Launch Day


There was a buzz in the office today. Well, when I say office, I mean myself and a team of two others. As Founder and Creative Director of a growing jewellery label, my staff included a 20-Something Sales/Marketing Manager who guided our expansion into retail and online stores nationally and an even younger Office Manager who ran the business like it was hers — leaving me to create, experiment and play.

Today I needed to come out of my creative zone to meet, greet and woo a mix of media and retailers for the launch of our new range. The showroom had been set up immaculately, the jewels sparkling, champagne and canapés ready to be served, giftbags packed to the brim with goodies, our lookbook printed and music pumping through the overhead speakers, all with hours to spare. The butterflies in my stomach could not even begin to describe the nerves I felt. Shifting the focus with this range towards an edgier and darker market was a step out of my safety space and a step towards a higher price point. The results, however, spoke for themselves. I truly hoped our guests today would see our vision and the potential in delivering the range to market.

“There is no need to be so nervous,” Nelly, my Office Manager, came up behind me taking in the room. “We have thought through every detail, invited the right people and we will secure the right accounts.”

“It’s just such a departure for the label…” I trailed off.

“An evolution not a departure, my little ataköy escort Lucy,” with a glint in her eye she took my hand. Guiding me around the room Nelly described each piece in detail, before pulling me in close. “I have a magical technique that will guarantee that you will not only relax but glow for the entire night. But not here,” as she took in the room before her, “perhaps the office would be more comfortable.”

Without a further word, Nelly led the way through the corridors of our showroom and workspace towards the bold wooden doors of my office. Shutting the doors and closing the blinds behind her, Nelly encouraged me towards the desk. Perched and captivated by her determination and scent, I embrace her with my lips and tongue as she parts my thighs, pulling my crutch towards hers. Biting my ear and whispering, “It’s all about you today my little Lucy, sink back into that desk and surrender to me.”

Nelly, the minx, lowers herself to the ground between my legs. Her gentle hands reach up inside my thighs. Lifting my arse slightly to slide my thin black panties passed my toned thighs, calves and under the stark red stilettos, she holds the silky panties to her nose and says “I think I will save these for later,” before tucking them into her own, making her pussy look slightly packed within her tight black skinny jeans.

Her hand returns to stroke my bald and begging mound, dragging her nails across my swollen avcılar escort clit and lips, her fingers gently dip then penetrate into my wet centre. Her curved fingers slamming into my g-spot; I gasp, to which she replies with a smirk, “Just a hint of what is to come.”

Sinking back onto the desk, resting on my elbows I wrap my legs around her head, slightly allowing the tips of the stilettos to sink into her shoulder blades. In response I feel Nelly’s tongue begin to caress and lavish at the juices that respond to her hungry mouth. Riding her face and fist I’m unable to hold back the raging orgasm that I had so desperately needed to be released all day. Barely able to let Nelly finish, I take her soaking fingers into my mouth, licking my own sweet smelling juice from her perfectly delicate fingers and nails. Pulling her head into mine I force my tongue into her mouth, the urge to eat her cunt overwhelming, with my hand on the back of her head I moan, “Bend over the desk, now!”

Shifting positions, I strip her pants to her ankles taking in the sight of her shapely white arse, tight puckered hole and glorious, glistening lips. Falling to my knees, I create a V with my fingers separating her labia and allowing the perfect view of her cunt to fill my face. Whimpering as I thrust my tongue inside her cunt, the cheeky minx rides back into my face and hands begging me to fuck her deeper. Lubing her gorgeous arse with a mix of her juices beylikdüzü escort and my tongue, I reach across into my bottom draw to find my favourite pink strapless strap-on. I take one final lick of her clit and stand up behind her.

Thankful for the years of yoga behind me, I slide one end of the solid strapless firmly in place within my swollen pussy and with my skirt now position over our bodies, I rest my left knee and thigh beside her arse on the desk. Aligning my body with Nelly’s and taking grip of her tiny waist, I slide her end of the strapless straight into her centre.

Forgoing the layers of skirt; my left hand slides inside the waist line and down to her arse. Sliding two fingers inside her forbidden hole; Nelly pushes back against my hand and appendage. Needing no encouragement, I drive further and further into her softness. Her urgency to cum heightened as she begins to strum her clit with frenzy.

Shaking and trembling I feel her sphincter squeeze around my fingers as a rush of cum soaks my thighs. Abruptly I remove the plastic cock from her pussy and bend forth to eat her pulsating centre, licking at her pussy like kittens drinking milk and tongue fucking her gorgeous arse, Nelly screams from below me as her second then third orgasm hits.

Gasping into the table, her knees weak as she struggles to regain her breath, a low unassuming knock on the door fills the space. Lizzie, my Sales/Marketing Manager, enters through the door holding a newly bottle of champagne in her hands and a wicked grin across her face, “I simply couldn’t allow Nelly to have all the fun now, could I? Drink up boss lady and get up against that wall. The minx knows how to drink your juices but you need a woman to fuck you right.”


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