Confessions Pt. 01: Uncle Nico

Big Tits

DISCLAIMER: Confessions is a series I decided to make about my real life that takes place at different places and points of time in my life. Names used are altered for privacy reasons.

I am Jason, currently 20, 5’10” and dark skinned. Over the years, I’ve had countless relatives that come and go in my life. However, as someone who was reared to be behaving and stay-at-the-house-always, I became very awkward with people. It was hard for me to socialize which made me feel distant. I saw my relatives the same way I saw strangers while commuting. Perhaps that’s why I don’t mind imagining having sex with most guys in my family.

Uncle Nico was one of the few I got that instant click with. He was caring and easy to get along with. Despite him, not being too hot, I still fantasized about him. He was rather tall, standing at 5’7″ or 8″ maybe. It may not be much for westerners but in the Philippines that’s pretty tall already. I was still taller than him though. He had a pretty skinny physique but had pretty toned muscles due to his work involving heavy lifting.

I casually hinted at him that I kinda wanted to suck him off but he brushed it off as a joke. Or so I thought.

Occasionally he would playfully try to grab my cock whenever we meet, just like how guy friends teased each other in my college. Due to my schedule, I seldomly got to meet him much. Until this year, just a month before classes were cancelled due to a certain global problem.

A lot has happened during the time I haven’t seen him. I got quite a few experiences with other guys that I will tell you about if this goes well. But right now let’s focus with uncle Nico first. It was a saturday morning and my sister went to our cousins’ to hang around. I was left alone at the house and I was about to do some laundry when someone knocked on our gate.

“Oh, Uncle Nico. Do you need something?” He was in his 30s but he didn’t look much different as I last saw him. Except for the shaved head and light beard which made him look somewhat tougher than I remember.

“Can I come in? I just need some place to crash,” his voice sounded hoarse.

I let him in and for a moment we just sat at the living room. I gave him something to eat and drink. The show that was on was quite entertaining so I stayed for a while before heading upstairs to do the laundry. He mumbled something about his wife being all naggy or something but I didn’t really feel comfortable chiming in on their own family affairs.

“You alone in here?” he asked.

“Yeah, my sister went over at Austin’s.” He just nodded and continued to watch TV.

I sat at a long couch while he sat at a chair across from me. I noticed at my periphery that he seemed to be spreading his legs quite a bit. I tried to ignore him but I can’t ignore that fact that I’m getting hot again. I really wanted to just go and kneel in front of him and suck on that cock beneath his baggy shorts. There were not a lot of people who knows I am gay. And a slutty one at that. If it turns out he wasn’t okay with it, I could get in big trouble. So I dismissed myself by going upstairs. If he wanted to give it, he’ll do it himself.

The sun was pretty high up by then, so I really can’t go outside the terrace unless I wanted to burn myself to a crisp. So I pulled the basin by the door where Halkalı Escort I can hide.

I decided to put my clothes in too because I was gonna go get a shower afterwards anyway. I pulled my top swiftly to glance downstairs if he followed. After throwing it in the basin, I slowly pulled my pants down, still watching if he would go after me. After a minute, I gave in and wrap a towel around my waist. So there I was, fully naked with only a towel to cover my throbbing cock. I kept glancing downstairs if he was going to climb up and I wasn’t disappointed. He was on his way up when I peeked and must’ve noticed my lack of clothes; so he asked was I naked?

“Yeah, I’m washing my clothes now too.” For a minute he just stood behind me as I scrubbed the shirts. My cock was ready to push the towel off my waist and I was so wet with sweat that I just wanted to pull it off and let him see my entirety.

I then felt a soft cloth caress my shoulders and back. “You’re gonna catch a cold if you let this dry.”

His left hand held my waist steady as his right wiped my back. It sent electricity shooting all around my body.
“Come on, stand up,” he said in a low husky voice.

I obeyed immediately. I still had my back turned to him so I tried to push my cock so he won’t notice my raging boner. “Now face me, son.”

I turned and there he was. He’d become much more mature looking after all these years. The light beard that grew all over his jaw up to his ears made him look so manly. He seemed to have stayed about the same height. I don’t do much lifting so my body wasn’t toned like his but I was bigger than he was. He let go of the cloth which I now realize to be his shirt. We were then both topless. He slid his fingers across my sweaty chest and circled around my nipples. I let out a low moan and closed my eyes.

“You look much more of a man now than you did before,” he whispered. “But are you really a man?”

I opened my eyes and I immediately met his. I gulped and smiled, there was no turning away now. Somehow he discovered of my escapades with guys. I slowly shook my head.

“I knew it.” He then pulled off the towel and I stood there openly. His eyes darted down to my cock and smiled, “Someone’s taking care of junior very well.”

He stroked it lightly and I had to pull him to me and kiss those succulent lips before I go crazy. I felt the intense heat of his body overwhelm me as I caress every bit of muscle on his torso. We let our tongues explore each others’ mouths as our hands venture throughout the rest of our bodies.

He stopped stroking my cock and pulled on my hair, spit on my mouth and pushed my shoulders down. I sucked on his nipples and I seriously couldn’t stop running my tongue around them. I bit on them lightly which made him groan oh so sexy. I then kissed my way down and enjoyed his toned abs. When I am finally on my knees I immediately pulled down his shorts and hungrily licked his bulge with his underwear on. The smell of his crotch overwhelmed me. The tough smell of his manly musk made my dirty slutty side take over me completely. I felt like this is what I was born to do, to be a slave of another man’s cock. To do only anything to pleasure such magnificent tool. He moaned loudly when I practically worshipped his cock with my tongue. Halkalı Escort Bayan His cock stretched well on to his side. I noticed the stark difference it had to mine, it was skinnier yet longer, maybe quite over six inches compared to my five and a half but thicker cock. I licked the length of his shaft while I maintained eye contact with his hungry eyes.

