Intimate Neighbors Ch. 01

Asian Cute

This is my first-ever attempt at writing erotic fiction and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. I would like to thank Angel Love for taking the time to edit my story and offer her honest thoughts. Your feedback is both welcome and appreciated as I hope to continue the series on a regular basis.


As I made the right turn toward my childhood home, it was good to see the old neighborhood hadn’t changed much, even if I had. My social life while I was away at college was quite different than the one I led as a senior in high school. I had been well-liked, but not popular and I certainly would never have been voted Homecoming King. When I left for college, I was just the nice, average kid that lived down the street. But I was hoping for a bit more fun this year, as my parents had gone to the beach house for the summer, leaving me a four-bedroom bachelor pad all to myself.

Now, by no means did I become Brad Pitt during my time in college. But I turned eighteen as a freshman, which meant I was legally old enough to drink, and I put on fifteen pounds and three inches while away at school. Between that and picking up some new styles, I had gone from your average Joe to, dare I say, fairly handsome. Still, even though I had just graduated with honors, I didn’t have a steady girlfriend as I returned home to begin my career and was looking forward to getting the ‘new and improved me’ out on the town with my high school friends.

As I approached my house, a couple of my neighbors waved as I passed by. Mr. Edwards was mowing his lawn, Mr. O’Neal was getting his mail and Mrs. Raymond was just pulling into her driveway. As we both got out of the car at the same time, she waived and flashed a big smile at me.

“Welcome home,” she hollered. “How was college this year?”

“Hello, Mrs. Raymond. It was a lot of fun, and I graduated too,” I joked. “I already have a job offer from the college here in town.”

Mrs. Raymond just laughed, waived again and walked toward her front door, turning around to flash a wry smile at me before she disappeared into the house. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of years, but she still looked just as attractive as she did when I left for college. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond had moved into the house across the street when I was in seventh grade and was, by far, the most attractive lady on the block. She stood about five foot six with long, auburn hair, and beautiful green eyes.

Unfortunately, she was also married to the biggest ass on the block. One summer, I hit a baseball into their yard near the front door. Mr. Raymond came out of the house and picked up the ball. Thinking he was going to throw it back to me, I smiled and waved my glove. Instead, he just glared at me and went back inside the house. I never saw that baseball again.

The first few days of summer vacation were uneventful. I did some golfing, caught up with some high school buddies and generally did a whole lot of nothing. Sleeping in one morning, I thought I heard a knocking at the front door. As I struggled to wake up from my well-earned slumber, I waited for someone to get the door.

“Damn,” I thought as I remembered my folks were 250 miles away this summer.

Hoping whoever was disturbing my sleep would go away I ignored the interruption, but someone was very determined to get me up early. I stumbled out of bed, trying to find some shorts so I could answer the door. The knocking continued and since I was unable to find anything in my sleepy haze, I trudged out of my room wearing a t-shirt and boxers. As I opened the door, I was surprised to see Mrs. Raymond standing there.

“Oh, Doug,” she stammered. “I’m so sorry, did I wake you?”

“No, I was already up,” I lied. “Is everything alright?

“Oh yes, everything is fine,” she continued. I noticed that she gave a not-so-quick glance downward and I suddenly remembered what I was wearing.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Raymond,” I said embarrassed. “I haven’t unpacked much yet and couldn’t find anything to put on. I thought you might have been the UPS guy bringing those CD’s I ordered.”

I could almost feel her gaze pierce through the light material of my boxers. Subtly glancing down myself, I was thankful the easy-open front was still closed. Still, there was a noticeable response taking place beneath the fabric.

“Don’t worry about it, Doug,” she continued. “I was just wondering if you would be interested in mowing my lawn for me. I’d be willing to pay twenty dollars.”

“Sure,” I said, thinking twenty bucks to a starving college graduate was not just small change. “Is Mr. Raymond out of town again?”

“Oh, you didn’t hear,” she said with what sounded like surprise. “We separated last fall after you left for college and are getting a divorce. It just wasn’t working out.”

“I’m sorry, I had no idea,” I said slightly embarrassed. “I’m surprised my mom didn’t say anything to me.”

“Well, I didn’t really advertise that we were splitting up, you know,” she continued. Cebeci Escort “Besides, you don’t have to apologize. You and I both know he was a jerk. He just found someone who was more, compatible, I guess.”

