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I woke up around three in the morning with a raging hard-on and Sandra slowly bobbing up and down on my cock. I have to admit, it is a nice way to wake up in the middle of the night. Needless to say, my insatiable wench was not going to be denied. I maneuvered myself to where we were in a sixty-nine with her on top. We devoured each other with my one climax and her three. We fell back asleep not waking until the alarm went off at six in the morning.Coffee was brewing when I came out of the shower to get dressed for work. I had considered calling in to take the day off but remembered I had a meeting in the morning that I could not afford to miss. I finally made my way downstairs where Sandra was wearing one of my blue dress shirts with the first three buttons unbuttoned. She held a cup of coffee between her hands and peered up to smile at me when I walked into the kitchen.“Good morning, Lover.” She said with her smile. Her hair was tousled and sultrily mussed.“And a good morning to you too.” I smiled back at her. “You know, I could get used to this.”“Well, when I’m here, you can get used to it. Of course, I believe I can get used to last night as well.”I grabbed a coffee cup from the tray next to the coffee pot and poured myself a cup before sitting down across from her at the table. “I will write the alarm code down for you and leave you a key. You know, your sister and Nick have one as well.”Her smile widened. “Thank you. Do I have to give warning when I’m about to enter?”“Nope,” I responded with a grin. “After this upcoming weekend, anyone in this house, if I am here or not, is someone you will more than likely have fucked one way or another. And speaking of one way or another, I almost forgot, I have guests coming in this afternoon from Chicago who we were going to introduce to the group and have their initiation. They want to come out every month for the weekend and enjoy themselves. You’ll get to meet them today, if that is okay. You are my pleasant surprise. Besides, they will have one of the guest bedrooms upstairs. What do you think?”She sipped her coffee and tilted her head. “Where did you meet them?”I told her about meeting Eva and Sean in Atlanta and how they were interested in playing more often, if possible, but were concerned with “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” with Sean wanting to play as far away from Great Lakes Naval Base as possible. Pittsburgh was far enough away.Sandra smiled. “I look forward to meeting them. I’ll clean up and go back over to Holly and Nick’s. I have a few phone calls I want to make from there and then I want to do some shopping with Holly later. I have a Victoria Secrets shopping list I want to fill. I think your closet needs some lingerie and female clothes added to it. Who knows, maybe I’ll ask you to dress up for me like Jerry does. I might have to find some things in your size.”I smiled back at her. “Jerry is quite passable when en femme. I don’t think you have enough cosmetics to work that kind of magic on me.”“We’ll see.” She smiled and winked.I finished my coffee, got up and rounded the table to give her a kiss. “Off to work. See you this evening.”The workday flew by, with the meeting going rather well, I was lost in engineering diagrams trying to get a grasp of the enormity of the new project when my phone rang. I looked at the clock bayan escort beylikdüzü and it was already five in the evening. I looked out the window to see that it was already dark. I picked the phone up on the third ring, providing the company greeting and my name.The voice that responded back was Eva’s and she was calling from their cell phone. “We made it. Sean was getting tired but I think he’s rejuvenated having talked about this long weekend and what to expect. We are just getting off at the exit from the interstate.”“Good. I’m just wrapping up. Just follow the directions I gave you and I’ll see you at the house in just a few minutes. I’ll leave now. You both can freshen up before we head to the tavern for dinner and a few drinks. Oh, and if there is someone in the house when you get there, her name is Sandra. Of course, that is if Jennifer or Jerry, or Nick and Holly aren’t there. If they aren’t, you will meet them all for dinner this evening.”“That’s good. We’d like that a lot. Oh, and Sean’s been hard for what seems the whole trip here and my pussy is soaked and throbbing. Think we’re excited?”“I do. See you there. If Sandra isn’t there, I should be there in just a few. Just wait for me.”I quickly began my shutdown procedures and cleared my desk. I was glad to have Sean and Eva come into town. We’d chatted by phone quite a bit after our time in Atlanta and both of them were looking forward to broadening their sexual horizons. It was going to be another good initiation with them, now Sandra, and one other couple whom I hadn’t yet met.I pulled in the driveway and found that Sean and Eva had pulled in behind the garage door where Sandra would have parked the Mercedes if she had pulled in, giving me access to my spot in the garage. As the garage door went up, I saw that Sandra was indeed there. The nice thing about an oversized two-car garage is there is plenty of room for the two vehicles, my Ultra, and the lawn equipment.I hit the garage door close button and opened the door into the kitchen entrance. I heard a shout from downstairs, “We’re at the bar downstairs.”I put my briefcase down near the door and pulled off my winter coat, hanging it on the coat rack and walked down the steps to the bar, entertainment/family room and fourth bedroom, to find soft music on the stereo. Eva, Sean and Sandra were sitting at the bar, a round of drinks in hand, chatting as if they had known each other forever.I walked directly to the bar smiling at them and said, “Glad you made it safely and see that you all have met.”Sandra smiled and Eva responded, “We were just telling Sandra how we met you in Atlanta and how we were looking forward to this long weekend. What a way to start off our Christmas vacation.”Sean smiled and held up his glass. “One before we go to dinner?”“I believe I will, thank you.” Sean moved around to pour me a scotch over ice and handed me the glass. “So, you told her everything, including how I could hear your discussions with that guy, what was his name, Don?”“Yep,” responded Ava. “Down to how you two put on a show for me before making me cum more times than I think I have ever in my life. Sandra said you told her how we met. We gave her ALL of the details.”Sean raised his glass, “To a wonderful weekend of fun with new escort bayan beylikdüzü special friends.” We toasted.I gave a kiss on the cheek to Eva and kissed Sandra on the lips, then shook Sean’s hand. “So glad the two of you made it. I was wondering if you would back out.”