Erotic City: In the hive of the Queen


Harmony struggled to keep up with the long legged women, who had captured her. Afraid that she’d lose her balance and be trampled to death, she kept her eyes forward, but her mind was on Byron. Were they as rough with him? Where were they taking them? So many questions were floating around in her head; all without answers. They weaved in and out of various side streets that sparkled in the artificial light, until stopping at a set of diamond steps that led to the very castle that had originally caught their attention. Harmony used this short respite to study the woman guarding her. Like those from the dim city, she was fair skinned to the point of being albino. Ethereally beautiful, she had the most stunning ice blue eyes that Harmony had ever seen; and if the circumstances had been different, she probably would have flirted with her. Being the sensual creature she was, Harmony dreamt of sinking her tongue deep within another woman’s moist, hot pussy. She glanced back at Byron, who was restrained by two of the pale lovelies. Their eyes met a split second before she was yanked forward up the stairs. She looked up at her guard, whose face remained impassive. If only she could see into her mind, maybe then would she know what was in store for her. Harmony transversed through the massive entrance way; and there at the other end of the hall, sitting on a throne made of a rare pink sapphire with silver trimming, was the queen. It was like looking into a mirror. escort avcılar Harmony’s jaw dropped. Queen Sephora, with the exception of dark eyes and brown hair, could’ve been her twin. No wonder she was getting odd looks from the various women in the court. They stopped, and Harmony was made to kneel in front of the queen. Sephora glared at the red head. She had heard the whispers about the newcomer, and there was no way in hell that she was going to let this imposter dethrone her. “So…it seems that you have made a splash in my pool, so to speak. Do you have anything to say for yourself?” Sephora asked Harmony. “I have done nothing wrong. We were on our way…,” Harmony started. “Silence, Bitch! I’ll not have you trying to get my throne! Posing as the queen is considered treason here, which is punishable by death,” Sephora snarled. Realizing the danger she was in, Harmony quickly said, “I don’t want your throne! I just want to go home!” “Go home, huh. Too bad I don’t believe you, the queen answered. “Auri!” Sephora hollered. The woman holding Harmony’s arm answered, “Yes, your highness.” “For the crime of treason, this imposter is to be taken to the pit and pitched into it. Now, get her out of my sight,” Sephora ordered. Harmony was numb. How did a simple exploration trip turn into a death sentence? She barely felt Auri’s gentle tug on her arm. Her dazed eyes spotted Byron, who was struggling to get free; all the while cussing the escort bahcesehir queen. The last thing Harmony heard as she was led out of the court was Sephora ordering the guards to chain Byron in her chambers. Tears started to run down her cheeks, as they wound their way through the winding hallways. Auri halted before an unadorned, simple door. Hesitating a moment, she turned to Harmony. “I can help you…if you help me,” her musical voice said. Startled, Harmony’s gaze locked onto Auri’s, and she said, “How?” “You are a threat to the queen. She fears you, and what she fears she destroys. I know what she plans to do to your mate. If you help me imprison her, I’ll make sure you and your mate get home,” Auri explained. “Why? And…What’s she gonna do to Byron?” Harmony inquired. “No one in our kingdom can oust her from her status. She fears no one. No one, except you. There will be a contest of some sort, and the winner will have the opportunity to mate with your Byron. The queen will decree this mating to be done in public. Afterwards, she will address the court, and under normal circumstances, the male would be exterminated. This time will be different, because after you win and mate, you’ll reveal yourself; catching Sephora off guard. That’s when I will take over,” Auri said. “That’s all fine and dandy, but what if I lose?” Harmony asked. “You won’t. Don’t worry about that,” Auri assured. Harmony searched Auri’s face and found no malice beylikdüzü escort there. Her gut was telling her to trust the beautiful woman. After all, Auri had defied her orders to execute her. “I accept your deal. Shall we shake on it?” Harmony said. “Shake? Shake what?” Auri asked, bemused. “Shake hands…to seal the deal,” Harmony explained. “Oh…we could do that, or we could do something else,” Auri said; blank mask slipping from her face. Harmony’s body shivered from the lusty look, now apparent, on Auri’s face. The tall angel hovered close to the redhead’s body; hands snaking their way around Harmony’s waist. Auri pulled her flush against her body and felt Harmony’s nipples grow erect. It had been many cycles since she had experienced the pleasures of the flesh, and her own body trembled with need. She backed them to the simple door, still shut. With one hand holding Harmony close, she reached behind her body and opened the door. The room beyond was sparsely furnished, having only a bed and dresser. Auri pulled Harmony inside and bolted the door. She had to control herself from just ripping Harmony’s from her body and diving into the redhead’s juicy cunt. The years of guard duty had honed her muscles, and she was strong. She lifted Harmony and set her onto the dresser top, which made her level with Harmony’s full breasts. Quickly unbuttoning her shirt, it took mere seconds to have it off, leaving Harmony’s creamy, rose tipped breasts bare. Auri’s hands shook, as she trailed her fingertips down the silky skin. She looked at Harmony, and said, “I bet your sweet pussy is just as beautiful.” Before the shorter woman could anything, Auri leaned forward and sucked her nipple into her wet mouth.

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