time to take a nap. I pulled my hair up in a pony tail and put on my white framed sunglasses. “Dad, I’m going to take a nap if that’s ok.”

“Sure Honey, I’ll wake you up before we get there.”

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. It wasn’t that comfortable sleeping in the car, but before I knew it I felt a hand shaking my shoulder. “Babygirl, it’s time to get up, we are here.”

I peered through the lenses of my glasses and stretched. We had arrived at the Lake. Surprisingly enough it was fairly deserted for this time of year. Only a couple of other people out camping, and they were far enough way from us to not really count. Dad got out of the car and I soon followed.

We unpacked our stuff and got the tent set up. I unpacked my things into the tent while Dad called Mom to tell her we made it ok. I hurried and changed into one of the white tank tops and took off my bra. I left my cut off jeans on. I emerged from the tent changed, Dad was just getting off the phone. There was a slight breeze and it felt good not feeling confined by a normal tee shirt or bra.

“I see you changed your clothes,” My Dad said.

I shrugged slightly. “Is it ok? I know Mom wouldn’t approve,” I said.

He gave me a once over. I felt slightly embarrassed as my nipples were pressing hard against the thin fabric. Dad got behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. He moved my long hair to one side. He put his face close to my ear. He whispered softly.

“I know your Mother doesn’t let you dress like you want to. I am glad you feel comfortable around me to do so. I got you something before we left, wear it if you want.” He ran his hands softly down my arms and squeezed my hands.

I turned towards him, goose bumps forming all around me. “You got me a present,” I asked?

He nodded. “Yep, it’s in the blue bag in the tent. Try it on at least and then let me see it. If you don’t want to wear it I’ll understand. It’s a swimsuit. You won’t be able to wear it when we are back home around your Mother.”

He gave me a slight push towards the tent and then a pat on the butt. I giggled and went in. I zipped the tent after I was inside and found the blue bag. Inside was a small bag that said some weird clothing store on it. I had never heard of it before. To my dismay there lay the tiniest bikini I think I had ever seen. It was white, almost see through. The top consisted on what looked like two tiny white pieces of fabric held together by a thin white string and the bottoms were no better. It was just a thin white string with a tiny V of fabric in the front.

I thought my Dad was crazy for buying me this. But he knew this would be the only time I would be able to ‘let go’ so to speak since Mom wouldn’t be here. I decided what the hell. I took off bursa escort bayan my tank top and put the top on. The two thin pieces of fabric only covered my nipples. My breasts were uncovered otherwise. I took off my cut off jeans and threw them to the side along with my panties. I pulled the bottoms up, glad that I had recently shaved. The bottoms had two strings on the sides where my hips were and a string that ran up the crack of my butt.

I adjusted it as best as I could and hoped by some miracle it would stay in place. I called out for my Dad to come in and inspect it. He unzipped the tent and zipped it back before looking at me.

“Wow babygirl, you really have grown up haven’t you,” he said matter a factly. “As your Father I shouldn’t say this, but you look sexy in that.”

I blushed instantly. “Thank you Daddy.”

He put his arms around me and pulled me close. I put my arms around his neck. “I wanted to give it to you for your birthday. I know you like showing off. I just couldn’t do it in front of your Mother,” He said.

He kissed my cheek. I couldn’t believe I was standing there practically nude in front of my Dad. Although it should of felt weird, it wasn’t. He look one more longing look at me and kissed my forehead. “I’m going to change in my swimsuit and we can walk down to the beach before it gets too late,” He said. Then he looked down and pulled back a little. I was still looking up into his eyes. A tiny smile came across his face and he chuckled. I felt a soft hand touch my nipple as my father readjusted my top to cover one of my nipples that had came uncovered. “You are going to have to watch keeping these covered. Not that it does much good to cover them, they’ve been hard since we got here.”

I was kind of embarrassed that my body was responding in a way that it shouldn’t towards my Father. He was right, and they had been hard since we got there. Now though that he had touched me, I felt something that I shouldn’t..desire for my Father.

“I’m going to change into my swim suit, you can stay if you want just turn around.” I started to turn as I noticed the hard lump in his pants. I was curious so I turned away long enough to hear the zipper go down on his pants and the sound of him rustling them off. I heard him digging through his bag and that’s when I got a glimpse of it. There stood the longest dick I had ever seen. Not that I had really seen that many. Maybe five my whole life. My Father’s dick swung as he got his shirt off. It stood straight out at least 9 inches. The head of it was mushroom shaped and was thick. I quickly turned back around until he finished. I wasn’t for sure how he kept that thing at bay.

I waited for the all clear that it was ok to turn around again. When he finally gave it to me he stood there in just swim shorts, and I glimpsed at his crotch to see the slight bulge still there but hidden now. “When we get out there we will have to put sunscreen on you. You are so pale, you will burn in a few minutes,” He said.

I nodded in agreement, as it was not unheard of for this to happen. I bent down to get my towel, and my Dad let out a deep sigh. “You are going to have to watch doing that in front of your old man.”

I turned my head to the side. “Doing what,”I asked?

“Bending over like that, in that.”

I already forgot the bottoms of these things didn’t hide anything and my breasts were bouncing slightly as I was digging threw my bag. I chuckled. “Sorry.”

We quickly grabbed our towels and stuff and he grabbed the sunscreen and we headed towards the beach. It wasn’t that far of a walk, and once we got there it was pretty deserted. No one was on the beach and there was a couple swimming on the other side in the water. Dad laid out my towel for me and did his the same. I checked to make sure everything was still covered. I went to grab the sunscreen from him. He shook his head. “I’ll do it. You might miss a spot, and I’ll never hear the end of it,” He said.

