Spin Dinner Party Ch. 07


Ch 7

Cara, Maria, and Alex went back into the kitchen.

I grabbed Amy as she started towards the kitchen and asked, “So what was Alex whispering to you while I had you bent over the table?”

Amy blushed and said, “Oh, he was just saying how sexy I looked with your big fat cock buried in my wet cunt.”

Amy was still throwing around the word cunt so I knew her feet were still firmly planted in Slutville. With her referring to her own vagina as a cunt, she was the currently elected mayor of Slutville.

Amy had got shirts for Alex and me to wear during dinner.

Dinner was finally ready and on the table. The sexual tension that had us all forgetting reality for the past few hours had subsided during dinner. There were still plenty of sexual innuendos throughout the dinner conversation though.

During the dinner party with all the spin girls, there was a sexual apprehension hanging over the women, that we men didn’t know. During that party, the women were way too giggly and some were drinking pretty hard. I remember thinking in the middle of it, that I hoped it would end soon. Little did I know what they had concocted for the party activities that night.

So with the sexual tension on pause for the moment the five of us got to know each other better, other than how much we all love sex.

Maria told us how she met her husband Javier and how her parents had encouraged her to marry him, even though she didn’t much like him, let alone being in love with him.

Cara and Alex told us about how they met and fell madly in love from the moment they met. I had to admit, with the cuckold life they were currently exploring now it didn’t sound like they were in love, but who am I to judge. Different strokes for different folks. Besides, I get to eat out Cara and stick my cock into Cara’s tight pink snatch whenever I want.

One of the things to come out of the Spin Dinner party was I now had a Hall pass with Cara. It was the first time the topic of a Hall Pass had ever come up and it was all Amy’s idea. I was allowed to have sex with Cara on my own, whenever and wherever I wanted. The only caveat to it all was as soon as I saw Amy, I had to tell her all about how and what Cara and I did and then I had to do the same thing with Amy.

Amy told them our love story. How in her words I saved her from the elementary school bully and she didn’t know it at the time but the funny feeling she got in her stomach that day was her falling in love with me. She also made sure to let them know she had been throwing herself at me all through intermediate school and high school with no response from me other than being friends. I wasn’t excited that she went into more detail than I was comfortable with when she brought up Aunt Sarah and if it wasn’t for my Aunt Sarah, Amy and I might have never gotten in bed together.

They all wanted to know more about that of course, but Amy very gracefully sidestepped their questions without letting them know that I lost my virginity to my Aunt Sarah, but that is a different story altogether.

Dinner was over and Cara ordered Alex to clear the table and do the dishes and be quick about it, while Cara, Maria, Amy, and I continued chatting at the table,

Not sure if Amy had done it on purpose or not, but the shirt she got for Alex was too small and didn’t come close to covering his cock and balls.

Every time he walked into the dining room Maria or Amy would give his cock a little playful slap. By the time he was halfway through clearing the table the playful slaps and tickles Amy and Maria had been giving Alex’s cock had him fully erect.

Alex cleared the last of the dishes on the table and went back into the kitchen to do the dishes.

Maria leaned into the table and said in her now very heavy Spanish accent, “Cara can I please go suck your man’s cock? The poor guy needs some relief.”

Cara looked at me then back at Maria and said, “John, do you want a blow job from sexy Maria?”

Maria blushed and said, “Oh, not that man, I meant Alex. Can I suck Alex’s cock right now? He’s doing such a good job following our instructions. He deserves a reward.”

Maria had been shifting around in her seat from the moment Alex stood up and started clearing the table.

“Seriously? You would rather suck Alex off instead of John and his beautiful cunt pleasing cock? I can’t imagine why you would want that instead of John, but if you want, have at it,” Cara said in a dismissive tone and wave of her hand.

Maria stood up and pulled her shirt up over her head and dropped it on the floor.

Cara said, “Amy, that is one hot little Tijuana slut. Maria you have such a hot body, I would kill to have an ass like that. That ass and those fat cunt lips of yours are to die for.”

We had a bottle of Tequila on the table as well as wine and beer during dinner. Cara had more than her share of Tequila shots and while she wasn’t slurring her words, she was giggling while she talked.

Amy stood up and pulled her Atalar Escort shirt off, joining Maria naked. Standing naked next to Maria she pulled Maria into her arms and the two of them kissed very passionately and long. Amy had one hand on one of Maria’s large round breasts while her other hand worked its way between Marie’s thighs.

