Screwing with the mind

Big Ass

Screwing with the mindMy name is Mark Maxwell, & I am in 11th grade. I don’t have a girlfriend yet, but I’m looking for one. My science class has a lot of pretty girls, but I don’t know if any will be interested in me. I know for a fact that I’m not that good with the ladies, but I am not complaining.Friday was just an ordinary day. I went to school, & went to my math class. I took out the things I needed for the class, & got to work. Everything was normal, except for this one erotically dressed girl sitting in front of me doing awkwardly arousing poses that made it easy for me to see her privates. I know that there are some girls who love to dress like that, but this girl was pushing it. She barely HAD her clothes on! She wore a black low cut shirt with long sleeves revealing a large amount of her cleavage, to the point where you can almost see her nipples, & clearly showing that she was not wearing a bra, & a short white dress, but it wasn’t too short, which surprised me. Why wear a shirt like that, with that dress? A better question would be, how in the world can the other boys resist her? Normally if a girl dressed that pornographic like, all the boys would be all over her, & she sits surrounded by 3 of them, plus me & they haven’t said a single word to her or even looked at her since the start of class. There just acting as if she’s didn’t exist. I tried not dwelling on it for too long, & got back to work.I went back to doing my math problems. Some of them were hard, some of them were easy. It started getting harder near the end, so I had to start thinking harder, but for some strange reason, I couldn’t. All I could think about were that girl’s breast. The strangest thing was that I didn’t even want to think about her breast, I just wanted to get my work done. I tried again to do my work, but still, the site of her large breast jumped into my head. I couldn’t get them out of my head. I don’t even know why this is happening to me! I’m not the type of guy who has girls on his mind 24/7, plus I’m a nerd, so I know I won’t be able to get a girl as of now. & this particular girl despite being very beautiful, does not interest me. I’m one of those guys who respect women’s privacy & what not. Even though she does arouse me, I do not have a crush on her. Besides, I don’t even know her, & on the 1-10 scale, I’m a 4, & she’s a smoking hard 10, so it’s impossible for me to even talk to her. I don’t know her name, & I don’t know what she likes. To me, she’s just some girl, who appears as if she’s getting ready to do a porno.5 minutes past, & this mysterious large breasted women who I decided to nick name “porno girl” was still in my head. This was seriously the oddest thing that could have ever happen to me! I have never thought this much about a girl I don’t even care about before, so why is it happening now! It started getting annoying. These thoughts were cutting into my class time, & I may get into trouble! I started getting worried, until a new image popped in my head, about me looking up her skirt, & licking her vagina through her panties, & shoving my face in her butt. I liked the images so much, that I instantly got an erection, but I was disappointed in myself as to how weak minded I was becoming. For some strange reason, my scientific mind somehow got reduce to that of a perverts, & what she did after that, did not help, at all! She somehow dropped her pencil, so she gets up to get it, bends over in front of me to get it, revealing full view of her pink panties. The view in which she was bending over at was so wide, the other boys could easily see her panties as well, but they did not react to it. It’s as if she was doing this for me. I so did not want to try something smart with her, so I tried telling her that her panties were revealed, but for some reason, I couldn’t open my mouth, or move my arms. I tried, & tried & tried, but I couldn’t move, & the weirdest part was, that it almost felt, as if I had no control over my actions. All of a sudden, I start turning my head in the direction of her panties, & started to stare directly into her crotch. I could tell that she was still picking up the pencil, because I kept hearing pencil dropping sounds, & curses in whisper.She stood in front of me for a good 2 minutes in front of my immobilized body. I got a sweet, yet totally unnecessary, view of porno girl’s panties. It was totally cutting into my work time, & I had a feeling that the teacher would be furious with me not doing my work. However, I managed to glance over at the teacher, & for some reason, he had not notice porn girl giving me a full view of her arousing pink butt for the last 2 minutes. That’s when I started getting confused. Things just didn’t add up.1 Hot girl’s don’t randomly bend over for you, especially if you are unattractive.2 High school boys always look at girl’s butts, especially if there in clear view.3 Teachers always become angry when students don’t do work.The opposite of all 3 of these were happening at the same time, so I figured something was up. Things like this don’t happen very often, so I figured I was being pranked or something. All of a sudden, I started moving my hand towards her butt. I was shocked that I started doing that, & quickly tried to move my hand away, but I couldn’t tuzla escort stop it. I touched her butt, & gently stroked it. She turns around to look at me.