The New Year’s Party


Author’s Note: It’s been a while, but I’m back in action. I’ve had a bunch of ideas swimming around, and because I’m such a lazy/busy bastard, it look me a while to get it all in one place.

All events in this story are a work of fiction, and all characters are completely made up. Most of them. If you’re under 18, do not read this story. Just don’t.

Also, I don’t condone incest. Most people don’t. However, we’d all be lying if said it wasn’t fun to read, write, and fantasize about from time to time.

This is the first time I’ve ventured back into incest/taboo since I started posting here, so I hope you enjoy it.

* * *

“Honey, your father and I are going to spend New Year’s with the Berovski’s.”

“And when were you gonna tell me about this?”

Felix was a little more than peeved. Before his mom even said anything else, he knew what she was getting at. His parents’ going out meant Katrina would be alone at home. Her being alone meant that Felix would probably have to stay with her. He wanted to go into the city for New Year’s Eve, but because his sister was only 20, there was no way she’d be able to go to any of the bars or clubs Felix and his friends would be going to. Katrina didn’t have a fake ID, and New York City was a real pain; if she came along, she wouldn’t be able to do anything at all.

“Sweetie, you and your sister always hang out together. Why should this time be any different?”

“Well, for one, I was thinking of making plans with my friends. We were gonna go into the city probably.” Felix wasn’t really angry, but he made a consistent effort to get at his mother’s throat whenever he wanted to make a point.

“Felix, come on. It’s already New Year’s Eve, and it’s a Sunday afternoon. I think if you were going to make plans, you’d have done it already, hm?”

“Well, my point is that you should at least run things like this by me! You can’t just—”


“No! Know what? I’m not finished. I wanna say this one thing. Okay?”

“Okay, go ahead.” Felix’s mom rolled her eyes as she leaned against the kitchen counter.

Pausing a bit before continuing, Felix swallowed before speaking. “Ahem. You, you can’t just assume that I don’t have any plans and then go and make some of your own. I’m a freaking adult now, mom. I’d appreciate it if you showed me some respect, and—” Felix cut himself off as his mouth started to upturn into a smile.

“And… anything else?”

Making eye-contact with his mom made it worse. Felix stifled some laughter as he slammed a kitchen cabinet with his fist.

“Damn it, ma, you never take me seriously.”

“Oh, look who’s talking, mister. Spending a holiday with your sister isn’t going to kill you.”

“Ugh…” Felix rubbed his forehead as he looked at the floor.

“You can invite some friends over and have a party if you want. You and Kat.”

Surprised, Felix looked wide-eyed at his mom. “Wait. Really?”


“You’re not gonna care if we down all the alcohol?”

“Long as no one is drinking and driving, neither me nor your father will mind. Sound good?”

“Hell yeah it sounds good. I love you, mom.” Smiling, Felix approached his mom to give her a warm hug.

Returning the hug, his mom spoke. “Like you said, you guys are adults. Besides, it’s New Year’s. You’re allowed to go crazy.”


“You better hurry if you want anyone to come. It’s already 4:30. Go call your friends.”

Breaking the hug, Felix exited the kitchen and proceeded to make his way to his room.


“Yeah, ma?”

“Come back here a sec.”

Back-peddling, Felix reappeared in the kitchen doorway. “Sup?”

” It’s gonna be a long drive for me and daddy, so the Berovski’s are letting us stay the night. Okay?”

“Oh, okay. So…wait, when are you guys coming back?”

“Probably tomorrow afternoon, later in the day maybe,” she said as she cleared some things off the kitchen table. “I’m leaving you in charge tonight. You got that?”

“Yeah, I know.”

“You know. I know you know. Please be responsible tonight. When you guys call your friends, tell them they can spend the night so that they don’t force themselves to drive home later. Last thing we need is someone getting hurt this time of year.”

“I know. I will, don’t worry.”

“Okay,” she finished with a smile. “Now hurry.”

Rushing up the stairs to his room, Felix set off to look for his cell phone with a big smile on his face.

“Kat!” he yelled in between strides.

No answer.


“Whaaaaaaaatttttt?!” resounded from the other end of the hall.