“Yeah, if compatible means someone as self-centered and arrogant as he is,” I retorted.

Mrs. Raymond smiled half-heartedly, leading me to believe I just said something I shouldn’t have.

“Well, I’d be happy to help you out,” I said, trying to quickly change the subject. “I have a couple of things I need to do this morning, but I can come over this afternoon, if that works for you.”

“Oh, that’s fine,” she replied. “I took the day off to do a few things myself and will be back around noon. Just come over anytime after that.”

As she walked away, I watched her cross the street. Her cotton dress was flowing in the breeze, lifting ever so slightly to reveal a beautiful pair of tanned legs. As I felt the stirring continue in my boxers, I told myself to settle down. After all, she just came over to ask me to mow her lawn and those kinds of fantasies just don’t happen to guys like me.

After finishing my errands and having some lunch, I went over to Mrs. Raymond’s house where I found a note on the front door:


I’m out back on the patio. Just come through the gate when you get here and I’ll show you where the mower is.

Thanks, Deb

As I walked around back, I saw a new privacy fence Mr. Raymond must have put in while I was gone. I unlatched the gate and headed toward the patio.

“Holy smokes,” I thought as I rounded the corner.

Mrs. Raymond was indeed on the patio as she said in the note. What she didn’t mention was that she was sunbathing. Lying on a chaise lounge, Mrs. Raymond was wearing a bright yellow bikini that barely covered her beautiful, tanned figure.

“Hi Doug, thanks for coming over,” she said as I approached the patio. “I really appreciate your help. The mower and the gas can are in the shed over there.”

I was still awestruck by the spectacular beauty I discovered out back and only half-heard what she had said.

“Oh, um, that’s no problem Mrs. Raymond,” I stammered, momentarily reverting to the awkward senior I thought I had left behind.

“And Doug,” she continued, “I’m not Mrs. Raymond anymore. Please call me Deb.”

I smiled and headed toward the shed, but not before casting one last glance at the yellow-clad goddess on the patio. I found the mower and pulled it out of the shed. It looked like it hadn’t been used in years and took a few attempts before the engine started. As I began my yard work, Deb reclined her chair and put in some ear buds so the mower would not disturb her tanning session.

With each pass around the yard, I did my best to steal a subtle glimpse at Deb as she lay there. She had put on her sunglasses, tinted just enough that I couldn’t see her eyes and leaving me wondering if I was being subtle enough with my glances.

After about twenty minutes of mowing, and still keeping an eye on Deb, I noticed that she now had a slight smile on her face and that her position had changed. I don’t know if she was consciously trying to get me going or what, but she was now lying there with her legs spread to each side of the lounge chair. The barely-there, yellow bikini bottom that was now in plain view only added to the heat of the mid-summer afternoon.

Just then, the engine died. In my excitement of seeing Deb lying there on the patio, I had forgotten to gas up the mower.

“Deb,” I called, “did you say the gas can was in the shed, too?”

“Yes, honey,” she replied. “It’s on the top shelf.”

As if my overactive imagination wasn’t already running wild enough, the hottest woman on the block just called me ‘honey.’ I ducked into the shed where I saw the nozzle of the gas can right where she said it would be.

“Oh, crap,” I shouted. In trying to grab the gas from the top shelf, I completely missed seeing the small can of yellow paint that was sitting in front of it. Of course, the lid was not secure and I stood there fuming, dripping paint onto the floor of the shed.

I heard Deb running toward the shed. Embarrassed, I stepped out of the door and saw her face light up in a combination of shock and amusement.

“Oh my goodness,” she blurted, trying her best to keep from giggling at the mess in front of her. “Are you alright?”

I’m guessing it was the combination of the afternoon heat and the fact that she ran to the shed when I shouted, but Deb was breathing heavily now, her breasts heaving. I had never seen sweat look so good on a person before. Her yellow bikini top offered no help in covering the fact that her nipples were erect, a sight that only made the current situation even more, interesting.

“I’m fine, Deb, except for the coat of paint I decided to try on,” I replied with a bit of sarcasm.

At this point, the amusement of my predicament outweighed the shock and she began laughing.