Still locked in a kiss, Maria let out a long deep moan of pleasure when Amy’s fingers found Maria’s swollen fat pussy.

Cara was up now and pulling her shirt off as well. My cock was at full attention and beginning to throb as I watched Amy pull her fingers out from between Maria’s thighs.

“Have a taste of your sweetness, my love,” Amy said as she brought her pussy soaked fingers up to Maria’s mouth.

Maria without hesitation sucked Amy’s fingers into her mouth and let out a soft low purring sound as she did.

Cara slapped Maria on the ass and said, “Damn I wish I had your gorgeous round ass, Maria. Now get in the kitchen. When you are done, which I am sure won’t take long, come join Amy and me in the living room. Amy and I will take care of that delicious fat cunt of yours.”

Amy gave Maria another kiss and then said, “Go have fun, my love. Alex’s cum is almost as sweet as your pussy.”

Maria giggled and left the dining room and headed into the kitchen.

Cara said, “Come, Amy, I want some time alone with you.”

Cara grabbed Amy by the hand and pulled her into the living room. Amy looked back over her shoulder just as they were about to leave the dining room and gave me a wink.

I smiled and was now caught in the middle. Should I go into the living room and watch Cara and Amy have at each other or should I go watch Maria blow Alex and then blow me when she is finished with Alex.

Hmm, decisions, decisions I laughed to myself.

The thought of Maria’s mouth wrapped around my throbbing shaft won out and I headed into the kitchen.

As I headed towards the kitchen I heard Maria moan out, “Oh fuck yeah that feels so good in there, don’t stop.”

I thought, hmm how is she able to talk with a cock in her mouth, and once again laughed to myself.

When I came around the corner and into the kitchen I saw why she was able to talk. Alex had Maria bent over the butcher block island in the middle of the kitchen and was balls deep in Maria’s luscious fat fuck hole.

Maria was on her tiptoes and her legs were shaking as Alex pounded away at her from behind. Maria was shaking her head from side to side as Alex hammered away. Maria’s hands were clutching at the edge of the island as her fingernails dug into the top.

I stood there naked watching, Alex so focused on Maria’s round brown ass he had no idea I was there.

Maria was wide-eyed when she turned and saw me standing there watching her take Alex balls deep in her fat swollen pussy. We made eye contact and she smiled and then I watched her eyes go down to my cock and she licked her lips as she continued taking every inch of Alex as deep as he could get it in her pussy.

I moved over in front of Maria and that’s when Alex snapped out of his trance and realized I was about to join them.

Maria immediately grabbed my cock and pulled me into her mouth. She took my cock into her mouth and attacked it as if it owed her money.

Every time Alex rammed his cock deep into Maria, it would lift her up on her toes and force her mouth further down my shaft. Before long I could feel the head of my cock rubbing against the back of her throat. Maria never once gagged or attempted to pull off my rod.

Out of the blue, Maria tensed up and grunted on my cock. I knew she was having a rip-roaring orgasm. Amazingly she sucked my cock even harder as she rode out her climax.

Alex slapped Maria’s round ass and drove in deep. He grunted a few times and I knew he was depositing his load deep inside Maria’s fat fuck hole.

With Alex not pounding away at Maria now, she was able to fully focus on my cock that was still half-buried in her mouth.

I watched as Alex pulled out of Maria and got down on his knees behind Maria. As Maria continued sucking on my cock I watched Alex spread Maria’s ass cheeks and bury his face in her ass and pussy.

I felt Maria moan on my cock from the pleasure her pussy was now receiving from Alex’s tongue.

I was close and trying my best to hold on, but Maria’s mouth felt too good. Especially when she would pull her mouth off my cock and just hold my cock head in her mouth and tease my pee hole with the tip of her tongue, as she attempted to slide her tongue into my pee hole. Then she would slam her mouth back down on my cock in an attempt to bury my entire length down her throat.

Maria’s cock pleasing sucking went on for another minute or so until I couldn’t hold back any longer and I erupted with what felt like a volcano cum into Maria’s mouth.

When my first stream of cum hit Maria’s mouth she grunted and the pussy eating Alex was giving her sent her over the edge and she climaxed Atalar Escort Bayan for a second time.

Alex stood up from behind Maria. His face was glazed with the mixture of pussy juice and his own cum.

Maria collected herself and stood up with a smile on her face.