“Hay, don’t touch my butt”! She says.Oh my gosh! I can’t believe what I just did! I violated a girl’s privacy! I admittedly tried to apologize.“Well maybe if you didn’t have your sexy pink ass in my face for 2 minutes giving me a super boner, we wouldn’t have this problem now would we you stupid bitch!” I said.Wha….what the? Di….did that just come out of my mouth? Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I just said that! Granted the statement is true, but I shouldn’t have said it to her!“You jerk. Don’t touch me.” She says.She finally picks up her pencil, & sits down. Funny, I thought she would have taken that more harshly. She may look like a prostitute, but that doesn’t mean I should treat her like one, she’s my classmate. Now I have to find out how in the world that “phrase” came out of my mouth. I’m not the type to use explicit language to anyone, or in any situation, so how did I manage to do it to her? I’m shore it’s not puberty, I’m already past that stage. I still don’t have a crush on her, so I’m not trying to get her attention. Maybe I’m just stressed out. I don’t know.At that moment, Porn girl leaves to go to the bathroom. I thought to myself, hopefully, I would finally be able to get some work done, & to my surprise, I did. I managed to get 2 questions done, until for some reason, I got up to ask my teacher to go to the bathroom as well. It was that strange feeling I got before when I stroked porn girls butt. The feeling when I couldn’t control my body.I just asked my teacher if I can go to the bathroom, when my bladder is empty, & I feel as if I cannot control my body. There is something wrong. Something wrong with ME! For some strange reason, I cannot control my body & vocabulary.I left my classroom, & headed down the hallway were the bathrooms were, & while walking, I saw porn girl walk in the opposite direction, going back to class. I tried not making eye contact with her, assuming she hates me now.In between us was a janitor’s closet. As I walk, I still try to not make eye contact, but ended up grabbing her as she walks by, & pulled her into the closet, & close the door with us both inside. Nobody seems to notice what I did to her, because nobody came after us. I held her in my arms, then throw her on the ground. I was starting to get scared! I didn’t know what I was doing! I didn’t know this girl, nor was I attracted to her! I have no idea why I just threw her in a janitor’s closet.“Wha…whats going on? Are you going to **** me?” She says in a seductive & innocent voice.I look down at her, & her pose is of that of an innocent vulnerable little girl. Was I going to **** this girl? I don’t want to **** this girl. I don’t want to **** ANY girl! Not only is it i*****l & I could go to prison for it, I seriously believe I’m not the r****g type. I think I would get less out of a **** than gain. You see….even as erect….my….penis isn’t that big (yeah, yeah, go ahead & laugh). If I tried to **** a girl, she would laugh at me, & walk away.“Shut up bitch!” As I slap (a.k.a. pimp slap) her to the ground. “Of Corse I’m gona **** you bitch! You had your sexy hot pink ass in my face for 2 minutes. & I got to tell you…(as I pull down my pants & underwear in front of her), it’s been a “long” 2 minutes!”She looks down in terror at what appears to be a super long & super thick throbbing penis coming from my crotch. I was so surprised! My penis was NEVER that big before! How did it get so big? I was so confused. Why am I r****g this girl? How come no one has notice I locked her in here? Why am I using bad words in my vocabulary? Why can’t I control my body? The big penis is a mystery as well, but I can’t complain about that!As if I knew it was there (which I didn’t), I grabbed some rope from the shelf, & started tying her arms up from behind her, & her legs. Then, I grabbed a giant black marker, started ripping her clothes off, wrote “SLUT” across her breasts, and then put her panties on my head.“Help me, help me! This weirdo pervert is trying to **** me” She says in a non-threaten voice. That’s when I got really confused; what **** victim asks non threaten? It’s as if she wanted to have sex, & knew I would force sex appone her. But how would she know I was going to **** her, if I didn’t know I was going to **** her? I didn’t know what was going on, but I still had no control over my body or voice to get myself out of this mess, so there was nothing I could do.I bend her over in doggy style formation, shoved her head to the floor, gripped her hips, & slowly entered my large penis in her butt. She screams, but it slightly sounds like it was out of pleasure. Slowly, I started thrusting into her. With each thrust, she starts to moan. I then start to increase the speed of my thrusting, making her moan & pant more. As I started spanking her, I saw tears coming from her squinted eyes. She started painting. I can tell from the expression on her face, she is overwhelmed by the power of my penis (lucky me!), & seem to be enjoying it. At that moment, I felt like climaxing.