Dreamscape 03: The Next Step


The tingling in her cunt; the shivers which ran through her body; the feeling that her nerve endings were on fire. All that from someone just fingering her pussy and clit while kissing her, was probably one of the strongest climaxes she had ever experienced.Eighty-year-old Robyn lies in bed that morning, remembering every detail of the first afternoon Matthew and she had been together.  Did they really reach such a point so shortly after meeting?The dream from yesterday did help her remember and relive it all over again.  She had forgotten how wonderful that first time had been.  But then the grin on Robyn’s face from her recollection turns to a bit of a pout as she recalls how at eighteen she felt after leaving Matthew that day.  It all plays out in her mind again.Going to meet her father to drive home from the college, she had become melancholy, realizing she would probably not hear from Matt for a week.  That was how things were in the late fifties.  A guy would meet a girl, ask for her number, but then some unwritten law said he was to wait at least five days before he called her. What silliness, Robyn thought, remembering those days.  To think today, people text each other seconds after parting and are in constant contact regardless of the hour.  She remembers too the ‘rules’ of those days.  Back then, daddy would not let her answer the phone or take a call from anyone after nine at night.  ‘No one needs to call before nine in the morning or after nine at night unless it is really an emergency,’ Robyn hears her father’s voice ringing in her ears from long ago. ~~~That night, by the time Robyn got home, she had been a bit out of sorts.  She and her father had dinner, and she went to her room to get her things together for her first day of college classes tomorrow.She heard the phone ring around eight p.m. but thought nothing of it until her father called her saying there was a young man on the phone for her.  That had rarely happened before, so of course, he stayed nearby listening as Robyn picked up the receiver and shyly said, “Hello.”After a couple of coughs, “Hello, Robyn?  It’s Matthew Graystone.  I just wanted to check that you got home alright.  Not too late meeting your father? I wanted to make sure I had your number correct.  And to say how wonderful it was meeting you today, and everything,” Matthew babbled.Remembering like it was only last evening, Robyn’s mind dredges up the rather generic responses she made as her father listened.  She tried to convey how happy she was to hear from Matt.  While covering up as if he was someone who was to be in a class with her.  Doing so, she was able in code, which Matthew soon caught on to, suggest they meet after her last class ended at two pm.  Matt told her yes, at the bench where they first met.Yes, that was such a delight that night that Matt wasn’t afraid to call right away.  It was such a good start to things between us.Robyn happily shakes her head over the memory, get up then and readies herself for the day.  Throughout the day, regardless of what she is doing, Matt slips into her mind.  There is a perpetual smile on her face as she does her grocery shopping, mails some packages, vacuums the living room.  And the rushes running through her body as she remembers Matthew’s touch on her.  Even thinking of his arm around her shoulder, or tickling the back of her neck, sends spasms of pleasure through her body.She can’t believe how wet she feels in her panties.  That feeling of the Ankara escort stickiness has been absent for so long, its return is a welcome guest coming to call again.  oOoMatt wakes up feeling refreshed and remembering the dream, yet it is like he was there, which is impossible, right? Didn’t Plato and Aristotle say that dreams and reality are indistinguishable? Would that mean that what I’m thinking now is a dream?‘That afternoon with Robyn was so different than with any other girl. It was… simple, smooth, and unpretentious,’ Matthew ponders.  He sees that he has a few messages on his phone and checks them. ‘Great, my appointment for the tinnitus is next Thursday.’He grabs a jacket and takes his morning walk.  Having checked his phone, his mind wanders back to that night long ago after Robyn left him.~~~He was back in his dorm room.Matthew clearly remembers exactly what ran through his mind when he had returned after seeing Robyn out of the dorm. ‘I still smell her in the room. I should call her; we did exchange numbers. What if her dad asks questions? I can’t lie to him, that would be wrong. Okay, I will, but when? It’s almost dinner time, so later. I’ll eat while I work myself up to it. Calling tonight would be very forward, but waiting might indicate I’m only interested in one thing.  