“Alex you naughty boy, Cara didn’t give you permission to fuck me,” Maria said giggling.

Alex’s smile disappeared from his face and all the color drained from his face when he realized Maria was going to tell Cara that he fucked her.

Giggling Maria said, “Don’t worry handsome, it will be our little secret.”

Alex let out a sigh of relief.

“Maria, you better get in the living room and eat some pussy to hide the fact your breath has my cum on it and not Alex’s,” I said teasingly.

Maria laughed and said, “Oh I doubt Cara is going to have any interest in me when we get in there. I am sure she has her face buried in your sexy wife’s puffy cunt.”

Hearing this gorgeous Latina say “cunt” had the same effect on me that it does when Amy uses that word. My cock swelled up and twitched up and down.

It didn’t go unnoticed by Maria or Alex for that matter.

“Damn, that is a fine cock. It is already up and ready to go again. Did my mouth not satisfy you?” Mara said with both disappointment and excitement.

“Maria, I am sure your mouth did an excellent job, John just has an incredible turnaround time. I wish I had that kind of turnaround time besides having such a nice thick cock,” Alex said as he stared at my cock.

“Maria, you are amazing. I loved your oral skills. But seeing as you were supposed to be giving Alex a blow job, it would be suspicious if I walked into the living room with a flaccid dick,” I said with a laugh.

I wasn’t lying, Maria has exceptional oral skills and I was looking forward to having my cock in her mouth again soon.

We all straightened up and headed into the living room. When we got there it wasn’t surprising to find Cara and Amy moaning and grunting as they were locked in a sixty-nine position with Amy on top of Cara. Cara’s long-fit legs were spread wide open as Amy attacked Cara’s pink slit.

It looked like Cara was attempting to swallow Amy’s entire pussy at the same time, but the tongue lashing Amy was giving Cara’s pussy was too distracting and she was barely able to keep her mouth on Amy’s pussy.

Cara screamed out and clamped her legs together around Amy’s head as her orgasm hit her full speed.

Amy pulled off of Cara and looked up at me to see me standing there with a raging hard-on.

“Get over here and lay down stud, I need you to bury that fat cock in your wife’s hungry cunt hole,” Amy hissed out in her deep husky slut voice.

I laid down on the floor and Amy immediately straddled me and guided my throbbing member up to her pussy. She rubbed it back and forth three or four times and then impaled herself on it, taking my entire seven inches balls deep.

She felt amazing, her pussy was on fire. At first, she just sat there as she felt my swollen cockhead deep inside her. A feeling both of us have been experiencing since we were nineteen.

Amy was looking down at me and smiling. Her eyes were on fire with lust and she slowly began rocking back and forth.

I lost track of the other people in the room as I was fully entranced with my gorgeous wife.

“Maria, get over here, don’t finger yourself, let John eat that fat pussy while he fucks me,” Amy purred out.

Maria spread her legs over my face and the sight of her engorged fat labia cause a “Holy fuck that looks good” to escape from my lips.

“Eat that cunt John, make her cunt feel as good as your fat cock is making my cunt feel,” Amy moaned out.

Maria lowered herself down onto my face and my hungry mouth.

I stuck my tongue right up inside her puffy fuck hole. I could still taste some of Alex’s cum inside Maria’s pussy. I was surprised how sweet her pussy tasted, was it the mixture of Alex’s cum and her pussy juices that made it taste so good? I didn’t care, I was in heaven.

Amy was slowly rocking her hips back and forth on me causing my cock head to slide back and forth over her cervix. Every time it did, Amy would purr out in pleasure.

The three of us were moving in unison now. Maria was on her hands and knees with her ass facing Amy.

I would feel Amy slap Maria’s ass now and then as I continued eating out Maria’s fat pussy. Sucking on her engorged clit and teased it with my tongue, then released it and sucked her swollen fat lips into my mouth.

Maria was panting as I continued to assault her pussy with my tongue.

I heard Cara ask, “Amy where’s the lube?”

I was so wrapped up enjoying the slow gyrations my sexy wife was making with her hips as she rode my cock Cara’s voice sounded like she was miles away. In addition to my cock being encased in my wife’s steamy hot pussy, the tongue lashing I was giving Maria’s fat juicy snatch had her close to a climax and her legs Escort Atalar were just barely supporting her. Maria’s juicy labia were firmly planted on my face and mouth.

I reached up and held onto Maria’s thighs in an attempt to keep her from suffocating me with her fat pussy. Not that having her suffocate me with her delicious snatched wouldn’t be a bad way to go out.

