I Spent the Night With My Neighbor Kassey


I Spent the Night With My Neighbor KasseyHere’s my fantasy story about a real sexy woman named Kassey.My name is Denny and I’m to Jodi. We live in Knoxville, Tennessee in a quiet residential neighborhood. Next door to my right are my neighbors Kassey and Jim. We’ve known each other for about five years now and had become good friends. But there’s a problem. I have been fantasizing about fucking Kassey from the second I first met her. I mean I spent countless hours stroking my cock thinking about what Kassey’s D-cup tits look like and wondering if she shaves her pussy. I would catch her sunbathing in her back yard in a skimpy black bikini and that sight gave me an instant boner. So I would be in the bathroom jerking off saying “Fuck me Kassey me” while I would shoot my load of cum into the sink.Then it happened. My dream came true one weekend in July.Jodi went up to Kentucky to spend the weekend with her parents. I opted to stay home as her parents were nice, but I could only stand about an hour of time with them.It was Friday night and Jodi had left three hours ago and was at her parents home.I decided to head on out to the Kroger grocery store to buy some snacks for my home alone weekend. While I walked through the parking lot and headed to the store entrance, I saw Kassey walking through the lot with a bag of groceries in her hand. She looked so hot in her black tee shirt, blue jeans shorts and sandals. Kassey was about five feet ten inches with long wavy brown hair down to the middle of her back. She had a slender frame and sexy shapely legs. And of course very sexy feet.“Denny,” she called out the second she saw me approaching her.“Hey Kassey,” I said then stopped by her then I took a glance at her sexy feet and noticed she wore red nail polish today.Kassey noticed me eyeing her feet and did not say anything. “So, what are you doing this weekend?”“Chilling. Jodi’s up in Kentucky visiting her parents and will be back Monday morning. What are you and Jim doing?”“I’m home alone until late Sunday night. Jim’s over in Memphis visiting some old buddies probably drinking beer and fishing knowing him,” she replied.We looked at each other for a few seconds a little speechless.“If you’re not doing anything important, why don’t you come over? I bought this cheap DVD here at Kroger and was going to have some drinks, snacks and watch it. I would love some company,” she said.For a second I couldn’t believe my ears. Since I’ve known Kassey, we’ve never had any time alone. I was afraid I would embarrass myself or get slapped by Kassey or punched by Jim. Then Jodi would beat the crap out of me. “Sure, I would love that,” I replied knowing I would be kicking myself in the butt if I turned down this offer.“Great, I’ll see you at eight,” she said in what I thought was a bit of a sexy tone.“Eight it is,” I replied then walked away with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. Then I turned around. “Want me to bring anything?” I called out.“Just your body,” Kassey replied while she walked away.I turned back around and headed to the store with a bigger spring in my step.It felt like eight o’clock that took forever to arrive. But it finally did and I left out my back porch and headed over to Kassey’s back porch.I got to her back porch and saw Kassey through her sliding glass door in the kitchen emptying a bag of Lays potato chips into a large plastic boy. I promised myself that I wouldn’t do anything stupid to get into deep trouble. I tapped on the sliding glass door.From her kitchen, Kassey motioned for me to come inside.I opened the sliding glass door and stepped inside.“Lock the door,” she said while she grabbed the bowl of chips.I locked the door and started liking the way things started out.“Let’s go into the TV room,” she said while she walked down the hallway from the kitchen.I followed Kassey into their den. This was one of their bedrooms that she and Jim converted into a den. It had a Futon up against one wall with a coffee table and a 50-inch HDTV at the other wall. I loved watching TV at their house with Jim.She placed the bowl of chips on the coffee table. “I made us some Margarita’s” she said then headed to the door.I sat down on the Futon and waited. A few seconds later, Kassey entered the den with two glasses and a pitcher of Margarita in hand. “I’m glad I saw you at Kroger’s earlier,” she said while she set the glasses and pitcher down.“Why?”“Saved me a phone call. I was planning on calling you to invite you over tonight,” she said while she poured our drinks.“How did you know I would be available?”“Jodi told me she was going away for the weekend,” she said then sat down on the Futon and sat next to me by my left side.Kassey picked up her remote and turned on the TV and DVD player.The Not Another Teen Movie movie started playing on the TV. Kassey grabbed one of the glasses filled with Margarita and held it up. “To us having a fun filled weekend,” she said for her toast.I grabbed my glass and we clinked them together. “To us,” I added and started having nasty thoughts about Kassey running through my head.Thirty minutes had passed and we ate potato chips and drank our Margarita’s. We dikmen escort both were on our second glass and I started to get a good buzz going. She made them strong. Then things started to change a bit and I started to realize that maybe Kassey had a secret addenda on her mind. It started when I dropped some small pieces of potato chips in my crotch.Kassey saw them, reached over and picked up the pieces off my crotch. She ate them.Then Kassey placed her bare feet up on the coffee table to stretch her legs. I couldn’t help checking out her sexy toes. She caught me eyeing them and just smiled. “Do you like my feet?” she asked while she wiggled her toes.