Part 3 – Wife’s Past The Early Days of


Part 3 – Wife’s Past The Early Days ofAfter she moved in with me, we fell into a routine of love making. She would wake up in the morning ready for sex and then would come home from work ready for sex.At night when we made love, I would make her come two or three times, before I came. It started to be a quest for her to make me cum as fast as she did. And as I said before she realized that by her telling me about her past she could make me cum. Not only could she make me come but she would make me cum fast and hard. So she started telling me about her first fucks.Turns out after she fuck her first boyfriend for a while he lost interest in her. She, on the other hand really liked making guys cum, the feeling them inside her and the taste of cum in her mouth. But most of the guys did not make her cum when they fucked her, she had to do that by herself after she got home. By the time she graduated from high school she had a reputation of being easy. If she liked you, you would get fucked, if not she would suck your dick and at least make you cum. As she stated she always being asked out. It turned her on that guys wanted her. She could not “date” until she was a junior so most of her stories had her sneaking out and around to meet the guys. Around this time she also developed a taste for beer, so if you were nice, asked her out and had beer (which the older guys had) you could get in her pants and have a memorable time with her.She also told me that around this time, she learned that girls could make her cum too. She and her friends would have sleep overs. Since she had a reputation for being easy, the girls that where her friends were also “easy”. So the goal of the sleep over was usually to sneak out meet guys with beer, drink and get laid. On one of these adventures, she and one of her girlfriends wound up meeting four guys. They went out on a country road where they would not be bothered and started drinking. After a few beers one of the guys (who she had fucked before) took her back türbanlı ardahan escort to the car and started kissing her, rubbing nipples and her pussy. She took his dick out and started giving him a hand job, which turned into a blow job. He removed her jeans (she had no panties on under her jeans), shirt and bra. She was completely naked. He continued to explore her body. She got hotter and hotter. So she asked him to fucker her. She was afraid of getting pregnant so she made all the guys she fuck use a condom. But she “did not want to waste a load’ so she made them cum in her mouth. He put a condom on and put his dick in her wet pussy. She said he was so turned on see got a couple of pumps and to her disappointment he shot his load into the condom. He put his dick back into his jeans and got out of the car. Before she could get her clothes back on one of the other guys got into the back seat with her. He had been watching and already had his dick out. She said she just started sucking it. He was so turned on by watching her, he came in her mouth almost immediately. After he came, she decided just to put her blouse one and get out of the car. When she did her friend took one of the two other guys to the car and climb into the back seat. She grabbed a beer. She and the three other guys went over to the car so they could watch her friend get fucked. As she was watch, the guys she had been with in the back seat were on either side of her rubbing her ass, pussy and nipples. She got extremely turned on as this was the first time she got to watch someone getting fucked. So she asked the only guy that had not had any sex if he had a condom. He said yes. So she took him by the hand and led him to the back of the car. She put the condom on his dick and bent over the truck and told him to put it in her pussy. So she watched her friend getting fucked with a dick in her pussy. When the guy fucking her friend started to cum, my wife started türbanlı ardahan escort bayan to cum on the hard dick in her pussy. The guy fucking her could not hold his load so he dumped it into the condom. To make a long story short she and her friend would wind up making all four guys cum more than once. They were young and their dicks recovered fast. She said she got at least four loads in her pussy and four loads down her throat but she wasn’t sure. She lost count. Her friend got the about same. Having multiple guys however just made her more horny and the guys were so turned on they would pump a couple of times and the dump their loads. This caused most of their fucks to be un-satisfying. So her and her girlfriend went home really turned on and excited about what they did. They cleaned up and climb into bed. There were twin beds in her room. But they were too excited to sleep. They talked and agreed that they had really been sluts that night. As the talked my wife said she started to get wet and more turned on so she started rubbing her pussy under the covers. Her friend saw her and asked her what she was doing. She told her friend that she need to cum before she could go to sleep. Her friend watched for a little while and then got out her bed and climbed into bed with my wife. My wife said as soon as she did and she felt her warm body and soft breast up against her she came. But she continued to rub her pussy because she was so turned on she wanted to cum again. Her friend reached down with one hand and rubbed her own pussy. This really made my wife hot so she reached over and started rubbing her friend’s breast. This made her friend moan. My wife had one hand on her own pussy and one on her friend’s breast. My wife came and then she moved her hand from her friend’s breast to her pussy. She move her friend’s hand from her own pussy and she started rubbing her clit and slipping fingers into her wet pussy. She also rolled türbanlı escort ardahan over and started suck her friend’s nipples. Her friend responded by pushing her ass up off the bed to meet my wife’s fingers pumping into her pussy. Her friend came hard, bucking against my wife’s hand and moaning. After she finished cumming, my wife removed her fingers from her pussy. She said at this point she was struck with the thought that she had tasted a lot of dick, but never tasted a pussy so she put her fingers that had been in her friend’s pussy into her mouth and licked them off. She said it tasted so good she had a little orgasm and moaned. Her friend watched her and asked what it tasted like. My wife told her it was wonderful. My wife then took her friend hand and put her friend’s fingers into my wife pussy. When her friend started to finger her she said she started to buck against her hand. My wife said she only took a couple of pumps before she came really hard and got her friends fingers all wet. Her friend squealed with excitement and put her fingers in her own mouth and licked my wife’s juices off her fingers. After the calmed down a bit they decide they wanted to taste more. But this time they decide to skip the fingers and go straight to the “well” for a tasted. She said neither of them though that the result of putting their tongues on each other pussy and licking would cause them to cum like they never had before. She said they made each other cum over and over again while tasting sweet pussy juice. They finally fell asleep in each others arms.Remember she is telling me this story while we are in bed and she is rubbing my dick and me rubbing her pussy and clit. We both came a couple time. When she would feel me getting ready to cum she would move down, put my dick in her mouth and swallow my load. She would then return to the story and continue to rub my dick. My dick would get hard again listening to the story. When she would be ready to cum she would move my head between her legs so she could come into my mouth like she did that night with her friend many years ago. She also told me that night that she has sucked a lot of pussy too. Not as many as the dicks she had, but enough to know she liked it.The next story will be about her life during her first marriage right out of high school…..Please comment and let me know if I should continue……

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