“Okay,” I said confused.

“Just stand there for now, and I’ll have you lay down in a minute.”

He lathered up the sun screen and got behind me. I moved my hair out of the way as he started with my back. It felt great feeling him massage in the lotion. It was cold at first but feeling him rub from my shoulders downwards was great. He ran a finger under the string of the bikini making sure not to miss anything. He rubbed down to my butt then squatted down. He rubbed the lotion on each butt cheek working it in. I was sort of embarrassed him being that close to my butt.

I stood there holding my breath as his fingers glided across my skin. He rubbed the back of my legs. I felt him working in the lotion with his thumbs. They were making small circles across them as he went down towards my feet. I kept my eyes forward towards the water. There was a slight breeze but nothing spectacular. I was glad even though it was embarrassing, that he was rubbing the lotion on me.

“Now lay down,” He said. I left my self induced trance from being massaged. I looked at him escort bursa still squatting there. I laid down on the towel slowly, trying not to expose what the little bit of fabric hid. As I laid down he got on his knees next to me still. I pulled my hair to go above my head this time. He began with my arms and collar bone. I watched him intently as he rubbed in the lotion.

We didn’t really say much to each other. He was intently rubbing the lotion over my neck and down towards my chest. I was not prepared for what happened next. He put a glob of lotion on his hands and rubbed them together. He placed each hand on each side of the thin fabric covering my nipple and started rubbing lotion over my breast. “Hey, Daddy,” I said in shock. I moved my arms down to grab his hands.

“Little girl you better put those arms back over your head and lay still or else you won’t like what will happen later,” he said.

I slowly raised them back up and he resumed rubbing the lotion. The jiggled as he took his thumbs and firmly rubbed them. He rubbed along the underneath part and back up. All the while he was looking at my face while I looked at him. He then ran an entire hand under the thin fabric covering my nipple. He rubbed in a large circular motion as I inhaled sharply.

“Have to get that too,” He said grinning. He did the same thing to the next one, spending just as much time rubbing the nipple. I turned my head towards the water for a moment in time to catch a couple of guys staring as my Father was rubbing lotion on me.

“Daddy, they can see you doing that!”

He looked over. “They don’t know I am your Father, just some older guy rubbing lotion on a fine looking young lady.”

I looked back at the two guys watching. They met my gaze for a slight second before they resumed what they were doing. My Father continued to rub the lotion down my belly and across my abdomen. Still on his knees he moved to go between my legs. He lifted my right leg up and bent it, then situated himself between my thighs. He didn’t try to conceal his gaze from looking at the tiny slit that held my woman hood.

He continued to work the lotion downward onto my legs avoiding my private area all together. “I am saving the best for last,” he said as he grabbed my toes and rubbed them. I let out shallow breathes as he worked downward on the other leg. I knew what was next.

He parted my legs wider and without breaking stride he started to rub lotion where my pubic hair would be. Then he ran his hand down the inner thigh area on both sides. I felt exposed to him, knowing that the tiny piece of bikini bottoms I had on did nothing to cover me like this.

Then, ever so slightly, he took his index finger and rubbed it over my swollen clit. I didn’t say anything, I didn’t move. He didn’t look up at me even when he did it a second time. When he did it a third time, I moaned softly. He looked at me directly in my eyes, as he, with more pressure did it again. This time not playing like it was an accident. I watched him intently. I knew what he was doing was wrong, he had to of known it too.

He rubbed in small circles over it, flicking it gently. I totally forgot where I was and closed my eyes. “Has anyone ever touched you like this Babygirl,” he asked?

I shook my head. “No Daddy.”

He let out a hmm sound. “Then no one has probably done this before,” he said grabbing my hips and placing his head between my legs. He began to suckle my swollen labia. A thousand sensations rippled through my body. I could feel his tongue flick it as he sucked. I gripped the towel in exasperation.

“Oh Daddy,” I cried. He lapped at it like a kitten drinking milk. He began to move faster and harder, tracing circles across it. I closed my eyes, not sure what I was feeling should be something I should feel for my Dad. I remembered the sight of his raging hard on earlier bouncing around, and it sent me over the edge. I arched my back and moaned loudly. He stopped sucking my clit and began to drink the cum that came from my first orgasm. He tongued my opening as my pussy pulsated onto his face. I squished my toes into the sand.

When my orgasm had subsided, I was still breathing heavy. My father still between my legs. He gave my pussy one last longing kiss before he crawled up next to me on the towel. “Was that your first orgasm?”

I nodded. “That was a lot of firsts for me Dad. Are you sure we should be doing this,” I asked?

He kissed my forehead. “Babygirl, I love you like no other person in the world. I feel close to you in more ways than I feel towards your Mother. I want to give you experiences that you have never had.” He moved the hair from my face. “I want your first times with things to be memorable. And I want to give them to you,” He said.

Still breathing heavily, I held his hand in mine. “I want all that too Daddy, I love you,” I said. “I want you to be my first.”

He kissed the top of my hand. “Oh I will babygirl. You can count on it. I have never tasted a pussy as sweet as yours.” I blushed. “But I want to do it right and back at the tent, where we don’t have an audience.” I looked at him confused. He looked past me and I followed his gaze. The two boys from earlier were standing there in dumbstruck amazement.

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