“Stop crying bitch, your pink ass will soon be white!” Again not me, but it came out of my maltepe escort mouth. After that, I then climaxed inside of her.I dropped to the floor to catch my breath. This was my first sexual experience with a woman, & I wasn’t even controlling my body! Oh well, I just pray to god no one in prison does the same to me when I go to jail after this! (note to self: don’t drop the soap). I maybe r****g this girl unintentionally, but that’s not to say I’m not enjoying myself! She has an amazing body, & the most pushups I can do are 5. Most people would say the underworld would freeze over by the time a guy like me would ever get with a girl like this!“That was fun, but now, it’s time to feed my bitch!” I wonder what I meant by that?Just then, I took her head, & angled in into the position of my crotch. My still super erect penis was throbbing in her face. Was I about to try to make her……suck my penis? That’s impossible! Look, don’t get me wrong, I want a fellatio just as much as the next guy, but r****t can’t get those without risk of the **** victim biting off the penis, & I shore as heck did not want that happing to me! Also, how am I even supposed to get her mouth open?”Now open that sperm hole you dirty slut. I’m about to blow my second load in it. I want to skull fuck you so hard! Do it now, or I’ll bitch slap you again. Oh, & call me master from now on!” I said”Oh no, not a bitch slap! Ok then master.” She said seductively. At this point, since she seems to like what I’m doing to her, I figured she liked this, therefore disclosing it as ****. Hopefully she won’t press charges, but if she does, ad least I have a fighting chance now.She then opens her mouth, & I jam my penis in it. I then start to thrust heavily in her mouth. I looked down, & she looked at me with sad beautiful blue eyes, with tears coming out. I kept ramming my pelvis harder & harder agented her head, until, I finally ejaculated large amounts of sperm in her throat. I think it took like 30 seconds for it all to leave my body, & enter her mouth. She starts chocking, & I dropped to the ground.I don’t know how I just managed to climax in that girl’s esophagus, but I gave up trying to understand the logic of the predicament I’m in, so I don’t care anymore. I don’t know how or why I’m r****g this girl, but I went too deep to turn back now. I’m just going to enjoy myself now, & deal with the consequences of prison later. I then untie her legs. I thought she would start kicking me, but she didn’t. It was official, she wants it!“Ok bitch, I’m going to fill your pussy now. Spread them!” I said.“But I don’t want to have a c***d yet master. Please don’t impregnate me.” She says.I proceed to bitch slap her face in a dominating & humiliating manner.“Bitch do as I say!”“O…ok master.” She says.Holy spit! Am I REALLY about to impregnate this girl? That’s a big no, no NO! **** is one thing, but I’m in high school! There’s no WAY I can take care of a c***d! I’m only 17 for crying out loud!She starts to cry & whimper as she proceeds to open her legs for me. That’s when I demanded full demand of my body back. I tried to fight to stick my penis in her vagina, but it was no use. I started entering her. This is bad. This is REALLY bad. I can’t impregnate this girl. I don’t know her. I don’t even LOVE her!I started thrusting in to her slowly. She starts to moan seductively with her hands tied behind her, & her head tilted to the side crying, & moaning seductively. I then grab her large breast, & massage them. Her butt felt great, but her vagina feels greater! This time, even though I couldn’t control my actions to begin with, I couldn’t help but deliberately thrust in her. In & out of her, I thrusted . It felt so great, that I deliberately started thrusting harder & faster. This is the most exhilarating moment of my life, but I couldn’t enjoy it, because the consequences will be devastating. How will I live with the guilt of having a son or daughter with a woman I did not marry or love for that matter? How will my parents respond? How will HER parents respond? I imagine her father with a shot gun to my head, forcing me to marry her. Yeah, cause every 17 year old wants a gun aimed in the back of their head.“Oh Mark, I change my mind! I want to have your baby! Screw me harder big man! I love it!”………uh………..I’ve got nothing……….A few seconds after she said that, I pretty much sealed my fate, as I climax’s into her. I can’t believe what I just did. My life is over. I’m going to be a father to a c***d at the age of 18. How am I going to do that? I don’t have a job. I don’t even know how to get a job. I don’t even WANT a job…….yet. I dropped to the floor, & painted to relief, as is she. I laid in that janitors closet feeling defeated, sadden, & filled with a large amount of guilt. I felt like garbage.Just then, Porn Girl stood up.“Wow that was great. You can untie me now” she says with a grin.It was weird that she was grinning after I got her pregnant, but I was past the concept of logic. The feeling of not controlling my body came back. I got up, took her panties off my head, pulled my underwear & pants up, & untied her. After I did, I apologies to her, & told her that I was ashamed at what I did, & I would do anything to help her. She then grins, puts her hand kartal escort on my shoulders, & said that won’t be necessary. I tried to talk, & surprisingly, I could. I had the ability to control my actions again.