The Guy is a Pervert Pt. 01


It was an early, cool, wonderful spring day. I was walking home from my last year of high school, I’m an eighteen-year-old senior when a couple of girls ran past me screaming, “There is a pervert in the alley. Stay away!”

I was confused. I really did not know what a pervert does. I was young and naive. I continued walking until I got to the alley. I was not sure if I should walk this way, even though it was the way home. I decided to risk it.

As I walked, I noticed a guy with a trench coat next to a dumpster. He was a lot older than I was. When I started to pass him, he opened his trench coat revealing that he was naked.

I stopped, frozen. My jaw hit the floor. There it was in all its glory. A real-life cock. I have never seen a real cock before, only in pictures. I was curious. It was not very big. It hung down. I could see his hairy balls. I just stared at it.

He motioned me over to get closer. I could not move, like deer in headlights.

He said, “It’s OK, it will not bite.” I giggled at that.

I looked around and I was the only one there. All the other classmates who took this way home were long gone. I moved closer. His cock seemed bigger. It pointed right at me. Was it growing?

He said, “You look nice in your school uniform.” I sheepishly nodded.

I have to wear a uniform to school. I do not like it. It is a cotton plaid skirt, with a light blue blouse. Knee socks and Mary-Jane shoes. I do look cute though. I am five-foot tall, with light blonde hair about mid-back and blue eyes. I am skinny and have nice boobs and B-cups.

He asked, “Do you want to touch it?” It is now growing bigger by the second, longer and thicker. It was looking up at me now. I felt a tingle in my panties.

I grabbed it and wrapped my fingers around it. It was warm. It felt weird. I thought it was supposed to be very hard, that is why they Ataşehir Escort call it a hard-on. I guess it was hard in the middle, but the skin was still soft.

I did not know what to do with it. I heard of stroking, so I went up and down with my hand. I looked up at his face.

He grimaced and shouted, “Ahhh.” I felt warm wet liquid on my hand. I looked down to see his cock was spurting some sort of milky liquid. Oh my gosh, he cumming.

I let go and took a step back. He closed his coat and disappeared behind the gate. I guess that is where he lived.

I turned and started running home. His cum was still on my hand. I wondered what it tasted like. I licked it off my hand. It was cold and somewhat slimy. It really did not taste like anything familiar.

When I got home, I went straight to my room, flopped, on the bed, and started to play with my pussy. When I put my hand into my panties, they were wet. My pussy is wetter than it has ever been. I rubbed it in a circular motion, rubbing the clit, thinking of this man’s cock in my hand. I stroked my first cock, and I liked it. I made him cum so fast. I must have been good and did a good job.

As I played with my pussy, I wondered if he would be there tomorrow. I wanted to suck it. I wanted to taste his cum right out of his cock. I loved how it grew right in front of me. I had an orgasm.

The next day all, I could think about was him and his cock. After school, I walked slowly so I knew I would be last and alone with him in the alley. As I turned into the alley, my pussy was tingling again. He was not there.

I see his head pop out over the gate, and he walks out. I stop. He opens his trench coat to show me. His cock was sticking straight up this time. I grabbed it again and started up and down strokes.

He asked me if I was wearing panties. I nodded yes. He asked Ataşehir Escort Bayan to see them. Without even thinking, I pulled them off and handed them to him. They were light blue cotton, like my blue uniform. They also had a little wet spot.

He asked, “Do you want to kiss my cock?” I nodded yes and squatted until it was right before my face.

I was so scared, but curiosity got the better of me and I went to kiss the tip of his cock. It was warm and soft with a wet spot on his pee-hole. I looked up at him and stuck his cock in my mouth. This was my first time, so I did not know what to do. They called it sucking for a reason, so I sucked on it. I could not get it all in my mouth. I went up and down sucking on it the best I could.

I liked how it felt in my mouth. Warm, soft skin, but stiff. I looked up and he had my panties on his face. He can smell my pussy and it made me so wet. I continued sucking him, up and down, getting very spitty. I felt his cock head hit the back of my throat, but I did not gag. Am I doing a good job, I wondered?

He pulled out and his first spit of cum hit my face. It surprised me. It was warm. The next one hit my face and I jerked back a fraction. He was cumming on my face. My mouth was open for the next few squirts. I swallowed it, and it was slimy but tasted salty. He told me I was a good, little girl as he went through the gate into his backyard. Hey, he took my panties.

I walked home completely satisfied with myself, feeling very proud. I used my finger to eat the cum still on my face. It was cold. I liked it better hot.

Without panties on, the slightly cool breeze went up my skirt and I could feel the wetness of my pussy. It even dripped down my leg a little. It felt like I was walking down the street naked and getting wetter. Getting home, up to my room, I went. I played with Escort Ataşehir and fingered my pussy thinking of this man’s cock fucking me. I want him to take my virginity.

Today, I went to school with no panties. I liked the naked feeling. I walked around the school and in class, hoping I did not get too wet. All I thought about was cock and being fucked for the first time. I could not concentrate on schoolwork. Finally, the last bell rang. I stayed behind a bit to make sure no one interrupted our pleasure.

I could not wait to see him and ask him if he wanted to fuck me. I turned into the alley and I could not believe what I saw. Two police cars with lights on were in front of his gate. As I walked up, I saw Stacy in one of the police cars crying her eyes out. A police officer brought my guy out in handcuffs. He looked over at me with sad eyes as they put him in the car.

Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one. I stroked him and gave him a blowjob and he cheated on me! I was mad I could not offer myself to him.

A Policeman came up to me. Am I in trouble, I thought. Did they find my panties with him? I got scared.

He asked if I knew the girl in the police car and if I could walk her home. I knew her from school and agreed.

Her name was Stacy. She’s cute, like me. Long red hair and green eyes. Freckles all over her face. Skinny, like me, but she has slightly bigger boobs. We wore the same uniform. She was in one of my classes. She lived only a few blocks away from me. She wanted to walk holding hands. She was shivering and crying all the way home. I asked her what happened.

She told me about my guy coming out and exposing himself to her. She screamed, ran around the corner, and called the police. They were there in like two minutes flat and arrested him for indecent exposure. I was mad that he did that to her and did not wait for me. I felt used. Why was she so upset? It did not upset me. It was just a cock after all. I remembered he told me it did not bite.

We got to the front of her house still holding hands. She asked if I could come in with her until she calmed down. We went into her bedroom.

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