“I didn’t realize you were this much of a faggot.” His comment made me much hornier and hungrier for his cock.

I finally pulled off his underwear, lifted his equipment and tasted his balls right away.
My tongue knew just how to play with his sensitive spots. His grip grew stronger on my hair and he let out another lengthy moan. I then let my tongue slide up his shaft until I reached the head. It dripped so much precum that the entire head was practically wet. I licked it all off and savored the sweet and salty taste. I made sure he saw his clear cum coat my dirty tongue. He slapped me lightly at the cheek and spit on my face again. It landed on my cheek which I fingered and licked.

“My nephew’s a little whore isn’t he?”

“Yes, uncle.” I answered, circling my tongue around the pulsating head.

“You want uncle’s lollipop, don’t you?”

“Yes, please let me suck on it.” He then held my head with both his hands and said, “Well, ‘son, open that dirty mouth wide.”

He slid it effortlessly into my mouth. It’s been months since I last sucked a cock so I choked a little about halfway.

“You like getting choked, don’t you?”

I tried to respond but he only pushed even deeper. I quickly breathed on my nose to steady my throat. He pulled a bit but just when the head was about to come out, he pulled me in again. I managed to let his cock inside with its full length this time which made him lean forward. I let my tongue work inside as he held my head in place.

“Fuuuuuuuccckkk!” he yelled. It was noon so most likely no one would’ve heard us. I hoped.

After a few more seconds he let me go, and as I catch my breath I saw his cock’s head and soaked and red. He pushed me to my back and watched me pant.
“You want me to fuck you, faggot?”

“Yes, please uncle. Fill my pussy with your cock.”

“Oh yeah? Then suck on my cock more while I take a look at your cunt.”

He lied down and told me to go over him. I began to suck on his cock while he examined by tight hole. He spread my ass cheeks and I felt cold air hit my hole. I instinctively clenched it.

“Fuck. When were you last fucked? This looks tight.”

“November last year, uncle.” I quickly put his delicious cock in.

As I swallowed every drop of precum his cock’s head put out, I felt a hot wet soft thing slide up my ass. It circled round and round before penetrating its way in the hole itself. I let his cock out for a second to sound my own pleasure. I could feel my own cock dripping and sliding on its own cum on uncle’s chest. Something inside me wanted me to shout in pleasure and let everyone know how much of a slut I was but I managed to stop myself.

I tried to put his cock in but then longer digits entered my pussy. At first two, then three. They wiggled around inside and I felt every inch of their movement. As if it had its own mind, my ass moved up and down in a thrusting movement Escort Halkalı letting uncle’s fingers go in and out. I successfully sucked him again and his cock muffled my moans. When he found it, he kept tugging on my prostate making me dangerously close to cumming.

I stopped him and tell him to fuck me then and there.

“You couldn’t wait anymore huh?”

I didn’t answer this time, I just kissed him again and let him taste his own cock. I guided his soaking wet cock to its tight destination and thankfully its thinner girth made it much easier to come right in.
He tenderly bit my lower lip as the head entered. It slowly entered its entire body until there was no more.

“Ugghh, fuck. It’s hitting so hard.” I cursed under my breath.

He then slowly pulled about halfway then suddenly pushed it back hard. It made me scream in pain and pleasure. I spit on my hand and add more lube to the hole. He did it again harder this time. And again and again, increasing in intensity until he was fully fucking me in constant ryhthm. I let out loud moans and gripped tightly on his shoulders. he shifted and raised me up. Suddenly he was on top and I was lying on the floor. He looked at me with fierce lustful eyes. As if saying that he’s the upper man. The real man. The alpha.
That I’m taking his load and he will own me as his bitch. And my slutty moans confirmed it. No matter how manly I look, how bigger I am than him, I will now be just a faggot who will take a real man’s seed. And I accept that. I like being the bottom. I love being degraded. I love being made to feel like a whore because I am one. I knew it when I first saw that big cock on DVD all those years ago. I wanted to be on the receiving end of that shaft.

“Open your mouth, slut,” he continued to thrust steadily and spit on my mouth when I obeyed his command.

I obeyed like a good little slut.

“You want uncle’s cum?” His pace quickened, I felt his cock preparing to explode.

“Yes, please!” Every muscle in my body anticipated what’s to come. I know it’s wrong but having him inside me feels so goddamn right!

He pulled his cock out and I could feel the gaping hole it left. It opened wide, hungrily wanting for it to get filled again.

“Here, little faggot.” He positioned his shaft in my open mouth. His hand jerked it with immense speed. Thick cum already pouring out of it and yet it wasn’t the real thing yet.

I couldn’t just let this tasty seed go to waste, I leaned over and sucked it. Uncle Nico held my head again and fucked my throat like a pussy. His thrusts grew wilder and wilder until…

An explosion of thick and creamy cum bombarded my mouth. It filled my mouth so much that I couldn’t help having some spill out.

“Don’t swallow yet. Let me see how good my nephew is,” he demanded.

I lifted my face towards him and let him see his seed overflowing in my dirty mouth. He spat one last time on my mouth.

“Now enjoy your treat, Jason. Don’t rush. Savor every drop.” He wiped off some spilled cum from my chin and neck and pressed it back to my lips. I swallowed then, and licked every drop that was left on his cock and the floor.

He pulled on my hair as I was cleaning the floor of his cum with my tongue. “We can do this again sometime, right?” He smiled. Seemingly back to his sweet old self.

“Of course, I’m your bitch now.” I don’t know how many guys I’ve already told that to.

He’s not the first I did this with. And he definitely won’t be the last. This is my experience with Uncle Nico.

And this is just one of my confessions.

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