“Why don’t you Cebeci Escort Bayan go inside and get cleaned up? You can use the shower in the master bedroom, just go down the hall and turn left,” Deb said. “Just leave your clothes outside the door on the hamper and I’ll wash them for you.”

I slowly walked toward the house, only this time I did not look back. I felt like such an ass, standing there coated in yellow paint in front of Deb. She had looked so hot at the shed, sweating, with her erect nipples staring me in the face.

Trying not to make too much of a mess as I entered the bathroom, I began to undress. I reached into the shower and turned on the water. Deb had one of those walk-in showers with the wavy-lined glass you found in nice hotels. I peeked outside the door and placed my now-yellow t-shirt and shorts on the hamper as Deb had said.

I stepped into the shower and closed the sliding glass door. Even though the afternoon was a scorcher, the hot water felt good as it beat down on my shoulders. As I looked down, the paint was mixing with the water, leaving a faint yellow trail as it streamed down the drain. Thank goodness it was a water-soluble paint and not wood stain or something else that wouldn’t have rinsed off so easily.

As I reflected on the day’s events, one thing kept standing out. It was Deb. Thinking about how she looked sitting on the patio in her bikini and down at the shed, I had an erection in no time at all. Seeing some body lotion in the shower caddy, I wondered if I should take care of my urge then and there, or if I should just wait until I got home.

“Mmmm,” I moaned as I began to rub the lotion onto my cock.

I guess the decision had been made as there was no going back now. With the hot water massaging my back, I began to slowly stroke myself. I pictured Deb in all of her mature glory, tiny bits of yellow fabric straining to reign in her tanned breasts and keep her pussy hidden from view.

As the mental images began to do their work, I pumped myself faster and faster. Before long, I could feel that wonderful sensation deep inside me as my shaft started to swell in my hand. Turning to face the glass, I worked myself until I reached the breaking point. Two steams of cum exploded from me and splashed onto the glass, slowly running down the wall as it mixed with the water. I came so hard I had to grab on to the towel rack in the shower to keep from losing my balance. Regaining my senses and finding my washcloth, I quickly wiped down the glass door and rinsed any evidence of my indiscretion down the drain.

As I wrapped the towel around me and opened the shower door, I was stunned to see Deb standing in the doorway with that same sly grin she greeted me with a few days ago.

“So, did you enjoy your shower,” she asked. “Because from here it sure looked like you did.”

“Shit,” I exclaimed. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to say.”

I was standing there, dripping wet and wearing nothing but a towel, having just been literally caught red-handed. While I could do nothing to hide my embarrassment, Deb smiled and began to walk toward me.

“I enjoyed watching you cum in my shower,” she said matter-of-factly. “I was watching you earlier today, mowing my lawn. You have really grown up since I last saw you.”

“Well, I guess I’m not the same skinny kid I was in high school,” I replied.

“I can see that,” Deb said, as she gazed down at my towel.

As she moved even closer, I thought I could smell that wonderful fragrance that betrayed a woman who had become aroused. Deb looked beautiful in the still-steamy bathroom and my mind began to race again as I wondered what my next move was going to be.

“Well, I guess I should get going,” I said in a still embarrassed voice. “I’m really sorry.”

“No, I don’t think you are going to be leaving just yet,” she said smugly. “In fact, I think you are going to be here for quite a while longer. Do you have somewhere you need to be?”

“Um, no,” I stammered.

Deb took another step toward me, eliminating whatever safe distance I had hoped would shield me from the female fury I had earned. She stopped about two feet in front of me and reached around her back. With the deftness of a magician, she released the clasp of her bikini top, allowing it to fall to the ground. Standing topless before me, her tanned breasts were magnificent. I had often fantasized about Deb, but even my imagination was no comparison to what I was seeing now. Her thick nipples stood erect, protruding from large, brown areola nearly a half-dollar in size and shape. Surprising even myself, I boldly walked forward and kissed Deb. Slowly. Passionately. Our tongues intertwined ever so gently as she pressed her body against mine. I ran my fingers slowly up her back, my touch so light it caused her to shudder and kiss me even more deeply. I slid my hands slowly down her sides, ever so gently grazing her breasts as I worked my way to her hips.