Making his way to his sister’s room, Felix projected his voice as he gave his sister instructions. “Ma says we can have a party tonight!” Rounding the corner at the end of the hall, Felix took a right as he continued to speak. “Call a few of your friends, and—”



“Damn it, Felix…”

“Sorry, ow…”

In gaziantep bayan escort his excitement, Felix rounded the corner as he was shouting, not listening or looking where he was going. His punishment? A face to face collision with his younger sister Katrina. While recovering, he noticed she was wearing a black sports bra and some running shorts. Glancing at her sneakers, she was probably going to the basement to run on the treadmill.

“Watch where you’re going next time, dipshit.”

“Hey!” Felix shot back while rubbing his sore chin. “If you’re gonna be like that I’m not gonna tell you the good news.”

“You walked into me, you ass.”

“Fine, fine. Mom said we can invite a bunch of friends over tonight for a New Year’s Eve party.”

“What? Wait, why? Why’s she letting us do that?”

Realizing that their mom hadn’t told Katrina the news, Felix proceeded to explain. “Oh. Uh, Mom and dad are going to the Berovski’s for some party at their place.”

“And you’re not going? To the city, I mean.”

“Well, aside from the fact that mom and dad won’t let me, it won’t be so bad sticking around tonight.”

“Heh, yeah. Especially if they’re letting us have friends over. Who’re you gonna invite?”

“Uh, probably Johnny, and maybe… Kenny, Chris…Mike too, I guess. I think they’ll be up for a party. Especially if you invite some of your friends,” Felix finished with a sly smile.

“Oh really now?” Katrina shot back, feigning an annoyed tone.

“What about you? Who you gonna call? Other than the Ghostbusters, that is.”

“You’re such a dork sometimes.”

“I know. You calling Irene? Eh?” Felix nudged his sister in her exposed abdomen, a sheepish grin on his face.

“Um… maybe I’ll invite her… Becky and Jenna… and Kim. Make the ratio nice and even.”

“Nice, nice, nice. Get to calling, it’s already 4:30.”

“I’m gonna run for a bit. I’ll them when I finish.”

“No, no, no, no, no. You call them now. Before they make any plans. Hurry hurry!”

“Calm the hell down, I will.”

“Okay go!”

With that, Felix smacked Katrina on the ass and ran for his room.

“Pervert!” Katrina said with a smile, feeling the sting in her taut bottom.

Tonight wouldn’t be so bad. Spending a night drinking with a bunch of close pals would actually be pretty cool. Since he and his sister were only a year apart, the two of them usually hung around the same crowd of friends more or less. Felix knew the girls she was inviting over, and she knew the guys he was going to call.

Laughing to himself, Felix found his phone and started calling his buddies.

* * *

It was after midnight, the ball had already dropped, and Felix and his friends were already in 2007 territory. The lights were dimmed, giving off a moody ambience, and Katrina’s iPod was hooked up to a pair of expensive speakers she’d gotten for Christmas. With some generic party music blaring in the background, Felix, in his quite tipsy state, inspected the party scene that was his basement.

Crowded around either end of his family’s green ping pong table, Chris and Becky were duking it out against Kenny and Jenna in a game of beer pong. Hazily, Felix noted that Chris and Becky were winning by a landslide. They were always pretty competitive. Jenna and Kenny, on the other hand, were much more interested in each other than the game. In between turns, they’d always slide their hands around each other’s hips, playfully kissing and huddling closely to one another.

Searching the room for Kim and Mike, Felix finally found them seated at the mini bar. Mike was using his bartending skills to serve some nice mixed drinks, and apparently, he was also trying to loosen up the usually uptight Kim. The short, slim brunette was actually pretty hot when she wanted to be, but there was something about shy girls that didn’t interest Felix. He usually went for the bouncy, sporty chicks.

Looking back to his closer surroundings, Felix took notice of the three people in his immediate vicinity. Seated across from him on the shorter sofa was his best friend since third grade, Johnny Altmann. Outgoing and athletic, the tall blonde boy was always ready to party and back Felix up whenever he needed a wingman. Truth was, Felix trusted Johnny more than any of his other friends, and he knew he could confide in him on anything.

“Who was that?” Felix asked, watching as his friend snapped his cell phone shut.

“Jeremy,” Johnny replied, running a hand against his short hair before continuing. “My brother’s in the city, gettin’ all crazy with the ladies without me.”

“Hey!” chimed in a very drunk Irene. “What do you call us, huh? We’re ladies! Ain’t that right, Kat?”

