The Adventures Of April Ames Pt. 05


“what is this ritual crap we have to go to?” Alissa asked as we strolled down the hall through the main part of the building.

“No idea,” I replied.

“I hope it’s not some kind of bore fest. I’ve been itching to get back into the training room with the professor.”

“I heard you can compel a human quite well now,” I said.

“Oh yes. Yesterday I basically touched a guy on the leg and his cock went rock solid.”

“Yea, I’ve been practicing as well, at uni. One guy had to run off to the toilet after I smiled at him. He probably went to jerk off in the toilet.”

Alissa laughed. “Yea, I gave my psychology professor a stonking hard-on during his lecture. He didn’t know what to do and spent the whole hour sat at his desk.”

“That’s hilarious,” I giggled.

“Although, I got a little horny after everyone had left. I let him fuck me for a while over his desk,” Alissa grinned.

“Shit. Did you lock the door?”

“No, I forgot. Anyone could have walked in. God I was squealing so loud as well I thought someone must have heard us,” she said. “Professor Graham was such a good fuck, and he tasted amazing. Like whisky and coke!”

“Hmm,” I replied. “Maybe I’ll have to give him a try. What would you have done if someone walked in?”

“I have no idea. Maybe compelled them to join in. Double penetration!” Alissa laughed again as we reached the door to the ritual room.

“Ready?” I said looking at Alissa.

“Let’s do this,” she said and pushed the door open.

Inside Ana stood in the center of the room lit by candles in a circle. She was wearing nothing but high heels and a silk red thong that hugged her gorgeous figure. She looked up at us with green eyes as we drew closer.

“Welcome my children,” she said and gestured around the room. “I welcome you all to the ritual we are about to perform.”

It was at that point I noticed ten or fifteen other women all standing around the outside of the room. All of them were gorgeous of course, succubi were born to entice the flesh of men, or women if they choose. Each woman was stood in high heels, and thongs, and all bore perfectly shaped breasts and curved, toned figures that any man would be grateful to be inside. Just looking at the gorgeous women in the room got me a little horny as I felt a twinge of desire pulse in my pussy. Alissa shot me a look and I could tell she was thinking exactly the same thing.

“What is this ritual?” Alissa blurted out.

“Stand with the others,” Ana gestured to the outside of the room.

We stepped over and took our place next to the gorgeous women. Now I understood why she asked us to wear just a thong and high heels.

“Bring in the offerings,” Ana said.

A door swung open on the far side of the room with a creak. In came fourteen men, all bound at the wrists and gagged. They were naked and sweating and luckily all of them were a feast for the eyes with rippling hard muscles and rugged features.

“Now my dears, the youngest of us shall pick first,” Ana pointed at the two of evi olan gaziantep escort us and beckoned us forwards.

“Pick?” I said sounding confused.

“Choose your feast my dear,” she said. “whichever man from these you desire shall be yours to do with as you will. The other succubi will choose there meal after you have made your decision.”

“Oh yes,” Alisa purred and instantly walked over to a tall, blonde haired and blue eyed man that smiled a little as she ran a hand down his chest. “I choose this one.”

“A fine choice Alisa. Now, April?”

I looked over the group of men. Some were short others tall but they all had bodies to die for and good looking features. I wanted to choose the best looking man, but my instincts for some reason drew me across the room to a ginger guy who looked about my age. I clicked my heels over to him and smiled up into his eyes.

“Well chosen Alisa. Now succubi, make your choice.”

The other women in the room silently moved to their own feasts and stood beside them. Some of them growled in anticipation others gripped a hand around their limp cocks, instantly making them hard as rocks.

“Are you not getting one ana?” I asked.

“Not tonight. I am here to observe. I may join one or two of you if I feel inclined to do so!”

“May we begin?” A red haired girl asked with a hungry look in her eyes.

“In a second Crystalline,” Ana smiled at her. “Now, for the new succubi amount us. The Ritual is something we perform when we need to. It revitalises our bodies, replenishes our life force, and since each of the men in front of you are criminals, it’s safe to assume the world would be a better place without them.”

“Yes,” the girls around us all said at once.

“We will rid the world of the burden they pose to society and in the process, feed our desire to fuck!” Ana said. “Now succubi, you may begin your feast, and you will not stop until the life force in these men are spent. Is that agreed?”

“Yes,” all the girls repeated at once.

“Now, my daughter’s. Fuck them hard, and fuck them good!”

The room was instantly filled with a crescendo of fourteen women all groaning at once. I watched as each girl, with expert skill gripped their man’s cock in their hands and instantly turned it rock hard and throbbing. Half of the girls got on their knees and started sucking the men’s shafts in long, loud slurping strokes. A few girls pushed the men to the floor, and planted their pussies on the men’s faces with long groans. Ana just stood at the front pacing up and down watching the fourteen women start to fuck the men in front of them.

I looked up at the tall man stood in front of me.

“What’s your name?” I asked quietly.

“Laurence,” he replied with a gasp.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “Your shivering?”

The man shook his head. “Nothing is wrong, I just, don’t know. Looking at your body, I just want to be inside you!”

“Oh, yessss,” I hissed. “How about gaziantep evi olan escort we skip the foreplay?”

The man nodded.

“How about you just put that,” I reached down and stroked the side of his shaft without taking my eyes off his. “Hard cock deep inside my cunt?”