“Ah, yeah,” I replied and got a little embarrassed.“Do you think I have sexy feet?”“I do,” I immediately replied and surprised myself.Kassey just smiled and poured some more Margarita into her glass.“I’m done with the chips. You can have them,” she said.“I’m also done with them,” I replied.Kassey placed the bowl of half eaten chips on the one end of the coffee table.She started to inch closer to me and then before I realized it, she rested her head against my shoulder. I started to feel my blood rushing to my cock.Then I decided to take a chance. I placed my left arm around Kassey’s shoulder. She cuddled closer to me and I was in heaven.Five minutes had passed and Kassey’s right hand slowly moved over my left thigh.Her right hand lightly tapped on my thigh while she laughed at a scene in the movie. I slowly inched my legs apart just in case her hand wanted to venture closer to my crotch.She let her right hand rest on my thigh. Then her fingers slowly moved to the inner of my left thigh. I started to feel my cock get hard and wonder if she would notice the bulge growing in my jeans shorts.I started to get a little out of breath while I thought about her right hand resting on my inner left thigh.“I’m in the mood for some slow dancing. Are you?” she asked while she glanced over at me.“Sure. That sounds great,” I replied.Kassey removed her right hand from my left thigh, grabbed the remote and turned off the TV.She got up and walked over to a small desk where she had previously placed her iPad there. She turned it on and opened iTunes. The song Only Time by Enya started playing from her iPad.“Let’s dance,” she said with a smile.I got up off the Futon and walked over to her.It felt so good to place my arms around her body and then felt better once I felt her arm go around my body. We pressed our bodies together and started to slow dance.Then I could feel my cock get rock hard. I wondered if she could feel it.“Feels good,” she moaned out.“Sure does,” I replied and could feel Kassey moving her crotch closer to my crotch.I knew I could take a chance. I flicked her hair away and started kissing on the left side of her neck.“I love it when my neck is kissed,” she moaned.I decided to take another huge chance. I kissed my way across her cheek over to her lips. I gave her a light kiss on the lips. She gave me a light kiss on my lips. We kissed and it turned passionate.Her tongue darted into my mouth.My tongue darted into her mouth.I decided to spice it up a bit. I brought my mouth over to her left hear. “Is Kassey a slut?” I whispered into her ear then I started sucking on her left ear lobe.“Yes, I’m a slut,” she moaned out and loved her ear lobe being sucked on.“Good, I love sluts,” I whispered into her ear.“I’m a nasty slut,” Kassey replied a little louder.While we danced, I moved my hand down and lightly grasped the back of her jeans shorts. She moaned. “I love having my ass fondled,” she said then started kissing the left side of my neck.I groped the rear of her jeans shorts.She moaned.Then I turned her around and we slow danced with her backside pressed up against my front. I ran my hands across the front of her tee shirt and could feel that she was braless underneath it. It didn’t take long for me to me to find her erect nipples that started to poke through the material of her tee shirt.Kassey moaned while I fondled with her erect nipples through her tee shirt. Then she pressed her backside harder against my crotch while I fondled with her nipples.I let go of her nipples and ran my hand down toward her crotch.I lifted up her tee shirt and let my right hand head straight to her crotch.I could feel Kassey wore cotton panties once my fingers started touching them.Kassey moaned while I ran my hand deeper down her crotch with the destination of her pussy.She moaned while I started rubbing her pussy through the material of her cotton panties.“Feels good,” Kassey moaned while I rubbed her pussy through her panties.“Kassey, I’ve always wanted to fuck you. I hope you know that and don’t mind,” I whispered in her right ear.