THE PHOTO SHOOT WITH A MARRIED WOMANMARRIED WOMAN AND THE PHOTO SHOOTMy name is Jane and I have been married to my husband John for over 20 years,We have two young boys and life is so good,My husband and I have a great relationship and the sex is always so good we have over many years found different ways to spice up our sex life,I currently work park time in a hotel as a receptionist but many years ago I was a model for a major catalog company and have always maintained my figure and looks,My husband always says that I still look good as I did 20 years ago when we got married,I think the years have been kind to me and I always make sure I look my best whenever we go out with the boys or our friends,For work we are required to wear a skirt and blouse with a jacket being on the reception you always need to look smart,I was asked to go to the managers office one morning as I came into work and was told that the hotel were having a new brochure done to promote the hotel wedding facility including the bridal suit and would I personally look after the people who were going to be taking the photos,Of course it would be a pleasure to be involved I told him and asked when they were coming,There already here and are waiting for you in the lounge, I thought you would be best suited to the roll being an ex model yourself and who knows you might even get some photo work from this opportunity,“Thanks but I gave that up a long time ago when I got married and had c***dren,You should reconsider; as you’re a very attractive that’s why we have requested you to do this for the hotel,As I made my way to the lounge to introduce myself the young man sitting with a couple of young girls whom I assumed were models themselves struck me as being very attractive,I had never looked at another man in all my years of marriage but this young man was different in the way he looked and dressed I found myself lost for words as I approached them,“Hi my names James and this is Trish and this is Bev and you must be Jane,“Yes please to meet you,“I was told you use to model yourself some time ago and I can see why too your so pretty and have a great shape too,“Please stop your making me blush,“I can only say what I see as a photographer of course,“Ok were would you like to start,“Well at the entrance to start then reception and so on I will talk you through each shoot and what we need to shoot,“Ok after you I was told,I was asked to pose by the entrance door as if were greeting married couples and then myself behind the reception desk, then onto then the main function rooms again in a standing in a welcoming pose,The girls had gone to get changed into wedding dresses for the different shoots they both looked amazing James used himself as the groom with the girls having set the camera up on a tripod and I must admit I was really enjoying myself watching them being photographed,And James looked bahçelievler escort so handsome and sexy in his suit I found myself day dreaming as if it was me on his arm and not the models I could feel myself getting wet,“OH my god what was I thinking he’s a lot younger than me and I’m a married woman! We were at it for a few hours taking photos at different angels including the wonderful grounds of the hotel it was such a lovely day I didn’t want it to end,James then asked me if I would consider putting on one of the wedding dresses so that he could photo a more attractive mature lady as the hotel does promotes all ages of brides,Well I thought it would be fun as long as I could fit into the dress and besides I have always kept my figure and my husband would be proud that I could still fit into a wedding dress,I did ask if I could get a photo after to show my husband afterwards,“Of course he said so you will do it!“Yes,So I followed the girls to the room that we had reserved to change I got changed and as I looked at myself I thought (oh wow) I look amazing the dress was strapless which pushed my boobs upwards I wasn’t able to wear a bra with the dress and the dress made my waist look so small, I was asked to put on some white stocking and white high heels to match and of course a garter belt,As I made my way to the garden I got wolf whistles from some of the male guests of the hotel,I felt so good and so young as I approached James his face was a picture,“Oh my god you look stunning I would love to marry you hear and now he said!That made me feels so proud that a handsome young man like James would say such a nice thing to me,As we got into position for the photo James stood next to me and held my hand and said to me as the photo was about to be taken,“I meant it you know I would marry you and make love to you all night on our wedding night,As the photo was taken I must have blushed because I was in complete shock by what he had just said to me, I think I was still in shock when he asked me to lift my dress to show my garter which I did without question,After the shoot James came over to thank me and gave me a peck on the cheek and said see you soon I hope and remember what I said as he pushed his card into my hand and then left smiling at me,For a few seconds I could not think straight have I dreamt it or was it real what was I going to say to my husband, I decided not to say anything I couldn’t get this man out of my head I have never felt like this about any man but James was so different, What should I do I can not forget about what was just said to me and did he mean it or was it just a ploy to get me to bed with him,I needed to know before I went crazy, so I decided to ring him the next day,“Hi is that James.“Yes can I help you?