The man nodded again.

“Lay down,” I commanded.

Laurence did as he was asked. The girls in the room were all groaning and squealing around us. I shot a look at Alissa who was already on her back,. With her legs spread wide and her man sunk deep between her pussy lips. She was giggling and gasping as the man thrust into her while pinning her wrists to the floor.

“Now, are you ready for my cunt?” I whispered in his ear as I moved on top of him straddling his hard cock.

“I’m ready,” be growled and then reached up and ripped my thong from my body and tossed it to the side of us.

“Mmmm,” I groaned as I rubbed the end of his cock on the outside of my pussy lips. “Fuck your big!”

I lowered myself down. Laurence grunted. I felt his long thick shaft fill my little pussy and stretch me out wide. There was no wiggling it in now, I just sat down, enveloping every single inch of him inside the warmth of my tight slit.

“Ooooh,” I let out a groan and placed a hand in the man’s chest. “I’m so fucking horny!”

“Yeess!” Alissa squealed a few meters away. She was no longer on her back. Her man had flipped her over onto all fours and was proceeding to dig his cock into her as deep and hard as he could go.

“Want me to ride you?” I said. “Want me to fuck your long shaft with my cunt?”

The man nodded as I lifted myself up and slowly lowered myself back down on him, sliding my pussy down his shaft in one long, slow motion, enjoying the sensation of it entering me.

“Ahhhhh!” I moaned and pulled his hand up to my tits. “Squeeze them!”

He squeezed sending electricity flowing through me. My nipples tingled and my mouth got dry as I lifted myself up and down on his shaft once more with a loud slapping sound.

“My children, make sure you take everything from them!” Ana shouted over the grunts and squeals and screams.

I glanced around for a second as I started to bounce a little faster on him. Every girl had someone inside them now. All fourteen of them were getting fucked as hard as they could. The screams of the girls as pleasure ripped through them. One girl was on her back and laughing as a man plunged himself between her raised legs. Another had her tongue outstretched as her head jerked back and forwards with the force of her black haired man slamming himself into her. One blonde girl was sucking her man hard. I watched as he shot his load into her mouth and she gobbled his white sperm up with glee then jumped up onto his hips. He slammed her into the wall and proceeded to fuck her as hard as he could while her back was pinned to the wall.

“Oh god!” Laurence grunted. I hadn’t realised but I was bouncing hard now. His gaziantep evi olan escort bayan hands squeezed my firm tits as I slid my cunt up and down his shaft.

“Mmmm,” I groaned and felt that primal desire again as my orgasm built up. “Fuck me!”

Laurence started lifting his hips, driving himself deeper inside me in perfect time with my bounces.

“Oh yessss,” I hissed. “That’s it you big boy!”

I felt a pressure in my spine, then something burst forth from my back. I watched as my wings spread wide and I let out a loud squeal of delight.

“Yes April!” I heard Ana call but the rest was just a blur as I felt my orgasm begun to grow.

And then something odd happened. I felt a pressure on my ass. I glanced backwards. One of the men servicing the other girls had abandoned her pussy and was crouched behind me pushing himself into my asshole. I let out a gasp as the head of his cock penetrated my ass then slid right inside with a slurp.

“Oh god!” I squealed.

I turned and was met with another man’s cock in my face, I don’t know which one it was but it was hard and long and I instantly took him into my mouth.

“Hey!” I heard one of the girls screech above me but I didn’t care.

The man below me was thrusting upwards. The man behind me was deep in my ass, and the third was tickling the back of my throat with long thrusts into my mouth causing me to gurgle.

“Mmmmm,” I squealed as the biggest orgasm I had ever felt started to well up inside me. “Yesss fuck all my holes boys!”

“Ugh!” Laurence grunted. It was his seed I felt inside me first as his cock spurted gushes of hit sperm into me. The next one to cum was the guy fucking the shit out of my face. His hot load hit the back of my throat and I swallowed it down with hungry gulps. The third guy, the one in my ass exploded inside me. I felt his cum deep inside me as his cock stiffened.

My cries of joy were muffled by the huge cock in my mouth. I was screaming as every hole in my body was destroyed by the three men violating every inch of my body. I felt hands twist my nipples and grip my hips as the thrusting from all three of them only got stronger.

I pushed the man out of my mouth. He landed in the floor with a grunt as I arched my back, no longer able to hold it in. I let out a long, high pitched scream. I felt my cunt and my ass tighten as both holes came to climax at the same time sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body. I realised my hands were digging Laurence’s chest as my scream died down to a whimper and finally a groan.

I collapsed to the side pulling myself free of the men’s relentless pounding of my holes. I lay there for a second, naked, dripping with sweat and gushing white liquid out of all my holes.

“Oh god!” I cried out as another after shock of my orgasm made me twitch. I could barely sit up, but I felt oddly satisfied.

“Wow,” Alissa said above me. All the girls were staring at me, wondering what the hell had just happened. Two of them glared out of the crowd, perhaps it was their men who and moved over to service my cunt instead of theirs.

“What the fuck happened?” I asked. “Why did those men fuck me instead of the other succubi?”

“Hmm,” Ana said. “I have a theory. But for now, let’s get you out of here. The other girls wish to feed!”

Ana lifted me up and helped me across the room as the girls began once more to ravage the cocks they had been given.

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