Late Night

Big Tits

My clock read 11:53 PM. “It’s going to be one of these nights,” I thought to myself. One of those nights often meant staying up until 4 in the morning. Typical teenager, I know. The only difference being that I don’t actually have an excuse for staying up so late. Most other 19 year olds stay up late because they have no choice. They’re actually being productive and studying for school and exams. Not me, I don’t go to college. Everybody thinks I do, though. My mom and dad, my girlfriend, her parents, grandma, sister, brother, distant relatives, hell, even my dogs probably think I do. And I want to be going; in fact I wish I could. I just kept fucking up and have dug myself into a hole so deep that it will be almost impossible get out of; at least without revealing to everyone that I don’t actually go. My name is Rory and I still live at home with my Parents, younger sister, Chloe, and little brother, Baxter. I’m obviously the oldest at 19 years old, with a 13 year age difference between me and my brother. He’s 6 years old. And my sister, as the middle child with only a 3 year age difference, at 16 years old. I always was so baffled at my friends who got along with their sisters. Maybe it’s because they’re younger than their sisters. I was the only one that was the oldest sibling. I’ve always had a thing for sisters though. I don’t know what it is about them. Maybe it’s the whole forbidden fruit thing. To most brothers there are few things more sacred than their sister. You could be hanging out with your friends talking about girls and sex and who you would rail until the sun broke şişli escort daylight. Any girl in the world would be acceptable except a sister. God forbid you bring up the fact that your friend’s sister is attractive. I never understood the whole stand by family thing. But like I said, maybe it was the forbidden fruit. I used to stay the night at my friend’s house when we were 16 years old. And after he fell asleep I would lay there and hear his 19 year old sister walking around upstairs, wishing more than anything she would slowly walk downstairs, to not wake anybody up, and sneak over to my bed. I was over there so often that I had created a finely constructed fantasy with so many details that it almost felt real. And I replayed them in my head over and over again. “I was lying down; my front was facing the wall and my back facing the room. I hear footsteps, quiet footsteps, but footsteps nonetheless. I could feel my heartbeat racing, hoping it was her. The weight shifted on the floor near my bed behind me. I knew it who it was. My penis quickly rose to a raging hard on. I felt a tap on my shoulder that caused me to turn around. It was her. Hannah, my friend’s sister. She put her finger up to her lips. ‘Shhhh.’ She bent down and revealed her cleavage. Her shirt sagged down so I could see inside. I was looking for the sight of her nipples, but her bra covered it just enough. ‘Is everything okay?’ I whispered to her. She pulled down my blanket and revealed the tent in my pants. Embarrassed, I quickly put my hands over crotch, but she moved them away. She looked at mecidiyeköy escort me and whispered while laughing, ‘5 inches? Nice.’ I knew she was making fun of me, but I didn’t care. ‘Are you a virgin?’ she asked. I nodded. Laughter again. She must’ve seen how humiliated I was because the next thing I knew she was pulling my underwear and pants down. My cock stood at attention, gleaming with pre-cum in the T.V. light, my foreskin only covering half of the head. Slowly she wrapped her fingers around my shaft. More laughter. Hannah must have been with a lot of guys before because she really seemed to know what to do. Starting off slow she moved her hand up and down, my foreskin gliding over my head. I must be really horny because pre-cum was leaking out of my tip in copious amounts causing the familiar sloshing masturbation noise, except it wasn’t me provoking the noise this time. Faster and faster she pumped. My heartbeat became rapid and my breath became louder. The slippery sound of skin rubbing a wet cock filled my ears. I couldn’t take it anymore. ‘Oh god, oh god I’m go- I’m gonna…’ She obviously knew what was gonna happen next because she quickly bent over and engulfed my entire cock in her mouth. That was what sent me over the edge. I started spewing cum into her mouth, rope after rope down her throat. Her tongue was swirling around the head of my cock, causing more and more to come out. I couldn’t handle any more. ‘ Sto- stop, it’s … it’s to- too sensitive.’ I managed to gasp out. I heard a loud gulp and saw her lift her head up to look at me. mecidiyeköy eskort Not a drop spilled. She raised her eyebrow and laughed at me. ’48 seconds? Wow, you’re the quickest I’ve ever had.’ She sarcastically laughed while saying. I was at a loss for words. I watched her walk away all while I was trying to think of something to say, but nothing came out. —— 12:48 AM Oh my god had I really drifted off for an hour? I was groggy and slow while I reached around to look for my phone when I felt something wet and partly slimy around my crotch. It was cum. I had fallen asleep and had a wet dream about an old fantasy of mine. It’s my fault. I hadn’t masturbated in weeks. I have a girlfriend but lately I just have lost all attraction to her. She’s about 5’5″ and 132 lbs with B cup breasts that slightly sag. I know it seems bad that I haven’t masturbated in weeks but it’s even worse that my girlfriend and I haven’t had sex in months. I just can’t seem to get it up for her. I’ve been coming up with excuses, “I’m worried about pregnancy,” “I’m really tired,” “I haven’t taken a shower in a while,” “Was that my phone ringing?” At first I was worried that it was my sex drive, or lack thereof. But I love porn. I can usually masturbate 2-3 times a day. So then I came to the conclusion that I was addicted to porn. But no, anytime I find myself talking to an attractive girl with any amount of cleavage showing I have to hide the fact that I have a raging hard on in my pants. I lie in bed and get frustrated with myself because I’m horny and haven’t had sex in a while, when I could be having crazy kinky vaginal or anal sex complete with blowjobs and handjobs literally anytime I want. Oh man why am I still laying here in a puddle of my own jizz? I reached around for a sock or towel, anything that I could wipe this up with, but I couldn’t find anything.

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