Train ride home

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Train ride homeI have a short story that had happened not a long time ago, maybe a month or so.Anyways I will start first by the fact that I am a male and I have a exhibitionism fetish, so you will catch the point early on.So… I have a friend on a neighboring town not more than 100 Km away. I know the guy since we were kinds and whenever I want to relax I go at him or my place since I have a home there as well… however, the story is not related by him. The story starts when I returned.I spent a total of 4 days with the guy and I was a lot of fun. We were mostly chilling during daytime and hitting bars during nighttime drinking and party. The only thing disappointing was that we didn’t have much luck with ladies for some reason and I couldn’t get fucked at all. I do not need to mention that some sexual tension was added, since I didn’t have the private space and mood to masturbate for obvious reasons. So after those 4 days I was extremely horny although I didn’t felt it at the beginning.It was Sunday evening and I had to get back home. I was kind of late because I had to catch the last train and 9 PM. I was getting dark outside and I still had to get back home. I nearly missed the train but managed to get it on time somehow. When I got in the train I was quite dark inside. I was surprised to see how few people were in it. The wagon that I got in had long hall and compartments side by side. I passed the first one and there were like 3 people in it, the second had like 2 and then all of them were empty. I chose the fourth one which was a bit darker and also empty, I slid the door and got in. I was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans and some leather boots. I didn’t have any luggage just a small backpack with some T-shirts and my underwear. I made myself comfortable since I was the only one it the compartment and got out my phone in order to spend my time on something. I quickly got bored listening to Radio and the old music I had on my phone so I started to watch çankaya escort some old porn clips that I downloaded long time ago and didn’t have time to watch them. I felt a nice tingling sensation in my pants when I set my eyes on some random girls pussy when she was masturbating. I love this kind of clips (amateur girls that film themselves masturbating). I must admit my cock strangely got harder in matter of seconds. I continued to what and suddenly it struck me. I was getting so horny because I was in a public place and it felt strange. I was a little nervous cause someone might come and see me watching porn on my phone, but it was ok cause there where such a few people in the train. Then after some minutes of this I thought that it might be a good idea to go to bathroom and take a piss and maybe release some tension that accumulated. I passed the other occupied compartments and check what the atmosphere is. To my peace the atmosphere was dormant and quiet. I took a piss. My cock was hard enough that it was difficult to piss. After I finished I tried to record myself while stroking my cock in the toilet, but the quality was shit and I abandoned the idea. I got back to the compartment and continued to do watch clips. I was tempted to slip my hand under my jeans and grab my cock, which I also done it after a couple of minutes. I was shaved and I could feel my balls smooth and full of sperm and the tip on my cock getting thicker and thicker with every gentle strokes. It was so good I knew right there I could not finish this in any way possible. I was getting a bit wet as well on the top on my fingers. Suddenly I heard a door slide and I I quickly withdrew my hand from my jeans. It was the attendant who was asking for the tickets. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t want him to suspect what I was doing and I quickly cleaned my fingers of precum and hand him the ticket. He silently did his job and then asked me if I want more cebeci escort light in the compartment, but I told him it’s ok because I wanted to rest and he left. After a few minutes I was more relaxed since he had gone for a while now and I won’t have to worry about him for a while. I know firmly grabbed my cock and squeeze it and stroke it gently while the train was beginning to slow down for a small station. It stopped and I could see just a few persons from my windows and right next to me was a mature lady waiting for the train to leave.it was good for me couse she couldn’t see what I was doing down below. I watched her and must say I had a strange urge to show her my hard cock and see how she reacts, but I chickened out couse she was looking arrogant or bored and didn’t want trouble. I said to myself it would be safer if I flash her after the train starts. Unfortunately she left sooner than the train but the idea turned me on even more. Finally the train left after a few persons got on it, none which close enough to disturb my task in hand. I felt the need to push things even riskier and I said to myself I need to start undressing. First I was checking the corridor to make sure no one is coming, I unzipped my jeans pull my cock out. It was hard and wet and felt excellent to finally hold it properly and stroke it like I like it. Slowly I slipped down my pants while I was making more confortable by sitting down and stretching my legs on the front seats. I didn’t care I had my boots on and they were dirty, I continued to stroke my cock and even spit on my cock and on my belly. Some of the saliva got on the seats and that turned me on imagining future passengers placing their self in there. Time past so fast when was in such an ecstasy and the train begun to slow down for a new station and was the last one, after which I reach home. I had to pull up my jeans because there were slightly more person in the station and I was scared demetevler escort that someone might see me. They got on the train and the train continued his routine. By the corridor passed 2 guys that both passed me and chose to get in other compartment and after them a young lady stopped by the door and hesitated for a moment to get in the compartment with me but I thought that she didn’t want to disturb me since I was laying on two sofas and looked like I was nearly asleep, so she decided to sit in the next one. She was 20 years or so and was wearing a long coat and a purse. After thing settled down a little I undress myself and resumed what I was doing, this time standing and stroking it to the edge of cumming and then stopping. I did this for a couple of times and felt so hot that I had to lose some more clothes, so I drop my sweatshirt basically remaining shirtless. I that moment I observed that due to the reflections on the glass I could see in her compartment. Needless to say I was paralyzed. She could have saw me all the time but for what I was seeing she was talking to her phone and not paying attention in my direction.This was perfect for me. I felt so excited that I didn’t care anymore. I was determined to shoot my load right there if she would turn her sight on me. I was furiously stroking my cock to the point of no return waiting her to see me, moaning and drooling like a possessed a****l when I felt that I was about to cum. I shoot my huge load everywhere, on my chest, hands on the glass door where the reflection was on the sofas, everywhere, and then felt in the seat nearly losing my consciousness in my on cum. Unfortunately she didn’t see nothing and I remained there for some minutes to regain straights back right when the train stopped for my station. I put my clothes back on and rush to the exit. My heart was still beating like a drum but after I got off the train and I saw no one was getting off with me I relaxed and got back home satisfied and full of adrenaline. I have to say I slept very good that night and the next few days I had some sort of good feeling as well.What do you people think about this? Please comment couse I want to know if anybody else did it or have any experience on exhibitionism behavior.

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