Laughing, Felix’s sister backed up her tipsy blonde friend. “Yep, last time I checked!” Katrina, who was also quite drunk, knocked over her empty beer can. “Besides, Mr. Popular, no one MADE you come gaziantep escort bayan to our little shindig!”

“Fine,” Johnny retorted with a chuckle. “If you want me to leave, I will.”

Getting up to walk away, Johnny’s leg brushed by Katrina, who snatched at his ankle with her left hand.

“Gotcha! Take a seat, son!”

Felix watched as his sister and Irene broke out into uncontrollable laughter once again. Making eye contact with Johnny, the two of them rolled their eyes, each of them gesturing a drinking pantomime to illustrate how drunk their female companions were.

As Johnny took his place back on the opposing couch, Felix let his eyes roam to the girls on either side of him. Irene was seated Indian style to his left, with Katrina lying on her stomach to his right. More than a little buzzed, Felix let his eyes linger on Irene’s envious body for a few seconds. Even though she was one of his sister’s friends, Irene was a knock out. Wearing a strapless tube top that hugged her delectable tits nice and snugly, the hot blonde shuffled her weight to get in a more comfortable position, all the while clutching her nearly empty can of beer. Her eyes lifting to meet Felix’s gaze, Felix surprised himself by not looking away.

He and Irene had hooked up on numerous occasions in the past, and during the small instant when their eyes met, the two seemed to relive their lust-filled past. Her lips upturning slightly before her attention was called away, Irene winked one last time at Felix before turning to her left to face Johnny.

Smiling before looking away, Felix took another swig of his own beer, all the while noting that he was almost finished. His eyes traveling in the direction of his younger sister, Felix noticed that she was distracted by the song playing through the speakers in the background. Her eyes closed, Katrina swung her legs to and fro, all the while softly mouthing the lyrics to a song by Beyoncé whose name Felix could not recall.

In the moment he’d watched his sister, something suddenly clicked in Felix’s mind. As she lay there, lost in her drunken bliss, Felix realized just how attractive Katrina was. He’d always considered his sister to be prettier than the average girl, and he’d even complimented her by telling her that she looked “hot” in the past. Tonight was certainly not an exception.

Nonetheless, something felt different to him. As he repeated his thought to himself, Felix also realized that, by thinking his sister was attractive, he’d unwittingly entertained the idea of being attracted to her. After all, if someone thinks a person’s attractive, there’s a bit more to it than simply thinking they’re good looking. In the back of his mind, Felix knew it was probably the alcohol that was removing the finer points of his reasoning.

All of a sudden, his eyes started traveling all over Katrina’s body. Leaning back in his seat and taking a few extra seconds to notice his sister’s curvier parts, Felix felt a small amount of heat wash over his body. Her round ass, confined quite tightly inside her dark jeans, seemed to jump out at him. The generous swell of her breasts, which were practically spilling out of her v-cut, silk blouse, created the most enticing cleavage he’d seen on a girl in a long time. Her serene visage and closed eyes were the icing on top of an already very sweet cake.

Felix wasn’t sure if it was his silent exchange with Irene that got his hormones all rattled, but what he was certain of was that he couldn’t stop looking at his sister the way he was. He found himself wondering how her ass would feel with his hands squeezing it. He thought about how her breasts would look with no clothes covering them, and how plushy they might feel with him fondling them. He wondered how many sexual partners she’d had. He wondered how experienced she was. All these thoughts were taking their toll on Felix, and once he felt his dick stiffen to near hardness against his leg, he suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

Shaking his head and blinking his eyes a few times, Felix let his vision clear and felt his mind sober up a bit. Noticing once again that his beer was near empty, Felix decided it was time for a refill. His slightly swollen cock resting firmly against his leg, he did his best to remain discreet as he got up to leave. In the garage upstairs, there was still a ton of beer in the fridge, so Felix figured he’d grab a few for everyone.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going, sir?”

Looking down at a seated Johnny, Felix smiled, shaking his empty beer can so that his friend could hear. “Time to replenish our stock.”

“Ahhh, there’s a good lad,” Johnny roared, putting on a pirate’s accent. “Go grab some for the ladies too. When ye get back, we be playin’ Kings!”

“You’re such a tool, dude,” Felix retorted, much to the amusement of Irene and Katrina.

“Need help bro?” Johnny inquired once the laughing ceased.

“Nah, I should be escort gaziantep bayan good. Be back in a bit.”