Maria finally started her climax and when she did, she leaped forward and off my face. She was a sweaty mess with her dark black hair matted to her face and shoulders. She ended up lying next to me rolled up in a fetal position with her legs pressed together as she continued to shake as she came back to earth from her orgasm.

I continued watching Maria when Amy leaned down to me and kissed me. Her eyes were wide open and glassy. She was fully in heat as she continued to slowly gyrate her hips on top of me with my cock firmly buried deep inside her swollen pussy.

She broke off the kiss but continued to lean forward into me.

With a little bit of a giggle she said, “Ooo, that’s cold.”

Amy’s hair was hanging down into my face and it obscured my view of what was going on behind her.

Maria had returned to earth from her orgasm and was now sitting on the couch directly to my left. She had her legs spread and was slowly rubbing her pussy with one hand and gently massaging one of her beautiful round brown breasts.

Maria said, “Cara get that Irish whore of a cunt over here, I want to make you cum on my face like I just did on John’s face.

Amy grunted and I felt her move forward on me a bit. I felt her entire body tense up and my first thought was she was about to cum.

In a very soft almost hypnotic tone, Alex said, “Just relax beautiful, don’t fight it. Let it happen.”

I thought that was a funny thing to say to her in the middle of her riding my cock.

Then Amy tensed up even more and let out a sound I had never heard her make before when having sex, even when she took Jeff and his porn star size cock for the first time. Part grunt, part moan, and a hint of a scream.

Amy’s entire body was now covered in tiny beads of sweat and the arms she was leaning on were shaking along with the rest of her body.

I glanced over at Cara and Maria. Maria had her killer brown ass in the air as she buried her face in Cara’s spread open legs. Cara was sitting on top of the back of the couch with her eyes glued to Amy.

Cara’s eyes looked just as wide and glassy as Amy’s.

Then it dawned on me, where is Alex and what is he doing in all of this? I hadn’t heard Cara order him to go sit in the corner like earlier.

Amy had been slowly riding me for so long my thighs had gone somewhat numb.

In a deep raspy voice, Amy grunted, “Oh fuck yeah it’s in. Fuck it feels so good, don’t stop.”

That’s when I felt Alex’s legs straddling my thighs and it hit me what was happening. At the same time, I felt the head of his cock rub against my shaft inside my wife’s body. The thin membrane separating her anal canal and vaginal walls felt as if it wasn’t there. I could feel every inch of Alex’s cock as he continued to push it deeper into my wife’s ass.

Amy was out of control now. She was drooling on me as her entire body went into spasms. I could feel her vaginal walls continually tighten and release around my shaft.

Amy sat up a bit so her hair was out of my face and I could now see Alex was behind my wife and fully embedded in her ass.

“Oh fuck that is so hot, eat my slutty Irish cunt you dirty little Tijuana whore,” Cara moaned out.

I wasn’t sure what she was referring to, watching my wife get double penetrated or the cunt licking Maria was giving her. She soon made it very clear what she was referring to.

“Amy you look so sexy stuffed full of cock. How have you not cum’d yet? I already did, just watching you get stuffed in both holes,” Cara moaned out in her deep husky Irish accent.

Maria laughed and said, “I think this Irish whore wants to go next.”

I looked up at Amy and she looked like a rag doll getting tossed back and forth between Alex and myself.

It took a few strokes for Alex and me to get into a rhythm of when I zigged he zagged. Amy was lost to the world as she felt both our cocks mingling deep inside her ass and pussy.

Alex tensed up and I felt his cock twitch and flex against mine deep inside my wife.

Amy was moving her mouth but nothing but murmurs and moans were coming out.

Feeling Alex cum inside my wife’s ass upset me for a split second but then my kinky horny side took over and I exploded with my own load deep inside my wife’s pussy.

Amy feeling her bowels and vagina being painted with cum collapsed onto me totally spent. She was panting in an attempt to catch her breath as she collected herself.

I felt Alex’s cock shrink and slip out of my wife’s ass. My cock was on its way to joining Alex’s flaccid rod.

Amy lifted her head and looked at me with watery eyes, she looked like she was crying.

“Babe, I love you so much, I am so sorry. Please don’t hate me,” Amy said in a trembling voice.

Then she proceeded to hug me so tight I could barely breathe.

I had no idea why she was crying or why she thought I would hate her.

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