“Look, I don’t know what’s going on, but I just impregnated you. I’m not going to abandon you or my c***d. I have a responsibility now, &”-“Relax Max! I’m not going to get pregnant!”“You don’t know that for sure! I don’t care what you say; I will do what needs to be done.”“Dude, you can’t take care of something that doesn’t exist. I bet you have a lot of questions. Do you want me to explain what is going on?”“What do you mean by that? Are you telling me you “knew” I was going to **** you? How is that possible? & if you did know, why didn’t you try stopping me? What, you can read minds or something?“That, & I can “manipulate” minds.I looked at her in confusion “…………pardon my language, but what the hell does that mean?”“Throughout this whole ordeal, have you had moments were you couldn’t control yourself?”I start to blush, shrug my head, & look away from her, tapping my pointer fingers together. “…….maybe…….”“Here, let me give you a demonstration.” She says grinning.Just then, without deliberately trying, I balled my right hand into a fist, & quickly punched my face. It hurt a lot. I did it again, & again, & again, & again, & again. She then starts chanting:“Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?”I then regain control of my arm, & grabbed my face, tilt my body, & moaned in agony to the pain that I didn’t intentionally mean to do to my face. After I recovered from my pain, I looked at her in anger, & confusion.“Wait a freaking minute. Are you telling my YOU were controlling my body, & making me do all that stuff to you?” I said in anger.“Yup!” She says cutely. “& considering you just fucked a hotly like me, I don’t see how you can complain.”I straiten my poster in an angrily position. “Not complain? NOT COMPLAIN? YOU SCARED ME HALF TO DEATH, & MADE ME THINK MY LIFE WAS OVER YOU STUPID……B-BITCH!” That actually was me.She then crosses her arms (covering her breast & the bottom half of SLUT on her chest), & look at me sassy like. “Dude, you have no idea the depths of my mind powers.”I then cross my arms, & looked at her angrily. “Ok then, enlighten me lady. How does your powers work? But before you do, tell me your name.”“My name is Stephanie Jones. Recently, I learned I have the ability to control peoples minds, & force them to do whatever I want them to do against their will. But it’s not just one person, I can manipulate multiple people at the same time, controlling what their senses, controlling what they see, here, taste, smell, & touch. I created an invisible force field that anyone walks through, won’t be able to hear us in the closet. I can even control the body organs that a person has no control over, like the stomach, liver, k**neys, & even genitals, in your case, your testicles. I manipulated your testicles to temporarily stop producing sperm, so the only thing in your ball sack, was semen. & with just that, there was no way I could have gotten pregnant. & there you have it. I fucked with your mind into fucking me!”“Oh” I said now calm. “But I still have some questions. I understand why I was cursing, you were so passive about every violation thing I did to you, why those boys didn’t notice you being half naked, the teacher not being angry, why no one cared why I pushed you in the closet, my new super big penis (thank you by the way), & sort of ****d you, but that still doesn’t explained why you wanted me to **** you, & why you choose me. There must be many other guys who you could have done this too.”“I was feeling horny & very charitable. Those muscular attractive football players & athletes already have the ability to fuck hot women, but nerds really need to work for it. I chose you, because I wanted to help you out. As for the ****, I have a **** fetish, plus, I wanted to give you a nice scare, & it worked!”She then started to laugh at me for freaking out, thinking she was pregnant, but I didn’t care. As long as I didn’t knock her up, I was ok.“However, I’m not done with you yet.” She says.“Wh…..what the heck do you mean, by that?” I said.“Well, obviously, you’re going to bang me again later. In fact, you’re going to bang me from now on. From now on, until I say so, you’re my fuck buddy! You should be happy about that!” She says cutely with a smile.“Wait, so does that mean, you will manipulate me to do whatever you want? Do you know what kind of powers you have? You could be like some kind of super hero!”“Yeah, but I’m super horny most of the time. I don’t care about fighting crime, as long as a guy’s humping me. Besides, my powers are kind of evil. If people knew I had this power, they might think I will turn it against them, you know how the world is. So basically, I have the opinion of having the responsibility of saving people for no reward giving me major pressure, & risk having the world hate me for my powers with adds more pressure, or cure my non stop horny holes. Yeah, I’d rather manipulate men into fucking me. Any who, schools almost over. You can fuck me at your house.”“What?! But what about my mother?”“I can make her think I’m not be there, & not here us, remember.”From that day on, I started my adventure as a sex puppet. Its kind of weird being manipulated like this, but I can’t complain!”The End

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