Her Husband, My Lover


Principles… this word is one I love to live by. There are some things that should not be done because of the principles you have. I didn’t know that I would break two of my own principles. A month ago, I had a new client. Oh, did I mention I was a doctor, a marriage doctor really. I am paid a lot of money to listen to the problems of either a couple or one of the parties. Now, I’m not one of those shrinks you can find at any time. I only take up exclusively rich clients. When I started this shrink business for couples, I was amazed as to how many random people wanted to just be heard and to also force them to face the honest truth about themselves. Now as I was narrating, a month ago I had a new client. Now he was the only one that came into my office. For the first week, he would come in, sit down and not say a word. He paid for an hour every weekday and he would just come in, stare then after the hour was up he would leave. I tried to get him to talk but after a few days I realized that he would eventually talk when he wanted to. So when he came I played music. I played the kind of music I liked. Then I started to play music he might like. The second week, I played a song from one of my favorite indie musicians called ankara escort Cheers Darling by Damien Rice. It’s a break up song, sad song. I had my back to him when he spoke for the first time. “I like Damien Rice.” I almost dropped my coffee. He spoke. I turned around. “For a minute there I thought you were a mute.” I smiled. He didn’t smile back. He was quite the sexy man. He always wore a suit, never allowed the suit wear him. He was so fly, so dapper. “So will you be talking about why you are here anytime soon?” I asked. I needed to know. “Yes. Tomorrow.” He looked at his watch and he just left. The next day I was so excited I felt like time was slow. Why was this sexy man always here? What was his problem? How could I fix it? Could I fix it? Then he walked in. I sat on my doctor’s one sitter while he sat on my sofa. He wasn’t wearing a suit today, just jeans and a t shirt. He looked heavenly, but he was my client, a married client that needed his marriage restored. “So, what would you like to talk about today?” I asked him. “My sex life.” He said it straight faced. “What about your sex life?” “It’s not fun anymore. My wife doesn’t want to have sex… but I want it when I want it. So I cheated on ankara escort bayan her with my secretary but she caught me.” “And then what happened?” “She said she would leave me if I didn’t come to you, and my wife leaving me isn’t good for my career, so here I am.” “Here you are indeed. So why did you cheat on your wife?” I asked him, trying to be as sincere as possible. As much as he was trying to act like he didn’t care, he really did. If not he wouldn’t be here. “I hadn’t had sex in two weeks. So I cheated.” “So does this mean every time you don’t get sex for a span of two weeks you’ll cheat?” “No. but I was tired of my wife dictating when we could have sex.” “So your secretary wasn’t in control?” “No. I was. My wife is always in control. For once I wanted to be in control.” “So is it the control or the sex that made you cheat?” It was the control. I was guessing he was not in love with his wife. “I don’t know yet but I know I’m not here to make my marriage work anymore.” “Then why are you here?” “I know, but you don’t. Also, you look much better when you wear those tight dresses. You look nice in pants but those dresses are much better.” “And you look better in a suit and the slim tie.” He escort ankara got up and walked out of the office. He had about thirty minutes left. The next day, I wore a dress. Why, I don’t know… actually, I know. He finds me attractive in a dress. I sat down as I knew it was his turn to come, in my skin tight dress that showed my cleavage. It was red. What was I doing? He came in and he was wearing a grey suit with a beautiful slim black tie. His pocket square was red. How matchy. “Nice suit,” I said with a smile. “Nice dress, matches my pocket square.” He didn’t smile. He sat down, crossed his legs and looked at me. I felt hot, and when I say hot, I mean I felt the heat in a full blasting air conditioned room. I opened my notes. “We’ll start from where we stopped last time. Is that alright with you?” “Yes it is.” “Why are you here now?” “The first day, I was here because my wife said so. The next day, I was interested.” “Interested in what?” “Do you ever offer your clients something to drink?” he asked. “No. they usually ask.” “Your marriage must be so perfect it pisses your husband off.” “I’m not married.” “A single marriage counselor… how does this work?” “Most people assume I’m married and they are too busy spilling the details of their drowning marriage to occupy themselves with the thought of my marital status.” “Well… I have nothing to spill with my marriage.” “So what do you want to do?” I asked in the most innocent tone… He got up and he took off his jacket.

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