“We told you on Sunday, there was no way we weren’t going to be here.” Eva grinned. “Besides, you whetted our appetite and now we want more, much more.”Sandra smiled, “I like them a lot.”Sandra had dressed in a soft off-white sweater dress showing off her figure, a pair of black stiletto heels. When she turned, I could see the red bottoms. I didn’t see a panty line but she did have on hose. She was so delectable. She smiled at me and turned to Eva and Sean, “Eva and Sean, if you want to freshen up, everything is ready upstairs. Your room has a king bed in it, just off the master and I’ve laid out towels in the bath. Your room is tied to the Jack and Jill bath.Eva smiled and noted she would head up now and asked Sean to bring up the bags. She wouldn’t be long. They were both wearing jeans and sweaters. “Attire for dinner?” Eva asked.“Be comfortable,” I responded. “You’ll meet Jennifer and Jerry from next door as well as Sandra’s sister, Holly, and her husband Nick. You’ll meet a lot of the tavern regulars there this evening as well. But, it will be the eight of us for dinner.”As they got up, Sean smiled again and noted that they were looking forward to their stay.It took them twenty minutes to freshen up giving me a chance to do so as well. Eva changed into a form-fitting short little black dress showing off her attributes complete with black stilettoes of her own while Sean had changed into gray slacks, black loafers, and a white button-down shirt. We loaded into my Lexus GS and headed off to the tavern. It was now just after six-thirty and the place was packed with revelers from two different office Christmas parties, music playing and Jennifer standing at the door for the entrance into the main dining room.I can’t say it enough, she’s always just downright gorgeous. Dressed festive, tonight in a red skirt, white blouse, a Christmas green jacket and heels, she smiled waving us in. She introduced herself to Eva and Sean, kissed Sandra on the lips, and kissed me on the lips as well. She guided us to the table where Jerry, Holly, and Nick were already seated.Jerry called out, “Welcome to the group. Glad to finally have the chance to meet you both. We’ve heard so much, all very, very good, about you both.” He went on to make the introductions at the table as we all took our seats.Holly was in a teal angora sweater dress, highlighting her sultry features, and both Nick and Jerry were dressed in slacks and dress shirts. Liquor flowed as we leafed through the menus to order and everyone became acquainted with Eva and Sean.We had a wonderful dinner. Holly had gotten up to go to the ladies room and leaned in to say, “They are quite a find.”Following dinner, we all moved to the bar side where the music was booming, the partiers were getting a little louder and friskier as their inhibitions were stripped away by the festive holiday season and the alcohol. Sean and Eva danced with our group and even a couple of others from the office parties. As it neared nine-thirty, Jerry kayaşehir escort made his way to me to say that we were all going to their house for the rest of the evening. Time to make sure the kids were down before the group showed up at the house. I nodded with agreement.As Jennifer grabbed her coat, she made her way over to me and whispered in my ear. “I do like them both. One thing to remember though, I am not giving up on our time at all. Please remember that. Sandra is more than welcome to be the temp while she’s in town but I’m not giving up on our playtime. I need to have you and Jerry to keep me satisfied.”I smiled at her and gave her a quick kiss. “I’m still and will always be yours and Jerry’s. However, it is nice to have someone to wake up to when you two are out of town or occupied.”“I can have Gloria service you while we are away.” She smiled and headed toward the door with Jerry following her a few steps behind.I motioned for Eva and Sean that we would be leaving in thirty minutes as Holly and Sandra made their way to the ladies room. Nick and Sean were chatting away and Eva was all smiles, enjoying being away from the confines of the naval base.“Tony, we are having a ball. Thank you for inviting us.” She was a little lit from being tired from the drive, the alcohol and the revelry of the tavern. She leaned in to me and gave me a hug. “And, I can’t wait to add to our experiences either. By the way, Holly slid her hand up my thigh, I thought my clit would burst it was throbbing so hard. I’ve never been with another woman but I think I’m going to love this. And to know that Holly and Sandra are sisters. Do they, you know, do each other too? Oh, and that Jennifer, wow!”“Yes my dear Eva, you have fallen into the clutches of a very horny group of people who also happen to be attractive, open, and very good in bed. You will have your senses tested this weekend. Holly and Sandra haven’t yet, but I believe given the right amount of sexual tension, anything can happen. Myself, Sandra, Holly, Nick, Jennifer and Jerry were all screwing our brains out last night. It was the first time I was with Sandra and the first time she was fucked by her brother-in-law too.”“Nick and Sean have hit it off too. I can’t wait to see what Jerry looks like when he’s dressed. Will he dress this weekend?”“When we have initiations, he’s usually not dressed. But, you can ask him. He just may for the two of you. You’ll see some of the videos with him dressed when we go over to their house in a few. He’s hot.”Eva smiled, leaned in to me and slid her hand against my crotch to feel my cock harden in her fingers as Holly and Sandra made their way back from the ladies room. “I’m so fucking horny right not, I need to cum.”Holly and Sandra grabbed their coats and got everyone’s attention. “Let’s change the venue, shall we?” We all agreed it was time to go.As we made our way out to the cars, Nick asked if Sean wanted to ride with him. Holly, Sandra and Eva would ride with me. As we approached the GS, Holly opened the back door for Eva to slide in from the passenger side. I opened the door for Sandra. Once Eva was in, she slid over, letting Holly slide into the back seat.On the way back to the house, Sandra’s hand was massaging my cock as she looked in the valet mirror to see Holly’s hand slide up Eva’s leg to her soaking wet pussy. Holly asked Eva if this was her first time with a woman touching her and as Eva drew in a deep breath as Holly found her mark, Eva was barely able to mumble, “Yes,” as she spread her legs for Holly to have better access to her womanhood and Holly began to passionately kiss Eva.

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