“Good, because I’ve away had a fantasy of you fucking me,” she moaned out while she enjoyed me rubbing her pussy. I could feel her panties getting a little moist while I rubbed her crotch.I moved both of my hand under her tee shirt and headed straight to her tits.I thought I was going to cum in my jeans the seconds I finally go the opportunity to touch her bare tits. Her D-Cup tits were so perky and eryaman escort her nipples were so fucking hard. Then I couldn’t take it any longer. I grabbed the bottom of her tee shirt and raised it up and over her head. I spun her around and got my first look at her bare tits. “Fucking nice tits,” I said then started sucking on her right nipple.After sucking on her right nipple for a few seconds, I moved my mouth over to her left nipple. I started sucking on it.After I was finished with her nipples, I grabbed the top of her white cotton panties and lowered them down to her feet.Kassey stepped out of her panties and I couldn’t believe my eyes. There she was standing buck naked in front of me and I thought I was in heaven. I glanced down and saw that she shaved her pussy.“You’re turn,” she said then she grabbed my tee shirt, raised it up and over my head.Then Kassey dropped to her knees and unbuckled my belt.The unbuttoned my jeans shorts, unzipped them, then lowered them down to my ankles. I stepped out of my shorts.Kassey immediately grabbed the band of my boxer shorts and lowered them to my ankles.I stood there with my six-inch boner staring Kassey in her face. She knew what her job was and started to suck on the head of my cock.I moaned while Kassey started sucking on my cock.“You’re a good cock sucker,” I moaned.Kassey took my cock out of her mouth. “I love cock,” she said then went back to sucking my cock. Kassey stopped sucking on my cock then licked her way down to my shaved balls. She ran her tongue all around my balls concentrating on the base of them.“Feels good when you lick my balls,” I moaned out.Kassey licked my balls for a few seconds. Then she stood up.She walked over and moved her coffee table away from her Futon.“I want to be fucked,” she said and it sounded like an order. She sat on the Futon with her ass cheeks and feet on the edge of the cushion.I walked to her eyeing her sweet naked pussy.Then the second I got to Kassey, she pointed her right foot up at my face. “I know you’ve been eyeing my feet, so I want you to suck on my toes,” she said and again had a tone in her voice like she was giving me an order.I took her right foot and started kissing the top of her foot.I kissed the bottom of her foot.She moaned. I started sucking on her big toe.“Mmmm,” feels good she moaned out.While I sucked on all of her toes on her right foot, Kassey lightly rubbed the slit of her pussy. “Suck my toes,” she moaned. Then I gently placed her right foot back on the cushion of the Futon. I picked her left foot. I kissed the top of her foot.I kissed the bottom of her foot.Then I started sucking on her big toe.“You’re my fucking foot bitch from now on,” she said and sounded serious.After a few minutes of sucking on all of her toes on her left foot then switching to sucking on all of her toes on her right foot, I was ready for some of Kassey’s sweet pussy.I placed her left foot back on the edge of the Futon cushion.I dropped to my knees and stared at her pussy for a few seconds. “I finally get to see your pussy,” I told her then I leaned in and ran my tongue up and down the slit of her cunt.She moaned.I ran my tongue down and lightly stuck my tongue into her pussy.She moaned. I ran my tongue up her slit and found her clit. I ran my tongue all around her erect clit. She moaned.I then started sucking on her clit.“Yes, eat my pussy,” Kassey moaned out louder.I continued to suck on her clit and she started moving her hips around.“Yes, yes, eat my pussy,” she called out.I sucked on her clit then ran my tongue up and down her juicy clit.I went back to sucking on her clit.“Fuucckk!” Kassey cried out the second she had an orgasm forcing my mouth harder into her pussy.“Fuck me. I want my pussy fucked,” Kassey called out and pushed my head off her pussy.I took the tip of my cock and ran it up and down the slit of her pussy.“Fuck me you asshole!” she cried out.I pressed the tip of my cock against her wet pussy. It slid inside. She moaned.I slowly pumped her pussy.She moaned. “I’m a slut. Fuck me!” she cried out and she started to get a little louder.I started pumping at a faster pace.Kassey pointed her feet up in the air. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she cried out while I pumped her pussy.After a few minutes of fucking Kassey in this position, I pulled my cock out.I grabbed her hand. “Come my bitch,” I said then pulled her off the Futon.“Yes my dear,” replied Kassey.I walked Kassey by her hand to the middle of the room.“On your hands and knees,” I ordered.Kassey obeyed and got down on her hands and knees.I dropped to my knees and got behind her.I lightly slapped her ass cheeks. “I want you for my fuck slut,” I said while I lightly slapped her ass. “Yes, I’m your slut,” Kassey replied and loved it when I spanked her.I rubbed my cock up and down the slit of her pussy.“Give me you cock,” Kassey ordered a little loud.I pressed the tip of my cock and smiled then it slid into her pussy.I started pumping Kassey doggiestyle.“Yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she cried out while I pumped her pussy.“Ahhhhh,” Kassey cried out having another orgasm from being fucked from etimesgut escort the behind.But I couldn’t stand it any longer. “I’m going to cum soon, where do you want it?” I said fighting off blowing my wad in her pussy.