If she told her dad or he found out, what then? Okay, eight o’clock seems like a good time.’In his mind’s eye, Matthew sees himself leaving his room for the cafeteria.  He even sees the food he selected and ate.  Back in his room, Matt tried to make the time pass as he checked his books against his class list, to make sure they match. He noticed the time.Well, dad did say, meet a challenge, so it doesn’t become a wall.Matt called the dorm exchange.“Your number, please,” the operator said.“Three-zero-four-four, Eisenhower Hall. Please connect me with a local number, ADams three, four, one, six, five. Thank you,” Matthew gave his location and the exchange for Robyn’s phone.It felt like ten minutes before he heard the ringing of a phone.  “Charles residence, Professor Charles speaking. Who may I ask is calling?” Matthew heard in his ear.Shaking some from hearing the Professor on the line, Matthew stammered, “Professor Charles, I’m Matthew Graystone. I’m a friend of Robyn’s from school. If it’s not too late, may I speak with her?”“Matthew, how did you meet my daughter, her classes haven’t started yet,” the Professor quizzed him.This was going to be harder than Matthew thought.  “We were getting our books at the bookstore and talked for a while outside.”“I see,” the Professor said firmly and knowingly, “I’ll get her.  Please do remember that tonight IS a school night.”“Yes sir, I will,” Matthew replied, so glad his red face could not be seen.  The pause lasted forever before he heard her voice.Robyn had heard the phone ring around eight p.m. but thought nothing of it until her father called her, saying there was a young man on the phone for her. That had rarely happened before, so of course, he stayed nearby listening as Robyn picked up the receiver and shyly said, “Hello.”After a couple of coughs, “Hello, Robyn? It’s Matthew Graystone. I just wanted to check that you got home alright. I hope you were not too late to meet your father. I wanted to make sure I had your number correct. And to say how wonderful it was meeting you today, and everything,” Matthew babbled.“Oh, Matthew, it’s so nice that you called. Yes, my father picked Ankara escort bayan me up on time,” Robyn replied in a joyous tone.  But then she glanced at her father standing right there and knew she had to tone it down or questions would be raised.‘Good, Robyn, and it’s nice to hear your voice again,” Matt said more confidently.“Yes, I did get all the right books. As a matter of fact, my fingers were flipping through their pages when you called,” Robyn said calmly and totally not related to the conversation.“What’s your schedule like?” Matthew trying to understand where the conversation is going asks.“Very busy, I wish I could be in two places at the same time, with running between classes and the bookstore for notebooks and pencils after my class ends at three,” Robyn hopes Matt understands what she is saying.  Away from the receiver, Matt hears her say, “Yes, daddy, I won’t talk too long.”What is she trying to tell me? Wait, her dad’s close by. I get it.“The bookstore bench at three tomorrow?” Matt asks, suddenly catching on.“Yes, Matt, it is getting late. It was so nice of you to call and check on me. Thank you very much for calling,” Robyn ends the call.~~~Matt smiles and realizes his penis is semi-hard.  He hopes he can make it home without anyone noticing.  But then, who cares, if a man can walk around in his eighties with a hard-on people should congratulate him.Matt contemplates how detail his thoughts just are, ‘This is amazing and well hard to believe. Oh, I get that dreams can easily cause such, but just running through my mind too?  I can still smell her perfume right now.’When he gets home, Matt spends much of the afternoon searching the net about dreams.  He finds some amazing things.  Besides the ancient Greeks, Hindu culture, the American Indians had some interesting beliefs about the power of dreams, how they could be conjured, and lore about what they meant.That night Matt goes to bed, determined to dream about Robyn again.  He tries to see her in his mind’s eye again, and soon sleep overtakes him, and there she is, sitting at the same bench, in the mist as she had last night. oOoBy late afternoon Robyn wants something more.  The vague memories playing through her head are one thing.  But the vividness of the dream yesterday is lacking.  When it felt like it actually was happening in front of her.  She wants that so again.  She so hopes the dream will come back tonight.Over a solitary dinner, Robyn stops mid-bite and blushes.  