Nodding and smiling at his other friends on his way to the stairs, Felix’s thoughts returned to his sister and her hot body. As he climbed the steps to the first floor of his house, he let images of Katrina fill his head. Unable to shake off the enticing appeal of her curves, he felt his dick stiffen within his jeans yet again.

Gripping and rubbing at his groin, Felix knew that he wasn’t helping his situation. For fuck’s sake, it was his sister he was thinking of. Reaching the first floor of his house, he decided he needed some isolation before heading back down and facing his friends—especially Katrina. Heading for the bathroom, Felix hit the light, fan, and locked the door behind him.

Yanking his pants down, Felix emptied his bladder, doing his best to block thoughts of tits and ass out of his head until he finished. When he was done, he couldn’t help but look at his reflection in the small mirror above the toilet. Looking into his own eyes, he finally felt a trace of guilt creep into his mind. Momentary as it was, he’d lusted after his sister a few moments ago.

Shaking his head left to right, Felix convinced himself to focus on something else. Feeling his dick harden within his grip, he desperately tried to at least focus on a different person. Turning his thoughts to Irene, Felix grinned, moaning, as images of his sister’s blonde friend entered his mind. Stroking his cock into a nice rhythm, Felix recalled the last time he hooked up with Irene. It was late, the two of them were seated side by side on a couch, and Katrina had fallen asleep on the floor in front of them.

They’d seized the moment, and before long, Irene’s head was in lap and she was sucking him dry. It had all happened just a few feet away from his sleeping sister, and just then, as Felix stood there holding his cock, he realized how much of a turn-on it was having almost been caught. The fact that it was his sister made it that much hotter.

Before long, forbidden images of Katrina swam through Felix’s mind once more. As he stood there working his shaft with his left hand, Katrina’s face replaced Irene’s. All of a sudden, he was imagining a scenario where his sister joined her friend in giving him head. Working his cock even more quickly, Felix still envisioned himself back on that couch, groaning as his red-headed sister passed his dick back and forth between her and her best friend. The sight of two hot girls sharing his meat was often something he’d dreamed of, but never before had he placed Katrina in that scenario.

Letting the tantalizing image swim around in his head, Felix relished the thought of his sister’s head bobbing up and down on his dick while Irene sucked his balls into her own mouth. Pumping his cock faster, Felix bit his lip, placing his other hand on the wall in front of him as he strove to reach his climax. Finding his imagination running farther, he entertained the thought of his sister and her best friend seducing guys and fucking them together. The idea that Katrina and Irene were possible partners in crime turned Felix on even more, and the fact that they went to the same college accentuated that possibility, farfetched as it probably was.

It hadn’t taken him long to cum, so his orgasm wasn’t the most explosive he’d had. However, it was the first time he’d done it while thinking of his own sister, and while it did make Felix feel somewhat guilty, he couldn’t deny that because of that guilt, it also felt that much hotter. Cleaning his throbbing dick off, Felix looked at himself in the mirror, smirking a bit before washing his hands. Glancing at his watch, he noted that he’d been upstairs for a little over five minutes. Mentally cursing himself, he made his way to the garage.

Passing through the lit kitchen, Felix put a little pep in his step as he bounced over to the garage, experiencing relapse from his abrupt masturbation session. Cracking open the door to the two-car garage, Felix was surprised that the lights were on, his surprise only subsiding when he saw the figure of his sister at the door to the opened fridge. She was hunched over with her rounded ass pointed in his direction.

Upon hearing the door open, Katrina looked over her shoulder at her older brother, smiling as she took in his frame. “Get lost?”

“I had to go to the bathroom,” Felix huffed, clearing his throat while rubbing the back of his neck. “I wasn’t feeling too good either, thought maybe I had to get some alcohol out of my system before we started up again.”

“Hm. Well, help me with these. It’s too much to carry by myself,” Katrina replied with a slur, all the while eying her brother. Clearly, she was still carrying comparable buzz. Smiling, she turned back around, sticking her head back in the fridge and her ass back up into the air.

Felix could have sworn he saw her eyes travel to his crotch and linger there for a split second. As he crossed the half-empty garage to where she stood, he felt his cock stir again. Images of her and Irene kept popping into his head, and as good as they felt, he knew he had to try to control them. As he made his way over to her, though, he found himself blankly wondering if Katrina thought of him in a sexual way. After all, they were brother and sister, and siblings did tend to think alike.

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