“In my mouth,” she replied then moved away so my cock would pop out of her pussy.Kassey immediately turned around and started sucking on my cock enjoying her pussy juice on my meat.I couldn’t believe it that I would finally get the chance to cum in a woman’s mouth. I jerked off to it numerous times from watching porno clips on the Internet. Now I get to experience it for real.After a few seconds of her warm mouth sucking on my cock, I couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m going to cum!” I cried out.Kassey started sucking on the tip of my cock. Then I couldn’t hold it back any longer. “Ahhhhhh!” I cried out when the first spurt of cum shot out into Kassey’s mouth. “Fuck,” I cried out then the second spurt of cum shot out into her mouth. Then I shot out my entire load into Kassey’s sweet and warm mouth.I pulled my cock out of her mouth. “Don’t swallow just yet,” I said then grabbed her right hand and pulled her up to her feet.Kassey looked curious as to what I had planned. Then she was surprised when I planted a kiss on her lips and darted my tongue into her mouth.We French kissed while she still had a mouth full of my cum. Then she swallowed it. We kissed again.After a few seconds of kissing, Kassey grabbed my left hand. “We’re taking a shower,” she said then walked me out of the den.Kassey walked me down the hallway to her bathroom.We went inside and immediately hopped in the shower.We spent ten minutes while he took turns soaping up each other’s bodies. I also concentrated on making sure her sweet butthole was nice and clean. After we got out of the shower and dried off, he went back to the den bare ass naked.We went back to sitting on the couch and finished watching that movie. But this time, she positioned herself to where I could massage her feet, kiss her feet and suck on her sexy toes.After the movie was over, Kassey looked at me. “Spend the night with me. I don’t want to sleep alone,” she said.“Of course,” I replied.We got off the Futon and I helped Kassey put the Futon in a flat configuration so we could sleep there.After she got a bed sheet and two pillows, we lay on the Futon and were ready for bed.We cuddled. We kissed. Then we both fell asleep.Hours had passed and I woke up. I noticed that Kassey was sound asleep on her stomach. I got horny after nasty thoughts flashed through my mind.I lowered the bed sheet to where Kassey’s sweet ass cheeks were visible.I then leaned over to them and lightly ran my tongue about a quarter inch above the crack of her ass. She did not move.I moved my tongue closer to where the tip of my tongue lightly grazed the crack of her ass while I moved it up and down it.Then I moved my tongue deeper while I went up and down the crack of her ass.Kassey moved her ass a little and gave me a sign that she enjoyed that feeling in her sleep.I moved my tongue deeper into the crack of her ass and found her butthole. I lightly licked her butthole.Kassey moved her ass around a little indicating she liked the feeling. I pulled my tongue away from her ass thinking she might wake up and tell me to stop.“Lick my butthole,” she moaned out and that surprised me.I stuck my tongue back in the crack of her ass and started licking her butt hole.“Yes, lick my ass,” she moaned out a little louder and moved her ass around as a sign it turned her on.While I licked Kassey’s butthole, she reached under with her right hand and started playing with her pussy. “Lick my ass, lick my ass,” she cried out while my tongue ran all around her hole.While Kassey played with her pussy, I took the middle finger of my right hand and ran it all around her asshole. I slowly slid the tip of my finger into her tight butthole. She moaned and I could tell she loved that feeling. I slid my finger deeper into her butthole and started to finger fuck it.She moaned while she played with her pussy.“Fuck my ass,” Kassey moaned out and surprised me.I leaned over and spit out some saliva for lubricant onto her butthole.I took my pillow and placed it under Kassey’s crotch to get her ass a little higher.I rubbed the tip of my cock against her butthole.“Fuck my ass!” she said and it sounded like an order.I pushed my cock against her butthole and to my surprise it slipped inside.“Yes,” she moaned out while half of my cock was inside her ass.I slowly started fucking her ass while she moaned.“Fuck my ass, fuck my ass,” Kassey cried out while I fuck her ass and she played with her pussy.After a few seconds of pumping her sweet ass, I couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m going to cum,” I cried out.“Cum in my ass,” Kassey yelled out while she continued to play with her pussy.I continued to pump her ass then…”Ahhhhh!” I cried out while I spurted out globs of my hot cum into her ass.“Ahhhhh!” Kassey cried out while she gave herself an orgasm.I pulled my cock out of her ass and lay on my back.“Go wash you cock and then we’ll get some more sleep,” Kassey said.I got off the Futon and left the room.I headed straight to the bathroom and immediately washed my cock.I got back on the Futon and under the bed sheet.Kassey rested her head on my chest. “You’re going to fuck me every time we’re home alone,” she said.“Yes ma-am,” I replied with a smile.We both fell fast asleep in each other’s arms.

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