Suddenly remembering the worse part, for her, of Matthew and her meeting the next afternoon. Her confessing.  Oh, that was so embarrassing. As Robyn washes up her dishes, the smile is back on her face again, ‘Matthew was so sweet and wonderful to me, his patience and understanding, added to the spirit of adventure and fun I soon learned about, making that year so exhilarating.’After watching tv for a couple of hours, even though it is before midnight, Robyn gets ready for bed and climbs in with her book.  She decides she will read for a while until sleep takes over.  Oh, she hopes and hopes those dreams will come again tonight.Reading for an hour, her mind wandering at times, making her have to read the page over again.  Finally, Robyn succumbs to sleep.  It is like she is falling down this great dark hole.  When she lands, she is again sitting on that bench in the fog, and Matthew is there beside her.~~~He says in greeting, “You look as lovely now as you Escort Ankara did back then.”“Why, thank you for that white lie, you charmer,” Robyn says as she nudges him.  “But how is this happening?”“I hoped you would join me tonight again,” Matthew tells her as he kisses her cheek in greeting.  Even just a peck on her cheek sends waves of pleasure rushing through Robyn’s body.  Seeing him did give her such joy, which does enliven her senses so.Together now is allowing her and Matthew too, not only to watch their encounter but feel each other’s touch and experience the related thoughts and emotions they are experiencing.  This so adds to this dream encounter.  The added dimension of the sensation of each other’s touch and the wonderful sensual feeling which went with each stroke.“This might sound weird…” Matthew says hesitantly.“You mean weirder than two people able to meet in a dream?” Robyn laughs.“Good point but can you read my mind when we touch?” he asksRobyn pauses for a moment.  “Sort of, I see the images, but the sound is coming from me.”“I don’t know, though I’m starting to have an idea. I have been researching it today,” Matthew tells her, “Let’s not talk about that tonight. I think I found a bit about this phenomenon, but I am only starting to comprehend how this could be happening, how it is possible.  I would rather remember that second day, and even more that day a month or so later,”“But for now, take my hand, and we will try to dream together the movie of the next afternoon,” Matthew suggests.Robyn frowns a little, remembering what he is referring to. But first, yes, that second afternoon needs to be played out.  “Do you remember our next meeting?  My confession?” Robyn asks him, “I have been thinking about that today.”Matthew laughs a little, “Yes, my dear, I do remember your tearfully admitting you were not quite the sophisticated lady you had first tried to present yourself as.  And I was so glad that you weren’t.  Your sweet innocence then was such a delight.  Especially how quickly you picked up new skills and expertise.”Robyn blushes at his comments, “I so wanted you to like me, and want to see me again.  I can’t believe our luck finding each other that first day of school.  It seems like the fates were on our side.  Well, at least then.”“I wanted to see you again, right after you left. The sex we had or might have isn’t a reason to see you. I find you to be an attractive, personable, smart, and probably stubborn young lady,” Matthew now confesses himself. ~~~That next afternoon, all those years ago, they were back in Matt’s room again, but just sitting facing each other on the couch.  They had kissed some, but not a lot as Robyn was so worried about what she felt she needed to tell Matt.“Matt, I might have exaggerated what I said yesterday.  I don’t know why I did.  I guess to seem more worldly to you. But…” Robyn started and then began to stammer.Matt looked at her kindly and took her hand, telling her he was sure it was not anything for her to worry about.  But then Robyn commenced to cry, and her words were scrambled as she tried to get it out.“Oh Matt, I, I, I, I’m a virgin.  I never did that with any guy before.  There were the four guys who I let kiss me, well a bit more.  Well, one a bit more than that.  But I never ever did anything all the way yet.  And yesterday, what you did to me sent me through the roof.  It felt soo good.  It’s all I can think about,” Robyn stammered out.Matthew took Robyn into his arms and patted her back, telling her, “That’s okay, Robyn, for an innocent, more or less, you did show some amazing technique yesterday.  And it is nice to know you are not ‘as worldly’ did you call it, as you claimed yesterday.  I really haven’t done that much either.  We can take it slow.”

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