“I’m Jane from the hotel,“Oh I’m so pleased you rang me I would like to thank ayrancı escort you for yesterday and if you would like to come over to my studio this week I could show you the pictures we have taken for the brochure and if its ok with you I would like to take some more photos of you to keep in my studio to display my work,“I’m not sure about that what sort of photos are we talking about?What ever you want me to take, anyway see you say Friday,“Ok that fine it’s my day off I will see you then,I could not believe what I was doing I was going to see another man without my husbands knowledge and a young man at that,I could not help myself this man had got my attention and I was so taken with him I couldn’t wait for Friday to come,I decided to go shopping before Friday and buy myself some sexy underwear and some stockings I think I might even buy myself a new dress and some really high, heels,I couldn’t wait for Friday to come as my husband was at work and the k**s at school the morning was mine to get ready,After the house was empty I decided to get myself ready to meet James I showered and shaved myself I love the feel of a smooth pussy I put on my sexy underwear which there was little of ,and the bra allowed my boobs to be pushed upwards making them appear as if they were trying to break free,I felt so good as I looked at myself in the mirror I decided on a suspender belt to hold my stocking up I love the feel of stockings on my legs and I made sure they were long enough to leave just a little flesh above the tops I always think stockings look better that way,As for the dress I brought a light blue dress that was buttoned up the front I was able to leave a few buttons undone at the front to show just enough leg to get the attention I wanted and the heels were so high about 6’’ they made my legs look fabulous,I was now ready to meet James I hope he likes what I’m wearing I thought to myself I now had butterflies in my stomach I felt like a teenager on heat,As I arrived my hand was shaking as I rang the bell, I could hear someone coming down the stairs my heart was now pounding and my breathing was so heavy,As the door opened it was James himself,“Wow you look amazing holy shit sorry I mean you look so good please come in its upstairs he said,I followed, as he lead the way up the stairs, at the top was his photo studio there were pictures of women c***dren and family’s sitting together on display having posed for there pictures,“Please sit down and I get the photos to show you, Can I say how sexy you look I love your legs and those heels look amazing can I ask are you wearing stocking as I love stocking’s,“ I might be I said,The photos were great and I looked great stood next to James I felt like a school Girl with a crush on this boy,As I sat there he started to take photos of me I started to pose for him and then he asked if I balgat escort would show him a little more leg I undid some more buttons so that he could see my stocking tops,“Wow you are wearing stocking I love your legs would you cross them for me,As I did he said, “Oh boy your wearing suspenders as well Holy shit your sexy I want to see more of you, all the time the cameras going I stood up and undid the remaining buttons and opened my dress to reveal I was wearing sexy underwear,“Holy fuck he said your body is fantastic Oh fuck I want you I want to make love to you and at that he put the camera down walked over to me and kissed me fully on the lips,He was putty now putting his hands all over my body I could not resist his touch it felt like an electric current passing through my body I was his for the taking I so wanted this young man to fuck me,James took my hand and sat me on the couch opened my legs and pulled my thong to the side and insert his tong inside my pussy and started to lick my clit Oh my god it felt so good having my pussy licked by a young man,I wanted to feel his cock inside me I was so wanting this I was soon getting ready to cum when he stood up removed his clothes as he removed his boxers his cock sprang into view,Oh my god I thought he was huge I wanted him I wanted his cock in me I removed my thong undid my bra and as I removed it I herd his gasp,I was now sitting on the couch with my legs wide open and my tits on view I was only wearing my stocking suspenders and heels waiting for him to fuck me As he entered me he said I would love to marry you because I would make love to you every night and I would never look at another woman if it were possible I would have you wear stocking all the time,“Oh my god did he know how to fuck me I wanted him to fuck me harder I screamed for him to fuck me harder and harder I had never felt so good having sex like this before I just kept cumin and cumin with him in me, we just couldn’t get enough of each other I wanted you the first moment I saw you and I want you as long as you want me he said,We made fucked several times that day and he would take photos of me in my stocking and then naked he told me they were for his private collection I didn’t care he was a now my young lover,We meet on a regular basis and made love each time sometime in my car and sometimes in the park,At One time he fucked me up against a tree in the park I had my dress up around my waist showing my naked butt wearing my stocking and heels it really turned him on when I did,I would always dress up and pose for him I loved it when we were together I would sometimes not wear any underwear so it was easy for him to fuck me,Our affair lasted 12 months until one day I came to my senses and decided to End it,I had a great time and will never forget the time I had with James in fact my husband and I have sex in the car as well as the park to spice up our sex I can thanks James for that he showed me you don’t just have sex in bed, So life is good again and back to normal I don’t regret cheating on my husband since then James has moved away abroad so there’s no temptation to try it again well not at the moment, as I haven’t looked yet???

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