Hide and Seek Strip


“It’s easy. The first one who gets found first has to take off a piece of clothing.” They were all there. Eager to listen and crowded in the basement as the rules of hide and seek were being told, though a new rule was added. STRIP. Enough said, someone is the seeker and the hiders run off in their attempt to not get caught. Except if you’re found first then suck it up and take that shirt off. It was your typical afternoon with the parents off to Hawaii for some wedding while the kids are left at home. It was today that Varienne invited her swim mates, it was also today her twin brother, Gale decided his hockey mates should come over. Thank god several guests of both parties couldn’t make it and so there was 20 of them all together and all the age of 19. Evenly cut into ten girls and boys which was too perfect for a Saturday afternoon. She could feel the adrenaline rush in the room as everyone was excited to get the game started. Somehow they were reliving childhood games until one of the boys decided it was time for the grown-up version. “What about us girls, huh? We have tits you know.” Varienne couldn’t help but smile at Sarah who was still, amazingly a virgin. She didn’t mind stripping, what worried her was what might happen after and who could blame her? At least all the guys (who didn’t mind confessing) have all had their first pussy and the girls had experience. As for her? Well, she was technically a half virgin since she’s never actually had a cock up her cunt save for an eight inch dildo every now and then. She wasn’t about to admit it openly especially with her brother just across the room bearing the same sly smiles as all the guys. The two of them were the hosts and so it made them the leaders. Gale, with his dark brown wavy hair, sexy green eyes and that body! He kept his body very well in shape and she pretty much guessed all the girls couldn’t istanbul travesti wait to see him in only boxers, it made her proud to be his other half. She on the other hand had a body tight and fit and ready for anything, all thanks to her training in athletic clubs. Her wavy hair fell past her shoulders and her eyes were a vivid crystalline blue instead of a sea green but she didn’t mind. She was just as hot and evenly compared to her twin. Her brother stood with his arms crossed and captured the attention of every eye in the room. “We all stop when every girl is left in only her bra and panties, same goes for the guys in their underwear. When you get caught first, come back here and the one who finds you can either choose: you strip later, in front of everyone. Or now.””What are we waiting for?” Varienne could feel the eyes all switching to her as she began walking towards her brother with a coin dancing between her fingers. He met her in the middle and they both stood facing each other, his 6″3 height staring down at her 5″7 figure. They were the main source of the excitement everyone now felt and she loved it. She tossed the coin into the air and her brother held her wrist as it landed onto her palm. His gaze felt like coils of hot wire wrapping around her body and she shivered at the delicious feeling. This is going to be fun. “Heads.”They both looked down to find his choice staring at the both of them. Gale gave a sexy smirk then gently left his hold on her wrist. “I’ll start first, ready or not here I come.”She gave a ringing laugh before following the girls who were already beginning to pour out to find a place to hide. Being the last girl out, she turned and caught her brother’s green eyes, she gave a slow smoldering wink before blowing him a kiss and darting into the house.The game went on for hours, everyone istanbul travestileri lost track off the time since everyone was so determined to get the other gender half naked. None of them were the least bit tired though. Varienne scouted perfect hiding areas like a pro. She was quiet and just able to fit in the most impossible places to find. She had only been caught once! All the other girls were now without either a top or bottoms on plus some even had double layers of clothing. Right now, she was back in the basement until the another game was to start. Everyone was talking at once, there were at least ten different designs of undergarments the girls wore that the guys didn’t dare make a fuss even though she could clearly see the erections that were happening. Some wore silk, there were laces and even thongs were on for show. None of them minded except maybe for Sarah who shyly stood with the crowd in a sheer silk lavender design that did make her body look downright fuckable. All the girls were, they weren’t swimmers for nothing if not for the body it made. Varienne, the leader and captain of the femme fatals was proudly the only one who still had her denim short shorts on. The same went for her brother. Gale somehow amazingly managed to keep his pants on where she thought all the girls wanted him without it. She couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like to run her hands all over his hard lean muscled body and pull those lips forcefully onto hers. Immediately embarrassed for having thought something such as kissing her own twin, Varienne bit her lips and focused her attention towards Nataly. “I say we make it interesting.” She gave a naughty smile then jumped onto the ledge of a sofa. She ran her fingers along it lightly before leaning towards Gale with a clear intention glimmering in her dark eyes. travesti istanbul Of the swim team Nat was always the horniest one, she fucked a guy almost everyday, sometimes there were two. Though Gale was the only one who ever rejected her offer on more than one occasion. “What do you have in mind Nat?” “The winner of the game…” Nat wet her lips hungrily and let out a small giggle. Spreading her legs wide enough for everyone to know what she wanted us to imagine, she twirled her hair innocently. “Gets to choose whoever they want to fuck when all this is over.”Every head towards Sarah who jumped from the attention before sighing in defeat. “Well, I have been wanting to get rid of my cherry for some time.””That’s not fucking fair!” Eric, Gale’s best friend jumped up in an instant. His reaction made Varienne’s eyebrows rise in amusement. “The only people left is you Nat, Gale and Var.””Oh suck it, Eric. I’m sure all of us will hook up.” Nat fingered Eric before setting her lusty gaze on Varienne’s brother and running her fingers up his arm. Could she be anymore obvious? “The winner will just have first picks.”Gale stared up at Nat’s curvy body and Varienne couldn’t help but feel possessive of her own twin. Gale’s smoking hot body did not belong to Nataly, hell no not if she could help it. I’m going to win just so you don’t get him.When Gale’s steady eyes fell on hers, so did everyone else’s. Rolling her eyes Varienne shrugged then gave a smirk more naughtier than Nataly’s. “Why not? Could be fun.”Victory is so damn sweet. Varienne couldn’t help but grin at the memory. On her turn she had caught Nataly and forced her to strip in front of everyone, to show them just how better the twins were in every way. She couldn’t forget the way Nat glared at her as if she had ruined everything and all she did was smile smugly. Sorry but you ain’t getting close to my twin. The feeling of winning was close. All she had to do was hide until Gale decides to get tired and quit, handing the victory to her. She ran her choices through her head. I wonder who’ll get to pick my bitten cherry? She bit her lip with a sigh, Gale would have been the one, no competition there.

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