My dark fantasy


I am a young woman of 22. My figure is pretty average I guess, though my breasts are smaller than I would like – I hardly need to wear a bra. The part of me I am proud of are my nipples which are lovely and pert. They seem permanently erect. My hair is short and very dark. My eyes are green.

I have had a number of boyfriends and have never really been fulfilled by them. I think it is partly that I have such low self image and want someone to treat me harshly – violently even. I tested this when I fantasised one morning when my boyfriend was trying it on, that he was an intruder in my flat and forcing himself on me. I couldn’t let on or he would be shocked, but I was looking down at his cock as he leant over me and could feel myself getting wet. I so wanted him to pull my hair back but my imagination ran away with itself and I was on an old mattress in a warehouse, he was strong and dirty… before I knew it I was cuming so hard…

I started searching out rape stories in the web and wanted to find a place near where I lived where rapes had occurred more than a few times. Sure enough there was an estate near me, known to be run down and a police no go area (hey I didn’t want to be disturbed !)

Late that very evening I set out. I put on some tight jeans and a t-shirt a little too small for me. I set out wearing just that and walked to wards the darkened streets. I soon found them and slowly walked along – deeper into the most dangerous area. I could see a grey van ahead of me, but other than that total silence. I was genuinely startled then by a voice not more than a couple of yards behind me – deep and confident, ‘what’s a pretty white girl doing alone around here ?’
‘Oh’ I said ‘I’m a bit lost I think’
‘Yes I should say so. Won’t you let me give you a life somewhere ?’ he must have been a foot taller than me, well I’m only 5’2”, but he was built of steel I think ! His eyes seemed lark dark pools. He suddenly got out a key and opened the back of the van. He picked me up before Escort I could even think about it and threw me in, following after me and banged on the sides. Straight away the van drove off. I lost my balance and fell to the floor where he caught me and held me down. I found myself looking down at his crotch and could see the swelling of what I could only imagine to be a large cock. He grasped the back of my hair ‘now princess I don’t want to have to gag you, but one squeak and I will. You do what you are told and you can go home safe and sound. You misbehave then you live in my cellar until I say so – understood ?’
I simply nodded and murmured ‘mm hmm’

The van pulled in somewhere and I heard footsteps come around from the front. The back opened and two other men stood there ‘hey bobby we caught a white lady here’ I was pulled up by the hair again and forced out and into a house with no lights on. Until we entered – there was a room with nothing but a large mattress. I was anxious as aside from my own sordid dream coming through, I didn’t know where I was, so it wasn’t hard for me to look scared.

Booby came up behind me and reached around to grasp my breasts. He soon found my nipples hard as cherries ‘you nice and ready for us then’ he laughed. I could feel his cock swelling. He unbuttoned his fly and let his trousers drop. He rechedound and forced my right hand around and down to grasp his cock. It was so thick and must have been ten inches. I started to stroke it as it got harder – I couldn’t help it. Suddenly the other two appeared both naked and similarly hung. One came up to me and unbuttoned my fly and pulled down my trousers, kneeling to pull them off. He stood and took my other hand and put it around his cock. My breathing was getting faster as I wanked them both. The front one slid his hands up under my top and grasped my breasts hard ‘yeah baby you pull me mmm that’s good – you gonna feel a lot of cock in you tonight – fill each of your holes with black cock.

With Escort Bayan that he stood away and lay down on the mattress and beckoned me over ‘come here white bitch and ride me – ride me all the way in you mind.’
‘Don’t hurt me please – I’ll obey you, just don’t hurt me’ I walked forward letting go the cock behind me. I knelt astride him and could smell is sweat as he stared at my pussy. I could hear the first one rubbing something on his cock.

‘Yeah don’t worry hun said the one on the mattress, ‘Bobby is lubing up for your tight arse. I looked around in shock – I hadn’t even considered this, but the one on the floor (who I will now call boss as he seemed in charge) grasped my hips and started forcing me down. My knees were now astride him and I could feel his cock rubbing against my pussy lips, parting them quickly. Boss pulled me down – I could feel the heat of his cock as it pushed hard into me – stretching my pussy harder than it had ever known – he let it out a bit then thrust up so it rammed in right to his balls. My breasts shook as he rammed me. I could feel its full length inside me, pushing in and out fucking me so my tits shook. I then noticed the third one kneel in front of me, his cock hard and glistening with precum. His cock was right in front of my mouth, but he grasped my hair and forced the cock into my mouth. My tongue worked around and could immediately taste the salty gism. He pushed it further in and further. I knew it was about to make me gag.
‘Just relax baby, let your throat swallow it. I obeyed and sure enough found I could let it slip into my throat. My pussy was being fucked fast and hard now, and boss was grasping my breasts hard. Pinching the nipples, then I was aware of bobby kneeling behind me. I was rocking in rhythm with boss and number three he said ‘now you stay still bitch, coz bobby is going to fuck your tight white arse, so I obeyed and stayed still. Boss still fucked me harder – getting harder and number three was now fucking Bayan Escort into my throat. Bobby’s cock was now pressing at my arse and managed to force it open a little. The lube helping it slip in, but boy it hurt me.

‘Just let it in baby’ let it in and it will slide in real smooth. And very quickly I managed to relax my anal muscles and I could feel his cock pushing in, just a couple of inches, then more then more and shortly he was pushing right into my virgin arse. I was on fire as I could smell them all, taking me by force all of them, fucking into me – my pussy my arse and my mouth. Soon enough number three started to speed up and started to man ‘Oh yes baby oh god yeah I’m gonna cum I pulled out a little but his cock was still right into my mouth. I started to suck him harder my tongue working his cock shaft and then reached up to wrap my fingers round his cock and wank him a little. His cum started top spurt into my mouth as the other two started to fuck me harder and faster – I could tell they were going to cum soon. Number three pulled out and I swallowed it all as he fell back – I could at last make a noise as I could feel my clit wanting to explode. My breasts were on fire too as I could feel my own cum growing. The Bobby let go and fucked hard into my arse. I could feel his cock jerk as it spunked into me. H soon pulled back and collapsed himself. Boss was getting near himself. He suddenly spun me over and started fucking into me from above, drawing his legs up so he could get as far into me as possible. My light little white legs lifted up themselves and wrapped around his hips as I saw his neck veins tighten. Thankfully my own orgasm came and I couldn’t hold back ‘ oh yes yes yes oh god yeah come on fuck me hard to bastard fuck me hard. He started to speed up and at last I could feel his cock spasm inside my pussy. I could feel his cum spurting into me as he rammed once then again then again, then he too pulled out and lay back.

Thankfully the house was empty when I returned. I ran a bath and put all my cloths straight into the washing machine then lay down in the tub. I just smiled as the water rose above my breasts and ran up between my legs.

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