caught jerking by neighbour Part 2

Chloe Amour

caught jerking by neighbour Part 2It was because of what happened in this encounter that prompted me to write the previous story regarding the time my next-door neighbor caught me jerking of in the shed.This happened last weekend. The Sunday before August bank holiday Monday.I had just finished cleaning my car on my drive way when my neighbor Val asked if I had a spare second to help her move her lawn mower in her garage. I said, ”Yes no problem” and followed her into her garage. The mower was a bit buried and I asked if Mike, her husband, was going to mow the lawn today because the weather on Bank holiday Monday was supposed to be a terrible with rain all day.She said he was later but he was at his sisters at the moment.She then asked if I fancied a cup of tea but I said, “No thanks, Yvonne (my wife) will be back from Sainsbury’s soon and we are going out for lunch”She then said,” That’s a shame, but pop into the kitchen, I have something to ask you”Thinking this was a bit strange, I followed her into her kitchen where she flicked the switch to turn the kettle on and turned round to face me.“Do you remember last month when I saw you wanking in your shed?” she said.“Err yes” I replied.“Well” She said, “I haven’t forgotten about it and I think if I told Yvonne (my wife) what you were doing you would be in trouble”My heart by now was pounding.“Yes” I said, “I would. But I don’t think she would believe you. Especially as you have left it so long between when it happened and now to tell her”“But what if I told her it happened today?” she said. “As you said, she is out shopping and you are on your own at home” “What !!” I said, “You türbanlı bilecik escort cant do that. I have been washing my car and she knows I have been. ““Val” I said, “I am not continuing this conversation, I am going home” And I turned around to leave my heart beating so fast I though I may soon need medical attention.“Wait” she said, “I wont tell her if……”I paused in her hallway. “If” I said “If what?”“If you do it again for me” She said, looking away as if embarrassed.I looked at her. “Are you serious?” I said.“Oh very” she said. “You wank for me again and I wont say a word to Yvonne”“You know what this is don’t you?” I said. “This is blackm**l”“Yes” she said, smiling “It is isn’t it”“Say I did do what you are asking” I said, “What is to stop you telling Yvonne at a later date?”“I have thought of that” she said, “Have a look at this”She then opened a drawer in the kitchen and pulled out an old picture. It was so old it looked like the sort of picture taken on a camera when they used to have to have a film in them. The picture showed her nude on a beach lying on a towel, on her back smiling at the cameraman. I took the photo and looked at it closely.“You can keep that,” she said. “Then we both have something we don’t want the other telling their partners about”I looked from the photo to her again. She had planned all this I realized. bloody hell.“Ok” I said, slipping the photo in the back pocket of my jeans. “You have a deal”I turned to go and she said in a stern voice “Where are you going?”“Home” I said, “You don’t mean now do you?”“Of course I mean now,” she said. “I am türbanlı bilecik escort bayan not giving you that photo and getting nothing back for it !!”“Sorry” I said “haven’t got time now” and I patted my pocket and smiled at her.She looked a bit cross and I imagined she had not expected me to refuse and now the situation was not going how she planned it. “Why not now?” she said as I walked towards her front door.She thought she had me over a barrel but my mind raced and I paused with my hand on the door catch.“I cant now” I said, “I am not turned at the moment. Surely you know a man has to be turned on to jerk off?”“Well look at the picture,” she said.“Val” I said, “That picture must be at least 20 years old and it is faded. I tell you what, you get your tits out and we will see what we can do”Ha-ha I thought, that would teach her. No way would she agree and this would teach her a lesson with for threatening to tell tales to my wife.“OK” she said, “But come into the lounge”This surprised me and it wasn’t what I had expected her to say.“Are you sure?” I asked.“Oh yes” she said, “but only topless. I am not showing you anything else” And with that she turned and walked into her lounge and sat in an armchair facing me and begun to undo her blouse.“Put that newspaper on the floor will you?” she asked.“Why?” I replied.“So you don’t make a mess on the carpet” she said.What !!! Cheeky bloody cow….“Bollocks to that” I said. I was getting a bit cross now. “Just get ready”She frowned but slipped off her blouse and undid the catch to her bra and sat back in the chair looking at türbanlı escort bilecik me.“Off you go then” she said. “Stand in front of me”“I can’t believe this is happening,” I said to her but I unbuttoned my trousers and pulled them down along with my boxers.Unsurprisingly I was already mostly hard and with a couple of strokes, whilst looking at her mature but still quite pert tits I was fully erect. She stared at me jerking in front of her and smiled slightly as her right hand began to rub her pussy through her trousers. I was rather hoping she would UN button them or put her hand down the front of them but she never did.She sighed and closed her eyes but kept gently rubbing her crotch.“Tell me when you are going to cum” she said.“I will” I replied slightly breathlessly.She opened her eyes and smiled at my panting breath then closed them again.I was close to cumming so I silently stepped forward one pace.With a couple more strokes I came and three bursts of spunk shot out of my cock.The first one hit her just below the hairline, the second on her left tit and the third on her trousered leg. A bit more dripped out of my cock to land on the carpet.Her eyes shot open and she said in a shocked voice “I didn’t say you could do that!” “Look at the mess” and she started to get up out of the chair.But as I was standing so close to he she couldn’t get up. I placed my hand on her shoulder and pressed her back into the chair. I reached towards her and massaged the cum on her boob all over it, paying attention to the stiff dark nipple. I then reached up and scooped the load off of her forehead with my finger and rubbed it over her lips. Her lips were firmly pressed together at first but with a little pressure they parted and she sucked my finger.I smiled and said thanks for that, pulled up my trousers and let myself out of her house.It has been a week since this happened now and although we have seen each other across the fence whilst we have been out in the garden she has not said a word to me since.

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