As I reached her bikini bottom, I could Escort Cebeci feel her warm breath as I gently kissed her neck. Reaching around behind her, I ran my hands over the last bit of material that kept her covered. A slight moan escaped from Deb as I pulled her hips toward mine. As if we were dancing, we stood body-to-body in complete silence, except for the sounds of anticipation coming from both of us. I lowered my mouth toward her breast as she shuddered in anticipation. Her erect nipple slid between my lips as I began to suck ever so gently. As my tongue flicked lightly over the tip, Deb reached up with her hand and began to tug on her other nipple. I sucked a bit more forcefully and she matched me by pulling her nipple even harder, causing her to moan out loud.

As I stood back up and kissed her softly on the lips, my hand reached down and unhooked the side clasp of her bikini. The yellow bottom slid down her legs to the floor as I looked into her emerald green eyes and smiled reassuringly. Then slowly I began to kiss her again, starting with her neck, working my way to her shoulder and continuing down her stunning body. A gentle pass over her breasts led me to her abdomen, where another kiss made her recoil in delight. I worked my way down, running my tongue along the inner creases between her thighs and her pussy, waxed smooth and now glistening in the light of the room. Deb moaned in anticipation, hoping for what was to come next. She gently took my hand and led me to the bathroom countertop, where she reached over and dimmed the bathroom light.

It was as if we were standing in the moonlight, erotically dark and yet brilliantly revealing. Deb backed up to the counter and I smiled at her lovingly, lifting her like a porcelain goddess and setting her down just as gently. As I did, I noticed she still had her diamond ring on. Knowing the questions that must be running through my mind, Deb gave me an expression I hadn’t yet seen from her. Was it remorse over her failed marriage, or was it relief in that she was, at least for this brief moment, completely happy? Regardless of the answer, I gently brought her hand to my lips, kissing the tips before I slid my lips over her ring finger, sucking ever so gently. Deb closed her eyes and smiled, a single tear falling from her emerald-like eyes that left no doubt as to the answer to my question.

Her eyes remained closed as she placed both of her feet on the counter, exposing to me what I had only imagined in my fantasies. Her pussy was silky smooth, her scent filling the room. As I leaned down to taste her sweetness, she opened her eyes and placed her hand on the back of my head, guiding me to our mutual destination. With her approval received, I gently traced my tongue around the thin folds of her pussy. Her opening was slender, tight for a woman of her age. My tongue continued to tease her, working its way from bottom to top, and back again. Deb reached down with both hands and spread her lips apart, her desire to feel my tongue inside her now obvious.

I moved up and flicked my tongue over her now exposed clit. She jumped at the touch, both electric and relaxing at the same time. I pressed my tongue against her clit as she forced her hips toward me. I began to suck on her clit, hoping to make her feel something that she seemed to have been missing for a long time. But as excited as she was, Deb gently pushed my head away.

“Inside,” she whispered softly. “I want to feel it inside me.”

Her soft hands moved back down to once again spread her pussy as I slowly began to penetrate her wetness with my tongue. Deb began to moan louder now as she released one hand and put it back on my head. I began to use my tongue more forcefully now, following her lead. The movement inside of her was making her press her hips into my face. With pressure from both directions, I knew it was time to release everything she had been keeping inside for who knows how long.

I started slowly, inserting and retracting my tongue from her pussy. Slowly building in rhythm and speed, I began to fuck her pussy with my tongue until I felt her begin to quiver. She held my head firmly in place as her orgasm began. As Deb arched her back in ecstasy, I could feel her muscles constrict around my tongue. Her wetness began to run down my chin and I buried my mouth into her soaked pussy one last time. It seemed like an eternity before Deb took another breath as a second wave of pleasure swept across her body. And with that final release from deep inside her, the tears began to flow as I realized what it was she had been missing . . . someone who cared.

Deb slowly slid off the counter and headed toward the shower, where she turned the water on once again. As she stepped into the shower, I wasn’t sure if she wanted to be alone after the emotional response I had pleasured her into. I was just about to turn and leave when she silently motioned for me to join her. Amazingly, I was still wearing the towel I had put on earlier. As I stepped toward the shower, I gave a slight tug and released the towel from its hold on me.

Deb closed the shower door and turned to face me. The tears in her eyes had been replaced with a starry twinkle from dimmed bathroom lights. As we stood nude together, the hot water pulsed over our bodies.

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